Television Break – Burt Reynolds in Gunsmoke

I’m going with the idea that “American” (yeah right) television is pretty much a vast wasteland, run by vindictive, hateful Talmudists, Lesbian feminists, assorted resentful hard core Leftists, Jeff Zucker tribesmen with an axe to grind and Harvey Weinstein style perverts. I pretty much only watch sports or television shows from the 1960s, 70s with rural themes (Andy Griffith Show, Beverley Hillbillies, Dukes of Hazard) before Norman Lear and CBS, Hollywood mafia decided we couldn’t have any television or movies that depicted Southern/rural White people in a positive way.

I’m just now discovering Gunsmoke and the B & W precursor “Marshall Dyllon” – outstanding!

I had no idea that a young Burt Reynolds was a recurring actor on the show – played a tough, good hearted half breed Comanche. I think Burt Reynolds was getting a lot of chicks through this role.


Well here’s a scene of Burt schooling a young White boy who was making both racist comments about Burt, but much worse, disrespecting Miss Kitty. It’s a basic rule of Gunsmoke that anybody that disrespects Miss Kitty gets an immediate beat down and that’s the way I want to live my life.

Link To Burt Reynolds in Gunsmoke “teaching a boy in manners”

Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper, the half-white, half-Comanche blacksmith on “Gunsmoke” — a role he played from 1962-1965 on the long-running TV Western. This clip of Quint brawling in Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Saloon comes from the episode “The Bad One,” from 1963. Apparently Burt’s perennial wingman Hal Needham helps out with the actual fighting.


  1. >One thing I noticed, is that shows from the late 60’s, like the Big Valley, for example, started to inject Judeo-Communist SJW bullshit into the mix.

    I used to love Daniel Boone as a kid, but I can’t watch a lot of the later seasons anymore because of that. Bonanza is another really bad offender, which isn’t surprising considering how Jewy it was. Used to be my grandpa’s favorite series.

    Another fun fact: the cast of Bonanza were all really, really terrible horsemen.

  2. According to Wikipedia, Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. had Cherokee blood from his father’s side. Even without Injun blood and a recurring role on Gunsmoke, he would have had little problem attracting the fairer sex.

  3. Btw Burt Reynolds played an Indian in a spaghetti western. The translation of the Italian title is A Dollar a Scalp. The film is known as “Navajo Joe” here. He is a victim of racism.

  4. I remember this guy from ‘Boogie Nights’- a film Reynolds says he’s never watched. Every young man who thinks drug use is OK should watch this flick. I’m not into porn movies in general, and watched it years ago-but the underlying message was- drugs end your sex life.

  5. Why has this site been slow to post articles the past week?

    I was hoping for some pro-Columbus Day crap so I could counter-signal the fuck out

  6. Oy vey! My dad’s favorite TV show and it had a half breed character? Now I’m thinking about why dad married my Mexican mom. It certainly wasn’t for her intelligence.

  7. Give me Andy Griffith, Gilligan;s Island, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, I Dream of Jeanie, and Bewitched (Bit not the Brady Bunch) over modern day TV anytime.

    • @Ethno

      Yes I loved ‘I dream of Jeanie’. Barbara Eden was arguably the best looking thing on the planet in the 60’s. Watching reruns of it years after it was made, she became my first ever crush. An early attempt at portraying girl power, but we all knew it wasn’t pretending to be real.
      These days you can’t turn the box on without mixed castings and mixed race ads being shown ad nauseum. In advertising, they can’t just show an Asian or white couple-one has to be white, and the other, Asian or black. They really rub it in your face now……advertising our demographic future in a blatant manner.
      Now I just watch old DVD’s, or content on alternative media. Regular tv and media is now on the way out (boo hoo) as growing numbers of us are waking up and moving on…finally.

      • Barbara Eden was very, very sexy. She was briefly a love interest for Sherif Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith TV show. Boy was she sexy then, but a rich girl, Barney thought she was just playing with Andy.

        Never could understand why Andy ended up with the sexless teacher Hellen Krump when he could have had Genie.

