Speak Now or…..

“Speak now or… forever hold thy peace”

The optics of an open, full scale Walking Dead migrant invasion, marching behind Honduran flags to invade the United States of America – well this is a lot easier to present to regular Red State Americans than say unraveling all the plots and intrigues of The Federal Reserve, Trilateralists or even the J Media Mafia/Social Media monopolists.


OK, now what is to be done?

My recommendation is to just do solid activism at the National, State and Local area in your circle of contacts. Somewhere in your local area there is some tough White guy who’s ready to step up – a man like tough Queens NY White guy Donald Trump, a Guy like tough Italian NY guy Rudy Giuliani, NYPD chiefs Bratton and Kelly – or Philly’s greatest Frank Rizzo. Sherif Joe A is still going strong – but there are new, younger tough guys where you live and work ready to jump all over this Walking Dead invasion.

I have had excellent success contacting young congressional staff members – do the research ask for specific young assistants BY NAME – this impresses the folks handling the calls, shows you are intelligent not just some regular dumb as*.

Here’s another idea – contact military leaders in local military camps like Fort Campbell KY. Their job is

National Defense

So now’s the time to Defend the nation – what they doing with their time – having homo sex?

Feel free to demagogue this issue, shame them.

How about some sit ins on private golf courses like Augusta National – use the theme

“Golfing while Rome (America) burns.”

Or Contact Red State leaders like the Governor’s office demand they burn the Mexican Consulate in their state to the grow. Burn it.

If anyone needs help identifying specific Congressional Staff members or other contacts PM me at:



  1. Unfortunately I have had very poor results trying to speak with congressional staff members today. I called the Tennessee Senate delegation. The gatekeepers answering the phones don’t want to discuss or put you through to others.

    I recommend being more persistent and demanding to be put through to specific staff members responsible for say “immigration. It’s easy to get current lists.

    • Like they care; take a cue from the left playbook; have “sit ins” in the halls of congress,demonstrate in front of the the networks who are demonizing any opposition to letting all these people come in. Demand Trump issue a travel ban for these three central American countries , so that they can no longer apply for asylum[ like Trump did to the middle east countries]

  2. If Trump doesn’t get on top of this, he’s not the American president. You shouldn’t have to do his job for him. He can have troops in the Middle East and peacekeepers in Africa, yet can’t protect his own nation. Every person of sound mind should be outraged.

  3. Some countries like Germany, Britain, Sweden, US, are done.
    In Germany with all the rapes, harassment, insults, assaults, stabbings, killings.. committed by 10% of immigrants and the rest living on welfare,.procreating like rabbits and building mosques, the AfD wich is quite moderate, managed to get less than 11% of votes in the “conservative” Bavaria.
    It’s funny when naive gullible proud German call a Pole stupid.

  4. Mr. ” Ryan”: Contacting Congressmen is a good thing. Lets them know we are aware and watching them and their political activity, for which they are directly accountable. Great job,..seriously.
    There’s my support for you and your work.
    I am not a drunk farmer.
    Now,…you seem hell-bent on protesting at military bases. Soldiers and even higher-ranking officers DO NOT CHOOSE THEIR ORDERS, so what is your goal here? You say protest that they “defend our Nation”. You think thats up to them? You think they vote on what they do? No sir, they don’t sit around like we do, arguing about what to do next. They receive orders and execute them, especially if we have a decent Commander-in Chief, as we seem to have now. Would you start a coup now?
    It would seem you are urging something that would have been more appropriate under Obama. What exactly is your purpose in urging this?
    I hope no one takes you seriously on this. You should rethink your suggestion to include one-on-one red-pilling of soldiers you may know or meet in the area, NOT protesting like some group of Viet Nam-era hippies. Soldiers do not historically have good relations with protesters.
    Sounds to me like you just want to put a burr under EVERYBODY’S saddle, and I don’t think that’s a good strategy.
    I want your reply, “Ryan”…

    • OK, here’s my reply.

      I participated in the League of the South’s protests against Tyson Foods flooding Middle Tennessee with low wage, Bantu Muslim Somalian Workers. I added some personal, very effective Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactics in that I made the conflict personal:

      Instead of just whining about impersonal corporate greed I made the enemy one guy Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith (White Gentile) I took out advertisements in a Conservative TN County Newspaper I paid for a huge roadside billboard featuring Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith grinning with a Somalian Muslim invader. I listed that traitor as* hop* Donny Smith’s annual compensation of over $ 8 million a year and noted that he was too cheap to pay Southern workers in Middle Tennesse a living wage. I quoted Jesus Christ dissing rich people saying they have a snowball’s chance in Hell of making it in to heaven.

