Feminism Tanking Ratings Everywhere

Life’s a bitch, fortunately we didn’t elect one President of the United States.

Unfortunately all kinds of bitter, angry hateful feminist bitches are now running wild across America!

Has anyone ever known a happy feminist? Not me.

Not only are these bitter, angry feminists infesting our political system, they’re grabbing all kinds of leadership roles in the US Media, and rating are tanking everywhere!

Once successful men’s magazines like GQ, Esquire and Playboy now push nonstop bad social justice warrior/feminist politics. Esquire and Glamour magazine made gets this:

Hillary Clinton and German Chancellor Angela Merkel their choice for sexiest women of the year! (Link)

Take a look at some of these positive, sexy but not slutty Esquire Magazine covers from the 1950s – these were big sellers. Not anymore.

Playboy Magazine sales and subscriptions have tanked, Playboy only gets published 4 times a year.

“Though it was famous for the pornography, Playboy also offered ideas, interviews, and opinions that were at the very least thought-provoking to a large number of heterosexual men. All of that is gone now.

A perfect example of the new Playboy was its “Freedom Issue,” published right before the 2016 election. The writers featured included TV host Chelsea Handler discussing abortion, Patton Oswalt on “the freedom to make mistakes,” Wiz Khalifa on police brutality and marijuana legalization, and Killer Mike on minority voting. Adding to this lineup of intellectual lightweights was a conservative who wrote about how Republicans should be listening to Paul Ryan, obviously someone who had his finger on the pulse of America.”

Ryan Girdusky The American Conservative Magazine • September 18, 2018

The Miss America beauty pageant was once extremely popular – even had a Miss America magazine without bad Lib Lefty politics

But that was before the bitter feminist (former Miss America) Gretchen Carlson took over the pageant, banned the swimsuit contest and bullied anyone and everyone including last year’s Miss America who objected to her hard core Social Justice Warrior, Feminist program. How did Msssssssssssssss Carlson’s new Social Justice Warrioress Ms America contest do in the ratings?

Worst ratings in the history of the Miss America pageant.

Woke Miss America delivers all times rating low (Link)

And of course the new social justice warrior Miss America had to make a Black women from New York City the winner – typical.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing some practical advice for our young men on how to deal with these women, dating tips but also, just how to survive and not go crazy when you are forced to deal with these creatures.

And here are some photos from a different, time and place when Miss America was something good, and it was ours.


    • Intervention, indeed — What a bitter, shrill, old coot Mr. Ryan has become! He is, in effect, standing on his front porch and shaking his fist at all those damn “bitches” who would cut through his yard and don’t even know he’s alive.

      • yes in some ways we are in the worst of times, especially spiritually vs. physically. Think about how we aren’t even fighting a major war right now but even so we would rather live in the early twentieth century than deal with this mainstreaming of degeneracy. I’ve been reading Evola but I’m still not convinced that “Aryans” or “Caucasians” came from that area. But I’m no expert. It doesn’t seem to be possible that we could be “Aryans” and the “true Israelites” at the same time, for you Christian Identists.

        • @arlssec:

          Yes, it is possible. Although I don’t believe in some mass migration of ten tribes full of military aged, combat ready men being allowed by the Assyrians. Especially when the standard operating procedures of victorious forces all over the world at the time called for slaughtering all but young, nubile females for sexual slavery.

          I do believe there were small migrations of Israelites into Europe from time to time. The most famous example of Christ’s distant cousins were the descendants of Zerah the twin brother of His direct ancestor Perez.

          If you recall, Zerah was the twin who put his foot outside his mother’s womb during labor. The midwife tied a red string around his ankle to identify him as the firstborn who would get the birthright. However, Perez was the twin who came out whole first and he was given the birthright.

          Cheated of their birthright, the descendants of Zerah separated from the children of Israel soon after the Exodus. This separation explains why so few references to Zerah appear in God’s Word. Some of the children of Zerah went north to Greece. Others went to Troy, near the Dardanelles, which, by the way, bears the name of Zerah’s fifth son, Darda. After Troy’s fall to the Achaeans (Greeks), a group of Zerahites under the leadership of Brutus migrated to Britain via Malta. In England, they founded “New Troy,” which the Romans much later renamed Londinium, now London.

          Other Zerahites settled down in Ireland, after residing for a time in Spain, where they founded the city of Saragossa, literally, the City of Zerah. By the time of David, a princely clan of Zerahites was established as Ireland’s royal family, ruling a part of the tribe of Dan, the Tautha de Danann (that is, tribe of Dan) of Irish legend, which had also settled there.


          Though there is much confusion about her, with some saying that she is actually Hagar the Hamite with a new name or some African Cushite, I believe that, if you follow where his sons settled is a pattern that establishes the racial identity of their mothers. Ishmael was sent back to Egypt/Africa where he established his own territory. Isaac got Canaan where Abraham and his wife Sara established his home base. However, Keturah’s five sons went to the Aryan or Japhethite territories of Persia and Medes and Cypress and Greece.

          I always have to chuckle to myself about Noah’s prophecy about Japheth occupying the Tent of Shem, because it looks like, even up to this very day, Shem’s descendants love to chase after Japheth’s descendants, move right in, and make themselves at home! But I digress. It looks to me like Abraham’s descendants have been settling in Europe long before the Assyrians sacked Israel.

          So if there is any truth to the Christian Identity theory of Israelites who forgot their identity, I guess it would probably be Zerah’s descendants who probably intermarried with and thoroughly assimilated into the culture of the Japhethite Europeans there.

    • BTW Paul Ryan is part Ashkenazim Jew

      Our ancestors knew what was going to happen over 5,000 years ago. It is a shame that whites know so little of it.
      The Kali Yuga is reaching its at its penultimate stage. Sooner than one thinks it will go into its last stage. It is getting very near the end.

