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  1. Your son is going to scare a lot of black people this year. Waited too long to find a costume, so I’m enjoying a cigar and a drink downtown instead. Happy Halloween!

  2. Wonderful! I wondered about your little boy! We had Trick or Treating in my town, tonight, too. Lovely! Groups of cheerful, playful little kids. Totally peaceful and fun. Your little fellow is adorable! Make more babies! You make good uns!

    Samhain Blessings to you and yours! Slainte!

    P.S – Goddess – if you are keeping tabs, I took pics of my Jack O’ Lanterns fro your friend.

  3. Took my one-year-old tonight – he was dressed as a bear.

    Had an awesome time in a nice White neighborhood – the little guy totally wore himself out running up and down from house to house.

  4. The lovely Carolyn Emerich did a great YouTube show on Samhain this evening. It’s a Celtic festival, the English equivalent of which might be Guy Fawkes Day (November 5).

    It was 50 years ago tonight that the MC5 performed their famous Halloween show at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.

  5. Just wanted to say hi and Happy Halloween to my fellow Gab refugees Hunter, Ulfric, Tyrone, and Irusk. I miss you guys and many more. Nice to read you all on OD, but I miss the back-and-forth interaction.

  6. US seems a happy, funny, inviting and non-intimidating place, that’s why the destitutes of the world want to go there.
    Better Americans “improve” their optics with crosses on fire, guns, threats of lebensraum further South, intimidating faces, and so on.

  7. Happy Halloween! One day of relief from the nightmare of White minoritization.

    Hopefully Gab will be up by this weekend and we will all be back with a vengeance.

  8. I spent the holiday watching the most recent incarnation of Halloween. That a long run for a horror movie franchise that started in 1978! Michael Meyers has to be what-60?

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