        • @Jaye Ryan, Barbara Eden played a manicurist who set up a desk in Floyd’s barber shop.

          The men of Mayberry initially thought getting a manicure was only for women, but after the Barbara Eden character tells Andy that she thinks Mayberry is a mean town, he gets a manicure while some of the men in town watch.

          When he comes out of Floyd’s, he tells the men that his nails look great, and he got to hold hands with a pretty young woman too.

          The men now are lining up to her manicures, until their krone-like wives become jealous, and want Barbara Eden either run out of town or married.

          Andy explains the situation to Barbara,Eden’s character in which she misinterprets as a marriage proposal. She’s flattered, but her beau has called on her to return to him.

          Absolutely, Ms. Eden was a magnificent specimen of the female form, but isn’t she part jewish?

          Not to brag, but I once met Ms. Eden at a party held at the Ritz Carleton Hotel in Chicago. She was a lot older by the, but still attractive for her age. She was very pleasant and still petite.

          • Wow – that’s a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I do think Barbara Eden and her manicurist business was a bit to sexy for Mayberry. Thelma Lou is about right. But Hellen K – no, boooooooooring.

          • @Let the bodies

            Her real surname is Moorhead, and her mothers maiden surname is Franklin- which I think are both English in origin. Couldn’t find mention of any Jewish linage in there. No doubt she probably had to deal with Jews throughout her chosen career-who wouldn’t have?-but as for herself-I think she’s just English and Arizona-born.

  8. TV today is one PC sermon after another laced with multicultural casting. Can’t watch it. I go to the rerun channels where PC is less obnoxious and the casting is more White.

    Gunsmoke (pre Burt Reynolds), Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone were some of the best shows of all time. Nothing better has come along since.

    • Agreed. I really like the Father and Son relationship – it’s similar to Leave it to Beaver where Beaver’s Father is devoted to raising his son to be an honorable boy.

      Let’s promote positive television shows and movies that teach our young people the right way to live in this fallen world – we’re not talking about goody2shoes stuff – as the world of Gunsmoke, the Rifleman or even Leave it to Beaver have bad, evil, dangerous characters like Eddie Haskel.

      I just saw an episode of the Riffleman where a brother and sister come in to town, shoplift the story because they have physically abusive drunk step father that beats them and their mother. This was/is real world stuff where regular White folks contemplate killing the abusive father.

      Yeah – this is why I promote television shows like Gunsmoke and the Rifleman. And it’s why I delete troll comments claiming Guns smoke was some how some Northeastern Jewish writers plot to promote race mixing and anti Southern views in the audience.

      Utter nonsense.

      Kind of like claiming that Burt Reynolds was gay and promoted homosexual corruptions. These trolls usually can’t get a date much less any sex with any woman of any race.

      • F**k you, you piece of garbage.

        You deliberately praise this shi**ty show for putting “racists” in their place, then anyone who dares to question this is deleted as a troll.

        F**ing White-hating SJW traitor.

        (J Ryan editors note. I *#&$# this troll’s vulgar curse words, and deleted various comment/rants that violated OD’s sensible comment guidelines. Please understand if you are doing any activism in Southern Nationalism, Patriot Immigration activism, Populist Conservatism, Alternative Right or even Alternative Lite – you will need some type of dress code, codes of speech and behavior because there will always be drunks,low performing dysfunctional losers looking to crash your party, shout, swear play the Hollywood casting role of the hateful low life racist loser. That’s life – we’re about being successful, promoting the legitimate rights of our people and winning things. The low life losers can go some place else)

      • @Jaye Ryan

        “Yeah – this is why I promote television shows like Gunsmoke and the Rifleman. And it’s why I delete troll comments claiming Gunsmoke was somehow some Northeastern Jewish writer’s plot to promote race mixing and anti Southern views in the audience.”

        Utter nonsense.

        I wasn’t attempting to troll, or promote a Jewish conspiracy theory.

        I was pointing out the fact that the show(s) were written by northerners and reflected the cultural perspective and values of the North, as well as the Northern people’s expectations of the West.

