Trump Justice Department Prosecutes Rise Above Movement For Charlottesville

I decided to wait 24 hours to cool off before responding to this.

Yesterday, the Trump Justice Department announced that it was prosecuting four members of the California based Rise Above Movement for violence in Charlottesville:

“When Benjamin Drake Daley arrived in Charlottesville, Va. from Redondo Beach, he stopped by Walmart to pick up supplies: white athletic tape, black spray paint and a folding tactical knife.

Later that day in August 2017, prosecutors say, Daley taped his fists as if he were a boxer or mixed martial arts fighter and showed up at the University of Virginia, where he marched through campus with hundreds of torch-toting white supremacists shouting racist and anti-Semitic slogans.

Daley and several others had traveled from California on behalf of the so-called Rise Above Movement, a relatively small militant white power group based in Southern California that casts itself as an alt-right fight club. Its members meet regularly in public parks to practice boxing and other street-fighting techniques to unleash on political foes. …”

The DOJ press release, affidavit and complaint are found here.

This was announced at a press conference yesterday afternoon by United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia Thomas T. Cullen:

In case you were wondering, Cullen was appointed by President Donald Trump:

The SPLC had the following take:

Berkeley Antifa took credit for doing the research:

Christopher Mathias credited A.C. Thompson of ProPublica’s “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville” episode which aired on PBS last month around the time of the UTR anniversary:

In case you missed it last month, you can watch that here:


1.) Last September, the Republican Congress unanimously passed a joint resolution which blamed White Nationalists exclusively for the violence in Charlottesville, and urged “the President’s Cabinet to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups.”

2.) Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein instructed the FBI and US Attorney Thomas T. Cullen and Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Kavanaugh to go after Alt-Right and White Nationalist groups.

3.) These people are now exclusively prosecuting Alt-Right and White Nationalist groups who were in Charlottesville and other places while ignoring chronic Antifa violence.

4.) They are citing Antifa blogs and ProPublica documentaries as evidence to press federal charges against Alt-Right and White Nationalist groups.

The following videos are why Rise Above Movement is being prosecuted by the Trump Justice Department:

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  1. The same Christopher Mathias that wrote a libelous article about my father. The Lugenpresse strikes again! He is close to Antifa and the Huffington Post is a left-wing rag which is the equivalent of Pravda.

  2. Was reading a very interesting book about the Soviet Republic of Bavaria. It does seem to be conclusive that center right groups there did collaborate with Kurt Eisner to kill off a few rowdy far right figures. Equally, at the time Hitler was the Political representative of his Company/Battalion in a regiment loyal to the Soviet Republic’s regime. It appears he was quite prepared to go along ahead in the service of that socialist regime. Once the Whites took back Munich however he seems to have gone full Reactionary/Nationalist/Thule…with elements of socialism. Recall he too was shot at by German troops and cops in Munich at the Putsch.

    Point being, those in power don’t appreciate radicals causing inconvenient fuss, even if they are supposed to be on the same team.

      • His duty was to infiltrate Communist groups. At first the army thought the German Workers Party was a Communist group due to the name when in reality it was a third postionist group that predated Hitler. He quit his job as military informer and devoted his time to reshaping the German Workers Party into the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party. Hover, I must remind Americans this is not Weimar, Germany on the verge of collapse. Nor is it the day before Gettysburg when all things seemed possible. Likewise we should reject the retreat to Mayberry. All three of these are reactionary ideas that came and went and all ultimately failed. Look to the future not the past! That is the difference between a reactionary and a revolutionary. None of the three strategies mentioned above reflect the current Volksgeist!

        • It’s a complex issue. Seems like he was radicalized in a seminar program. Kinda like a grad program for agents.

        • In reality, the reactionaries in Germany sided with the Red Front. National Socialism has and always will be revolutionary, not reactionary.

    • Conservatives are radicalism’s shadow. They always have been. They always will be. Nationalists that campaign and vote for them, deserve every punishment the conservatives give them.

  3. If the founding fathers were still here they would be prosecuting Antifa and giving awards to White Nationalist groups.

  4. Hunter you may recall that during all the violent attacks by ANTIFA on Trump supporters in 2017 Trump made NO COMMENTS on ANY of the attacks.
    DOJ had NEVER indicted ANTIFA. Billy Roper had his skull cracked by them during a protest at the German embassy in D.C. Despite witnesses who saw it happen the Asian female US attorney and the Black Judge the attackers WALKED.

    We have NO FRIENDS in the government. NONE.

    I recommend every reader of this blog to read Stanley Hornbeck’s review of Kevin MacDonald’s the CULTURE OF CRITIQUE. Then you will KNOW what is going on and WILL be going on in the future.

  5. EVERYTHING I hear you all say here is correct. Yet … not a peep about starting a discussion about creating a new country … even creating one “within one.” I mean, come on guys. The south aint gonna rise by itself. Channel that anger. First fantasize … visualize … imagine WHAT YOU WANT. Then talk about HOW to get it, or come as close to getting it as possible. Get Dr. Duke and Dr. Hill in on the conversations. Form the little snowball … then just roll it on down … 🙂

    • The USSA will have to break up into smaller republics so that it can no longer terrorize the world. Your reconstituted CSA should include the northern half of Mexico (except for Baja California) and Cuba.

