Confederate 901 Rallies In Memphis

Confederate 901 rallied in Memphis last weekend.

It was an uneventful day with no arrests. I didn’t think it was worth mentioning here until I saw that Jordan Reid’s hilarious reportback was published on It’s Going Down:

“Organizer George “K-Rack” Johnson said his primary reason for protesting was the July 28 removal of additional memorabilia from Fourth Bluff park where a monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis was taken down in December. A statue of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest was also removed that night.

He said the Confederate group is “a bunch of Southern Americans tired of being pushed around.”

The group marched to City Hall, where they were let inside to use the bathroom, to the objections of counterprotesters, who were at first blocked by police and then told to wait until the Confederate group left, said activist Hunter Demster.

Counterprotesters continuously yelled “losers,” “inbred,” “get lost KKK” and “you know what they say about tiny flags?” toward the Confederate group.

After marching along Main Street toward Beale Street, the group relocated to Health Sciences Park, and authorities shut down Union Avenue around Manassas Street.

The demonstrations ended and Union Avenue was opened around 5:30 p.m.

Saturday was the second day of protests by the group this week. Demonstrations on Friday were mainly quiet. A small group of counterprotesters shouted at the Confederate group and a Twitter post showed a drink cup being thrown at one of the Confederate trucks as it passed by in traffic. …”

JAM CITY ANTIFA claims “Neo-Confederates Pushed Off The Streets.” Nothing of the sort happened. Confederate 901 was given a platform in Memphis on Friday and Saturday. They spent the whole weekend laughing at Jordan Reid who was impotently trying to disrupt their event.

The real takeaway of Memphis is that JAM CITY ANTIFA is one unstable loser who is losing support in Tennessee. There were 30 Confederate heritage supporters and 7 counter-protesters. Jordan Reid was joined by Beth Foster, Jeannie Alexander, Susan McBride and Thomas Gonzales who are Far Left activists, but who are not really Antifa. It appears that only 2 local Antifa bothered to come support Jordan Reid.

I didn’t see anyone from Nashville Antifa or Nashville ARA supporting JAM CITY ANTIFA in Memphis. That’s probably because Jordan Reid got all of Nashville Antifa doxed last week. Now we have started a file on Memphis and are attempting to identify the 2 Antifa who came out to support him.

Note: If you recognize either of the 2 Antifa in the pics and video below, let us know in the comments or send tips to

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  1. All of these Leftist© blogs have removed their comments sections. All the Alt-Right trolling is having an effect.

    This is the kind of thing we need more of, with the goal of drawing in followers and expanding the size and scope of these events.

  2. The pro-South people come across as good guys, people who simply want their country back. By contrast Pantifa continues to make themselves look ridiculous and pathetic.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “The pro-South people come across as good guys, people who simply want their country back.”

      Exactly as it should be. No costumed creeps, no uniforms. Just folks wearing their everyday clothes.

      The the torch lit march in Charlottesville would have had even greater impact if they had done the same thing, instead of wearing that Yuppie uniform.

      Nothing scares the enemy more than seeing that average, nondescript people oppose them. Imagine being in a shopping mall and wondering how many of the people you see there are against you. Or would kill you if they got half a chance.

      • I think having some kind of reasonable uniform is good. Presents a better image and helps w group cohesion, plus it prevents from having that one guy with his dunlap sticking out under his greasy t shirt, the guy that will be in 99% of the images ppl see online and whom splc will be using as a stock photo for the next decade.

        Just don’t wear solid black, camo, klan or nazi images for your uniform. I think the LS uniforms and the white polo/khakis both look good. I think optimal for presentation would be white button down w blue jeans but they have to consider practical matters like stains and the ability to conceal weapons/carry supplies if needed. Ppl can always argue about small changes that might be better but as long as it’s not solid black, nazi, klan or camo then it’s probably ok imo.

  3. What we really need is a repeat of the Confederate Summer of 2015. That was a real proletarian uprising against Yankee imperialism and the Jews. Since Trump came along the potential for radicalization of oppressed Southern working class has declined considerably even despite the war on the South continuing.

    A future uprising should go further and any respect for the oppressors’ law and order should end. They take down the monuments and we start burning down their houses.

  4. Great work kinsmen. Who’s the Black guy marching with us? I thought the lone Black Confederate flag activists got killed last year in a car accident/homicide?

    Maybe try for a little better optics and a dress code – but looks very good. Keep up the great work.

  5. I’d like to see an event with thousands, dressed in ordinary clothes, marching with flags and carrying signs that say “End Reconstruction©, end the war.”

  6. @Dave Marshal

    “Would like to see some of the MLK jr. monuments get taken down…”

    That comes later, after the Revolution.

  7. I don’t really get what the point of doxing antifa is, since being ‘exposed’ as a member of antifa doesn’t have the same negative consequences as being exposed as an alt-right type. You’re not going to lose your job or future job prospects for being exposed as an antifa; in fact it probably would have a net positive outcome for the person doxed (i.e. they’re a confirmed ‘civil rights activist anti-racist’ etc.

    The only negative consequence an antifa faces after being doxed is be the risk of being attacked by an alt-right type. But if and when that ever happens (i.e. a doxed antifa member is subsequently assaulted or even just verbally harrassed by an alt-right type), the alt-right would suffer far more severe consequences.

    The public will never sour on antifa based on things antifa does to alt-righters. The public will only sour on antifa when they do something particularly egregious against mainstream (i.e. non alt-right) types they don’t like.

    I don’t know why the antifa even try to conceal their identity, unless it is strictly out of fear of being attacked by alt-right types; they’ve got nothing to fear from mainstream society.

    To the minimal extent the general public is even aware of antifa (most are not), they think of them as good people who are simply protesting racists.

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