FBI Arrests Three More Rise Above Movement Members

The Alt-Right keeps saying we have to vote for the GOP in the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the FBI and Trump’s Justice Department continues to hunt down and charge members of the Rise Above Movement, while turning a blind eye to Antifa violence:

“The F.B.I. arrested the leader of a violent California neo-Nazi gang on a federal conspiracy charge after he fled the country earlier this month.

Robert Rundo, 28, of Huntington Beach, Calif., is being held at the federal jail in downtown Los Angeles. He was charged in a criminal complaint that was unsealed Tuesday.

Mr. Rundo apparently crossed into Mexico two weeks ago from California and then made his way to Central America. He was later brought back to the United States, where he was arrested Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, according to two people familiar with the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they was not authorized to speak publicly.

He is the founder of the Rise Above Movement, a neo-Nazi gang based in Southern California whose members were involved in violent activity at protests throughout California in 2017. He and three other people associated with the group — Robert Boman, Tyler Laube and Aaron Eason — were charged with inciting riots, according to court documents. Mr. Boman and Mr. Laube were arrested on Tuesday morning in Southern California. The F.B.I. said it was still searching for Mr. Eason. …”

The F.B.I. said that Mr. Rundo and others attacked protesters in 2017 in Huntington Beach, Calif.; the University of California, Berkeley campus; San Bernardino, Calif.; and Charlottesville, Va. The criminal complaint outlined the group’s hateful ideology and its embrace of violence.”

Later that same day, Mr. Daley, who was also at the rally, sent a text message to another member of the group bragging about the incident: “Front page of the stormer we did it fam.” The stormer is a reference to “The Daily Stormer,” the neo-Nazi website.

These people are AmNats.

They are being charged by the FBI for fighting with Antifa at the pro-Trump rallies in Berkeley and that March 4 Trump rally in Huntington Beach. The message being sent here is that if you go to pro-Trump rallies and get attacked by Antifa and defend yourself the FBI and Trump’s DOJ will go after you. The people who show up to every single rightwing event for the sole purpose of disruption by engaging in violence and who are getting arrested like virtually every single weekend for it are ignored.

Note: I don’t even think these guys were in Charlottesville.

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  1. >Note: I don’t even think these guys were in Charlottesville.

    4 RAM dudes were arrested for their attacks in Charlottesville.

  2. The right is being corralled or Kettled into a “Nationalism” that could end in once more assisting the Jewish conflict with the Arabs and Persians.

    Outlying groups like RAM and others are going to be wiped out. To encourage the others.

  3. The right holds a legal permitted rally- the left, especially ANTIFA show up specifically TO CAUSE VIOLENCE. If anyone on the right dare defend themselves or their friends against said violence, they’re hunted down and prosecuted by the full force of government. All charges dropped on the left, the initiators of the violence who attack a LEGAL PERMITTED RALLY. The pattern has been repeated over and over again across the country from Berkeley to Charlottesville. And this bias and selected prosecutions, DURING THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION……

    • All this talk of this being done under the Trump administration, which is technically true, is misleading. Surely, everyone here knows that the career government workers in the FBI, DOJ, etc. are a bunch of shitlibs. Trump has to pick and choose his battles, and it is not as if he personally sanctioned these arrests anymore than he personally sanctioned Mueller and a DOJ run by a Jew. I damn sure don’t support a lot of the shit he has done, but I do support a lot of other things he has done, which is more than I can say for any other president in my lifetime. Yes, with a President Hillary we wouldn’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome, but we wouldn’t be where we are either. Going back to the days when they just ignored us, which was most of the time prior to 2015 with some notable exceptions, would mean we aren’t doing something right. They don’t attack you until you are too big to ignore. I’m not sitting home this election, and neither should anyone here.

  4. The federal, state, and local government officials are not our friends and allies. If this wasn’t extremely obvious, they’re our adversaries in every possible way.

    The F.B.I. (faggot bureau of israel) will do anything and everything to undermine and entrap us on orders from their bought and sold zog masters.

    Do not trust of talk to the local police. They are not with us. They bleed ‘blue,’ and are the muscle and flunkies for the jew controlled politicians.

    Our resistance should be more based on the IRA’s example of six member teams that don’t know who are in the other splinter cells, and/or “Lone Wolves.”

    Patriotic white nationalists that are delusional enough to believe that we’re going to go back to a 1950’s America with Trump’s or the GOP’s aid are fools and idiots. It seems that some are learning that lesson the hard way.

    • Talk of ‘lone wolves’ is not a good idea, mate. You guys will not win a violent fight against the US Federal Government. They have the FBI, CIA, drones, & most of the populace on their side. Most Trump voters don’t even like racialists. You lot would be purged swiftly and since the media would never lionize you as heroes there’d be no mass uprising.

      My honest advice is to start thinking outside the box (not in a violent way!) and think about what you can do to accomplish your own goals.