        For me at least, and probably others who grew up in the old Southwest, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, it can be annoying and sometimes insulting to see the writers get wrong what is local history for us, and not exactly unavailable to the American public at large.

        Now, I’m probably not clear or articulate enough on this topic, But Professor Clyde Wilson does a better job at the Abbeville Institute with his multi part essay and Lecture; “The South and The West.”

        Nevertheless, despite its flaws, I watch Gunsmoke all the time.I keep my TV on Starz Westerns most of the time, too.

  9. So now its come to this??? We just sit around lamenting the loss of the good ole days while Antifa grows and prowls the streets? Mid-terms are upon us and you want to post shit about Arnold and Matt Dillon?
    Somebody paying you to be this inattentive and ineffective?

    • Piss off.

      I made very many personal calls to Congressional staff members to put through the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation. I’ve done this and shared this “how to reach congress” to defeat about 8 mass illegal alien amnesties> I work to win and do win. My contributions to the Political Cesspool Radio Show have helped make TPC the most successful weekly radio show in the Southern Nationalist, Populist Conservative movement. It’s OK to take a break and watch a great television show, watch a great/good movie, or listen to good/great music. Better yet get a date, take a pretty gal partner dancing. That’s what I do. Maybe that’s something you could do, you know – get a date! Jeees so many losers.

  10. When you look at a lot of TV then, it was entertaining, for the moment pleasure, and still is. Nothing is more amusing to see a lot of ‘now’ shows which recycle so much ‘then.’
    I do think the older TV was more family oriented, but kind of vacuous. I caught a lot of these old series again on a network showing them, and it was fun to see things in color (we only had black and white), but it’s all empty calories. Barbara Eden was great to look at, but I Dream of Jeannie was pretty silly, and Gunsmoke? Again, the Indian/white race thing was the only way they could discuss race, and episode after episode was on the ‘half-breed’ showing up the ‘bigotry’ of whites. It was preparation for what was to come…also funny, since almost all the Indians then were played by Jews.
    There once was a Gunsmoke ep with a young Richard Dreyfuss playing a Jewish emigrant being ‘poisecuted’ by anti-semites of course.
    Race mixing was subtly encouraged since WWII. South Pacific, the musical, hits you over the head with it (and no surprise James Michener, who wrote the book, was married to a Japanese). Much like most ‘acceptable’ interacial subjects were Japanese women with American men…still the ‘preferred’ way of race-mixing.
    I agree with Harold Covington that TV is good in moderation. The problem is that when you watch too much of it, you get wrapped up in a fantasy world. As one post on VNN said, what the Jews do with TV is put a midrash on reality…that is, they convince you that what on TV is real. Plato’s cave says pretty much the same thing.
    As for Andy Griffith and Helen, yeah, she was kind of blah. I always thought Eleanor Donahue (Miss Ellie) was the perfect love interest and a fun character, but the show didn’t seem to do much with it, and she decided to get out. Niow, SHE was cute.

    • “As for Andy Griffith and Helen, yeah, she was kind of blah. I always thought Eleanor Donahue (Miss Ellie) was the perfect love interest and a fun character, but the show didn’t seem to do much with it, and she decided to get out. Niow, SHE was cute.”

      J Ryan responds:

      I agree Miss Ellie was fun and cute – a lot like my mom. Miss Ellie had some other TV roles before and after – she was briefly a girlfriend of Felix in the Odd Couple. Now one girl that really hate the hots for Sherif Taylor was Charlene of the Mountain Darling family. Sheriff Taylor had to keep this girls panties on by instructing her:

      “Now Charlene”.

      Ha Ha.

      I loved the Andy Griffith Show. And c’mon folks, there was very, very little PC Lib anti White propaganda in Gunsmoke. Burt Reynolds was, well Burt Reynolds.

      • At least with Burt Reynolds, White women still found White men as the epitome of being “sex symbols.”

        Who do the White women under 40 find sexy now? Negro athletes and entertainers.

        So in retrospect, Burt Reynolds wasn’t too bad, huh?