      As Joseph Campbell put it:

      The jealous god of Abraham is not the god of the stories of India, who shows neither wrath nor mercy…

      So for all of the evil doers, NO MERCY.
      Think about it.
      In our ancient religion women were acting their part on the earth in a proper and holy fashion.
      Children KNEW they were loved and their mother cared for them and their Father loved them and taught them, and the mothers did also.

      The villages of Aryan India were, to this day, marvels of engineering and very advanced farming techniques. Archeologists have shown us over time, sadly today’s gang are POLITICALLY CORRECT, and so the truth is down the memory hole.

      It was the village life that impresses me most, happy families, loving families. Aryan Families.
      Children were healthy, normal, and the fathers were the head of the household and the leader of the village/ There was but ON leader not a “congress” or other such twaddle.

      I have already touched upon these matters; but when in our day ‘the Latest News from the Kingdom of God’ is printed, we shall not be tired of bringing older news to mind.
      And in particular, let us not forget India, that sacred soil, that cradle of the human race, at any rate of the race to which we belong, where first Mohammedans, and later Christians, were most cruelly infuriated against the followers of the original belief of mankind; and the eternally lamentable, wanton, and cruel destruction and disfigurement of the most ancient temples and images

        • The Hindu Religion is Aryan in Origin. The Rigveda for example describes a Race War between light-skinned Conquerors against a hated Dark Race. The religious texts are in line with our original (Pagan) belief systems. They only fucked up thinking the Caste system (Segregation while keeping them in the country) was enough to keep the Races seperate forever.

          It just goes to show Hitler was right yet again, full stop Ethno-State is the only way to go

          • Well yeah, the caste system really screwed up India. But then there’s a lot of things in their character that I just… don’t like. I’ve never gotten more than halfway though any of Vivekananda’s works because it just struck me as a bunch of empty, impenetrable babbling.

          • Well I wouldn’t expect anyone to like India today lol. But I imagine it must have been a sight to behold back when the actual Aryans ruled the land, before all the mixing

          • The caste system is the only way India functions. You need segregation for Brahmans and other high IQ Indians from retard IQ street shitters. This would also work well for whites when in the minority. Ayervedic teachings (Aryan teachings) is the basis of Hinduism. Some of it has been confused over time but still really interesting stuff. These people also colonized Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and all of this seems to have originated from Bulgarian or Serbian areas. The Old Testament crap really obfuscated our Indoeuropean roots.

          • “But I imagine it must have been a sight to behold back when the actual Aryans ruled the land, before all the mixing”
            Yes, the caste system held the line but eventually the line broke and with that broken our people then moved on…to Iran aka Persia aka the LAND OF THE ARYANS.
            One must keep in mind that 5,000 or more years ago travel was a tough thing to do especially from Europe to India.
            So, of course, few women accompanied the Aryan males. Sadly males, to this day, can’t keep it in their pants, and so that is what happened, some of the guys did the Dravidian females and the leaders said “THAT IS IT, NO MORE” and the caste system was established. The half-breeds could stay but NOT ONE MORE ARYAN COULD MIX with the Dravidians.

            That held up pretty good but the line broke.

            It is funny, sad and tragic, all at the same time, to see present day Indians portraying the deities of Hindusiam (not its real name it was what the Muslims called it) as brown skinned black eyed black haired creatures. I have seen the oldest statues of the gods, e.g. Shiva and so on and he, and others, were OBVIOUSLY Aryans.

            Just as Buddha had blue eyes and the fellow who invented KUNG FU and taught it at the monasteries in China was a fat, white, blue-eyed monk.
            The Vedas are the oldest scripture known to man. The Bhagavad Gita is only 2,500 years old but is well worth a read.
            Consider it SELF-HELP book for Aryans.

            Christ spoke PLAINLY about (((THEM))) and yet every church today supports Israel and immigration and all the rest of the War on Whites.

            So give me that Old Time Religion it’s good enough for me.

            Eternal family traditions and codes of moral conduct are destroyed with the destruction of the family. And immorality prevails in the family due to the destruction of family traditions. (1.40)

            And when immorality prevails, O Krishna, the women of the family become corrupted; when women are corrupted, unwanted progeny is born. (1.41)

            This brings the family and the slayers of the family to hell, because the spirits of their ancestors are degraded when deprived of ceremonial offerings of love and respect by the unwanted progeny. (1.42)

            The everlasting qualities of social order and family traditions of those who destroy their family are ruined by the sinful act of illegitimacy. (1.43)

            We have been told, O Krishna, that people whose family traditions are destroyed necessarily dwell in hell for a long time. (1.44)

          • I wanted to give a more accurate translation of the Gita passage I quoted, this translation was done by an Indian who was a close friend of W. B. Yeats.
            It is much clearer, unlike the “new” translation I quoted above that Arjuna is talking about BLOOD, GENES:
            Bhagavad-Gita Translated by Shri Purohit Swami (1882-1946) born into a religious and wealthy family in Badners, India

            The destruction of our kindred means the destruction of the traditions of our ancient lineage, and when these are lost, irreligion will overrun our homes. When irreligion spreads, the women of the house begin to stray; when they lose their purity, adulteration of the stock follows.

            Promiscuity ruins both the family and those who defile it; while the souls of our ancestors droop, through lack of the funeral cakes and ablutions.

            By the destruction of our lineage and the pollution of blood, ancient class traditions and family purity alike perish.

            The wise say, my Lord, that they are forever lost, whose ancient traditions are lost.

    one of the main articles in our Constitution disallows women from these occupations : Representative, judge, police, “prosecuting” attorney, or in charge of men in military or prisons. A nice modern super Mayberry / 1950’s America.