  6. I heard a rumor that former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck the Iceman Lydell strongly opposes Antifa. We need some star fighter to lead and be our public spokesman for a patriot fight club.

    • Chuck is on our side!? Holy shit! I know theres at least 1 or 2 other MMA fighters as well, but i forgot who they are, one of them is a young dude too. That’ll be huge, if true, we could use some big names, especially scary people to intimidate the opposition! I hate leftists so much, i hate this ZOG tyranny, and i hate ANTIFA! I will help however possible. I hope our guys dont let this arrest scare them, we must simply be smarter than those faggots on the other side!

  7. In other news, the Russian Ministry of Defense has completed the delivery of S-300 system to Syria.
    When the Russians down a jew F-35, or F-15 or F-16, and the Orange One goes on TV to urge WHITE AMERICA to “Fight for Freedom”, remember to tell your sons, nephews and other relatives to not enlist! Ask them “Why fight for a country that hates YOU?”

  8. I have heard media sources lie with malice of forethought saying the Alt Right was chanting “Jews will not replace us” at the Charlottesville torch rally and yet they who listen to the audio recording can plainly hear they were actually chanting “You will not replace us.” But in America what people perceive to be true becomes more important than actually truth thanks to the mainstream media.

  9. The entire jewnited states government from top to bottom are all ZOG controlled.

    Remember the rock band the Who? One of their hit songs was “We Won’t Get Fooled Again.” That that song title to heart.

  10. Just remember, who is playing who. There are bigger stakes than a relatively few of us being hammered injudiciously and despite the iniquity, which hurts like hell, the stakes are higher. Don’t be played.

  11. I watched that P.B.S. hit job when it aired. However, I had witnessed the entire event unfold on the various news networks as it occurred. Even then, the Spin was In.

    It’s unbelievable how (((they))) can repeatedly lie to Joe All-American’s face and he continues to accept the approved narrative regardless of what is right in front of his eyes.
    I believe the Capt. mentioned brain washing?

    The worst are the Neo-Cons who endlessly complain about the already wretched and rapidly deteriorating state of affairs, and yet when the (((obvious problems))) are pointed out, they recoil in indignation. Ask them what they think of Schumer, Feinstein or Sanders and they may launch into a tirade, but mention that they’re Jewish and you’re instant Hitler.
    One of my favorites was when Schumer was saying that he thought that White Men were over represented in the Federal Judiciary. Why doesn’t someone ask him if he thinks that Jews are over represented on the Supreme Court? I’d love to see some reporter (that doesn’t want their job anymore) pose the question to him.

  12. “Antifa” and Gov are on the same side: Preserve the anti-White status quo.
    I’ll bet most conservatives deploring the lynching of Kavanaugh would applaud the lynching of the alt-right.
    I despise conservatives.

  13. Sucks, but not unexpected. If we/you do Alt Right, Southern Nationalist, immigration patriotism, race realist street activism – we should expect harassment, legal persecution from both SPLC Leftist and just the system. Occasionally some principled tough guy like Donald Trump will speak out against the system – but it’s usually just talk.

    We should be prepared how to handle the harassment and legal persecution. I’m proud to have led a fund raising drive here at OD where we did cover (so far) the legal expenses of Hunter Wallace who was just named in a law suit because he was at Charlottesville VA.

    We have to get much, much better at fundraising – it’s both a skill and an art. #*$& like the SPLC are great at fundraising, so are a lot of cuckservatives like Mittens Romney. The folks at Vdare are decent at Fundraising.

    Anybody interested in this subject or who wants to jump in please contact me at:

  14. Hunter, please look up Steve Bannon new movie, i think its titled Trump @War where you’ll see the documented violence Trump supporters had to endure for the 2 years prior to Charlottesville. Theres a legitimate reason our guys went to Cville, to take a stand against taking down our historical monuments, certainly not for a riot. But our guys had to go ready to defend themselves, especially since the police except for in San Diego weren’t defending the legally permitted rally & march! I hope Augustus Invictus can go help them, as he said he would, those guys are being railroaded. But even though Trump put these people in place, i cant imagine he’s going aling willingly! We are definitely in a hard place, but we cannot give up. I say we appeal to the Patriotic normies, we must spread the word! Nevertheless, i am voting Republican, while writing or calling every Senator, Congressman i can think of!

  15. who is attorney general?

    hunter wallace avoids this like the plague.

    hey hunter – maybe when southerners are in full control, you’ll still lose? lose your country, lose your heritage, lose your history. ever think about that? it’s horrible, it sucks, and it’s certainly not what i want either. but you avoid talking about that nightmare scenario. which is actually happening, right now.

    again. who is attorney general?

    we’re in serious trouble here and you dance around the elephant in the room.

    speaking of that, where was bill clinton from?

    how much protection do southerners actually offer us politically?

  16. After all the past 2 years as shown, I find it ironic we’re back to square one which is voting for the lesser of two evils.

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