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  1. I’ve been watching the tweets from the guy who controls the Gab account on Twitter. He is a fighter and is good at making his enemies look bad. Its obvious they are are going to win.

    And when the new Internet comes on line, one that is decentralized and does not require physical infrastructure, other than a mobile phone, the establishment will not be able to inconvenience us, even for a short time.

  2. Dear God, please let Russia or some other nation, or Alt Right geniuses here liberate the internet with some breakthrough.

  3. Richard Spencer clearly denounces Weev. I am taking a no tolerance approach to Weev and his allies – if you are down with Weev, who is a Jew doing a white supremacist clown act, then you are an enemy.

  4. Even Weev has a few good qualities, though. He is pro-Nixon, pro- Manson and likes both opera and epic poems.

  5. Free speech:

    Kim Dotcom
    ?Verified account @KimDotcom
    2h2 hours ago

    The new social media site I’m working on will run completely independent of hosting companies, ad networks and payment providers. It’s decentralized, by the people for the people. Volunteer moderators will work together to keep it free of scams and crimes. Free speech guaranteed.


    But can’t invade other channels:

    Kim Dotcom
    ?Verified account @KimDotcom
    2h2 hours ago

    The new social site will allow users to remove nasty comments from their comment feed

    Upload videos, photos, files without size or playtime limit

    Report spam and scams and volunteer moderators will look at it within 60 seconds

    Volunteers earn crypto!!!

    No censorship! No bias!
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    • Freedom of speech is always suppressed with the excuse that it might cause trouble. Tyranny is free speech with exceptions.

      However I would not be surprised that this judge Kavenaugh that our people were so heavily invested in, is the hammer that will be used to beat them down with. A Judge that supported torture and the Patriot Act, is not someone that will have any respect for the First Amendment rights of the little people.

      And don’t forget Trump made a point of being very careful to be silent on free speech when he ran or office. It was a giant black hole in his campaign. You have to listen to what they are silent on, just as much as what they are vocal about.

  6. KimDotCom is a mystery meat blowhard. The Russians are 20 years behind us in electronics research, not to mention production. It will take some smart Anglo-Saxons, like those who invented the transistor, to push us forward!

    My advice, stay off Twitter and Facebook! Notice, GAB gets persecuted and prosecuted for the same sins as Twitter and Facebook! This includes such geniuses as Richard Spencer who are on Twitter, and who have had too much public exposure.

    • Yeah, I think Kim is just in it for the money and doesn’t understand the concept of free speech. The volunteer moderators part doesn’t give me much hope, since they have volunteer moderators on Wikipedia. However he does hate the American government because they ruined his life.

      The important thing though is there is a race to develop this technology and KimDotCom isn’t the only one trying. Once one develops it, more will succeed and after that no one will want to pay to host a traditional website, when hosting without threat of censorship is available for free.

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