Censorship Craze: New York Times Spearheads Activist Campaign Against Instagram

This is precisely why President Trump calls them “the fake news media.”

Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh shooter, wasn’t on Instagram. He had nothing to do with Instagram. The mainstream media, however, is campaigning to censor Instagram:

“SAN FRANCISCO — On Monday, a search on Instagram, the photo-sharing site owned by Facebook, produced a torrent of anti-Semitic images and videos uploaded in the wake of Saturday’s shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

A search for the word “Jews” displayed 11,696 posts with the hashtag “#jewsdid911,” claiming that Jews had orchestrated the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Other hashtags on Instagram referenced Nazi ideology, including the number 88, an abbreviation used for the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler.”

The Instagram posts demonstrated a stark reality. Over the last 10 years, Silicon Valley’s social media companies have expanded their reach and influence to the furthest corners of the world. But it has become glaringly apparent that the companies never quite understood the negative consequences of that influence nor what to do about it — and that they cannot put the genie back in the bottle. …”

Hold up.

Is this “journalism”? Is The New York Times and all these other leftwing websites merely reporting the news or are they engaged in political activism? I’m pretty sure it is the latter.

Note: Pretty funny that the people who hired and defended Sarah Jeong want to censor “hate speech” and “racism” on social media. For some reason, they believe that they should have the authority to decide what can and cannot be said on the internet. Because, “democracy.”

It is a “crisis” when they keep losing elections like in Brazil and Germany and Sweden and Poland and Hungary and Italy and the UK and the United States. “Democracy” requires that their opposition shouldn’t be allowed to network and organize, raise money, assemble in the public square, communicate without their oversight, share ideas, attain employment, own firearms or speak their minds on the internet.

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  1. I bet the jooooo$ were popping champagne corks on the night of the Pittsberg-ooops-Pittsburgh shootings. Finally they have some victim’s to show off and claim as their own. 11 died but you’d think it was 11 million.
    As for Sarah Jeong……there were no ‘orrible whiteys where she came from. Come on Sarah…you know where the airport is.
    If this is what its like when you’re 60% of the population, just imagine what it will be like when your 10% -which your grandkids will experience.

  2. ADL: worst massacre of Jewish history.9/11 3000 gentiles was just a foot note.

    Plane hijackers made possible by 1965 immigration act spear headed by ADL.

  3. The Alt-Right should just keep pumping the Truth of the JQ to the Masses……..

    It’s not our responsibility when a Bowser happens…….

    The Anti-White Jewish Mainstream Media keeps pumping their Anti-White Propaganda to the Masses……

    As they’ve done for YEARS…….

    How many dead, assaulted, raped, robbed White People have been the result of that??

    Hundreds of Thousands over the decades……..

    Or more recently…..

    The celebrated ‘Punch a Nazi’…….

    That’s how I found the Alt-Right………..

    The Jews don’t compromise, they lack self-awareness, honesty, and humility……..

    It’s not in their DNA……..

    A lot of White People like us can’t comprehend how empirically verifiable Jewish Supremacy is…….it’s projection onto White People…….the Libraries of Lies told about History……..

    And they just keep doing the SAME thing……..OVER and OVER………

    Over the centuries, in ethnic conflict with White Europeans………

    Jews selected for Sociopathic Traits in their Gene Pool……….

    They don’t want to Debate……..

    They want to Shut us all Down……….

    They truly believe it is their Right to Rule over us………

    Three Jews (33%) on the Supreme Court (2% of the Population) and they decided to try to bring down the system because they couldn’t get (((Merrick Garland – 44%))) appointed………

    That’s Jewish Supremacy……….

    On an Amoral Plane of Survival……..

    Where your Enemy has no Rules but to Destroy you………

    We better Learn FAST……..

  4. It’s been said before of course…if you want to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize

  5. Credit to the Enemy: they understand that this is a war, and that you harm your enemies and spare your friends. They are showing remarkable discipline in executing the Cass Sunstein Plan.

    Let’s see what next Tuesday brings.

  6. Jews on Democracy©, a flowchart:

    Is it good for Jews?
    Yes No
    | |
    Democratic Undemocratic

    Jews on the constitutionality of an issue, a flowchart:

    Is it good for Jews?
    Yes No
    | |
    Constitutional Unconstitutional

  7. George Orwell’s prophetic 1984 is coming to pass. The Jews know that the internet has the potential to become their Achilles heel unless it’s censored. Observe closely. Our enemies are in panic mode to silence all dissent that threatens their power over us. Here’s my prediction once the genie is out of the bottle you’ll see a domino effect. A force so great they will be unable to stop it! Let’s hasten this process and a new dawn shall arise. Cheers….

  8. I beg to differ. The model for modern America is not 1984 but Brave New World whereby the system uses sex, drugs, and entertainment to bamboozle the masses to maintain their control.

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