  2. David Cole – once something of a Jewish Holocaust revisionist has resurfaced in our Alternative Right circles as someone who lived in the LA Liberal Left Hollywood world and simply opposed lies. I like most of his blogs.

    He has a good one about the subject of

    “Do women ever lie about rape”


    Cole argues that sometimes they do as in the case of a Black AA college football player who had his life ruined by some vindictive Black women who claimed he raped her in a high school hallway. She got $1.5 million from the tax payers and rail roaded the guy in to 5 years in jail, ruined any chance he had of a pro NFL career.

    After he got out she contacted him and set she wanted to renew their friendship, the guy and his lawyer taped the lunch meeting where she admitted that she lied about the rape.

    This real life story was made in to a movie which got excellent audience reviews, but the Lib Left media powers that be don’t want this movie seen as it doesn’t fit their “narrative”. They certainly didn’t want it to be heavily viewed during the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings.

    • The vast majority of ‘wrongful convictions’ according to the Innocence Project are due to plea bargains, like 97-99%. Banks was accused at 16 by this black girl when supposedly she was seen upset afterwards by the school custodian. He plead guilty to a 5 year crime even though there was no semen or signs of rape supposedly. No account mentions the age of the girl at the time of the crime, who may have been statutory.

      He wasn’t even close to an NFL contract. He was a possible recruit for college ball; most don’t make it in the pro’s, duh. If he was even close to that good he would have had coaches et al all helping him.

      So, the fact is, we aren’t allowed to see his juvenile record which would have been sealed around that time. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have one. Something caused the cops to prosecute for rape when there was no physical evidence of it – the same something that caused Banks to plead guilty to a far lesser charge. The girl never officially corroborated his version of her supposed recantation and if anyone actually reads the claims made by each there are plenty of grayish areas.

      I think he didn’t rape her but he may have assaulted her to some degree and she and adults around her ran with it, likely knowing he had a reputation for having priors of some kind. Her mother sued the school for dangerous environment or something and won $1.5 million.

      I’m not saying this wasn’t a miscarriage of justice, just that as is usually the case the jews are up to stuff. They’re the majority in the innocence movements and also run Hollywood so their finger prints are all over the ‘narrative.’ His life was hardly ‘ruined. He has spoken out against Brock Turner as getting away with ‘privilege.’

      What is certain is that black women have tons of it, and white – whitey – women pick up the slack for them.

      (Editor deleted a rather foolish smear on Christian religious church)

      • Thank you Genie for sharing this information. I confess I did just post David Cole’s Takimag blog without doing a lot or any research on this case.

        My view is that most healthy American men, Black or White are sexually active in some way after the age of 16. A alpha male, Black football player, basketball player in an integrated High School is going to be sexually active with Black and White girls in some way. When some girls, White girls are putting out the Black athlete starts to assume all girls, Black and White will put out.

        But, David Cole’s version does ring true that this Black young man was railroaded by a bitter (Black) bitch who falsely accused him of rape.

        These false rape accusations have/are being used to target White American young men like now chief justice Kavanaugh the University of Virginia fraternity brothers, the Duke Lacrosse team rape hoax etc.

        I’ve got lots and lots of advice for young White men entering college – dating advice, tips to stay sane and out of jail etc.

        I will be giving this advice on The Political Cesspool radio show.

        • Young man must learn.

          Liberalism is genetic. The popular excuses like they are brainwashed or gullible or low informed or misleaded are one big BS.

          Learn to smoke out liberal. There is a thing called OSINT, Open Source intelligence. Every person must learn to use it to confirm, is any liberals near by.

          Talk politics and cultural issues in the first date , at least neutral control questions. Ruined date is better than ruined life.

          Basic profiling is important. There are lot of mentally ill people around us and everybody should learn basic principles to recognize them.

          • Liberalism is too broad a term for what we are dealing with. For example, the antifa don’t even deserve to be called liberal because they don’t believe in basic liberties that classic liberals believed in. As for genetic, there are many examples of children who rebel against their parents, and then the children’s children swing back the other way (take those of us who had boomer parents, and how we are more “conservative” like our grandparents.)

          • Sorry but I strongly disagree.

            There are 4-6% in the white population, who are faith based not reality based. The fact that some lunatic changing the cult, does not change anything. I my country there are also some lunatics, who were former satanists, then turned to Jehowa witnesses and finally homosexual refugee activists.

            Cloud people will be always a cloud people. We see now this in Ukraine where liberals turned to Ukrainian nationalists.When they do not get white people killed by abortion, they will kill the white people in the war 18 years later.

            That is why profiling is important. When you not recognize madness inside the white race, then genetic white liberals will infiltrate and take over every last institution you have.

            Yes those people swing back and forth. Charles Dickens called them leapfrogs. Because those people are so slippy.

            That is why institutions do not work. When you forget profiling and create pro white party, then it will be immidiately taken over by white genetic liberals who claim that nuclear war with China is pro white and every opponent is a Soros paid race traitor.

            Hitler lost the war because of genetic white liberal. Hitler joined the “German People” so liberals jumped on board, took over and turned everything to absurd.

            Learn to recognize madness inside the white race. Eastern Europe is immigrant free and Jew free and mighty western nations are not.

            Those rebel teenagers are best example how genetics works. Somebody,s parents are “Christians” and want burn witches on the stake and then their children are rebels and want witchcraft recognized as real medicine and financed by Government.

            Learn to recognize mad white genetic liberal. 4-6% white people are mad, deal with it.

        • “My view is that most healthy American men, Black or White are sexually active in some way after the age of 16.” Not in the evangelical circles… which is still significant in certain parts of the country. Same goes for the evangelical women.

  3. Question about the Banks case –

    Why were the cops and prosecutors not punished, sued, fired or disbarred like in the Duke Lacrosse players’ case?