      • @A. Vickstrom, the IRA also had its political arm Sinn Fein as it public face and voice, but without ‘shadow warriors,’ the British would have never negotiated a truce or a peace treaty.

        Why handcuff any and all options? As many have noted here and other sites, the hour is getting late.

        I submitted this as a potential type of activity, not as a call to arms. I am all for thinking outside the box, but we can’t expect the normies and ‘ partriotards’ to see the light. They’re literally the “frog” in the pot of slowly heated water.

        But we may have to become ‘were wolves’ or partisans in lands that were/are ours someday in the not too distant future.

        A few quotes come to mind.

        “If elections could actually change things, they’d be illegal.”

        “It’s better to die on our feet than live on our knees.”

      • >Calls himself ‘MAGAbomber for President’
        >Advocates violence on a public website under a post about the FBI arresting people in Central America.

        Either you are a Fed fishing for violent imbeciles, an SJW trying to be provocative enough get this site shutdown, or just really, really, really stupid. If it’s the latter, I hope you enjoy getting arrested while you’re still in your pajamas.

        • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unabomber_for_President
          Previous names I’ve had on here, just the few that I can rememeber:

          Paul Rosenfeld’s Chemist
          Rape Your Congressman
          Swastikabob von Queerpants
          Richard Russell’s Copilot
          Maria Butina’s Gunnrunner

          I’ve been doing this since the last round of Syian Airstrike. If they’re ever going to kick in my door one night, it ain’t going to be because of my choise of screen-name. Probably shouldn’t be saying the shit that I’m saying, no, but… I suspect I have a deathwish. Can you blame me?

          Anyway, I don’t sleep in pajamas; I usually sleep in the nude. I also sleep with a .357 under the pillow and a shotgun leaned up on the nightstand. My Celtic ancestors died in battle naked, so if they ever do kick in my door one night then I reckon I will too.

          READ SIEGE, FAGGOT!!!

  5. Never mind “neo Nazis” Trump is essentially turning his back on his OWN most loyal mainstream supporters, leaving them to the mercy of screamers and thugs. Do “conservatives” let that sink in?

  6. Back in 2017 Trump supporters, including WOMEN, were being beaten, clubbed, hit with bike locks swung from socks and other things. Women were beaten BLOODY and why? They were attending Trump gatherings or solidarity support for Mr Trump. And what did Mr Trump say about these horrors? NOTHING, not a thing.

    The PEOPLE are the NATION, the ENEMY of the people run the Media, the government and Wall Street and you name it they control it.

    The ONLY Antifa arrested was the college professor at Berkeley who smashed Trump supporters on the head with the bike lock, and was it the FBI that nailed him? OH no it was 4CHAN and it was only LOCAL charges and the Judge gave him probation. HE WALKED OUT OF THE COURTROOM.

    You think of how parrots are treated, LAW ABIDING people, and then you think of how the government calls Hezbollah “TERRORISTS” and they do not fit the description.

    Maybe the Alt Right should learn to always stay inside the law but learn to present a strong, unified image that will brook no CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR by the government.
    There is no proof that I have seen that RAM did not stay inside the law.

    Then again this is MORDOR and Sauron has his power HERE not in Jerusalem.


  7. Hunter, I suspect the Feds will be going after Antifa. I think we may see this in the next 3-6 months. If Dave Janda is right about restoring the rule of law, Antifa will be a prime target since it’s an arm of the NWO. And, the NWO crime syndicate supposedly is the target.

    • Snowhitey I think you have it reversed.

      I think there are *some* elements and factions of Antifa who have authentic values in terms of their own intentions, and that some of those values are truly anti-oligarchy.

      So, they have to be dealt with just like the authentic factions on our side will be repressed in violation of the Constitution.

      You trust too deeply and unquestioningly. Hope is what I think you do. There isn’t even enough evidence for your interpretation of events here to build or support trust.

      I don’t say this hostilely.

      • Who’s the enemy? The whole scope of who is the enemy not just on this soil. How far does it stretch? How long has this been going on? I mean in terms of the conflict. What’s their game? What’s their goal? When did you first realize something was terribly wrong? I really am curious since you seem to think I’m so wrong in everything I believe. No hostility just a debate if you will.

        • I don’t think you’re *so wrong* at all on certain points. I’ve only decided to respond because a. you admitted what your issues were regarding ethnicity/gender and b. you bring up at times some interesting points no one else does.

          Right now I’m with the Globalist Jews v. Zionist Jews model, that posits that we’re caught in a struggle between the two factions.

          I think Trump may be sort of suspended between his own impulses as well as between the above two sides. I’m not sure of the extent to which he fully understands any of them, including his own.

          I think the NYPD/Mossad faction is pro-Zionist, but it could also be some ultimate inner cabal cell of control over everyone.

          I’m not wholly certain of anything other than that skepticism of everyone and all dynamics seems necessary.

