OD Classic Surviving Hostile Police Encounters

Once every 4 or 5 years or so, some angry White American man really does a terrible “hate crime” – shoots up a Black African American church or a Jewish Synagogue or invades the US Holocaust Museum and murders a minimum wage Black AA security guard.

Why do they do it?

Is it because web sites like OD, American Renaissance, Vdare and Breitbart News promote HATE! Or is it because of White privilege or regular folks in North Carolina wanting to protect their daughters from 300 LBS sexually confused (perverts) creatures exposing themselves in the girl’s bathroom?

Or – is it the case that some White American men are reading from some bad Jewish Hollywood script and playing the role of the evil, RACIST, NAZI who wants to kill/gas Jews, reinstate Negro slavery, force women in to back alley abortions, shoot cute puppies etc?

Whatever the cause, this week apparently featured a real case of an angry White man doing a terrible, violent and completely counter productive HATE Crime, mass murder in a Jewish Synagogue. I send my condolences to the survivors and the relatives of the deceased.

It’s probably a good time to do some personal house cleaning – people should be prepared to avoid a hostile police/FBI/Justice department encounter/home search designed to weed out evil racist NAZIs who are stockpiling guns and racist literature (Shakespeare, Mark Twain, “Southern by the Grace of God” etc). Other forms of the persecution include stepped up de-platforming of politically incorrect blogs – one of my favorite blogs Second City Cop (gives honest reporting of Chicago crime and BlackLiesMatter, Antifa, Lib Dems, Cucks in Chicago) has been taken down the same as The Daily Stormer.

So please clean up your computer hard drive, tidy up literature, make sure your guns are legal and stored properly and yes, be prepared to avoid & survive hostile police and other law enforcement encounters.

Flex Your Rights – Surviving Hostile Police Encounters When the Police are Not on Your Side.

I highly recommend the instructional books and videos at: Flex Your Rights. The organization seems to be an offshoot of the ACLU, but seems to have mostly avoided the extreme leftwing, anti-White, anti-Christian programs of the ACLU. Instead, Flex Your Rights provides practical information on what to do (and not do) to survive hostile encounters with the police.

Here’s an excellent instructional video of three White college students with some marijuana in their car as they are stopped and abused by a very abusive police officer who tricks the students in to waving their 4th and 5th amendment rights:

Flex Your Rights

And here is another excellent instructional video featuring a decent Black college student who gets stopped by an abusive White police officer looking for drugs and weapons.

10 Rules for surviving hostile police encounters:

1) Always Remain Calm and Cool

2) You Always Have the Right to Remain Silent

3) You Have the Right to Refuse Searches (4th Amendment – “I don’t consent to searches”)

4) Don’t Get Tricked in to Waving Your Rights

5) Determine if You are Free to Go

6) Don’t Expose Yourself (Butt Showing, Bad Optics)

7) Don’t Run

8) Never Touch a Cop

9) Report Police Misconduct – Be a Good Witness

10) You Don’t Have to Let Police in to Your Home

Comedian and social commentator Chris Rock made this best ever instructional video documenting all the really stupid things young Black African American men do that result in the police beating their as or worse.

Chris Rock – How Not to Get Your As* Beat by the Police Link

We White identitarians, race realists, immigration patriots or open White nationalist could use some similar video documenting the really stupid things some of “our” men do that result in them getting arrested, beaten, convicted or killed by system law enforcement and these extremely stupid acts result in empowering adversaries, enemies and Cucks.

Don’t be a stupid, dumb as*, don’t invade Synagogues and shoot up the place
Don’t stockpile AR15 Guns, building bunkers and displaying 1930s German National Socialist Flags
Don’t send threatening E-Mails, Tweets to various PC victim groups
Don’t celebrate the 6 Million gassed Jews Holohoax as something positive that should be done again
Don’t publicly embrace ISIS, Al Qaeda or Hamas because these groups supposedly fight the Jews and oppose feminism and gay rights
Don’t dress, talk and act like you are living your life reading from a bad, anti White Jewish Hollywood script


  1. These are Occidental Dissent’s comment guidelines:


    Please note the guidelines against posting comments that spread wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and hobby horse riding.

