Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

UPDATE: Gab has been booted from its host because of this. Torba has until Monday to find a new host and says that Gab will likely be down for weeks.

I’m finally back home and able to respond to this.

We slept over at a friend’s house last night. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I heard about was the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh:

“PITTSBURGH — Armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle and at least three handguns, a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire inside a crowded Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning, killing at least 11 congregants and wounding four police officers and two others, the authorities said.

In a rampage described as among the deadliest against the Jewish community in the United States, the assailant stormed into the Tree of Life Congregation, where worshipers had gathered in separate rooms to celebrate their faith, and shot indiscriminately into the crowd, shattering what had otherwise been a peaceful morning.

The assailant, identified by law enforcement officials as Robert D. Bowers, fired for several minutes and was leaving the synagogue when officers, dressed in tactical gear and armed with rifles, met him at the door. According to the police, Mr. Bowers exchanged gunfire with officers before retreating back inside and barricading himself inside a third-floor room. He eventually surrendered. …”

“Some Jews have been shot in Pittsburgh.”

I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to scroll through Twitter and absorb the news. It later came out that the shooter had a Gab account. I thought to myself here we go again. He shot and killed a bunch of Jews and we all know what that means. This will be Dylann Roof all over again.

Do you know what happened in Pittsburgh won’t be? It won’t be another Antioch, which is to say, a mass shooting that trends on Twitter for an hour or so before it is quickly sandboxed and is only remembered as a local story. That’s what happened when the Sudanese refugee Emanuel Samson shot up a bunch of White people in the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. I remember how I angry I was that weekend. It was Dylann Roof in reverse and no one cared. I vowed to do something about it.

In fact, it was exactly a year ago this weekend that the Nationalist Front held the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee. We went to Shelbyville to protest a church shooting that was a very similar story to the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, but which the national media didn’t give shit about because the victims were White people and the perpetrator was a Sudanese refugee. On the contrary, the story in the national media was that we were angry about it and were evil for protesting it.

Oh … and the opticscucks. A year ago, those people who are supposedly on our side attacked us worse than the national media for protesting the church shooting in Antioch. Now, they are blaming the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh on Gab being a free speech platform.

Note: BTW, the Daily Stormer was celebrating the rape and murder of a White woman in South Africa yesterday. That’s probably their biggest theme these days. They seem to get excited whenever a White woman is raped and murdered. Contrast with what they wrote today.

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  1. I understand completely why the League of the South……

    And White Southerners for that matter……..

    Resist and Rebel so much…….

    But, this goes both ways……..

    Do you really think that White Northerners don’t care when White Southerners are mass slaughtered?

    Maybe we are prejudiced……

    A lot of Christian Zionist support for Israel comes from the South……..

    The White Christian South is stereotypically known for being Anti-Science……..

    Modern Science is fundamentally a European/American phenomenon……..

    But, I care when White Southerners are killed by Blacks…….

    We stood with Officer Wilson against Michael Brown………

    We understand that much of the Urban Black South still resembles Africa………

    We have that also in the North………

    Didn’t Richard Spencer and Identity Europa and even DS come to Charlottesville in defense of Confederate Monuments?

    Wanglin is Schizophrenic………

    In an Era of Deplatforming/Shuttening…………

    J-Lawfare and Doxxing……..

    The Aspergers will Rule……….

    And when you see a Beautiful White Woman who prefers Black Males over her Fellow White Males……..

    MURDERED by her Black Lover………

    The proper response is the Asperger Response………

    Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll………

    Our Racial Enemies want us to feel Defeated by this……….

    It’s better to see this as Natural Selection taking its course………..

    Which it is……..

    White Women who marry/procreate with White Men are all the matters in the White Gene Pool of the FUTURE…..

    PEACE to the White South………

  2. Mr. Wallace, why not just man up and admit that you are glad this happened and you hope more incidents like this occur in the future? I of course would disagree with you strongly, but I would have respect for you for having some balls. You’re not fooling anyone.

      • LOL, so anyone who disagrees with you is a kike. I shouldn’t have come here expecting to have a logical discussion.

        • @GG

          1. HW has been open about his distaste for ‘vantards’ (his own words, available on this blog) for many years. Considering this, it seems as if you are unfamiliar with the blog or are dishonestly baiting the author into saying something regrettable.