          I’m about 90% ‘certain’ that either both competing factions or some ultimate controlling jew-based cell or level wants to repress both extremist sides of the ‘authentic’ american right and left, because neither of the former two sides really likes Big Jew in the final hour. Take the Kavanaugh confirmation and how Democrats neglected to cite Brett Kavanaugh’s role in creating the Patriot Act. Lots of center-right types expressed horror and regret when confronted with this fact, yet the Democrats desisted from making it much of an issue during the crisis, just as they very carefully avoided the full truth about prep school/DC insider gang rapes back in the 80’s and 90’s even though that reality would have augmented some of their base’s fury.

          Trump may not have known of or believed stuff about Kavanaugh, for example, because of his age and class, etc, among other reasons. He’s a businessman, plain and simple, not a lawyer or veteran DC pol. But McGahn either knew or didn’t care to an extent that it doesn’t matter and he’s the one who lobbied for Kavanaugh.

          Where exactly Trump exists in all this remains a mystery to me, frankly. And I’m not sure Jarvanka is/are on the same page he is, while Eric and Don Jr. seem to be closely aligned with their dad.

          • And now Grassley’s Senate Judiciary Committee is recommending Avenatti and Swetnick be investigated for false police reports:


            A very competent lawyer told me not one word from Avenatti in the Stormy Daniels’ case was exaggeration or fabrication, which causes me to suspect Avenatti is being hunted down by the political elites for shaking up their establishment. That’s not to say all of his assertions in every case are en pointe or that he’s some saint, just that way more is going on here than ‘creepy porn lawyer’ issues.

            Some pundits think he’s the only one who could take on Trump successfully.

          • The letter addressed to Sessions and Wray from Grassley clearly tries to conflate semantic differences with substantive ones in the case of Swetnick’s claims on paper versus during interviews.

            I don’t know enough about the rest other than that the letter clearly inflates claims made against Swetnick, and grants them an irrefutability they don’t seem to warrant.

            What’s striking is how vindictive Grassley is being when numerous Yale grads reported being totally obstructed by Wray’s investigation of Ramirez’s claims against Kavanaugh. The letter is probably saber-rattling but it should make people appreciate how much all we’re seeing is posturing designed to mislead and confuse people in the center about the Uniparty’s legitimacy.

          • “Right now I’m with the Globalist Jews v. Zionist Jews model, that posits that we’re caught in a struggle between the two factions.”
            The Jews appear to be the masters of the universe but I think a lot of it has to do with the ruling elite Khazarian mafia faction. I also presume because it creates a potential scapegoat for the banking Satanists. The Rothschilds are Satanists and their creation of the State of Israel has far less to do with “Judaism” (the Jew story line is a means to an end for them) than it does about them getting their hands on Jerusalem (has to due with the original center of commerce or something old or ancient and the resurrection of the Temple of Baal, I believe). Which, by the way, has more to do with hidden history than present day belief systems. I agree that many of them are nothing but parasites. Even Eustace Mullins, who was very outspoken about the Jew end of the control mechanism often stated that the Jewish people were victims, too. He was touted as one of the biggest anti-Semites of the 20th Century! I’m sure you can find his interviews on YT. Many people who have researched the control mechanism have pretty much come to the the same conclusions — the Vatican, the royalty of Europe, the banking families, and later on the Khazarian mafia. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of European royalty and calls all the shorts from what I understand. People just refuse to believe this. I would suggest people look into that evil family. The Windors are really part of the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha which is a branch of the German House of Wettin. I find it interesting that Germany has provided a lot of today’s real rulers (if they truly are the top of the pyramid). The Rothschilds (originally Bauers) came out of Germany, too. Even communism came out of Germany (Frankfurt = Rothschilds). There is something sinister about that whole club of royals and aristocrats over there in Europe. Some of the names are not very familiar to Americans yet these are people with tremendous wealth and power. There’s almost an incestuous element in how some intermarry with cousins and more cousins.

            Also, Zionism is not Judaism. From what I understand it’s a belief system of control pretty much like Communism is. It could also be based on hidden history but I just don’t know. It was released to the world via Theodor Herzl who I understand was a Rothschild agent.

            Regarding Trump, see my comment to Ironsides. I think Trump is the head of a group which includes military members.

            You know Joe McCarthy wasn’t brought down by elements solely within the US, he was brought down and later smeared by the globalists. James Forrestal tipped him off as to what was really going on and Forrestal was also destroyed – and murdered – for it. Patton was murdered. No one can look at the facts of these cases and come to any other rational conclusion. When I hear something and have difficulty believing it or am just plain old curious, I take off and look into it. You also have to believe in the sources as you well know.

            I think it may be true that Kavanaugh was chosen to enforce the rule of law. Personally, I did not find Blasey-Ford credible. I just didn’t but I also didn’t watch every second of her testimony.

            I think Kushner was talked to by Kelly – when his clearance was temporarily pulled. I doubt Ivanka is against her father. But your comments do appear to be the message but I also think a lot of it is not what it appears to be.

