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  1. David Hume said that if you control how something is said, you control what can be said. That is the goal of all these policies and codes of conduct, making effective opposition to the left literally unspeakable.

    • If you’re not allowed to say things that offend a certain person, then that person is your master. Slaves in the old South had the right to say anything they liked, as long as it didn’t offend their masters.

        • Thanks. FM was an outstanding historian but I have not yet got around to reading him. I have seen him interviewed and he was really impressive. He died 2 or 3 years ago, I believe. I infer from the fact that FM relies on Hume in his research on Hamilton is that AH was somewhat influenced by Hume which is a definite mark in his favor. Hume was a super genious and by all accounts a really nice guy as well.

  2. All these social media platforms are controlled. They are a part of the greater control mechanism and I don’t mean of liberty.

    • My rules concerning social media:

      If they demand your phone number, don’t give it to them, just pull the plug.

      If they block the Tor network don’t use them.

  3. So – Twitter simply becomes an echo chamber. So be it. Every-one’s fleeing to Gab, including Hebes and SJW’s. Torba removed GABBY, which is worrying. Let’s see what happens……………

  4. Too bad “our” government isn’t going to do a god damn thing to break up those ultra left-wing internet monopolies. That means we are going to have to take this fight to the next level.

  5. The alt-right will always be out there in cyberspace somewhere. They can’t stop us getting the message out there unless they shut down the Internet-and they can’t do that without shutting down the global economy. We will NEVER go away, and nor should we.

  6. Another splat of Bird doo-doo. That peskie little shitter can not be fixed. Some will try however – as in the Budgie Song.

  7. All Western states are dedicated to the proposition of Diversity.
    Proposition states cannot allow free speech.
    Anyone who disagrees or takes issue with the proposition is a heretic, an enemy of the state.
    Twitter, Facebook, et al are doing the dirty work of the state under the guise of “free enterprise”.

  8. I was kosher-banned yesterday from Twitter for calling out their pets, the homosexuals. Particularly the phony priest and heretic James Martin. No, I’m not going to delete my tweets. I’m not surrendering to the Jewish power structure, so, goodbye Twitter.

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