President Trump Announces Plan To End Birthright Citizenship Through Executive Order

I see a lot of our people reacting to the news.

“President Trump plans to sign an executive order that would remove the right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on U.S. soil, he said yesterday in an exclusive interview for “Axios on HBO,” a new four-part documentary news series debuting on HBO this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Why it matters: This would be the most dramatic move yet in Trump’s hardline immigration campaign, this time targeting “anchor babies” and “chain migration.” And it will set off another stand-off with the courts, as Trump’s power to do this through executive action is debatable to say the least. …”

Unfortunately, I am going to have to be Hunter “Black Pill” Wallace on this one and remind everybody that we are a week out from the midterm elections, and that this is just an obvious ploy to gin up Republican turnout. The GOP has ran on immigration in the past three election cycles. It has consistently governed on other issues like the tax cuts after the elections.

If it were this easy to end birthright citizenship, why is President Trump doing it now? He is doing it now in order to rev up the base. That’s why he is also doing all of these rallies. He also wants to change the news cycle from Pittsburgh and the MAGA Bomber. If it gets shot down in the federal courts, which it undoubtedly will in a district court like the travel ban, then it will be resolved well after the midterms. This will ultimately go to the Supreme Court where it will shine a bright light on how “true conservatives” handpicked by the Heritage Foundation will vote on issue.

UPDATE: Sen. Chuck Grassley isn’t even supporting this. Prepare yourself for “True Conservatism” to block this in the Senate and Supreme Court.


Paul Ryan is one of these creatures of Washington think tanks. He is already saying that Trump can’t end birthright citizenship with an executive order. How will the “true conservatives” from this milieu like John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh vote on the issue?

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  1. Don’t vote Republican! These rallies, the military deployed to border, the talk of ending amendment 14 is all hot air and no substance.

    In two months it will be attack Syria and war with Iran for Israel!

    • Yes the zionist are pushing Syria today. judith miller who so ardently pushed for the invasion of Iraq was on Fox today and said using the US military at the US border was a waste of tax dollars and that the US military should be used to fight isis in Syria

    • Hunter- exactly. some (((judge))) will shoot down the order. and Trumbergstein sill shrug his padded shoulders, and say “Oy vey! Vat kin I do?”…………

      To any young people reading these words – DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE ((((MILITARY)))). DON’T DO IT. Don’t fight for ZOG. Live for your People.

    • @Hunter

      Failure theatre is a good term. The SCOTUS probably already has their written decisions on this ready to blow the dust off and rubber stamp with the appropriate date.

    • He has been in office almost two years and he thought to do this only now? There must be an election coming up!

      So the #ColoredsWalkAwayFromDemocrats campaign isn’t working out so well?

  2. Looks like OD’s reply section is becoming a place for my fellow Gab refugees. Good to see all my WN frens from Gab in the replies. Cheers everyone! ?

  3. Off topic, but the Chinese government is reversing a ban (assuming it was effective to begin with) on rhino horns and tiger body parts-which they use for trophy and ‘medicinal’ purposes.
    The Chinese are utter fucking SCUM! Total scum of the earth those bastards. These smily little devils are ad bad as Jews in many ways.

  4. @Gabby/Spahn

    Agreed. I actually don’t mind the Tibetan Buddhists either. The Dalai Lama is a lovely, jolly fellow. The Chinese despise him-which is why I admire him.

  5. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. When it comes to doing anything to help his fellow Whites he’s about 99% bluster and BS.

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