            I disagree with you on Avenatti. I think he’s a sleazebag. I also find it’s highly unlikely that Trump touched a scab like Daniels. Daniels is a notch above streetwalker and I doubt Donald dipped his wick in her. My opinion.

          • Watch this clip if you can. It may give a glimpse into what is really going on between Trump and the NWO. Daniel Estulin, if you don’t know who he is, is a Lithuanian journalist who is best known for following the Bilderbergs meetings (not as famous as Jim Tucker) but he delves into a lot of the control mechanism. His perspective is very interesting. Keep in mind what I said about European royalty….. the Bilderberg meetings were started by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1955 (yes, he married into the family but was an aristocrat).

            Pay close attention around the 24:50 mark. The signs and symbols. A lot of folks don’t understand this but it comes up time and time again. I’m not asking you to form an opinion, just remember this if you are not aware of it. Instead of shunning media-relegated conspiracy theorists people should listen closely.

          • There’s a lot to discuss there. A quick couple points is that I don’t see Zionism and Judaism as separable not just in practice but even in theory. This is one reason I’m suspicious the Zio v. Global factions are being ultimately controlled by a highest level cell along the lines of what Bukovski the Soviet dissident (who had been interned on and off staring back under Kruschev I think) reported.

            I don’t negate all of the Khazar thesis but I do think most ashkenazi jews are actually part original semite along with some european. I think this has been genetically proven.

            It’s tough to see many jews as victims. The evidence for that just doesn’t stack up.

            Patton was definitely murdered. Renegade recently released a video about McCarthy I barely got to listen to before it disappeared but its theme seemed to confirm something that I’ve always suspected – that he was being manipulated to some degree by (((agents))) supposedly aligned with him. I’m going to have to find it but it looked important.

            As the Avenatti/Swetnick matter moves along, it’s becoming clear that Grassley isn’t just trying to clear Kavanaugh but also Gorsuch, who attended Georgetown Prep and was two years behind Kavanaugh. He served as his class’s president and was hardly a wallflower from how it sounds. There are some articles out there (I saw one posted on Twitter) supporting the claims about how common these gang rapes were in the scene these two frequented. I can absolutely tell you the phenomenon was commonplace from what I heard from various sources (I did not witness directly) who went to these and other similar schools.

            I never claimed that Ford’s claims were conclusive, only that a wealth of forensic and circumstantial evidence implicated Kavanaugh. I marvel at how republicans continue to ignore and repress input from Ramirez and Yale alum while indulging an unhinged bloodlibel against Avenatti and Swetnick.

            It reminds me of the video you posted on the Kavanaugh #MeToo’d thread, where Graham questioned Kavanaugh about military tribunals. I think they’re going to need Gorsuch to be viewed as ‘clean’ and legitimate in a way the facts of his life don’t support.

          • Genie, see my reply down below. I have no idea why it’s down there. I also had to enter my email and name again??? to post it.

      • Well, I’m all ears regarding your views for our future. I may be an optimist but there’s nothing wrong with that. I think Janda probably has very good connections. And, I did say “if”. Could he be wrong, absolutely. But I haven’t heard a better explanation of what’s unfolding in front of me.

        “You trust too deeply and unquestioningly.” Well, is there any hope for me? Having a different perspective does not make one gullible. BTW, the Trump Administration is still standing and Kavanaugh has been seated.

        “I think there are *some* elements and factions of Antifa who have authentic values in terms of their own intentions, and that some of those values are truly anti-oligarchy.” Fill me in. Values? Perhaps elements of the Left but I can’t see any Antifa (meaning the idiots in black) being salvageable for any reason. They’re small bit players and their roles are mere kindling.

        I get that it’s hard to ignore perceived wrongs. I have a totally different view on Charlottesville one year later. What I saw before Charlottesville actually happened was the high potential of what happened as happening. And, I wasn’t alone.

        You can’t bring down a control mechanism that is diabolical, lawless, and ruthless using the same methods it uses. What would be the purpose anyway? Replace something with something identical?

        • I have no idea what our future is.

          However, simply believing hard enough that the FBI are wonderful people is not going to make it so. They’re collaborating with Antifa; Antifa, the FBI, and most of the political establishment are on the same side.

          Since Trump condemns us “nahzees” and doesn’t say a thing about Antifa, let alone declare them terrorists after repeated physical attacks on his own CivNat followers, it appears he’s on their side as well.

          Not a good situation, but pretending that we’ve secretly won isn’t going to make it better. Unless you’re suggesting we should just take refuge in delusion because we’ve lost so totally anyway, a course I prefer to avoid.

          • Ironsides, my comment was really to Genie and I am sorry it appeared as though it was toward you. I responded to the wrong comment.

            First, I am not someone who doesn’t criticize Trump. But, I think there is far more going on than any of us on this site realize. I believe it is very important that he stays in office because I believe the continuation of the US is at stake. I think if he loses this war on globalism our future is far more than bleak.

