Politico: Trump’s Culture Warriors Go Home

Politico has a new article on the demise of the Alt-Right:

“In February of this year, at the close of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington, the pro-Trump blogger Mike Cernovich trekked to the Capitol Hill townhouse that serves as the personal headquarters for former White House adviser Steve Bannon. The inconspicuous brick building, once the unofficial Washington bureau for Breitbart News, had grown into an unlikely center of political gravity during the presidency of Donald Trump. Now out of the White House, the president’s former chief strategist was still holding court there for a steady stream of journalists, donors and activists.

Cernovich was there to vent. Seated at the long dining-room table where Bannon hosts visitors, he complained that Trump had stopped sticking up for his most loyal supporters. He mentioned some public altercations at which anti-fascist demonstrators had assaulted Trump fans. While the president seemed to have plenty of time to engage in feuds with celebrities on Twitter, Cernovich griped, Trump had remained silent on those violent attacks. So had, Cernovich noted, “that sleepy elf,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “You can’t wear a MAGA hat and not get a brick thrown at your head,” he said …”

The long and short of it is this: if you look around, almost everyone who was a big Trump cheerleader on the internet in 2016 is worse off than they were two years ago. Sheldon Adelson and other Jewish donors swooped in and bought the policies that came out of the last election.

What did the GOP do in power after the last election? It used the political capital to do the huge tax cut and banking deregulation. It massively increased military spending. It did a laundry list of “pro-Israel” stuff like ending the Iran deal and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Amazingly, these priorities just happened to align perfectly with that of Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson.

Just as important as what the GOP has done in power over the past two years is what it HAS NOT done in power. It HAS NOT changed our foreign policy in any dramatic way. Look at Nikki Haley, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and the sanctions that have been piled on Russia. It HAS NOT built the border wall and has punted on every chance to do so. It HAS NOT deported millions of illegal aliens. It HAS NOT done anything about chronic Antifa violence, but passed the Charlottesville resolution and launched a witch hunt against Alt-Right groups. It HAS NOT done anything at all to address the destruction of our monuments which is an issue far more popular than the GOP’s agenda. It HAS NOT done anything about the explosion in social media censorship except clamor to give Mark Zuckerberg more tax cuts.

Rise Above Movement has been crucified by the FBI. Alex Jones has been purged from social media. Shlomo Rubashkin, however, got a presidential pardon. Everyone who supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election has taken hit after hit in the form of violence and censorship and the legislative response has been to do things like pass a $38 billion foreign aid package to Israel.

The rhetoric has changed. The memes have changed. We now see things like “Punished Kavanaugh” memes to celebrate Trump appointing establishment Republicans like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. This has been the Jeb administration without Jeb Bush. If it were not for the tweets and the rallies and Trump’s cult of personality, you would not be able to tell the difference.

That’s why everyone has gone home. Are you ready to get sued, deplatformed or physically assaulted … for Tax Cuts 2 or the Koch Brothers prison reform or possibly a war with Iran?

Note: By the time of the Trump inauguration, I was already skeptical of the incoming administration. I’m glad that I stayed put here in Alabama. In hindsight, I wish it had dawned on me earlier that this “law and order” stuff was just meaningless campaign rhetoric.

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  1. It’s a never ending war … and we MUST continue to not only vote for, but heavily campaign for, the least worst one. OR … we’ll end up like the caravan but in our own country being herded by some foreign enemies. Want to relax and end the war ? Create a bigger better Confederate States. Until then, rally everyone you know to vote, to “buy us time,” and, “put a bandaid on it,” and “kick the can down the road.”


  2. He’s the president of 1/2 ton 4×4 $60k pick up trucks written off on taxation as work vehicles.

  3. We have Daily Stormer and Heartiste cheering incipient — or actual — victory, and we have Occ Dissent and others lamenting total defeat.

    It gets difficult to tell what the actual situation is, when you have one bunch screaming enthusiastically like Beatles fans over the alleged “God Emperor,” and another bunch weeping lugubriously over an immense vat of blackpills.

    It’s even more difficult to get a reasonable assessment because both perspectives seem to have cogent arguments and intelligent people supporting them.

    Would the most reasonable conclusion be that nobody knows what the hell is happening, at all?

    • Of course. We’re an ideological movement. We generate memes, while antifa engages in racketeering and violence on the ground.

      We can’t say if we’re winning, because we’re done win or lose. We’re gaming influence, not power. We don’t have wins or losses, only an ebbing and flowing tide.

    • It’s not that hard to tell what the actual situation is. Just ignore the lying Jew-controlled Stormer and their ‘Nazi Q’ memes, and you’ll be fine.

      • Heartiste is also Jewish.

        If you get your political commentary from sleazy pick-up websites, or ones that teach incel nerds how to be rapey alpha male retards, you aren’t ever going to learn how politics really works.

        What is so difficult about asking what the professional political experience of your potential thought leaders is?

        Selecting a thought leader should be just as serious an affair, as interviewing applicants for the most important position in your place of work.

        1) Who did you work for in the past?

        2) What successes did you have?

        3) Show me the proof.

  4. Trump is a fraud and we should have known it all along. As the late Bob Whitaker put it you can’t get elected president unless you are a liberal or respectable conservative.

  5. Look, us neoreactionaries knew that neither Trump nor and other leader could really win until he has 1,000 statesmen at his disposal. Maybe 10,000.

    Trump is only one man. Appointing establishment republicans is the best he can do. For now.