          2. Implicitly accusing the members here of being illogical is bad form, mate. If you have a question ask it directly.

          3. For everyone else reading this – keep in mind that Fed posting is at a peak and after the recent shooting there will be FBI agents going through this blog’s comments section (after all, it’s their job to do so). If anyone is baiting you into saying that you want to see people die just ignore them.

          • Mr. Vickstrom, your response is rather reasonable. No, I’m not a fed. I wish I made the money they made, though. (Oops, I’m craving money. Now spahn will be certain I’m a kike. LOL.) I’ve been familiar with this blog for a while. The rhetoric on it has gotten increasingly violent over the years. That’s why I made the comment I made. I hope you are right about HW and that I am wrong.

      • German Guy
        Increasing violent rhetoric? What kind of BULLSHIT is that? Can white people not be passionate about wanting to curtail our demise, without some lurker poking their nose in to get a rise? Now I have had some disagreements with HW, but overall, he is right about everything.

        • Hardly right about ‘everything,’ Dickie. And German Guy was merely being honest. Spawn continually jumps to ad hominem attacks every time his Weltanschauung is challenged, and won’t work through it, in proper Anglo-Saxon fashion (i.e., using facts, stats, and logic). German is substantively correct. This site has gotten more vile over the last year, than it even was, when Stonelifter was baiting Denise, back in the day. And, as far as things go, here’s some food for thought.


    • German Guy

      Given that Jews thrive on being seen as victims
      instead of the privileged rodents they really are, I’m guessing they’d be ecstatic at this news as well. Finally….something to further use against ‘evil Nazi whitey’.

      • Brad:

        It has been over three years since we had the same situation with Dylann Roof. Some “Lone Tard” gets to the end of his rope and he comes out shooting the enemies of our People. This when we have been putting the blame on them for being what they are: alien predators and parasites living off our People and out to destroy them starting with those who are most Awoke.

        I’m not asking you to praise Robert Bowers for doing what he thought was necessary. And yes, I promised when you let me back in at the start of the year to not make this the Dylann Storm Roof Fan Club.

        Here is my take on the situation:

        A Statement Regarding the Alleged Shooting of jews in Pittsburg by a White Man

        I am suggesting that since you don’t know this Robert Bowers that it would be best for you not to speculate about his motives, situation or apologise for his alleged actions. It benefits you nothing and if you apologise then it is as if you have some ownership of his behavior.

        You don’t see Al Sharpton apologising when some negro murders its mudshark girlfriend / niglet momma, do you?

        This sort of thing is going to happen more and more often. It is simply becoming more a staple of life here in the ZOGland.

        The best thing to do is to not speak on that which you know nothing about and are unwilling to unconditionally support.

        By the way, League of the South needs to dump this murderous jew pig named William Raymond Finck, jewnior who murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief named Arnauldo Ortega in the Jersey City Jail and went to prison for 12.5 years AFTER finking out its fellow pig who Finck induced into that murder and destroying his appeal. Finck is a jew, a pig, and a rat. One of Finck’s mamzertards “BruceBohn” playing See-Eye Dentistry was prominent on Bower’s Gab account within the past few days. The media is already sniffing around on this.

        I was busy writing up a brief on the lawsuit Bryan Reo has filed against me, Roxie, and my Church and am trying to get Bryan Reo, Kyle Bristow, and Brett Klimkowsky disbarred.Got it mailed out by 12:30pm before the Granby post office closed.

        What can you do if your message is received and acted upon in a manner in which you think went much too far much too fast?

        Back down and run for the tall grass? Grovel and say that you really didn’t mean it? Or not like THAT?

        Or understand that when people you don’t know act upon your message of Resistance and what happens can be tracked right back to you?

        Things are spiraling out of ZOG’s control and thus out of our control as well. Like the kikess Elizabeth Taylor said in “ivanho” when George Saunders offered to give up his knighthood for kikess pussy, “It’s all in YHWH’s Hands now.”

        Let’s simply agree not to apologise for anything another White Man does to non-whites for any reason.

        That and “White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republican.”

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Write-In Candidate for US Senate from Missouri

        • Thanks for approving the above comment, Brad.

          Gab has been down twice today as both Gab and the Wall Street Journal noted. Might be the last time soon.

