The MAGA Bomber

I haven’t got the chance to write about this either.

It turns out that the guy who sent all the fake pipe bombs to Obama, Hillary, Eric Holder, CNN and so forth was some weird Filipino Boomer Trump supporter in Florida:

“AVENTURA, Fla. — On Twitter, Cesar Sayoc Jr. lashed out at immigrants, gun control advocates, and prominent Democratic politicians. On Facebook, he misspelled a racial epithet, directing it at the likes of Oprah Winfrey and former President Barack Obama.

With fury in his fingers, he shared inflammatory news stories from Breitbart, hard-edge videos from Fox News, and angry posts from pages like “Handcuffs for Hillary.” He tweeted a threat to former Vice President Joe Biden. And he posted photographs of himself wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat at one of President Trump’s campaign rallies. …”

At least that’s what the police and the media are saying.

In light of the Pittsburgh shooting, I will just note that the MAGA Bomber was on Twitter and Facebook. Should Twitter and Facebook be banned because this person was on those platforms? If we are playing guilt by association, are all MAGApedes to blame for Cesar Sayoc?

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  1. The nut that did the shooting was also on Twitter and Facebook. Who are they kidding? Gab is growing rapidly and they want to destroy it so they can control America.

    • Even though Explodahontas was on Twitter and Facebook as well as Gab, they won’t deplatform the former two because they can (rightly) claim they don’t allow anti-Semitic speech whereas Gad did. Gab is (was?) essentially a right-wing platform, unlike Twitter and Facebook. So they will continue as before while Gab may vanish – at least for a while.

  2. The van that Sayoc supposedly lived in looks as if it came straight out of the FBI motorpool. And I like all its professionally applied right wing, pro Trump stickers.

    Nope, I see no reason whatsoever to suspect the FBI constructed this entire story in yet another attempt to discredit Trump and vilify his supporters.

    • They jumped the shark with the van. The could have just put a Trump bumper sticker on it. Instead, they professionally covered almost every inch of glass with random Trump stuff. This whole operation is just sad. The writers and prop guys from “Law and Order” and “C.S.I” could have done a much better job. The FBI should consider outsourcing…

    • That van looks specifically like leftists picked what they thought were right-wing memes. There’s even some clearly visible meme on there with a wall of text.

  3. “Should Twitter and Facebook be banned because this person was on those platforms”

    Apparently so. Gab’s hosting site booted them off because the Pittsburgh shooter had a Gab account.

  4. On the news tonight there was no mention that this guy had Asian ancestry. With the shooting story, they mentioned over and over that the victims were Jewish. His mugshot that they showed about five times left no doubt he was white, so they didn’t need to say it.
    I don’t watch much news on tv these days, but wanted their angle on these particular stories….and were quickly reminded why I never bother with them now.

  5. Agent provocateur comes to mind. Now the synagogue shooter? All this a few weeks before elections? Coincidences? Almost enough to turn you into a conspiracy theorist. God forbid there’s more.

    What these latest events have done is put the fast approaching alien invasion on the back burner and mostly forgotten about. Coincidence too?

  6. How does one get arrested 9 times and still walk free? A healthy nation would have a law whereby three different violent felonies on three different days should put away a person for life.

  7. Most people I know, or have heard talking in public, think the same thing. All this is just too convenient and seemingly contrived out of thin air.

    A friend of mine thinks the Democrats are behind it, as a way of somehow subverting the midterm elections. Or influencing the vote.

  8. “They can (rightly) claim they don’t allow anti-Semitic speech whereas Gad did.”

    There are no exceptions to free speech. Tyranny is free speech with exceptions.

    “Anti-Semitic speech” just means talking about anything our Ruling Class does not want discussed.

    “Gab is (was?) essentially a right-wing platform, unlike Twitter and Facebook. ”

    Wrong. Gab is a free speech platform. That means anyone can post there. It just so happens the right and Pro Whites especially are the most censored people in America, so they went there.

    Twitter and facebook are anti-White platforms. Twitter’s Blue Check Mark Stazi drop pearls of wisdom like “I hate white people.” and no amount of reporting does anything.

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