      I got local White Southerners in Tennessee to really hate this one enemy, traitor As* Hole Donny Smith and I’m sure the actual enemy Donny Smith felt some heat and at least tried to do PR that he wasn’t an enemy of the South.

      So this is what I mean in using very effective Lib Leftist tactics for our side like the ones presented in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

      This is not in anyway being Conservative, putting all your hopes and dreams in to things like GUNS GUNS GUNS that are never used.

      Yeah, Antifa fights dirty, they hide their identities, they corrupt the courts so they get off – these are all things we should and can be doing.

      And what’s wrong with yelling at a rich political leader enemy traitor in a restaurant? What’s wrong with messing up Mittens’ Romney’s hair and challenging him to a fist fight.

      I bet Mittens Romney has never had his hair messed up or ever even been in a fist fight.

      How about you?

  5. You’ve obviously never served in the military, “Ryan”, or you’d never have suggested such a course of action. Your suggested “protests” make about as much sense as going to your local concrete works and protesting them because they aren’t out there building your damn “wall”…
    When they’re CONTRACTED to do so, they will..
    So will the soldiers act when they are given orders through the chain of command.
    Are you seriously not aware of that? Have you really thought out this military-base protest idea? It doesn’t seem like it….
    Waiting, “Ryan”…..

    • There are some unique soldiers like a certain Austrian Corporal World War I veteran that were/are willing to take the initiative and not just obey orders.

      We’d still be a British Colony if every White person in the USA always obeyed all laws and never challenged an order.

      • That Austrian Corporal was decorated for bravery and was wounded in the line of duty. He follwed orders meticulously and faithfully, using personal initiative along the way, but still in accordance with the mission at hand. He did NOT defy his command, even though they had traitors within at the time and he knew it. After the “Great War”, he stood FOR his fellow veterans, not against them. He RALLIED them. Because he was ONE OF THEM.
        The Colonial Army, although under British “Command”, was filled with Amercan Colonists with a vested geographical survival interest and separated by an ocean from base command.
        Your comparisons hold no water, DUMBASS.
        Maybe we should discuss it over coffee someday…I live in Tennessee. I don’t care who knows it.

        • No, I most definitely was in Combat – I was a 7th and 8th grade public school teacher in Brooklyn.

          Hey Mike Porter – maybe you should hang out someplace else.

          Go play somewhere else – like maybe play in traffic.

          Go play with your friends.

          If you don’t have any friends

          Go play with yourself.

          • (((BROOKLYN)))?!? Well, doesn’t THAT speak volumes about you! So what the hell are you doing down here trying to subvert and sideline a legitimate political movement?
            I am SO SORRY for disrespecting your (((service))).
            I hope you do protest at Fort Campbell, I really do. Then I can meet you face to face…
            And yes, I have friends. And they do not like someone like you dragging their sacrifice and service through the gutter by your comparisons.
            So go do your protest, and we can ALL come out and play…

          • Hey Mike Porter – here are 2 very patriotic pro army songs made just for you and your “friends” at Fort Campbell fightin’ for freedom and democracy in places like Eye Raq, taking down all those wanna B Hitlers like

            Saddam Hussein

            Here’s Hank Williams Jr. drawing the line in the sand and telling ol Saddam

            “Don’t Give us A reason to Kick your as*”

            Then there’s old Texas boy Toby Keith singing this song about the noble sacrifices of the Amuricun Soldier – who are way overseas fightin’ for…. don’t exactly know what cause they sure ain’t fighting to defend our border from invasion from mobs of Ork, Walking Dead, TB infected invaders.

            Wow, Mike Porter I do have to say you done took the prize of the worst patriotard, dumb as( Amuricun goy – it’s what the Jews refer to as goyim/cattle.

          • (((BROOKLYN)))!?!…Well, doesn’t THAT speak volumes about you! Still supporting Jew-loving politicians with those Teachers Union dues?
            So why are you down here now, trying to subvert and sideline a legitimate political movement? Go back to Jew York…
            And yes, I have friends. And they do not like having their service and sacrifice dragged through the sh*t by the likes of you..
            So go protest at Fort Campbell…GREAT IDEA!
            Then maybe we can all play together..face to face.