    There’s plenty of public momentum behind Banks, so much that besides a jew movie made about him Ca Governor Jerry Brown saw that he got monetary reparations for the miscarriage of justice.

    So why with all that has there been no attempt to address the wrongdoers, since even a lying 15 year old black girl has no power in the system without outrageous corruption by law enforcement?

    Answer –

    Because they’re not telling us everything.

  4. I heard it on the radio this week and it deserves repeating. The only thing feminism has done is turn women into second rate men.

  5. These mens magazines you talk about…..does anyone actually still buy them, given whats available online now?
    As for these lesbo fembats who hate us so much……I’m sure white men are suddenly their best friend when they need their car, roof, hot water system or plumbing fixed.
    I hate speaking nasty about women in general…but that doesn’t apply to (white) man-hating femmmo Commies.

  6. I am reminded of the advice that was given in an old song that once had a ring of truth to it… The song advised the listener that if “you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife… get an ugly girl to marry you.” The idea being that an ugly woman would cater to you and she would be loyal and dependable. Man!, ain’t that an outdated concept?

    I know a few guys that have gone that route, with varying degrees of success. I call men that marry ugly women and foreign women, believing that they will be submissive and subservient, “Settlers”; in that, They Settled… Settled for someone they weren’t attracted to, or someone that they had almost nothing in common with, because they were unable to find a White woman who was both moderately appealing and trustworthy. Sadly, many of the men who settled for whoever was available either ended up with a domineering, controlling woman who lords over them and is emotionally unstable. Or, a woman, with whom he has children, that is still strangely distant and unfamiliar in certain crucial aspects, particularly if she is close to her family. The children also exhibit a tendency to identify more with the mother’s cultural influences.

    So, not only are the alluring women increasingly more flighty and irresponsible, even the homely broads think that they can do better. I see it all the time, some guy, who back in the 80’s would have been able to pick and choose between pretty White women, walking around with some beached whale of a woman bellowing at him and belittling him in public and him tolerating it because she’s probably convinced him that he can’t find anyone else.

    The dating pool had definitely become extremely limited for a conservative man with a modicum of standards. If a White man wants a White woman that: (1) doesn’t have a list of former lovers that reads like a roll call; (2) isn’t covered in ink and has multiple holes punched in her anatomy; (3) wants to be his partner instead of his mother or babysitter; (4) will nurture and support him rather than berate and undermine him; (5) will stand by his side and help him through his difficulties, just as she expects him to be there for her when she needs him; (6) he shares interests and beliefs with…etc… Basically, if a White man wants a White woman that is decent, height / weight proportionate, and has traditional views of marriage and family (thanks to Oprah, Jerry, Ellen, the Phils, and Soap Operas) he has very few good choices.

    So, now, even the chubby, gawky, or plain girl, with the rosy disposition, who could cook and clean, had a good sense of humor, and was usually intelligent, has been corrupted into a screeching, self absorbed hag.

    To me, there could be nothing worse than Settling for an obese, bellicose, doodle pad, pin cushion of an excuse for a female and come home to find her in bed with someone else. I mean, if your self esteem hadn’t already hit rock bottom when you Settled, it would surely plummet after she was the one who committed infidelity.

    • @Cowtown

      Yes Asian wives may be ‘submissive’ and traditional…..but they still lead to half-breed kids who don’t look like you-the Asian genes just take over.
      I had a friend who went to Asia to find a wife. He held the view that he’s too ugly and boney for a white, but would easily score a willing Asian woman as he’s only competing with equally boney, pimply Asian men. Anyhow, he got her home, married her……and then she secretly began going online to find white men who were musclier and better looking than he was. He found out, and threw her a out of his house, and life.
      I often say to Asian women who are married to white men-and there are many-that they are breeding my race out of existence and are a fucking disgrace….and that if they love us so much, they’d leave alone to have a future. I also tell them that I love my race and want it to exist and that I have every right to feel that way in MY country. Bear in mind that inbreeding doesn’t occur in their countries, so their future as a race is assured.

      • I’m seeing lots and lots of good relationships between Anglo White American guys and younger Hispanic women. The couples just like each other which frankly doesn’t happen with anyone dating or marrying American college miseducated Lib Fem White women. The key is to find an Hispanic women with more European blood – my ex (her eggs didn’t work) was from South America was Spanish and German looked like a Midwestern White gal but was different in so many good ways – I a Midwestern Anglo White guy look better than then the chaos of Venezuela.

        There are some cultural “Issues” like my atheist Swedish American friend who married a Mexican gal (fairly dark) and she went nuclear Catholic on him. They did have 6 children – some look Ameri Indian dark, others are very White Nordic just with brown eyes instead of blue. The children have high IQ.

        Another neighbor is White Czech American, married a Mexican gal – kind of White, but very short. Their son is very White, tall handsome and could be the next (straight) Ricky Martin on Menudo.

        So many things go in to a good relationship – one is to simply avoid all discussion of politics as women unless they are uber traditional women like Phylis Schlafley

        • @Jaye

          Some mixtures work far better than others. On a visit to the U.K. I saw countless nog/ white people walking around with their whitish skin, afroes and freckles….they looked ridiculous. On the other hand, northern/southern European
          mixed women are stunning!
          But whether mixed children will look good or not, the more pressing issue is- are our race, culture and IQ levels worth preserving? We need to begin thinking ahead. The West will not exist by late-this century with Cuban type demographics.

          • Yes, agreed. But we should always work to make the best of a bad situation. After your first White wife divorces you and has worked to ruin your life you can either decide never to remarry and have children or settle on something else and I do think a late 50s White Midwestern/Southern guy should strongly consider

            1) Eastern Europe Slavic women – my cleaning service employs them exclusively and they are all nice, hard working and good looking. Lots of luck getting a College miseducated Anglo woman to ever do anything traditional like clean or cook for you.

