President Trump: Asylum Seekers Will Be Housed In Tent Cities

In other words, we’re going to handle the four incoming caravans from Mexico like we did the previous caravan in April, but with one crucial difference:

The plan is to force the caravans to cross the border at a “port of entry” like San Ysidro, process them and house them in tent cities at the border until their court dates. 15,000 troops will be sent to the border to … I don’t know, build the tent cities and serve the illegals hot meals?

Note: It seems likely the ACLU or some group will sue and this bullshit will get caught up in the federal courts like the family separation policy earlier this year.

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    Once all the beanflow has been admitted, Trump can threaten to make them wear pink underwear. BASED

  2. The cost of detaining is going to skyrocket with hot meals, showers, entertainment (which they will provide because it’s “humane”), the military at their service being used as processors and camp staff, and when they finally go to court the whole cost of the judicial process (which they aren’t entitled to).

    Our Government has killed us. If I were a family man with small kids I would seriously consider leaving and going to a true safe zone.

  3. The troops aren’t combat but support troops. Engineers and other people who can put up tents, toilets, mess halls, etc. None of the caravans are going to be sent back. That’s a forgone conclusion.
    This is the president’s response to his country literally being invaded.

    This should really energize his base and bring them out in droves to vote Republican.

    • @MOTS

      These troops will likely just be wasted doing what they also do in Africa-the role of peacekeeping babysitters. The deployment will consist of medics, builders, plumbers, chefs, engineers, translaters…you get the idea. In other words…..come on in, but just be polite and orderly about it. Yes, that’ll deter future invaders-ooops-caravans…

  4. He’s sending the troops down to prevent them entering…..unless its in an orderly and controlled manner. Come on guys-these are human beaners. Whitey has obligations to them.
    Seriously, if Trump doesn’t handle this like the leader he was elected to be, he’ll lose whats left of his white voters, without gaining the Left or minority voters, who hate him no matter what he does.

  5. Cheeto Face will surely be the last president of ZOG. By the time he’s through with it there won’t be anything left for a successor to preside over.

  6. Has anyone else noticed the irony of the invaders carrying the Honduran flag with them?? They love their country and flag…..but apparently not enough to remain there. It can’t be that bad there if they still love its flag. Rather than burning it, they’re holding it with pride. Go figure…

    • They’re coming to plant their flag on newly claimed, Murrican territory. Our president is inviting them in, as long as they don’t throw rocks. They’ll plunder whitey as they hasten his end and if I object to it I’m a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

  7. Anybody else notice the increased level of Socialist/Democrat Party Agent Provocateurs in the comment section lately? How can you be in a correct state of mind and vote Democrat. …?

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