            But, in response to you, it’s well documented that the power structure uses compartmentalization within government agencies to get things done. There are good and bad in the FBI. I believe Charlottesville was about far more than most realize. The attack on the Alt Right was an avenue to Trump. It was about destroying Trump and demonizing a section of his supporters. Both took a hit that day. There is a global war going on and Charlottesville was a miniscule move on the chessboard. I think Trump does care about Confederate monuments being torn down and he understands that white Americans feel disenfranchised and pushed aside and that some of those feelings are very legitimate. However, his war is far, far bigger. He simply can’t be bogged down by something that can be addressed later. You can’t fight a global power structure by causing a civil war on home turf and Charlottesville could have easily escalated into something bigger. He said the Confederate Flag was a local issue years ago and that was well reported.

            I never said to take refuge in delusion. Hope can be very liberating. To have hope means you understand that not all is lost yet.

  8. No need to argue with anyone here…….

    The FBI is a Criminal and Corrupt Organization……..

    The entire Mueller Witch Hunt is a Criminal Endeavor……..

    Deputy FBI Director Rosenstein is at the HEART of it………

    And Rosenstein is Resisting the GOP efforts to interview him in public and under OATH……..

    Rosenstein is a Criminal………

    100% FACT………

    He hopes the GOP loses the House so this Criminality is NEVER uncovered…….

    Does everyone remember when the FBI cleared Kavanaugh but the same day indicted the First Wave of R.A.M??

    That was Rosenstein appeasing his (((Tribe))) which was out for BLOOD…….


    Who do you think is behind the False Flag Fake Bomb sent to Democrats??

    The same day more R.A.M members are arrested???

    The Alt-Right is The Fundamental Threat to the J-Establishment………

    Without a Doubt…..

    Who and What is the Heart and Soul of MAGA??

    The Alt-Right……..

    Do you really think President Trump wants R.A.M members arrested by the F.B.I???


    Rosenstein and his Tribe want to Castrate the Alt-Right…….

    And thereby, castrate MAGA…..

    And thereby, protect his Tribe from Exposure and Anti-White/Anti-American Subversives……

    And additionally, protect the F.B.I. from being Exposed as a Corrupt and Criminal Organization by the GOP House Investigative Committees…….

    The Governmental Arm of the JDL…….

    Vote Red on Nov. 6th……..

    • So why hasn’t Trump fired this douche then? Witnesses say he offered to wear a wire to incriminate the president, yet Trump says he has a good relationship with RR.

  9. So who thinks the bomb threats are real?

    I used to get accused of writing ‘testing’ on DS as some means of making AA look bad, like he was censoring me or something, when in fact my computer literally jammed (and still does) for various reasons causing all these tech difficulties. I guess some of my digito-social reflexes were way more sophisticated on the net than my middle aged female tech abilities would enable.

    My point is who the heck goes to the trouble of creating and sending bombs that have no chance of reaching their actual targets? Were the bombs capable of detonating?

    We’re being punked from almost every angle possible.

    • I think the recipients are in the same club as the senders. Maybe even the same room. The manufacturers of manufactured history, manufactured news, and manufactured reality are the most predictable of all. Today’s enemies deserve tomorrow’s methods not yesterday’s duds.

      Whew, that was close. After all, we want them to be able to be hanged whole.

  10. “Trump’s DOJ looked at all the political violence in California over the past three years and decided to go after RAM”

    On the Surface that is TRUE….

    But, Hunter Wallace is Intelligent enough to understand that’s a Magazine Headline…….

    The Alt-Right is Leaderless……

    Be a Leader…….

    Bridge the Gaps……..

    Transcend the Noise that our Enemies want us to DROWN in……..

  11. Hunter, at the risk of being overly ‘flighty’ I want to say that this might be the beginning of something very bad for the LOS. Look at the direction things are heading:

    -Members of an apparently harmless AmNat organization have been arrested.

    -The FBI & DOJ are showing zero interest in arresting ANTIFA members.

    – The LOS was depicted as a farce on SNL a few weeks ago.

    -The Dems will likely win the presidency in 2020 and things will worsen when they do. Perhaps it’ll be 2024 but either way the endgame is the same.

    Imo, things are not headed in a positive direction and it’s also obvious to me that there is zero reason to believe America’s ‘far White’ would actually win in an uprising. A lot of people on sites like this one constantly talk of ‘Civil War 2’ – but it might never happen. By 2022 or so you guys might find yourselves slowly being purged similar to what happens in Communist nations. No uprising. Just a slow burn.

    If that happens you might want to consider emigrating.

    >INB4 that’s cowardly.

    Not all fights are winnable & sometimes retreat truly is the most logical option. It’s something to keep in mind. Land is very cheap outside the Anglosphere.