    The blog/article presents some very practical advice how to avoid and survive hostile police encounters – as many places like Charlottesville VA and Berkeley CA, Washington DC and increasingly New York City – the police, law enforcement and the judicial system are not on our side and they are not being fair, neutral when we/regular Americans are physically attacked by the likes of Antifa, crazed feminists and the GOP Cuckservatives will throw us under the bus and take the side of Antifa and kiss as* to the fake news lying press.

    Please view and review these very helpful videos of what to do and not do when you/we are stopped by the police, questioned by the police or when the police, FBI come knocking at our doors and ask to just come and

    “Look around”

    One of the last things you want to do when stopped by the police is to start ranting and raving about sinister one world government plots where all the police and military are supposedly surgically implanted with micro chips to monitor their/our every movement or even our every thought –

    If you do that, you’re going to come off as a nut case, lunatic, kook – a societal dropout who can’t function in society and will do violent, terrible things like invade Jewish Synagogues and slaughter 85 year old Jewish people, kill cute little puppies that sort of thing.

  2. Jaye,

    Some good advice, sort of… truth of the matter, I don’t display a Nazi flag, but I’m not too concerned about someone who does. I think of flags in the terms of the great European explorers. The very first thing they did when stepping foot on a new territory was to plant a flag and make a claim on the land. When I see other foreign flags flying over U. S. soil, I recognize that the foreigners who hoisted them are declaring themselves to be the rightful heirs to the soil. In contrast, the Nazi flag is an ideological statement and, in my opinion, America is too individualistic to become a right wing dictatorship. Unfortunately, that same individuality has been used to convince many of us that Communism is a conduit for free thoughts and actions, when in reality it is always just another form of extreme and brutal tyranny masquerading as a liberation movement. The main difference being that a fascist regime works to improve conditions for the country while sacrificing individual rights and freedom of expression. Whereas, a Communist regime appears to denigrate everyone except the ruling class, and valuable resources are mismanaged and squandered while individual rights and freedom of expression are ruthlessly suppressed.

    Sadly, anything we say or do can and will be used against us. If it isn’t quite true, they will tailor the facts to suit their case. If we didn’t say or do anything, they will fabricate the evidence and allege that we said or did whatever they are accusing us of. In short, if they want to get you, they will. The Bible tells us that Christians will be persecuted in the end of days. It is hard to deny that those prophesies are coming to pass. I try to live day to day, and I guess not having any children, it is a luxury that I can sort of afford. It’s not that I don’t care about losing everything, it’s just that it seems like an inevitable eventuality. As they saying goes, “you can’t take it with you.” So, I don’t advocate violence, but I don’t shy away from promoting awareness and practicing defensive strategies. I am not going to be intimidated from rational and reasonable debate because someone wants to cry about being offended and says that I am a Hate Criminal for exercising my first amendment rights. The Constitution may be a museum relic, but I still believe in the principles that were set forth in it. I also trust that God will not put more on me than I can bear.

  3. So here it comes, Bowers was almost committed to a mental ‘hospital’ for threatening to kill himself more than a decade ago: https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/10/30/pittsburgh-synagogue-shooting-suspect-robert-bowers-past/

    The most common fabrication by psych system commissars to justify forced ‘treatment’ is suicidality. It’s not the only lie they use but it’s the easiest, as it avoids the messiness of accusations and gives the least air of punishment. It also doesn’t require proof of chronic disease since ‘suicidality’ is considered a mental illness even if it’s once in someone’s life or something.

    This story is fake, people need to accept this.

    My point here is that the police won’t be coming so much as ‘hostile’ enforcers but to ‘help’ – precisely because the latter sidesteps all due process.

    It will more likely be for people’s guns than for their liberty in the beginning, and in more people’s cases. The homeless and drug-addicted, elderly and alone will face internment and already are in places like California.

    But just like in the Soviet Union political dissidents will be ‘helped’ and ‘treated’ for the ‘mental illnesses’ of anti-semitism and racism.

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