Stacey Abrams Caught Burning Georgia State Flag

I haven’t been paying much attention to the midterm elections.

Generally speaking, I am “blackpilled” and don’t think this election really matters. I don’t expect the Republican Congress to act on anything that I care about. If I lived in Georgia though, I would definitely vote against Stacey Abrams who has been caught burning the Georgia State Flag:

“ATLANTA — At a protest on the steps of the Georgia Capitol in 1992, Stacey Abrams, now the Democratic candidate for governor, joined in the burning of the state flag, which at the time incorporated the Confederate battle flag design and was viewed by many as a lingering symbol of white supremacy.

Ms. Abrams’s role in the protest, which took place around the end of her freshman year at Spelman College in Atlanta, has begun to emerge on social media on the eve of her first debate Tuesday with her Republican opponent, Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Mr. Kemp and his allies have sought to portray her as “too extreme for Georgia.” …”

I would come off the sidelines to vote against this:

She also wants to deface the Confederate monument on Stone Mountain. Whatever else Brian Kemp stands for (I don’t know and don’t care), he ISN’T going to do that in office.

Note: If Stacey Abrams wins the election in November, she will be hearing from us. I imagine she will be hearing from a lot of people who support our monuments!

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  1. Our nigras no longer fear us, they constantly taunt and provoke knowing that we won’t punish them for their insolence. The only thing the nigra understands is a good old fashioned

    • @Spahn

      I don’t think your muds have feared you since about 1965. Back in the Jesse Washington days, they feared whites then-when we acted like men and were united. Everyone was safer then. Now its all crawl up their bum, play nice, walk on eggshells……only to have them rape, kill and rob us anyway. White altruism is a great quality to have-when applied amongst ourselves. When used for other races, it gets us nowhere and will be our downfall.
      Being nice just DOES NOT WORK.
      Segregation and white unity is the only language they understand.

    • Trump could do a photo op where some Semi-Trucks drop off cheap coffins at the US Mexico border. Couple of tanks in the background.

  2. South Africa is the canary in the coalmine. You have it, they want it. Their executive leadership (not African American, eg NAACP, forged in the crucible provided by the Chosen blacksmiths)

    And what is it with orange or red blazer or jumpsuit over black undergarment? (Pocahontus, Hilldebeest?) No need in this case given the skin, but it is a tell.

    The black pill is that there is no democracy. Within that game, the best we can do for now is tactical.

    If The Wall is built, then maybe time to respray the pill in a new candy red. Not till then.

  3. I personally wouldn’t advocate for voting against Abrams just because she’s black, but because she makes such a conspicuous point of defining her base as ‘african american’ et al, including illegal invaders in that:

    There’s a point where if we as white people who respect some basic elements of reality continue to remain passive in the face of Diversity’s assaults we only embolden and justify its cult. This seems particularly true in governorships, but I simultaneously think we should be creating a new conspicuous wave of dissidents who refuse to vote in national (or any depending) elections. We should come up with a way to quantify and signify this so as to delegitimize a government that has completely abandoned the middle class.

    Maybe wrist bands would be a symbol asserting this lack of legitimacy…etc. etc.

    Something needs to be done that wields a power against the stacked deck.

  4. Generally when nogs are in politics or any other role of distinction, its usually just to serve, or advance their own. Whites in general gain very little from them. Yet whites in power are compelled to serve all, and treat minorities favorably. Take South Africa for example-which requires no explanation.
    When we don’t go in to bat for eachother, nobody else will. And then there’s all the lobby groups for Jews, Blacks, Asians, Homos, which speak for everyone……but whites. We more than ever need unity.

  5. If there’s any justice to this the Dem party is being taken over by the “minorities”. The White shitlibs who sold out their own kind to advance non Whites are being superseded by the non Whites they “helped”.

    • Yessir. I agree. And we need to capitalize on that fact as heavily as we can, but remember the famous quote by Napoleon..”Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
      They are imploding quite well, we just have to be patient..

      • Latrinos are indeed offensive just because of their existence. They are Mongolian, negroid, kike and arab. Look up the etymology of indian and you will find that is an erroneous designation as they are actually mongols from asia. Most Latrinos are Sephardic kikes as well. Look their surname up at Sephardic dot com. By the way Bob, how can CI be kike shit when we reject all claims made by these Canaanite-edomite kikes? You make no sense at all and we are also on the splc website has a hate group. Imagine that.

      • So that’s what it means according to Google but why should we go along with it?

        I used to be supportive of the gender neutral grammar concept, but it doesn’t work pragmatically, it neglects honoring sex differences with responsibility instead of idiocy, and it only gets successfully applied to non-whites as some special status-inhabiting species.

    • The blonde lady yelled something in Spanish at them I am assuming they were speaking Spanish, one of them said something derogatory at her, she understood it and flew off the handle. Her mistake was in reverting to English when she lost her temper. I wonder if this exchange would have made film if the blonde lady had stuck to Spanish.

      We have ALL pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that Trump’s “Big Beautiful Wall” is not going to be built – EVER – if TPTB have anything to say about it.

      I strongly urge any White reading this to focus on learning to comprehend and speak Spanish as fluently as possible. This videotaping of the blonde lady, after no doubt, baiting her, was done to make sure she lost something; from what little as her dignity to her job, her home, or her social standing.

      I spoke to a White man who told me that he was in an elevator with some Mestiza women who were running him down in Spanish. He told me that when they all got off the elevator he made a point to politely tell them to enjoy their stay while they were visiting the United States. Of course, they were illegally squatting there. But he spoke to them in fluent Spanish. The shocked, terrified expressions on their face, he told me, were priceless.

      American Whites need to learn Spanish for the same reason Palestinians teach their children Hebrew: “When you learn the language of your Enemy, you always know what He is up to!”

