Response To SPLC Smear Article

UPDATE 2: In response to Michael Edison Hayden’s tweet, it is too bad Robert Bowers account has been taken down. It would be interesting to see how many times he responded to Hayden on Gab or posted links to Newsweek, Huff Post, Daily Beast, CNN and other leftwing websites.

UPDATE: The SPLC has a new article up in which they quote me saying years ago that I have never supported or wanted to be associated with mass shooters.

I’m not in the least bit surprised.

As usual, the disgusting smear merchants at the SPLC never let a tragedy go to waste. The Lying Press has already smeared and blamed President Trump for the Pittsburgh shooting. It has blamed Andrew Torba and Gab. Now, I guess it is my turn to be roped into this:

“In the months leading up to Robert Bowers’ murderous rampage, he was in deep on the social media platform Gab, frequently reposting content from influential alt-right accounts including Jared Wyand and Bradley Dean Griffin. …

Between May and October, Bowers also engaged with 14 posts from the account of white nationalist Bradley Dean Griffin.

Griffin, who operates the white nationalist blog “Occidental Dissent” under the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace” and serves as the “PR Chief” of the neo-Confederate hate group League of the South, was a prominent fixture in the “optics” debate of 2017 and was at the center of violence during the deadly “Unite the Right” event.

Griffin also created a website called “Antisemitica,” the purpose of which was to “explore the Jewish Question and anti-Semitic discourse from a cooler, more collected perspective… Instead, we shall argue that Jewish influence (in the aggregate) is a menace to the racial and cultural health of American society, and that White Americans would be better off without a Jewish presence within our borders.”

On his website after the Tree of Life massacre, Griffin wrote, “As it happens, I was in the middle of a heated argument with someone on Gab about how Jewish donors control the Trump administration when the Pittsburgh shooting happened.” Bowers shared this antisemitic criticism of Trump.

The Griffin posts Bowers shared spanned an assortment of topics and movement events. One criticized the Republican Party for moving to oust white nationalist James Allsup from his position as a precinct committee officer in Washington state. Another shared legal developments regarding the “Unite the Right” riot. Another gloated about the then-impending confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In one post, Griffin wrote, “Every time you are accused of an -ism or -phobia remember this communist garbage has nothing to do with morality.” While image content is not available in the Gab dataset, Bowers’ response suggests Griffin’s post contained an image of person who Bowers thought was Jewish: “hmmm. that hair… that nose… #EverySingleTime #ExposeTheNose.”

The user Bowers engaged with the most was someone who went by “Jack Corbin.” Corbin appears to collaborate with Griffin on Griffin’s pet project doxing activists affiliated with anti-fascist groups. …”

The shocking revelation here is that the Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers “liked” or “retweeted” about a dozen of my posts on Gab. These posts were mostly about my dislike of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. I have over 7,000 followers on Gab and get hundreds of notifications every day. I have one of the larger accounts that is often featured in the “popular posts” section.

What does any of this prove? It proves that Robert Bowers was also skeptical of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It proves that Robert Bowers was also critical of Jews. It DOES NOT prove that I had anything to do with his shooting spree in Pittsburgh or that I have ever supported mass shooters. Just the opposite is true and the SPLC is well aware of my views on this subject.

I have criticized mass shooters for over a decade on this website. Since none of the things I have said about mass shootings over the years on this website were convenient to cite in the SPLC’s false narrative about Robert Bowers, I will link to some of them here:

James von Brunn (2009)

“At 88, James von Brunn is (or was) clearly at the end of his life. He was fed up with the Jews and their lies. This shooting was his swan song. It was his desperate attempt to strike back at the murderers of his civilization. I can understand his bitterness and frustration, but this plan of his was ill conceived and accomplished nothing but causing his own (near) death. Ending the life of a lowly security guard inflicted no damage upon his enemies. It created no sympathy for the cause Brunn was willing to die for either.”

Violence and Vanguardists, Again (2016)

“Time and again, experience has shown that the single most devastating thing that can happen to us is lone wolf terrorism against soft targets, which the media and our enemies exploit to push narratives to further their political agenda. Ask the NRA what they think about Sandy Hook and whether it would be good for them to have a few more Adam Lanzas. It doesn’t even have to be an actual crime. As I write this, it seems like everyone in America is reacting to the alligator that ate the toddler at Disney World.

Violence is a cloud that overshadows everything else we do. Whenever there is violence, we can’t talk about immigration, multiculturalism, free-trade, secession, Southern heritage, political correctness, crime or any of the other issues which we know resonate with the majority of our people. We’re dragged off message, put on defense, and spend all our time having to answer for what was going through some nut’s mind. In most cases, the victims are random people like the Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather in Overland Park, who were used as props by Glenn Miller to act out a morbid fantasy.