  12. For a while you could just hold rallies opposing war, supporting American workers, the environment and animal rights. Make the public aware that the Left no longer owns these causes. If the man on the street wishes to enquire further, then discuss other issues with them if they want to know. We simply lack strategy. Forming a gang modeled on Neo Nazi’s of a bygone era will get you nowhere. Use your brains and come up with something that makes our message mainstream, and palatable. We’re running out of time. For every step forward that people like Jared Taylor could take us, Neo Nazi groups could take us two steps back with one stupid misdemeaner.
    Their hearts are in the right place, so tap them on the shoulder and pull them into line where possible.

    • Jared has been at it for decades and has gotten no where. He is the inoffensive respectable conservative version of nationalism. No one in politics quotes him. No one remembers his long essays and race stats the next day. He gives Whites nothing to defend themselves with, when they are called whitesupremacistracistnaziwantstokillsixmillionjews, and that is all that really matters.

      The anti-Whites are waging WAR. They mean to exterminate us and they are winning. You will not get out of this by trying to be nice and respectable.

  13. So now Robert DeNiro’s building (that he owns) has received one of these ‘bombs;’ DeNiro has been an outspoken critic of Trump. It’s seeming like the non-government targets are in NYC, where the orthodox jews hide behind some irish catholic figurehead chief to police the city, and where NYPD thinks it has full dominion over the FBI. Around 2012 there was some article about how NYPD was spying all over the northeast and even other regions of the country in violation of FBI territory and control.

    Recall that it was a supposed outlet in the NYPD that released all sorts of Pizzagate emails in the months leading up to election 2016. No source would identify exactly which person released the emails, and then later NYPD denied involvement.

    NYPD is Mossad. I literally think Trump is being played by these people; I’ve never been convinced he’s fully with their agenda and fully against ours.

    I’d like to also remind people that Kavanaugh was a main author of the Patriot Act, and that he made decisions on abortion that revealed how hollow his ‘convictions’ are. One used every trick to prevent a 17 year old girl from being able to get one, in defiance of a lower court judge’s decision to allow it. He also overturned a lower court’s decision to award damages to three mentally challenged women who had had medical care forced upon them; at least one had had an abortion performed on her without her consent.

    That reflects a total lack of conviction and character. Kavanaugh doesn’t care about the issue(s), only about using the state to effect his plutocratic need to dominate.

    • NYC Mayor DeBlasio (who changed his surname from his father’s german one to his mother’s catholic italian one in his 20’s) is describing how someone recognized the package to DeNiro as a bomb based on news reports. He assures everyone that NYC is on top of anti-terrorism and exhorts the population at large to monitor what’s going on around us.


  14. Do you wish WN/Alt-Right had campaigned for Bob Whitaker instead of ignoring him and shilling for (((Trumpenbergerstein)))?

    Just think of what those 80 thousand Alt-Right kids on Twitter could have achieved, if they had campaigned for a real Pro White, instead of Yet. Another. #FakePresident.

    Pro Whites would have had an organization with real political clout by now, instead of nothing.

  15. Jews likely planted the bombs, or Antifa. Some white ‘Neo Narrtzee’ outfit will be blamed for it. It all stinks of Jewish M.O. In all of history, they have been known to lie and deceive once or twice…

  16. Far more of the Right’s rank and file think the bomb scare is a false flag, from what I can see happening on Twitter. One conservative think tank pollster has the percentage at around 85% of almost 40,000 people so far.

    I really hate people who have ‘balls’ when it comes to attacking women but none when encountering male (and here also female) adversaries. At least Ann Coulter is consistently brazenly crazy on some issues. Should be interesting to see how she reacts.

    • Genie, lay on off Ann Coulter. She’d be way better POTUS than trump.

      She’s not subservient to the (((tribe))), defends White civilization and White males, is the most anti-illegal immigration voice San Pat Buchanan, and she understands that giving women the right to vote was a disaster for the West.

      What issues and causes is Ann ” brazenly crazy” on?

      BTW, not being in lockstep with you doesn’t make her incorrect.

  17. You don’t get to have dissident right movements when your putatative friend is in office.

  18. Here is the latest fake bomb story

    An explosive device was found in the letter box of the Hungarian politician and billionaire of George Soros in his Westchester County home in Bedford, Massachusetts. Local officials said that the device by bomb squad technicians was found and blown up. No one was hurt.

    According to nytimes.com , the suspicious package by a staff member of the House was found and immediately reported to the police. The package was brought from the House further away to a place while the staff waited for the authorities. George Soros was not at home. “An employee of the residence opened the package and revealed what appeared to be an explosive device,” said police in a statement.

    “The employee placed the package in a wooded area and has called the police from Bedford” – the New York Times. The police said that the case on the F.B.I. had been redirected, which currently provides investigations, but remains silent and responds to any requests.

    How convenient no Jew was hurt in an attack that left nothing but a Holocaust trainload of evil anti-Semitism suspicions. Hungarian Jew politicianoperating out of Bedford Mass? Can you say international Jew globalist?