            2) Whiter Hispanics from South America or just….


            Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and now the Southern part of Brazil does have lots of Europeans and their politics have been good. White Hispanics like Southern Italians are some of THE most racist, pro White people on planet earth. Plus Franco’s Spain and Pinochet’s Chile actually won their civil wars with Communists – can’t say the same for us English speaking Whites.

        • @Jaye Ryan

          Hosea 5:7 They have dealt faithlessly with the Lord; for they have borne alien children. Now the new moon shall devour them with their fields.

          Tobit 4:13 Now therefore, my son, love thy brethren, and despise not
          in thy heart thy brethren, the sons and daughters of thy people, in not
          taking a wife of them: for in pride is destruction and much trouble, and
          in lewdness is decay and great want: for lewdness is the mother of

          Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

        • Your friends screwed up. Yeah, some brown women are very attractive, but your kids are still going to be half brown; i.e. not white.

      • Not much point complaining to Asian women that they are “breeding us out”. You would do better to point out to the white man that he made a severe mistake in choosing a mate. Either way, it’s too late anyway if they’ve already had kids.

  7. @Genie,

    Aw… I thought that we had kissed and made up?

    I’ve never been one of the men who instantly caught the eye of the ladies, but I have been accused of “batting out of my league.” Generally, I have a tendency to become attractive to women in a more gradual fashion, winning them over with wit and charm… or something. Although, there have been a few who have taken an immediate liking to me, I would never profess to being a playboy and I’ve never had any desire to be one.

    As for assault and rape, I wasn’t aware that had decreased since the 80’s. I would think that it had probably increased and that, today, the chance that a White woman would be raped by a Negro or Mexican is far greater than the odds of her being raped by a White man, grotesque, homely or otherwise.

    You seem fixated on the subject of rape. I’ve read that some women fantasize about it. Although, I’m sure that you would deny it. I would think that if they do have such fantasies, they would be their ideal scenario and not the one that would likely play out. Still, I saw an interview with Marilyn Chambers and she was discussing the film, “Behind the Green Door.” I have not seen the film, but she described what was depicted. Apparently, the plot revolves around a woman who is abducted and raped repeatedly and eventually begins to enjoy the experience. Probably not the average reaction, but Marilyn made it sound convincing in the interview.

    It’s kind of interesting, the way the modern woman wants it both ways. One moment, she wants to be treated like a lady and accorded all of the considerations that a gentleman extends to the fairer sex. And, the next, she demands to be treated as an equal and any deference to her femininity is perceived as an affront to her acute sense of independence and self reliance. One minute, she is all lace and flowers and teddy bears and cutesy stuff, and the next she’s an ice queen wrapped in leather, brandishing a whip and sneering, snorting and scowling, spitting venom and flexing her “muscles.” That is until, “Bang, Zoom, to the Moon, Alice!” Then it’s, “You’re not supposed to hit women!” It seems like, on a basis of equality, refraining from hitting a woman could be construed as underestimating her ability and that, with all fairness, she should be handled in the same manner that you would deal with a man.

    That’s not my way, and I wouldn’t long be associated with a woman with whom such drastic measures would be required (a gentleman simply walks away and keeps walking). But it does seem like some women are implying that there are literally no differences between the sexes, and, if that is true, then why shouldn’t a man hit a woman?

  8. @John,

    I keep referring back to this book, but it has so many pertinent passages. Alan Dershowitz wrote in “The Vanishing American Jew,” that his Jewishness was just to important to him to even consider marrying someone who wasn’t also a Jew; that being a Jew is too central to his identity to not want to share it with a like minded mate.

    That makes perfect sense to me. He isn’t looking for a Shiksa. And, I’m not looking for a Yenta. So, you would think that we would probably be in agreement. Yet, somehow, I get the feeling that if I were to articulate my preference for White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant women, I would be denounced as a racist by Dershowitz himself.

    A lot of White men have been taken in by the Asian women. I read about one man whose Korean wife bailed on him with his half Korean kids after he was critical of immigration from Mexico. Another man that I read about had traveled to Japan to try to get custody of, or visitation rights with, his half Japanese children, and ended up in jail. The Filipinos may be the most notorious for scamming American men. I have an uncle who began corresponding with a Filipino after his divorce. He would send her love letters and gifts and money. He was going to bring her to the U.S., but once she found out that he wasn’t wealthy, she lost interest and ceased contact with him. Prior to that, she was sending him pictures and saying that she loved him. I’ve seen a few others fall for that same ploy; with them being enthusiastic and confident at first, and then bitterly disappointed and embarrassed in the end.

    I’m also reminded of the movie “Midway,” where a U.S. Navy aviator falls in love with a Japanese girl and her parents object to their relationship. At one point, the aviator accuses his father of being against him dating a Japanese girl. His father vehemently denies that he is a bigot and attempts to help his son’s girlfriend and her family. Meanwhile, her parents are steadfast in their sentiments and are understood to be honorable and traditional Japanese people, who, even though they are “Americans,” refuse to accept their daughter’s marriage to someone outside of their race. Moral of the story: it is not only acceptable, but honorable and traditional, for Japanese people to be racialists, but it is inexcusable for a White man to prefer his grandchildren to be White.

  9. @Cowtown

    Good rundown mate. Thanks. In Australia, Asians are a mammoth threat to every aspect of our way of life. They’re a total environmental, ecological and demographic parasite who have stolen our manufacturing sector, changed our suburbs and bought up expensive farms and real estate-pricing young Australians out of the market-and they do it without noticing how bad it reflects on them-they just don’t care. They lack common decency and altruism that whites
    have-and I never wish to live in a nation with them as the majority. On top of that, they’re breeding us out. It just makes me sick.