  11. And yeah, if I had the platform you’ve built up, I COULD do a better job….
    Did you work to build all this just to piss down our backs when things get hot?
    Or are you just playing it safe so big brother doesn’t spank you for saying the wrong thing?
    If so, you might as well call it quits….
    Better find some dry powder, Mr. Griffin. Yours got wet.

    • “And yeah, if I had the platform you’ve built up, I COULD do a better job….”

      I reply:

      OK, so go do it. Nothing is stopping you. If you are so confident you can do a Southern Nationalist blog/magazine or a Populist Nationalist radio show that is so much better than Occidental Dissent or The Political Cesspool – go do it. Again, nothing is stopping you. But my feeling is that you just like to mouth off and insult good people who are: good writers, good speakers, good activists.

  12. When I need to lower my blood pressure due to the current situation we find ourselves in, I enjoy watching “Petticoat Junction.”

    All White cast with the exception of a mullatto Air Force friend of “Mike.”

    The Bradley girls were all pretty and proper, and would never turnout to be race traitors.

    My very first crush was on the stunning Lori Saunders, but there wasn’t a loser in the bunch.

  13. Probably the funniest sit com of all time was the Amos and Andy show. It was considered to be “racist” so it got memory-holed. Its on Youtube right now if anyone wants to watch. (the radio show that preceded the tv show is good too, but not as good as the tv show).

    • Yes, very much agreed. I only saw Amos and Andy TV show on some internet videos as the NAACP decided that this show must never be shown.


      It’s funny, depicted Black Americans as decent but simple folks, the shrew wife Saphire was incredible like Aunt Esther in Sanford and Sons.

      Loved it.

  14. Sharon Tate made a few appearances on The Beverly Hillbillies as a minor character named “Janet Trago”. I don’t remember her though, possibly because she wore a dark wig. Burt Reynolds was the star of a good but short-lived TV detective show in the mid 60s called Hawk. His character was a half-breed injun. He was also the star of another detective series a few years later called Dan August, but I’ve never seen it.

  15. I only remember seeing one colored fella on The Beverly Hillbillies, and that was towards the end of series in 1970-71. By that time TV shows were no longer ignoring controversial subjects like hippies, the Vietnam War and Black Power.

  16. I used to do War Between The States Reenacting. The unit I was with (a sleep on the ground and eat sparsely bunch) would occasionally have to galvanize. Which meant, we would have to wear Union uniforms so that there would be a balance between opposing forces (too many Confederates). Our Union impression was a New York Zouave unit, which was appropriate to many of the Trans-Mississippi events that we participated in. The Zouave uniform was an adaption of a Algerian inspired, French outfit that was popularized following the publication of some spectacular feats accomplished by French Zouaves during the Crimean War. The “Zig Zag Man” is a French Zouave and the cigarette papers date to the 1850’s. Elmer Ellsworth brought the look across the Atlantic and it spread throughout the North and in French influenced sections of the South. I used to joke that Major Nelson got a bottle containing “Jeanie,” but Major Healey’s bottle would have likely contained our Sergeant Major, who was the spitting image of the “Zig Zag Man.”

    I love the old television shows. I revel in the utter silliness. It is often pure bliss to return to those golden days of yesteryear, and immerse myself in total irrelevance. Actually, there were a great many, good moral lessons to be learned from those older programs. When to be polite and when to stand your ground. Respect and indignation. Tolerance tempered by reason. A great many of the Westerns featured the stuff that separated men from boys and right from wrong. I will agree that there was an underlying, recurrent theme of mild integration sentiment contained in them. But, when you remember who was in charge of the Movie and Television studios, it isn’t hard to figure out why. I’ve come to recognize and dismiss it. Sort of a compromise to keep from distancing myself completely.

