LA Times: The Tree of Life Synagogue Jews Died So That Refugees Can Live

Rob Eshman blurts out what we all know Jews are secretly thinking.

These random elderly Jews who were shot and killed at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh are worth more dead than alive because their deaths are being exploited to push all of the usual Jewish narratives about political correctness, censorship and refugee resettlement:

“The Jews gunned down in the Tree of Life Synagogue died for a cause.

Whether they knew it or not, whether they supported the cause or not, they died defending the right of desperate people to find safe shelter. …”

If Heather Heyer had died of diabetes in Charlottesville, we would have been saved a lot of trouble. Violence is a stupid tactic that most of us don’t support. In the 21st century, we still haven’t heard the end of Emmett Till or the “four little girls” from Birmingham. Similarly, unlike Antioch or Sutherland Springs, we will never hear the end of Pittsburgh because Jews control the media.

I, for one, genuinely do not want to see mass shooters clouding the debate about refugee resettlement. It has been one of the few bright spots of the Trump administration. Now, I expect to see nothing but months of caterwauling about internet censorship and the refugee cap.

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  1. The Jews who died were mostly born before WW11, so have likely done their damage and were of no further use. In the meantime-the caravan is still on its way-something Jews are likely complicit in, we’re still being out-bred, bred out, and involved in military missions overseas. Israel still receives more in foreign aid than anyone else……I could go on.
    Poor little Jews…..they dindo nuffin.

    • Interesting how the approaching alien invaders have been forgotten about between the hoax bomber and the synagogue shooter.

    • ackchyually, they are useless eaters till 30. their vetting patience and networking are their strengths. many stacked lies to keep track of as well. plus it didnt make him look as bad killing kids

  2. The jew press is really going off the deep end if they are seruously trying to portray those cranky old yids as martyrs for some glorious cause.

    And violence does work. There would not have been an American revolution or a Southern war for independence without it. If you’re genuinely committed to a cause then you must be prepared for the possibity that you may go to prison or wind up dead because of it.

    • I wouldn’t worry much about it.

      I’d agree that the larger Jewish community isn’t worried about a handful of whites going postal.

      Crashing a financial system might pose a threat though.

  3. There was a minutes silence in Israel, the Pope gave his two cents worth, saturation msm coverage, politicians everywhere condemning the attacks ffs!
    Where is all this sympathy and outrage when white churchgoers are shot, or white women are raped by black men?
    One positive that will come out of this is that it exposes the blatent double standards of msm reporting standards, and of our politicians, among others.

  4. A final thought I wanna give on this story is that Mr Bowers likely went after ordinary Jews in a synagogue (if you can label any of them ‘ordinary’) because the ones doing all the damage like Soros perhaps have 247365 security and can do their damage whilst being untouchable.
    I don’t agree with what he did because it will be used against us as if another ‘Holocaust’ had just occurred, but he was human and driven mad by them, and what they’ve done throughout history.
    Jews thrive on victimhood…..whilst enjoying their privilege.

  5. “For several years now, HIAS has organized a National Refugee Shabbat, encouraging Jews to gather and raise awareness about the global refugee crisis. Some 300 gatherings took place this month, in 33 states and in Canada.

    “The Pittsburgh terrorist … somehow became inflamed by this act of justice and kindness.”

    Another mystery.

  6. The Tree of Life in Kabbalah is the Sephiroth. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is misnamed since these yids are not Hebrews. Given that, they have been flying kneegrows out of Africa to Amsterdam and then to Pittsburgh. After all the cultural communism of the yids is diversity is our strength.

  7. It’s necessary to establish a clear link between Jews and Mass immigration

    It’s bad to have a situation where refugee resettlement is seen as a force of nature, that “just happens” and nobody can do anything about it

    That leads to feelings of helplessness and passivity

    Jews are now taking credit for refugee resettlement and celebrating their role in it

    Make people pick between their fear of the invaders and their love of Jews

    And keep making them do it, as the refugee situation gets worse and worse. Their fear of the invaders might be lower today, but there will be plenty of opportunities for it to go back up.

  8. If by “bright spot” you mean that Trump has said some things that tickle your ears?


    But more illegals (and legal immigrants) are coming in than ever before.

    But ya’ll just keep believing what Trump SAYS.

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