    • You just described every other race on the planet. “They just don’t care”. Why is it that whites are the only race that have lost the biological imperative to propagate themselves and survive?

      • @Powell

        The white traits of caring, sharing common decency works well in homogeneous white nations where we apply those qualities only to ourselves…..but applied to the entire world means their population explosion, and our downfall. Every time Indonesia suffers a major natural disaster, our government hands them millions of dollars and a huge team of doctors and nurses. Do they ever say thank you? No-they whinge that our response took too long. Do they repay the favor when MY country has a natural disaster? ………no.
        Our grandstanding towards other races means more non-whites, more immigration, more crime, more welfare dependancy, more environmental challenges…..and our gradual extinction.

    • John isn’t most of the interior of Australia – desert, uninhabited? Is there any kind of movement of Whites to get off the Asian corrupted coasts and trek to the interior – become desert people, miners or something?

      White LDS Mormons did something like that doing a wagon train trek to high desert Utah. Didn’t the Boer Afrikanners do some type of Trek to the interior of SA?

      • @Jaye

        Australia is a very big nation-about the size of mainland USA. The portion of Australia thats not desert proper if gathered together in one chunk, would perhaps be equal in size to Mexico-give or take.
        Unfortunately, such a movement of people from the coastal, more diverse areas to the interior is yet to take off. Many actually move from the interior to the coast. Our coast, and coastal cities are at breaking point whilst small country towns are becoming deserted. in America you have cities
        with skyscrapers spread evenly throughout the entire country. In Australia we only have them on the coast, with the only exception being possibly Canberra-our capital. We are thankfully an underpopulated nation, but the coast is overpopulated and over developed. In the areas of Australia that aren’t coastal and aren’t desert, are a farming and small town culture thats possibly simular to Americas. Theres a push to get new migrants to settle in these areas instead of the usual big cities-but I’m guessing the locals don’t want the enrichment, and that the migrants don’t want to be there anyway.
        I’ll predict that in the next twenty years, whites from the coast will begin a trend of moving to the country as they realize they can get a full size house with yard and triple garage in the best street in town, for the price of
        a dingy, one bedroom apartment in a big city. Then theres also the lower crime, lower nonwhite numbers and lack of road rage and traffic jams.
        Finally, in the desert, there are mining and flyover towns scattered throughout-but they’re spread very thin.

  10. @Jaye Ryan

    Hosea 5:7 They have dealt faithlessly with the Lord; for they have borne alien children. Now the new moon shall devour them with their fields.

    Tobit 4:13 Now therefore, my son, love thy brethren, and despise not in thy heart thy brethren, the sons and daughters of thy people, in not taking a wife of them: for in pride is destruction and much trouble, and in lewdness is decay and great want: for lewdness is the mother of famine.

    JUDE 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving, themselves over to fornication, and GOING AFTER STRANGE FLESH are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

  11. The commenter called “Genie” has been making too many trolling comments and trying to start personal flame wars, spreading gossip and lies about OD writers. I’m deleting this troll’s comments on my blogs and I encourage Hunter W to simply ban his IP address. It’s our meeting we run this place, trolls get bounced.

  12. Cowtown Rebel writes:

    “He isn’t looking for a Shiksa. And, I’m not looking for a Yenta. So, you would think that we would probably be in agreement. Yet, somehow, I get the feeling that if I were to articulate my preference for White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant women, I would be denounced as a racist by Dershowitz himself.”

    I respond:

    Ok but virtually every single successful Jew in Hollywood is looking for a Shiksa GF, Wife or just looking to groom them in to being pornstars, strippers.

    Virtually every single attractive woman you see on TV or in the movies is being promoted, having sex with some Hollywood Jew – that goes for Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, Joan London, Dorothy Stratton, Who was that host of the Today Show married to the vicious Jew who draws Doonesbury?

    It’s just more wishful thinking on your/our part that Jews will leave us alone, leave our women, girls alone if we just leave them alone and support Israel.

    • I am embarrassed to know the answer to your question.

      Her name is Jane Pauley. She hit “the wall” at Mach 9, and was replaced by Georgia peach Debra Norville. Ms. Norville is the epitome of of a dumb blonde. She also has hit “the wall,” but at Mach 3.

      • Thank you – yes Jane Pauley. I know I’m advanced Middle Age when I can recall a time when morning network news was somewhat intelligent, not PC hate White men all the F#*&$#@ time.

        The Today Show got ruined when the Mulatto who only sexually harasses White women Brian Gumbel took over the show.

        I also know I am advanced middle age when I remember a time when Doonesbury Comic writer, artist Garry Trudeau was remotely funny. Now he’s just a very, very bitter hate White Gentiles old Jewish guy. Trudeau went so far as to take the side of Algerian Muslim terrorists who slaughtered French cartoonists in France and he of course supported the Rollingstone Magazine narrative that the University of Virginia White Southern Fraternity boys were guilty as charge of gang rape initiation. When this Rape Story was exposed as a complete hoax, Garry Trudeau insisted it didn’t matter because UVA and Southern Schools had cultures of sexism and racism.

        What a #($&#@ hateful, lying Jew.

  13. I couple of years ago me and a friend were in a bar in a little dusty city in Paraguay.
    The people in the bar drinking and glued on the TV screen wich was showing an old movie from Chuck Norris, the name of the movie was Braddock.
    Since they couldn’t pronounce “Braddock” they called it “Bordoga” hahaha wich is the same way some people pronounce “Bulldog” in South America.

    How smart, how courageous, how brave Bordoga was! All American soldiers are this way! The best invincible army and nation!
    This was the image white Americans in general had in South America.
    It has been rapidly changing, American retarded wars all around the globe, liberalism, feminism, Obama president, ridiculous latest movies, American porn wich penetrated even the most remote communities, are changing the perception.
    From a hero to a weakling pervert.