    The Beverly Hillbillies was the all time blue ribbon winner. It was very ingenious in that they kept the concept relatively fresh for so long. I like Petticoat Junction and Green Acres, but they were spinoffs from the Hillbillies. The later episodes did contain some minority characters, but they were hilarious and aren’t often shown. One had to do with a Negro woman who worked at the Bank of Beverly Hills. Milburn Drysdale conceived of a brilliant advertising campaign for borrowers to avoid being “a slave” to high interest rates by taking out a loan from his bank. He was doing a photo shoot with him brandishing a whip and standing over his female Negro employee, who was begging him not to strike her, when her brothers walked in. Another had Granny believing that “the Injuns” were coming to burn down Beverly Hills. Drysdale arranged for a studio executive to send two very Jewish actors to portray “Injuns” attacking the Clampett Mansion. But, my all time favorite was when Granny thought that the Yankees were invading and she rallied Jethro and Ellie to repel them. Grant was a drunken, cigar chomping actor who couldn’t stay on his horse. Granny shot him in the posterior with some of Ellie’s overbaked lady fingers and then proceeded to nurse him back to health with her “rheumatism medicine.” Great stuff, uproariously funny, and not a single bit of vulgarity, profanity or nudity was necessary to keep you tuned in week after week. “Those were the days.”

  17. Let us talk about modern shows. Take Supergirl for instance. Superman’s best friend, Jimmy Olson, was turned black for that series.It has just been announced that a new transgender superhero will be introduced on Supergirl. I recently was looking through a graphic novel called Captain Marvel which is due to become a movie. The lead role is a blond haired, blue eyed, female test pilot. I wasn’t even halfway through the novel where I came upon a scene where she is making out with her boyfriend. Guess what race he is? In a lighter note I liked it when Supergirl got blasted to anther dimension called Earth 53 whereby the National Socialists won WW II and their Supergirl proudly proclaims herself as Aryan perfection and wears SS symbols on her uniform and denigrates(How long before that word is banned? I has the N word in it) our supergirl. I also understand there is a series of Alt Right comics out called Alt Hero (or maybe Alt Right Hero) which deals with conservative and racialist themes. National Public Radio was going ballistic over it!

    • Yeah this transgender Superman’s best friend #*$&@Q is bad. But, it mostly comes down to the Comic Book corruption of always trying to make some “Girl” spin off of a popular guy comic.

      There is “Superman” so there must be


      Batman – Batgirl…..

      Why does this always have to be this way?

      The Baaden Powel Boyscouts…

      Then pushy girls have to come in and ruin it – can’t ever be satisfied with Girl Scouts, have to make the Boy Scouts accept pushy girls.

      No Thank you.

  18. To Cowtown Rebel;
    So, you were a suave Zouave. I always thought the uniforms looked kind of silly, but they were quite the rage at the time. Ellsworth was much admired by Lincoln, and the Zouave ‘drill’ that was part marching, acrobatics, and PT was very much liked. Ellsworth, alas, was killed before the action got going when he tore down a Confederate flag in Maryland and the owner took umbrage and blasted him with a shotgun.
    Lincoln gave Ellsworth a full funeral. There’s an old Buster Keaton film showing him and a bunch of ragtags doing a Zouave drill. Pretty funny, and not that far from the original.

    In my old TV days, there was a show in 1961 called The Americans, dealing with the Civil War and two brothers who wound up on opposite sides. It only lasted a half-season, but I liked watching it. There was also The Gray Ghost, a syndicated series about Mosby.
    If you like the Civil War, you should read Slant of Light, about an idealistic utopian community in antebellum Missouri that gets caught up in the war. A very good read. it’s by Steve Wiegenstein. It’s very honest showing how ineffectual the abolitionists were, and how nasty things got in Missouri.

    I think a show I liked a lot was Gilligan’s Island. it was silly and fantasy (fantasy very big in 60’s TV, and Bob Denver and Alan Hale, Jr., made a great team. Did you have a crush on Dawn Wells? So many of us did. Dawn went to Stephens College here in Missouri, and I saw her onstage doing a Tennessee Williams play. She was always cheerful, coming back to the college to do fund raising for the college and local hospitals. Really quite as nice as her character (Mary Ann).