          Better do a backup in case you get deplatformed. I think things might be ready to go over the edge, at least like after Dylann Roof and Charlottesville for us.

          Oh well, might be time to cut the nuts.

          .Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
          Write-In Candidate for US Senate from Missouri

    • I’ll bite, German Guy.

      The Jews bring these shootings on themselves thanks to their role as international globalist vermin that subvert and destroy whatever society they find themselves in.

      In fact, they should count themselves lucky men like Bowers don’t appear each and every day. They should count themselves lucky that their White hosts have some restraint – imagine what would happen if Whites with White intelligence combined with the aggression of Arabs decided to lash out…

      • Mr. Cicero, I don’t like the pursuits of organized Jewry either. I know it causes several problems, to say the least. That said, what evidence do you have that any of the people in the synagogue were participating in such activities? The attack happened during a ceremony for children. Are you saying Jewish children deserve to be killed?

        So, you support what happened yesterday?

        • 100% neutral if you want pure honesty.

          Like I said, Jews bring this upon themselves (including the codgers who are pretty useless aside from making up half-senile stories about “gassings” at Auschwitz).

          Really it’s like this: if you kick a german shepherd over and over, are you really going to be surprised when he decides to take a chunk of your leg off as payback?

          Or if you throw rocks at a bear, are you going to be surprised when he swipes your face off with his paw?

          • The people who died, and the other people who could have died if they had happened to be in the synagogue (including my aunt who lives a few blocks away) are not responsible for the depradations of “International Jewry”…and they’re not responsible for stopping those depradations either, anymore than any other victim of terrorism are. They are INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS. And American citizens, I might add.

            If the shoe was on the other foot and you had Muslim or Jewish or white antifa terrorists committing terrorism against INNOCENT WHITE HUMAN BEINGS and American citizens, you would call for the deplatforming and worse of individuals and groups voicing support for them and inciting others towards similar violence.

      • I believe Cmdr. Rockwell once said something like, If we succeed the Jews will live in peace and security (no doubt, far away from us) If we fail, there will be a Jew hanging from every lamppost.
        They have always suffered from violence not because of who they are, but because of what they do!

  3. Spare a moment for the real victims of this Pittsburgh shooting. The White people who will face a backlash from bigoted anti-Whites in the mass media and government. It is wrong for these bigots to judge the White community for the actions of this one lone crazy. #NotAllWhitePeople

    • Yes, that’s my biggest concern too. Anti-Whites will use this to further justify White Genocide, especially since the target was Jews. If the lone White gunman really cared about White people he never would have done this.

      Having said that, living in an environment so hostile to White people something like this is bound to happen eventually. Someone will go over the edge. Anti-Whites are quick to overlook black rage. Not so with White rage.

  4. Anglin had a great opportunity to use his site for something positive, but it has degenerated into a creepy homosexual personality cult. I don’t want anything to do with him or with the Ricky Vaughn “white nationalists” who worship him.

    • Look up a Jewish kid called Joshua Goldberg. He was doxxed as one of Anglin’s writers on Daily Stormer. He was also busted writing extreme content for a Muslim website, trying to get them to perform acts of terrorism.

      Anglin and his handler (((Weev))) would never use their site to do anything for our cause. They are laughing at their readers.

  5. The shooter will be all over the media for months, and be synonymous with all that’s evil. Politicians will visit the scene of the crime with news crews in tow. We’ll be fed stories about what upstanding citizens the vics were, how white racism is out of control……and how diversity is our strength.

  6. “The proper response is the Asperger Response………

    Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll………

    Our Racial Enemies want us to feel Defeated by this……….

    It’s better to see this as Natural Selection taking its course………..

    Which it is……..”

    Can’t you write like a normal person? Why write like a freak?

    The above is socio-pathic garbage. Children these days grow up marinating in anti-Whiteness. They don’t know both sides of the story, because Pro Whites are brutally censored by anti-White bigots. If a person doesn’t have all the information, they can’t make a rational decision about anything.

    Also If you abandon the weaker members of your tribe to the anti-White jackals like some Ayn Randian socio-path would, the anti-Whites will simply move on up to the less weak members of your tribe, until they gobble everyone up.

    • @JoJo, I’m 100% convinced they send these imbeciles who can’t write a damn paragraph to blogs like this one to muck up the discourse. People who speak like that irl are almost always too scatterbrained to even find their way to a site like this one.