  14. @Jaye Ryan,

    You seem to have misinterpreted my comment. Please allow me to clarify. I’m all too aware of the Jew’s notoriously lascivious pastime of degrading the ditzy Shiksas. Those women who prostitute themselves in hopes of fame and fortune may be taken advantage of, but most of them are not nearly as naive as they’ve begun to let on with the #MeToo movement or whatever.

    Having said that, I have no delusions whatsoever about the subversive influence that the Jews have had on every aspect of our lives; from the government, the education system, entertainment and the accompanying social conditioning.

    I don’t think for a moment that Dershowitz’s book will convince Jewish men to cease their preoccupations with defiling White women, nor do I believe it will dissuade Yentas from seducing and compromising wealthy, White men.

    I just use his book as an example because it contains a unique insider’s perspective that readily acknowledges and confirms the amount of control that the Jewish people exercise in this country. On the very first page, Dershowitz laments that “the era of enormous Jewish influence on American life may soon be coming to an end due to intermarriage and assimilation.” He then goes on to elaborate in considerable detail on the areas where they held sway at the time of the book’s publication about twenty years ago. I don’t think much has changed significantly since that time, except maybe an increased sense of awareness of their insidious machinations.

    I have never been a supporter of Israel. Even when I was a child, watching Walter Mondale sit between Menachem Begin and Yasser Arafat or Anwar Sudat, I couldn’t understand why we were getting involved and refereeing. Let’s just say that since that time, my understanding has increased in proportion to my opposition to intervention. What could we do here at home with the 80 billion dollars a year that we give to the Yids? Fix the roads and bridges? High speed rail? A border wall?

  15. @John,

    Howdy from Texas! One of my favorite movies is “Romper Stompers!” I don’t care much for Russell Crowe as a person, but he is a really good actor. I also liked him in “Master and Commander.”

    I’ve talked to a number of people from Australia and there does seem to be a general consensus that the Country is being overrun by Asians of all varieties. And, that the government is aiding and abetting the displacement of it’s own people; turning a deaf ear to their concerns.

    What I’ve noticed about the immigrants that come to the U. S. is that they almost invariably say that they have more opportunities for a better life here. It never seems to occur to them that it’s not merely a given that when you arrive here your life is instantly improved. Their lives are better because the U.S. taxpayer is forced to pay for their welfare benefits, accommodations, education, medical care and minority business incentives. I saw an interview with a man from some wretched region of the globe who had just been sworn in as a citizen in a ceremony where several thousand immigrants simultaneously took the oath in a sport’s stadium. He gleefully proclaimed, “only in America can you arrive with $100 in your pocket and start a business!” Correction: only a third world immigrant can come to America with only $100 and get housed, fed and set up in business. If all a White American has is $100 and no job, he is soon homeless and hungry.

  16. @Cowtown

    Hi again. Look up ‘Porridge Pals’- I think his channel is still available. He is from Melbourne
    and explains beautifully how different ethnic groups are hurting us in different ways- the Somalians with their street crime and welfare dependance, Muslims with their terrorism and organized crime, Indians with their cheap labor and ching chongs with their real estate obsession. They all hurt us in very different ways.
    As for Romper Stomper……I hated that movie! I don’t think that is who we are. They were just voilent men who disintegrated in the end and turned on eachother. It may have been good entertainment but other than that….
    The real Alt-Right in Australia are smart, polished, and here for the long haul.
    Finally mate, as a Texan, come visit us one day-culturally and geographically you’ll feel right at home!

  17. John and Cowtown Rebel – I think that it is great that you two are forming a friendship through our blog, I hope you take it to other places, even take it off line – talk and even meet each other in real life.

    We need to do things in real life – sure it is great to read of amazing political things that are now happening in places like Hungary, Poland Alternative for Germany, but also just do the simple things to make friends and be nice to our people. So many once good places of ours are no longer ours and they aren’t nice. I can go a whole year without watching a new Hollywood movie or TV show, popular music seems ruined – the danger is to become isolated, alone and you start to feel that there are no nice places, no nice people or sink in to despair that all is lost.

    No all isn’t lost. We’re winning in so many important places that Americans once were convinced were lost for ever – places like Russian, Hungary and Poland.

    And I can not overemphasize this recommendation:

    Promote Whiter forms of partner dancing – it lifts the spirit to see our young people men and women, boys and girls dancing together in a nice, moral but somewhat sexual way – it brings joy to my heart.

    A people that can’t or won’t dance are not alive.

    I believe the German Philosopher Nietzsche was right when he said:

    “I could only believe in a God that danced”

    The Old Testament Jewish Tribal God Jehovah he’s not a fun, happy go lucky dancing guy, he brings plagues that slaughter all non Jewish children.

    I think Jesus Christ might go to a party where there was some modest wine drinking and modest dancing. Would Jesus Christ dance – ahhhh maybe, with some young children I think.

    God bless everyone.

    Wish me luck I’m going to ask a young Ukrainian gal who cleaned my apartment but got a full time job as a nurse, I’m going to ask her out on a date.

    1st Date – meet for a glass of wine and listen to R &B live music, or Spanish Guitar

    2nd date – partner dancing

    If all goes well, I’ll ask her to marry me on the 3rd date.

    Pagans say YES to life.

    The best White Christians have maintained or even improved the best Pagan traditions of our people.

    • @Jaye

      I’ll certainly aim to get over there with my wife one day, finances permitting.
      Yes, Cowtown is a great guy.
      And good luck with your date. Just be a man!

      • Thanks so much. Yeah, I could use some “luck” with my date – but I really just need to be more assertive and outgoing and not just retreat to my library with all my great books.