We have been there, done that. We know how this plays out every. single. time. We know there is nothing to be gained, but much to be lost from it. We know that virtually everyone who has the chance to do so will steer clear of such a trainwreck just like no one jumps into a swimming pool with a massive turd floating in it. So why go there? …

Anyway, I am going on record on this issue because I don’t want to have to address it again. I don’t want to be held responsible for the actions of some psychopath I don’t know. I don’t want to be fielding calls from the media during another wedding. I don’t want see all my time and energy invested in the cause go up in a bonfire of stupidity. I don’t want to see our reputation dragged through the mud because of the actions of one unstable individual. I don’t want to be put on defense and have to drive all over the South again to fight losing battles to save imperiled Confederate monuments.”

Violence Is a Stupid Tactic (2018)

In this post, I argued for the umpteenth time that violence is a stupid tactic. I figured that if I couldn’t reach the sort of people who do these things on a moral level that I could convince them it is a strategic blunder. I had already written the moral case article many times before.

Statement on Morality (2015)

In this post, I outlined my moral beliefs and explicitly condemned mass shootings. I said that murder is immoral. I explicitly said that I don’t support fanatics and psychos who do these things. I even highlighted this passage in bold to add extra emphasis:

“Just so we are clear, I am not encouraging you to murder random people or even people you know. That’s certainly not what I believe. I’ve made that clear on numerous occasions here in the past during previous meltdowns. I don’t support fanatics or psychos who repudiate basic moral precepts and ignore their conscience for the sake of their political ideology.”

Vantards, In Retrospect (2014)

In this post, I linked to a collection of some of the articles that I have written over the years about mass shooters and their periodic meltdowns.

Violence and Vanguardists (2011)

In this post, I warned about the “mentally disturbed, hyper alienated fantasists” who engage in mass shootings. This was after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in 2011.

Why Vanguardists Can’t Win (2010)

In this post, I said that violence only appealed to alienated fantasists.

Spokane Bomb (2011)

In this post, I said this website “condemns the use of violence in the strongest possible terms.”

On Violence: A Rejoinder (2011)

In this post, I argued that only nihilists and sociopaths argue about the morality of violence.

Against Vantardism (2016)

“Vantardism starts with an apocalyptic mindset. It is the belief that only a tiny minority of Whites can ever be awakened. It is the belief that all political activity is hopeless and that only small, cohesive groups of hardcore revolutionaries or lone wolves acting on their own initiative can bring about change through violence. …

Americans don’t have the attention span to be moved by small-scale acts of violence. Even large-scale acts of violence like 9/11 were a boon to state power. Calm persuasion, not violence, remains our most effective tool.”

A Deadly Cocktail: Self Expression, Fantasism, and Mental Illness (2015)

In this post, I wrote at length about the factors that cause mass shootings:

“Although some have already done so, I didn’t feel the need to “condemn” this incident for two reasons:

1.) First, what this guy did was so obviously immoral, and so repulsive to any Christian, that it doesn’t need to be stated. Maybe it does as America culturally decomposes and things like this happen, but it is distressing when we live in a world where Christians have to articulate such a basic notion that murdering innocent people is always wrong. How much simpler does morality get than “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” Only a fanatic would stand in “solidarity” with this individual after the crime he committed.

2.) Second, I don’t know this individual and had never heard of him until his name was announced on television. Since I don’t know him from Adam, I didn’t see any reason to condemn him. His own friends in that trailer park were the ones who knew about his planned attack months in advance. They were the only ones who were in a position to stop him.

As far as I was concerned, the only interesting question about Charleston, which after all is just one case in a far larger trend, was whether the shooter would turn out to be another self detonating vantardist, which occassionally happens, or a mentally ill nutcase who wasn’t politically motivated. We’ve seen examples of both over the years and it turns out, unsurprisingly, that Dylann Roof was of killer in the vantardist tradition.”

Beware of Vantards (2012)

In this post, I lamented that these violent meltdowns tend to happen with an unfortunate regularity.

Jews and Vanguardists (2012)

In this post, I said that “the last thing we want to do is convince people that we are more out of control than the federal government!”

Self Detonating Lone Wolf Vanguardists (2012)

“After sitting down and thinking about it, I have decided not to write a general article about the subject of violence.

Upon reflection, the term “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” and the damage that these people routinely inflict on the White Nationalist movement encompasses virtually all of the recent incidents which I wanted to address. …

In other words, a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” is someone who is radically alienated from society and who has given up on persuasion, a fantasist who is inclined toward violent methods of bringing about eschatological political change, who usually acts alone or with an accomplice in the name of a movement without the support or assistance of any group, and who typically explodes, lashes out, or “self detonates” without warning in rampage shootings, murder-suicides, and bombing campaigns. …

Finally, when it comes to addressing the Jewish Question, we should acknowledge that there is a conflict of interest with Organized Jewry and the negative influence it exercises over our culture, but we should emphasize that our solution to that problem is to become a more powerful interest group by growing our numbers, raising money, and becoming more active and better organized and more vigilant in defending and asserting our interests.