    • .@Arch Stanton, you’ve got that right.

      This bevy of false flags were conceived and birthed in talmudic enclaves.

      Just like the phony “anti-semitic” BS that occurred just after Trump was elected. If I recall, the perpetrator was an israeli. The (((media))) dropped that story line quicker than a jew drops a piece of pork.

      • Yes the Jewish St Louis cemetery hoax was a nog.

        The phone calls, with bomb threats was a Jewish teenager in the Negev desert.

  19. one day later and hunter wallace is right back to advising everybody to drop out of national politics and stop voting for republicans.

    starting to think there is something to the not so smart southerner thing. i don’t like to think that, but the evidence is evidence.

    hunter, in 2020, after you’ve convinced everybody to drop out of national politics, and africans take the white house again, and africans are in control of the white house for the next 8 years, do you think it will matter who the governor is in your southern state?

  20. Well, Sinead O’Connor has submitted to Allah. She announced last week that she’s now a convert to Islam and has changed her name to Shuhada Davitt. I guess the jews have reached their Kabbalist quota or maybe that just went out of fashion years ago.

    I’ve just been reflecting that a. Roman Catholicism is Islam Lite and b. the genius of the irish catholics doesn’t justify the suffering that seems requisite to it.

    This was an old irish poem Sinead made into a song back in like 1990, I Am Stretched on Your Grave:



    Shit’s really hitting the fan.

    • I am not the least bit surprised to learn that Mizzzz O’Connor has lost whatever was left of her mind and become a Mohammedan. But converting to that demonic death cult didn’t exactly help Cat Stevens’ career, did it?

      • I think she craved stability and attention, love, what have you.

        I also have suspicions that the jews targeted Sinead so americans would forfeit even more of their freedom to psychiatry’s fake gospel. Most in the US would rather see her committed than submitted, as poor a choice as it ultimately is.

        • You would have to be at least 50 to remember one hit wonder Sinead O’Connor. Its like complaining about a crazy suburban single Mother converting to Islam. No one cares.

          • Nope, not 50. You couldn’t be older than 33 to not have had any sense of her influence on Generation X musically and culturally.

          • I am pushing 50 and I don’t care about her and don’t know anyone my age who mentions her. She isn’t played on the radio at all.

            She had one annoyingly whiny song in the 1990, which seems so long ago, I thought it was the 1980s. Her only gimmick at that time, was she was an attractive young woman who shaved her head, so she wouldn’t be attractive. Yawn.

            The only people who worry about her personal life are online WN. Normal people aren’t interested in her.

          • She’s been having a life long mental break down since first she appeared on the scene, like these Anti-Fa people Hunter has been writing about. The only wonder is she hasn’t killed her self on drugs or whatever, like some of them have. She’s a bore and I’m tired of hearing about her from WN.

          • I don’t have an account on Twitter since they started demanding identifying info, but visit it daily to keep up with news. I never see perpetual mental breakdown Sinead O’Conner mentioned.

            The thing about Twitter is there can be big blow ups on it, that seem all important to the small number of people involved, but for the rest of Twitter and the world, nothing may as well have happened.

          • The thing about it is, incredibly beautiful female genius often threatens very insecure neurotics, of both sexes.


          • A bald one hit wonder of an annoying whiny song, suffering a life long mental breakdown is just boring, to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

            Take it to the gossip columns Genie. The Daily Mail is the right place for it.

          • The hit show Peaky Blinders theme song is a remake of I Am Stretched on Your Grave by Katie Rusby:


            Katie attributes some of her inspiration to Sinead’s version of the song. This is just one small example of how Sinead’s influence carries on to this day. I’m not going to bother with a jealous crank.

            To everyone else try watching the show that’s taken off in the UK and in the last year on Netflix, set in Birmingham and starring Cillian Murphy as a 1920’s gang lord of the Shelby family. It’s great entertainment and a reminder that our people once knew how to fight.

          • Don’t watch the video too long or too closely if you plan to check out Peaky Blinders, as there are some plot points revealed in it.

          • I never liked O’Conner. She had one tedious song out that was played to death, and yet is so well known. She identified as lesbian at one stage, and then I think she retracted it, and now she’s a Muslim! Just an attention seeker. And why can’t she grow some fucking hair! I don’t admire but a single thing about her.

          • Sinead didn’t even write the ‘whiny song’ you’re referring to. Her single best work was I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, the album released in 1990, a work of genius. She had many great tunes after and some before, as well.

  21. I think the overwhelming majority of European Jews are Khazars Sure, some could have picked up genuine Hebrew blood along the way but I think the vast majority has zero.

    I’m not basing my opinion about Zionism on this film but have you see the movie “Marching to Zion” which is on YouTube? It is narrated by a minister out of Tempe, AZ, by the name of Steven Anderson. Anderson is one of Chuck Baldwin’s Black Regiment ministers. It’s got some interesting parts in it nonetheless. Texe Marrs, another notorious “anti-Semite” is in it.