        Cheers mate!

        Stay strong brother.

  18. – Swimsuit competitions were more wholesome when they used modest swimsuits. A woman representative of her state should be in good shape and attractive. However the skimpy swimsuit competitions were in bad taste, but they shouldn’t have done away with them altogether.

    – Men need to step up and be self-sacrificing, servant-leaders that submissive women can follow. It’s a vicious cycle which can be broken.

    – Internet media like JewTube and alternative websites have made traditional magazines and TV shows like the pageant less relevant.

    – Playboy crossed the gray line with nude photography whereas nude paintings are more in line with art instead of pornography. We shouldn’t feel nostalgic for this kind of magazine.

  19. @Jaye and John,

    It’s good to foster this type of communication, for, if nothing else, it provides a sense of shared concerns and sentiments. We find that things are tough all over and that many of us, despite where we’re located, are essentially confronting the same difficulties and experiencing the same problems: Globalization, Immigration, Isolation, Displacement, Estrangement, Etc…

    I draw a significant amount of reassurance from this blog, and I appreciate the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with the many good people who frequent this site.

    John, Australia is one of the few places outside of the U.S. that I would really like to see. Everyone that I have met from there has been very friendly and seemed to be good people. My Grandfather was in charge of an F-111 modification program for the Australian airforce and he forged a genuine kinship with the Australians, having spent many off hours going to restaurants and socializing with them. As for “Romper Stompers,” truthfully, I haven’t met any Australians who resembled the characters of that film. Honestly, I haven’t met too many “Crocodile Dundee” types either. Just normal people with generally cheery personalities. The men were typically jovial and robust. The women were attractive and self assured. For me, the appeal of “Romper Stompers” is the depiction of the few standing against the many. I relate to it because I’ve been ganged up on numerous times and I can envision that kind of reality becoming the norm. Swarms and hordes of minorities and foreigners besieging and trying to eradicate every indigenous White person in their own homelands and being confronted with only a scattered, but determined resistance. There is something that I find very inspiring in that scenario.

    Jaye, best wishes for you, and may your amorous pursuits blossom into a meaningful romance. Thank you again for providing this forum.

    • “Jaye, best wishes for you, and may your amorous pursuits blossom into a meaningful romance. Thank you again for providing this forum.”

      I réspond:

      Thank you so much for the well wishes. And I do try hard to make this forum a positive place for our kindred from all over the world.

      Do you listen to the Weekly (Sat Night 6-9 PM Central Time) Radio Show The Political Cesspool hosted by James Edwards? It’s the South’s best Populist Conservative radio program and I am a semi weekly guest, James and I discuss movies, books, popular culture and include a lot of humor.


      It’s so very easy to get overwhelmed with negativity and retreat in to isolation. We need community and just be nice and kind to our own kind.

  20. @Jaye,

    I agree, Jesus turned the water into wine, not grape juice as some suggest. I believe that God expects us to show reverence and to live righteously. I also believe that he puts us here to eat, drink and be merry. I tend to think that Voltaire was right to say that God is a comedian playing to an audience that’s afraid to laugh.

    • Hey Cowtown Rebel – you sound like a great guy with a very good outlook on life, practical, serious about important things but also able to enjoy life.

      Have we ever met in person at Amren? The Political Cesspool Radio show anniversary.

      If not I hope we do meet in real life.

  21. Jaye,

    I don’t know about great… I read somewhere that if you can’t be famous, be infamous. Something to shoot for anyway… Really, I like to think of myself as a work in progress, like the old song says, “I may be an old chunk of coal now Lord, but I’m gonna’ be a diamond someday.”

    I’m still thoroughly ensconced in the twentieth century, I like it there. It suits me. I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t have internet access at home. I have a computer, but I use it to store information. I call it my Frankencomputer, as it is comprised of various components that I purchased for $100 almost a decade and a half ago. C.R.T. Screen and mismatched keyboard and tower, the program is Microsoft circa .01 B.C., I think… My knowledge of such things is merely sufficient to accomplish, by trial and error, the tasks that I place before myself. Mainly, that consists of compiling and distributing useful information.

    I learned to use a computer, in a business setting, back when it was D.O.S. operating systems and Dot Matrix printers. In those days, none of my Blue Collar, Peer Group wanted anything to do with a computer. Now, none of those same people can live without one. My internet access is limited to public use computers, so I am unable to tune in to some channels.

    I have not been to any AmRen conferences, but I am vaguely familiar with Jared Taylor.
    I have read some of the articles on the Political Cesspool, but I have not listened to the -“pod casts???” I used to read the items on CofCC, but I haven’t been keeping up with them lately. I also frequent Paul Kersey’s site, but I don’t comment on it. I guess I could be accused of “trolling” some mainstream news media outlets. But, I don’t see how if you are maintaining an open forum and someone reads an article and wants to add their two cents, they suddenly become labeled a “troll.”

    Abbreviated speech that requires a cipher to interpret; twiddling and twaddling; selfies; clouds; megagigawatabytes; lookatmebook; have all left me straggling far behind on the trail and I ain’t goading my horses to catch up. The pace of change is such that as soon as you master one platform or application, the trend has changed and everyone has shifted to the next latest and greatest, new and improved, technological wonder. I couldn’t afford to keep up with that, even if I had a desire to. Which, Thank God Almighty!, I don’t.

    Sorry to ramble on, I have a tendency to do that. I’m acutely aware of it, but I persist in it nonetheless. I attribute it to long hours spent working in near isolation. Perhaps, one day our paths will cross. I will try to listen to the Political Cesspool. I’m sure that if I connect some earphones or speakers to this Pandora’s Box, I can tune it in. It has been great chatting with you! Keep the Faith!

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