  6. There is no such thing as “sharing power”. When you elect a Nigger, you will get some variety of Africa.

    -Robert Frenz.

  7. The vast majority of Whites understand what is happening to them now, but most Whites don’t understand what is going to happen to them once Whites are pushed out of power.

    • @George

      With alternative media exposing South Africa, grooming gangs, etc, most whites should be well aware of their predicament by now. If they’re not, then they are stupid, or just ignorant.

  8. First of all this negress is jewish. Abrams is as jewish as Cohen. In their international trade the jews have intermarried with every race on the planet. Of course in the end there are only two races; you are either a white adamic man or woman of the tree of life or your race can be traced back to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is the race of the fallen angels as stated in Revelation 12. At the end of the age, which is quite close, we see in Revelation 21 and 22 that the twelve tribes of Israel (white adamic peoples) and the tree of life are the only ones mentioned. All other so called people are destroyed at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

      • No Bob, it is you who are the retard. What group of people kept the bible intact for the last 2 thousand years? White Europeans, do you think that is just a coincidence? All epistles of the New Testament are written only to the peoples of the Greco-Roman world, which is obviously white civilization. Why is that? Because they are the dispersed Israelites who were to become many nations and a company of nations as stated in Genesis 35. Who did James write his epistle to? The twelve tribes scattered abroad. Paul himself is an Israelite as he states in Romans 11. Acts 26:7 “Unto which promise our TWELVE TRIBES , instantly serving God day and night, hope to come. For which hope’s sake king Agrippa, I am accused of the jews.” Jews are not Israelites and Israelites are not jews. Get your head out of your ass.

  9. When White Europeans wake -up to the fact that their ancestors go back to Adam (White Man = Hebrew word for Adam is Adawm. Strong’s #H119, 120: man who can blush, show blood in the face (RUDDY) then the lies of universalism and multi-racialism will get exposed to the point that the one world order will be history. Until then the millions of churches around the world will preach the lie that everybody came from Adam.

    1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a [special] people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies [the wonderful deeds and virtues and perfections] of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

    • You are absolutely correct Mark. The verses you cited in Peter are a quote from the OT at Exodus 19:5-6. If I remember correctly it is also stated in Deuteronomy about being a holy people unto God.

        • What the hell do you mean wishes to be a jew ?. Nowhere in the OT are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons ever called or known as jews. The word jew is not in any ancient manuscripts nor is there a word in Hebrew or Greek for jew. The word is Judean and Jesus who is God sure as hell is not a jew. Jews father is the devil as Christ states in John 8:44, they are canaanites and edomites. Why do you believe the lying jews claim that they are the people of God? That is there biggest lie of all and you swallow it hook line and sinker.

  10. except hunter wallace advised everybody to stop supporting republicans, and drop out of mainstream politics completely.

    so which is it? drop out of politics completely because republicans are no different that democrats? or, there’s a HUGE difference between republicans, who sometimes don’t do everything hunter wallace wants, versus deliberately and on purpose turning control of everything over to africans?

    you can’t have it both ways.

    looks like hunter wallace has decided to keep voting for those republicans who he rails against constantly on here. funny. even a principled southern man can’t keep his word after blathering about it for 2 years straight.

  11. White Nationalists no longer have anything to gain with civility. We no longer have anything to gain by holding back, we’ll get the book thrown at us anyhow, so why bother!? WIN! That’s our goal! What would happen, if the smartest, strongest, most feared warriors on the planet, begin to act on a “nothing to lose” platform? I know what I’ll do in confronted with the choice.

  12. So I’m temporarily living in housing that blares MSNBC and CNN all day, it’s so annoying.

    I’ve noticed that I’ve been quoted from here on the left TWO times in a couple weeks. The left!


    Both times were MSNBC and both came from the Kavanaugh #MeToo thread.

    So then yesterday I notice that Chuck Todd (whose mother is jewish and who was raised jewish) has an author from The Root on his show. He hadn’t quoted me directly but seemed to riff from Scarborough (who went to Catholic high school and whose co host and girlfriend, Mika, is polish Catholic) quoting me directly right after Kavanaugh got confirmed.

    People should start sending on-the-fence white women to The Root to see how they talk about not only white people as a group but white women specifically. The racism and misogyny towards us on there is off the map. It rivals Andrew Anglin in tone, it’s that bad. Yet no one is inviting DS writers to comment on MSM shows.

    I was so shocked when I noticed this (first Scarborough then a few days ago some lesser female aspiring pundit) that it’s taken me more than a week or two to process.

    Just reporting as all I have for now is promote the Root to white women liberals and watch it grow.

  13. well, the point is, as steve sailer and the other HBD guys point out, that the democrat party is becoming the third worlder party, and half of their candidates from now on, will be africans or some other non-europeans. versus the republicans, who have their faults, big faults, but will be the de facto european party.

    you can’t afford to drop out of national politics, because if you do, this means the president of the united states will ALWAYS BE AFRICAN. or some other similar mixed race person like barack obama or kamala harris.

    then it won’t matter much who the governor is in your southern state. the african president will bully your states into doing whatever the leftists want.

    is that what you want for your kids, or not? think hard. i hate it, but that’s the situation.

    with them in charge, your statues are coming down, guaranteed. i don’t like that, but it’s going to happen. try to stop your children and grandchildren from being educated by the Department of Education and your paychecks from being audited by a hostile IRS. because that’s what will happen if you stop voting for the republican president candidates. an african will be president, and you will help them by easily identifying yourself as their enemy by continuing to be in this thing called the league of the south.

  14. We Georgians have fanned the flames of Abrams burning our flag. This should help rally our people to the poles and put a stop to the Marxist who seeks to rule over us. We do not want to feel like we live in South Africa under black rule.

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