Kvetching Roundup – October 29, 2018

Normally, I would post these links on Gab, but due to latest wave of censorship I will just share these stories here. There has been a lot of rage posting about the threat to democracy posed by rightwingers across the world being able to network, organize, protest, raise money, share news.


1.) This Is How We Radicalized The World

A long BuzzFeed article laments how social media platforms have been used to bypass mainstream media gatekeepers in the United States, UK, Brazil, Poland, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

2.) Republicans Find a Facebook Workaround: Their Own App

New York Times article about how progressives are afraid that Republicans are creating their own apps to network, organize, share news and bypass all the new Silicon Valley censorship.

3.) The Special Kind of Hate That Drove Pittsburgh Shooter

Peter Beinart who tweeted about how he never felt more like a Jew and less like an American after Trump won the 2016 election essentially argues that Kevin MacDonald is right about Jews.

4.) A Prayer for Squirrel Hill—And for American Jewry

In The Atlantic, Jews demand that pro-Trump Jews like Sheldon Adelson be shunned as race traitors.

5.) Big Tech made the social media mess. It has to fix it.


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  1. “According to local LGBTQ group, The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, the deadly attack occurred during a bris, the Jewish rite of male circumcision, for the (a gay) couple’s adopted twins.”

    No mention of this in the major media so far.

  2. Yes supposedly a bris which traditionally a woman may not attend and yet, there were women named among the victims.

  3. Anyone else skeptical that this guy did this utterly stupid and vicious crime without being egged on by Feds? Who in their right mind would ever think that this would be good for Whites? Even if the guy is insane, I find it hard to believe that even an insane pro White person would NOT know that this would hurt Whites.

    • There have always been people like this.

      See Glenn Miller, Joseph Paul Franklin, Dylann Roof, Wade Michael Page, James von Brunn, etc. It usually happens once every few years.

  4. I heard some jew tell a credulous boomer on (((conservative))) talk radio That IE is a “hateful, violent gang”…identifies ” Eli Mosley ” as it’s leader…and (of course) pimps for infinity beaners…

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