      • I have never seen anyone speak like this anywhere online. They do not exist.

        Assume the weirdos are SPLC workers. The Communists call this activity they engage in “Enemy Face”. That is pretend to be on the same side as your enemy, but try to discredit them. Daily Stormer is a prime example of “Enemy Face”.

        • Agreed & excellent point about ‘Enemy Face’ propaganda. IMO, the sudden increase in these comments has something to do with HW’s expose on Atlanta Antifa.

          • I’m turning moderated comments back on for the time being. We will have trolls showing up in the comment section trying to seize the moment to post illegal stuff while Pittsburgh is in the news

  7. This will lead to the Jewish/Zionists lobby attempting yet again to get absolutely anything negatively said about the jews billed as a hate crime.(this coming from a “people” that stole jewish kids from families so they could be given to other wealthier jewish families….) oh & there will be a Gun Control Narrative to boot.(hey, nothing better than a unarmed slave…) At least Trump basically said there should of been a armed guard…

  8. To suggest that HW would ever advocate violence or any other illegal activity is absurd. It’s the kind of thing an agent of ZOG or some other domestic terrorist organization would say.

  9. Anymore the sick ramblings of DS are tired and weak. I guess being pro-White isnt shocking enough, now they bash people for wearing a pair of black cargo pants as “LARPing” and carry on about sand monkey concepts such as sharia.

    A white woman gets her skull crushed in? Why, its “lulzy”! How exactly is this different from the scum we stand in opposition to?

  10. BTW, longtime reader, and NO, HW’s rethoric has NOT become “increasingly violent”. The reds and anarchist rhetoric yes, DS rethoric yes (at least against women, not against reds or anything crazy like that!), Occidental Dissent, no.

      • My biggest disillusionment with the Stormer came after they were starting to talk “God-Emperor” again after the last round of airstrikes; I suddenly realized that the whole thing is just cracked.com for racists, and pretty much always has been. Still there for the community and the occasional funny, but I try to keep that in mind before worrying too much about all the other crap I have to wade through.

        The misogyny… yeah. They really do hate women over there. Weev and Anglin must have been burned at one point, and I think it drove them crazy.

        #metoo, of course, but at least my craziness is somewhere in the realm of the possible. I read David Lane’s KD Rebel and long for the day that we can away with doing something like that. They post inane psychobabble about rape-bots and artificial wombs (that will NEVER be developed in time, or on a large enough scale, or in a way that’ll be available to them, to save their little bookclub mannerbunds from evil white women and their feminist cooties).

        I think even the siegeposting atomwaffen rapecast guys are less maladjusted when it comes to female interaction than the DS braintrust.

    • >>(at least against women, not against reds or anything crazy like that!)


      …I don’t know. Do you really see any of the writers of “America’s #1 pro-rape legalization website” committing rape? Really going out and overpowering some chick and holding her down and sticking his dick in her?

      I would almost respect them more if I thought so, but… the very idea is laughable. Just as laughable as the idea that you can ever have “White Sharia” without White Intafada.

      They have their good points, but at the end of the day they’re living in a fantasy world.

  11. Couldn’t help but notice that the kill count has already increased from 8 to 11…by evening tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll be at a full 6 million. Hopefully Gab will be shut down soon…It’s just a veritable hotbed of potential shoahs.

  12. Saturday, a friend and I were eating breakfast at Denny’s when this came up live on the big screen TV. My friend remarked that this will be the news for the next few weeks because it was Jews that were shot.

    He figures this will be an excuse for ramping up the anti-White narrative and justifying everything from the Mexican invasion, to censorship and Goy control laws.

  13. From Renegade Reporter’s Gab feed, copied from someone else’s:

    “FBI holds active shooter drill 9 months ago in Pittsburgh & Allegheny Country, the stage in Pittsburgh for the drill is literally a Jewish community center

    >shooter’s gab acct was registered 9 months ago as well

    >shooting drill & actual shooting location are virtually neighbors

    >1 month ago the Senate received a bill to combat “anti-Semitism””

    And a link that proves a shooting drill took place right next door:


  14. The reaction of the US media and politicians to Charleston, Burnette Chapel and Pittsburgh tell us that they consider jews and blacks valuable and important and that white Europeans in Tennessee are not. All you need to know.

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