  6. MP – I strongly believe we must learn how to use very effective Liberal Left tactics and get away from very ineffective economic Conservative ways of thinking and acting that always has us on Defense always has us defending the status quo, not fighting or even inconveniencing The Powers that be which include the worst Zionists, Neo Conservatives, anti White Hollywood, academia and legions of cuckservatives who live easy carefree lives of golf and suburbs and who are indifferent to horrors like old Pakistani muslim gangs raping and torturing thousands of poor English girls in places like Rotherham.

    Read Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals – see the very effective and frankly just fun ways the Left went on the attack in the 1960s – the would do things like get concert tickets for Classical Music concerts sportsored by some corporate group they didn’t like such as Eastman Kodak they would give the tickets to lower class Blacks and have the Blacks eat a whole lot of beans then they would wait go to the concert and start farting….


    Talk about making the wealthy and privileged enemy uncomfortable.

    Also, yeah – study the effective street tactics of the German National Socialists SA – what did they do? Yeah they could fight the Reds, Antifa in the streets but they did lots of other things to wealthy opponents go to movies pushing pacifism like “All Quiet on the Western Front” and let out mice.

    We must MUST get out of Cuckservative ways of thinking, acting and losing. So far the Proud Boys and some (anonymous) White biker groups have been the only ones on our side to contest the street against violent Antifa, Communists, LaRaza, Islamists and sort of defy the lying press.

    Sorry you comments about soldiers just always obeying orders – nah, that’s not revolutionary.

    Some soldiers at least retired soldiers can defy the system do things like the Minuteman project.

    How about recruiting volunteers to pick up tons of the worst migrant invaders, get dumpsters of dirty diapers and dump them on the front lawns of Cuckservatives like Mittens Romney or Paul Ryan?

    One area we all need practice in – throwing things like Antifa does – bags of piss, excrement, eggs.

    50 more years of Conservatism and our people/culture will be replaced, completely dead.

    • Well, once again you missed the mark. That’s funny.
      Nope, not one of your mindless patriotards. Sorry. Can’t lay that one at my feet. Crossed that point in political evolution while I was still in service. You have shown what a vagina you are to all who post here. I’m a Hank III fan…Look him up, you bitch.
      See you in the field.

  7. Since you’re into leftist tactics and admire them so much, I suggest you read Mao instead of Alinsky so much. Hearts and minds of soldiers have to be awoken and won. And you believe shaming them for things beyond their scope of authority will get them on our side?
    Your words drip with Marxism and class envy.
    I cannot believe that you are a MAIN CONTRIBUTOR to this site and suggest some of the courses of action that you have encouraged.
    Southern Whites of ALL economic classes must find their kinship and unity in this dark hour, not succumb to class envy and infighting. And yes, I am what you’d classify as lower middle class, or upper lower class, if you like.
    But I prefer to guage my wealth on things such as family and friends, health and wisdom, NOT how many masonic coupons I have on hand.
    As for older veterans, you suggest we join ourselves to the Minutemen or Proud boys?
    Why? So I can rub elbows with a bunch of undercover FBI agents like yourself?
    Since you admire their tactics so much, perhaps you should join Antifa.
    When the fight goes hot, these “old veterans” will be throwing things ALOT more volatile than bags of shit, my friend.You can stand with the sh*tslingers if you want to, but think about what you encourage others to do. Your place here makes you a de-facto leader of sorts (God help us..)…Think through the things you suggest.

  8. Just a reminder, Goldman Sachs is propping up Venezuela. Leads to caravans. Then you got israeli’s being caught on fox news providing aid to the current invading caravan of jungle dwelling satanists and third world sludge. Then these people want to abolish ice and grant all these people permanent citizenship. These people are going to be subsidized by us. They then want the browns to vote in their preferred candidates. How can people not even see that.? Is this not what an enemy does.? Help the invading force.?

    It is kind of like Europe. You have all these zionists destabilizing the middle east for greater israel. The jew funded mercenaries then take over the area and people want to flee. The people then pay the smugglers to push them out on a shit boat that is not going to make it. They then call NGO’s and the US NAVY. They are then handed off to isra-aide. These same people write media pieces about how they must welcome the low iq invasion for their pensions. Then, after the sludge starts attacking people and taking over, these people claim that you must be arrested for speaking out, being upset, or wanting some reciprocity. Israel tried to deport the people they took in to Sweden didnt they.? Open borders for Israel.? Again, ally.?
    Don’t talk about iq or your fired. Diversity hires.? 35-50 percent of all the marriages in the Muslim world are to family members.? Pakistani refugees is 50% in Great Britain.? Mosque.? Insert phobia here.

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