  19. @Dargason,

    Yeah, I’m no fan of Ellsworth, I’m aware of his insolence and the comeuppance that he was duly served for it. The real hero was the owner of the Inn, Marshall, who was killed by one of Ellsworth’s cohorts. I agree that the French Zouave uniform is ridiculous and it is hard to believe that the French were still wearing such costumes at the commencement of the first World War. One anecdote that I read from the siege at Port Hudson was of some Zouaves that were retreating across a stream, and as they were clambering up the opposite bank, their M.C. Hammer pants filled were filled with water. The Confederate soldiers began to aim at their pants so that the water would squirt out of the holes. They were also among the units that were repulsed at Sabine Pass by RIchard Dowling in an engagement that Jefferson Davis called the Thermopylae of The South. Anyway, I only brought up the Zouaves because the uniform is very similar to what Barbara Eden was wearing.

    Most of those golden age of television programs were presented to me in the form of weekday afternoon re-runs. But, they were a staple of my youth and my fondness for them is still very strong. Especially when I compare them to what is offered in their place. With hundreds of channels and thousands of programs from which to choose, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find anything actually worth watching. And, yes, Dawn Wells was absolutely adorable and, from all indications, a real sweetheart both on and off camera.

    I’ve seen a few episodes of “The Gray Ghost,” and I have the first season of “The Rebel” on D.V.D.

    I will look for the book that you have recommended.

    “The Americans” is a program that I am unfamiliar with, the short run probably goes a long way toward explaining it’s obscurity. The premise is certainly a sound one. Many families were split. George Thomas’ sisters disowned him and turned his picture to the wall. Destitute after the war, they refused his help and requested him to change his name. J.E.B. Stuart’s son was named after his father-in-law, Philip St. George Cooke. When Cooke opted to remain in the Union army, the infant’s name was changed and both Cooke’s daughter and his own son renounced him. The Breckenridges and Crittendens of Kentucky were families that were bitterly divided. Stone Wall Jackson’s sister spoke ill of her brother after he decided to cast his lot with the Confederacy. They had been very close before the war. Mary Todd Lincoln’s family was staunchly Confederate and they never reconciled. Lincoln was reportedly inconsolable when news reached him of the death of his favorite brother-in-law, Ben Hardin Helm. Lincoln had offered Helm a commission in the Union army, but Helm chose to lead the Kentucky Orphan Brigade fighting for the Confederacy.

    It’s ironic, when you think that with only three major networks and a couple of local affiliates (U.H.F. would come later) there was still usually something entertaining to amuse yourself with. If not, you went bowling or to the bar. Went to visit friends or invited them over. Listened to records or sat on the porch. Took a leisurely spin in the old automobile a walk in the park. 7-11 was the first thing to open in the morning and the last thing to close at night (7am to 11pm) and everything was closed on Sunday. “Those Were The Days.”

  20. Cowtown Rebel, there were Confederate Zouave units as well. One was the Tiger Zouaves of Louisianna. Their motto was ‘Tiger on the march! Tiger on the prowl! Tiger in search of a black republican! Yee-hah!
    I never cared much for the recent Lincoln movie…far too nigger loving, but Gore Vidal’s novel Lincoln was made into a TV movie some years ago, and is pretty consistent with the book, with Sam Waterston as LIncoln and Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Todd. (She’s really not that bad) It’s actually pretty good. There’s an especially good scene where Lincoln meets with black leaders and urges them to, upon emancipation, leave America, stating whites and blacks will never really get along.

    You might have heard of the movie Ride With the Devil, about Bushwhackers in Missouri. It’s based on the Woodrell book Woe To Live On, is very good, and has Tobey Maguire in the lead. Very authentic in showing the war, and read VNN archives. Alex Linder posted a great review of it.

  21. @Jaye Ryan

    Petticoat Junction is a good show, culture wise. Paul Henning and
    Ruth Henning, who grew up in the Missouri Ozarks, created it and Green Acres. And it shows. The Shady Rest Hotel is based on the Hotel that Ruth Henning grew up in beside the Frisco Railroad.

    In a lot of ways, the shows were generic, but obviously the Missouri Ozarks underlayed it all. Even the backdrop paintings used in both shows were of the Ozarks. Having family that are buried there, and having been there, I can tell it.

    Both shows are restful and calming to watch. Like living in the country. That’s why I like them. A whole lot.

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