It is self evident that rampage shootings, bombing campaigns, and murder-suicides solve nothing, create sympathy for our avowed enemies, and are destructive to our public image and reputation. These are things which should be avoided at costs.

In summary, we should offer a practical solution to a known problem, stay a reality based movement, channel the energies of our people into positive activism, focus our attention on organizing and winning over our people, and emphasize Christian morality and the leadership principle. If we can do that, we should be able to avoid becoming mired in a similar morass.”

There are dozens of other posts like this in the archives.

Most famously, I argued at length about the morality of a hypothetical mass shooting of Jews in three podcasts on Radio Free Mississippi. I did that here, here and here. I also have created a tag about the many posts that I have written about mass shootings over the years.

The SPLC has a long history of defaming people and recently paid out millions of dollars in a settlement with Maajid Nawaz. Let’s not forget that the Family Research Council terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins also explicitly told the FBI that he targeted that organization over the SPLC’s enemies list. Floyd Corkins was far more “inspired” by the SPLC than anything Jack Corbin or I have ever wrote.

Note: The true reason that the SPLC is going after the two of us is that we have been doxing their violent Antifa friends. We’re at the top of their enemies list. Admittedly, I worry sometimes when these articles are published that the SPLC will stir up another Floyd Corkins.

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  1. Amren, borther. The League of the South has the absolute best people for every situation, but they aren’t doing stupid stuff with their skills. Much respect.

    Anyone with a brain realizes that Mr Bowers would have done much more for white nationalism by writing a will to give his property to LoTS and then driving into a bridge, rather than what he did, which had the same or worse consequences for his own life.

  2. On youtube some believe the shooting was a hoax. I was sent this link IDK what to make of it but it is interesting
    HW hang in there brother you did nothing wrong and its great to see you blogging again. This is one of my best websites, not only for the articles but also for the comments. God Bless

  3. The SPLC are an anti-white hate group, so if you’re their enemy No.1, then you must be doing something right. Spergs, parasites, leeches and c@#ts-thats what they are. You’re no more responsible for the shooters actions than you are for my actions when I run my farm.
    Be proud of being their enemy. Thrive on it. If they ever started to praise you, I’d be bloody worried!
    Also, Frump and his missus have gone to Shitsberg to visit the scene of the shooting…..just like I predicted he would. Lets remember the 11million….

  4. This is how you do not reply to the SPLC.

    You dont owe these fucking jews any explanation. They are the enemy, and have already proved their hatred of White people time and time again. The video secretly filming talking about Whites are to be replaced is all the evidence anyone needs.

    You’re playing by “thou shall not kill” they are playing by Deuteronomy 7:16

    • I didn’t put this up for them.

      I put it up for anyone who I might happen to know who sees the smear. I wasn’t involved in this shit. It had nothing to do with this website.

      • We know you wern’t involved, you know you wern’t involved.

        So who exactly are you trying to tell you wern’t involved?

        Stop it.

        • For starters, the domain registrar, the host of this website and Stripe. We saw what happened to Gab and the mess this made there. I’m not stupid. I know what these people are up to.

          • I know what they’re up to, we all do. Irony is in your article you mention “conscience”

            This is something these people don’t have because they literally invented it.

            “Conscience is a jewish invention” – AH

            As /pol/ says to remove the jew, we must first remove the jew from within ourselves.

            By deception thou shall do war. << imagine doing that with a "conscience"

          • I’m pretty sure I was quoting an old post.

            I have never supported mass shootings. It is like Christmas morning for our enemies every time this happens. They react to mass shootings like they are about to get to open up a big present. The present is who it will be used to justify smearing, trashing, harassing, defunding or censoring on the internet. None of these shootings have done anything but make Jews more powerful.

          • smearing,trashing,harassing, is nothing to what the jews have planned for the goyim. Do i really have to explain the torah, the talmud or the “we will replace you” NY times article to you? or the millions of other evidence?

            jewish power corrupts and absolute jewish power will corrupt absolutely.

            If it takes jews to have all the power to wake the fucking sheep up.

            Then this is the only path.

            I patiently await the inevitable next jew or nigger that walks into a church and murders more Whites, and the inevitable “conscience” cucking to come from it…like the last time 26 Whites got murdered by a jewish imported nigger refugee a year ago.

  5. You shouldn’t have to explain yourselves to these faggot nobodies. You didn’t shoot anyone-you owe them nothing. If you’ve actually done something genuinely wrong, the police will deal with you. Thats what THEY are for. A lot of the time, you’re probably on solid ground to sue these people for defamation. Have a lawyer at the ready-and know your rights.

    • I’m fine man.

      This isn’t my first rodeo. I know how these people operate and what they are up to. Now, I have all that material in one spot publicly posted for anyone who finds their way here due to lies posted by “journalists.”

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