  6. Remember when I suggested that we support Sheldon Adelson for President? Accept no imitations—let’s put a real Jew in the White House! Kevin Mac nearly sheet himself when I started making that suggestion. But, in many ways that’s how it turned out.

    Trump is a New Yawk City businessman. To Trumpo Jews are part of the scenery.

  7. Yeah, if we’d all voted for Hillary instead, Black Lives Matter would have stepped up its attacks and assassinated thousands of police officers. Some cities would now be ruled by African cannibal warlords while others would be Duterte-style police states, every policeman’s grave adorned with one hundred freshly-severed heads of the monkeys who killed him. Meanwhile in rural areas, diversities would be quietly disappearing into unmarked graves and dog stomachs. White men would look, feel, and act more manly, and the white birthrate would be spiking.

    But Hillary didn’t win, law and order didn’t break down, and if we fight now, Trump will kick our asses. He has done much to forestall a race war; we must use whatever time he has given us to make white babies (on welfare, if needed) and train them to fight.

    • Blah… blah… blah.. That was a very creative story, Dave.

      Both sides of politics always tell scarey stories about what the other side will do, if you don’t vote for them, and the fear based reactionaries fall for it every time.

      The above is why WN have no political representation of our own in America. We give all our votes to people who hate us. All these years and we have built nothing of our own. We don’t even control a hot dog stand.


      • Welcome to democracy; I don’t like it either. There’s no room for a third party in any system where each district gets one representative, and in a proportional system, the other parties conspire to keep white nationalists from accomplishing anything. So we just have to suck it up and watch leftists get ever more insanely left-wing, until war breaks out and shit gets very right-wing, very fast.

        Everyone except Whites, Blacks, and Native Americans will self-deport soon after the shooting starts, not wanting to be cannon fodder in someone else’s civil war. When it’s over, the Jews will all be in Israel, so we can void their citizenship and deny them visas.

        Or maybe Trump will succeed in pushing back against leftism and toning down the kikery e.g. to 1990 levels, who knows. Not the best possible outcome, but a survivable one.

  8. I think Trump is caught between the Zionist jews and the Globalist jews, except that neither side can tolerate his ‘American Nationalism.’ The Zionists who are otherwise using him as a pawn for their agenda can’t allow him to get too far with this zeal because their nationalism depends on ours being subservient to it. American Nationalism in its fruition requires liberation from jewish influence and privilege.

    I wouldn’t trust Trump as far as I could throw him, but I do believe he as an individual has *some* positive goals. Either he’s really not fully aware of just how devious and parasitic Big Jew is (both sides agree they are the Chosen to rule over everyone) or he thinks he can sidestep its hegemony. He’s wrong in any scenario.

    What Irish Catholic Bannon’s version of Zionist America looked like I don’t know.

    The Roman Catholic vision of the future subjugates the anglo-protestants though, of this I am certain. Always has, always will.

    • The last really good public figure I can think of who was a Papist was Fr. Charles Coughlin, Miss Genie.

  9. Using the “Well, it would have been worse if Hillary was president” argument means you have tacitly conceded defeat.

  10. Trump is all for “Law and Order”. He is very tough on “Crime” and loves the death penalty, especially against anti-Semites. Unlike that weak-kneed, bleeding-heart liberal Obama, Trump wants America’s cops and court system to show their TEETH against those who wish to destroy the Jews and Israel. Under Trump, there won’t be any of this wimpy liberal stuff – mess with a Jew and you’ll see a taste of good old AMERICAN justice!

  11. The alt-right phenomenon of two years ago has deteriorated into just being Trump’s edgy right wing of supporters. In another two years they will fade into complete irrelevance. Trump doesn’t represent a return to American greatness, only its last gasp.

  12. Somehow between 2015 and 2017, the alt right forgot that the GOP is the immediate enemy. Nothing can be accomplished politically unless the Republican party is destroyed. The alt right in 2015-2016 understood this, so most of the energy of the time was directed at attacking cuckservatives, national review, Ted Cruz, etc. After Trump got in, people somehow got the false idea that the party had now been reformed and become a nationalist party, despite all evidence to the contrary, even as Trump abandoned or betrayrd his campaign promises one after another.

  13. The effect of Trump outside America has been unambiguously salutory. America may be too far gone.

    The alt right can blame itself for its predicament – horrible “leaders” have a cost, a Darwinian cost paid in delayed victory. Fascism was a dead end: violent and hate filled rhetoric was a dead end (bombing people, gassing people, shooting people, hanging people, dropping people out of helicopters, burning people alive in ovens).

    Pain is correcting a lot of problems in the movement: “leaders” abandoned, free speech now, not fascism; God, not nihilism; violence abandoned for state craft.

    No matter what happens next week, it should be used as a reset.

  14. The term Alt Right will forever be tinged with criminality and depravity.

    It needs to be put to rest. It’s a way to stigmatize white rights and any expression of nationalism.

    Without it, anti-whites will be forced to admit outright their hatred for whites since they’d have to use terms either obviously anachronizing and ridiculous or ones including ‘white’ in them. Things have gotten so bad that doing so only clarifies the dynamics in the minds of the white center.

    Let it die asap.

  15. Well……. As depressing. (And true!) as the analysis in the above article is, I do appreciate how Mr. Wallace always tells it straight-no-chaser. His recent podcast with Radical Agenda Cantwell is a must-listen, lengthy dose of some more of this eloquent black-pill administration.

  16. Most leaders on the alt-right, including the self described white nationalists, nazis, exterminationists etc. have mindlessly supported Trump and seem disinterested in the actual policies of the administration.

    We have to break Trump’s cult of personality and bring these people back to reality.

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