    Is there a link between the Talmud and The Learned Elders of Zion? Are the Elders the Sanhedrin?


    We can continue this later…

  22. Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint seven days ago against Blasey-Ford’s attorney for neglecting to inform her that she had the option of being interviewed in the privacy of her home instead of in front of the country, to the Bar.

    Part of the fake bomb agenda was to distract from the outrageous overreach Big R and Friends are engaging in. Grassley gins up ridiculous claims against Swetnick and Avenatti while Judicial Watch goes after Ford’s lawyers, and the american public is supposed to see Wray as some neutral diligent taskmaster.

    I’m really beginning to think there’s way more they’re hiding beyond Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. I suspect Christopher Wray’s got some female skeletons in his Andover/Yale closet right along with Kavanaugh (both went to Yale and at least one was a member of a rapist fraternity). Hell, I wonder exactly what that NJ guiseppe Alito concluded about Italy’s legal system when he spent time abroad in college writing about it (while at Princeton). Shortly thereafter he declared his goal of becoming Supreme Court Justice.

    JW has even filed an ethics complaint against Corey Booker for supposedly releasing confidential material on his social media account during the hearings, when Kavanaugh was the single most opaque nominee in modern history.

    Hello out there? Is anyone reading? Alive?

    Study a little about the Amanda Knox case, and how the italian legal system ‘works.’ Its justice ranking was right below Turkey’s at the time.

    The only reason Knox made it out was because the upper class catholics in Seattle (Amanda had attended the prestigious catholic high school Seattle Prep) forced some of the northern italians to change her appeals court judge (who came from northern Italy as opposed to central Italy).

    We are being corralled and cornered and castrated, little by little. Judicial Crisis Network’s funding is totally opaque and Judicial Watch gets most of its money from Richard Mellon Scaife’s umbrella organization. Mellon Scaife was heir to the Mellon fortune and a hardcore Zionist.

    Please research more on who’s funding Judicial Watch and on the Judeo-Roman takeover of our government. We need to get the message out while there’s still time left.

    • And part of that fake bomb agenda may be its vilification of Trump specifically as opposed to Big R generally.

  23. The Majority of Government Employees are Left Wing if not Hard Left(communists/Socialist) Democrates . Just look at the F bi for instance, does anybody really think that they have any loyalty to the GOP/Trump or the right side of the political spectrum. In 8 years Obummer replaced anybody that didn’t agree with the Socialist Left idealogy(in every alphabet agency & the military), so of course they are going to go after right leaning groups while terrorist Anifa members walk free for doing the exact same thing…. Voting for the Left is Suacide!

  24. I posted my most recent comments about the Mellon family in Pittsburgh and Zionism just an hour or two news broke about this Robert Bowers ghoul.

    I think it’s fake or maybe at worst a black op, but most likely fake. Already anti-whites are insisting there’s a direct line between Trump’s ‘I’m a nationalist’ declaration and the supposed shooter’s actions.

    In this day and age, the notion that a high class, high profile synagogue wouldn’t have an armed guard and tight security seems hard to believe. As does the idea of some anti-judaist thinking that martyring jews would somehow help his cause. Most authentic skeptics who focus on jewish orchestration of anti-white are higher IQ and more capable of delaying gratification than the kinds who fixate on blacks and browns.

    And I don’t believe people give up their lives (prison or death) for strangers, anyway.

    TPTB probably had this psy op as a possible plan and decided to watch the response to the fake bomb exercise, which only resulted in more skepticism. They have to crack down on gab and Trump’s excitation of nationalist sentiment and rhetoric. After all, even some of the blacks don’t want to march so docilely into final subjugation, and many hispanics can’t find enough problems with the economic upturn to vote against.

    Notice that when blacks or jews are targeted, it’s a *whitey* man doing the shooting, not some mystery meat oddball, even as more of the crazedgunmen aren’t truly white in spite of *looking* whitish. This is because these psy ops have to save whitey men for the most important narratives, given that framing real white males only draws more scrutiny and suspicion of fakery.

    ‘By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War’

  25. Also, a hallmark of major psy op’s is inconsistencies and contradictions of various kinds.

    An obvious one here is that Bowers was maniacally for Trump on the one hand, then not for him just enough to allow Trumpers to claim innocence and no connection. If the creators of this narrative had simply depicted Bowers as consistently aligned with Trump, a tipping point would have been crossed and those accused would sense they were being set up.

  26. So who wants to call me a nuisance, a troll, spammer, etc. now?

    I spent all that time on Kavanaugh because of his gang-raping of the 4th Amendment (search and seizure), a practice which will now become the means for demolishing the 2nd and 5th (due process).

    Apparently anyone who recognizes jewish animus towards the goyim is officially ‘ seriously mentally ill.’

    • For the record, I have have never called you any of those things, Miss Genie. At least I don’t think I did.

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