Trump’s Closing 2018 Ad

Can you dog whistle loud enough?

It’s not working this time. I agree with everything in the video, but immigration is now likely at an all time high under Trump. There are four caravans on the way through Mexico. The GOP ran on immigration in the 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections, but hasn’t done shit about the issue. Amazingly, the GOP under Trump is somehow deporting fewer illegal aliens than Barack Obama.

The GOP was given the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. They had the chance to Build The Wall which was the #1. issue in 2016. The problem is that they didn’t want to Build The Wall. They don’t want to end birthright citizenship either. After running against DACA and holding multiple failure theater votes against it since 2012, the GOP has tried to give amnesty to the DREAMers. They haven’t passed Kate’s Law, an e-Verify bill or done anything about sanctuary cities either.

I’ve been watching what the GOP has done in power: the tax cuts, banking deregulation, Sheldon Adelson’s “pro-Israel” wish list, hundreds of billions of dollars in wasteful military spending, sanctions on Russia, the Charlottesville Resolution, etc. How in the world can you argue that Republicans are “Making America Safe Again” while the Justice Department is allowing Antifa to run wild? Why should I care about the Democrats when the Republicans won’t even protect our free speech when in power now?

Just give us this one last chance. No, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The GOP is campaigning on White Nationalism, but governing on mainstream conservatism. They’re not campaigning on the tax cuts or banking deregulation or Jerusalem because no one cares about that shit. Instead, they are cynically campaigning on the one issue they refuse to do anything about.

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  1. I guess the one good thing about Gab being shut down for the time being is that I don’t have to deal with all the desperate hysteria coming from the deluded pro-GOPers insisting that I must trust the “plan”. I needed a break from that noise.

    • It’s nice to see you and other Gab refugees here, sir. And you’re right about needing a break from the MAGA ‘tardation on Gab, it was becoming quite intolerable. I wonder if any of those pro-Trump fools finally realize what a do-nothing disappointment their Cheeto-faced hero really is?

      • Thank you, spahnranch. It’s an honor to be here. 🙂

        Sadly, I doubt our MAGAtard brethren are making any progress, as Trump has been talking/tweeting tough on borders and immigration lately. Of course that has nothing to do with the impending midterm elections, nonono…

    • lol I don’t even know how you endured the endless attacks from the 4d Chess Brigade and still be willing to argue with them in good faith. I lost patience with them long ago.

      • Irusk,

        Hunter is a model of self-control.

        I am not. Fortunately, I was a nobody on Gab, so the Qultists, MAGAlomaniacs, and Trump apologists left me alone when I dared to question Daddy Donald.

        I leave them alone because I hope, possibly in vain, that seeing my skepticism might plant seeds that will bear fruit later. I view them as future potential allies, not current enemies.

        My real beef is not with them but with the Regime.

        • AMR,

          I’m a nobody too but my mentions were full of “Yeah but Trump’s gonna fire Sessions!”, “We (aka the GOP) need 55 Senate seats, then the White Ethnostate will become reality!”, and “ORANGE MAN BAD!”. My favorite was “You’re going to bend the knee after Nov 6th!”.

          But you’re right in that so long as they are pro-white, then they are allies. I just hope they’re going to snap out of it real soon. It’s embarrassing that so many of our guys are willing to forgive Trump for throwing his base under the bus countless times. It should be blatantly obvious by now that Trump only cares about his inner circle, and Jews.

          And once WNs snap out of this MAGA fantasy, we can finally repair our broken ethnonationalist movement.

    • I agree. You used to post 40 times on Gab when you could have put four of your Gab posts on this, your blog.

      So when the Tard Corral cums back you need to act accordingly and keep up your blog.

      Speaking of which, could you make it known that I am running as a write-in candidate for US Senate, against Josh Howdy-Doody Hawley, the Dark Corporate Jesuit Meercat from Brazil?

      My ex-son-in-law Shawn Deines is the only write-in Congressional Candidate from the SW Missouri 7th Congressional District.

      And, for those of you outside Missouri might I recommend “Robert Bowers” as a write-in candidate for something? Slow down the reporting cum-cum [s]Election nite.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Write-in Candidate for US Senate from Missouri

    • Your messages on Gab were much needed and greatly appreciated, HW. Someone needed to put those stupid MAGA’loids in their place and refute their nonsense with sober facts!

    • “I needed to stop shitposting so much on Gab anyway. OD was suffering because of it…” – HW

      As I read this forum, after taking some time away, I wonder to what ends these comments (which supposedly are reflective of a state of mind… any mind) serve.

      I, frankly, have seen no change in the ‘caliber of OD’ in the last two years, apart from (possibly) the long-winded columns in the beginning (that were more like well-written undergraduate papers on books – sort of an ‘OD Book Report format.’ If that is what was meant, HW, then I would concur. Your site HAS changed… but that’s because WE have changed, as well as you.

      I’ll admit that initially, I was much pleased to see these issues brought forward in the early days of OD, and the insights of HW on say, Woodard’s “American Nations” were a breath of fresh air. I also admit I was caught up in the furor of Trumpism, and yet… while I despise his recent bowing the knee to the Baal of the Talmudic scum, I still hope for the best from him. After all, I didn’t vote for the Jezebel from Arkansas for a reason….and that reason still holds, even after one of the most tumultuous first two years of any President in living memory. Maybe because the Dems are truly Dem-onic?

      Pat Buchanan’s recent column gave me some distance from the current melĂ©e. I’m old enough to remember 1968.

      But this barrage of “Trump dumping” recently here at OD (especially as I read a slightly different story over at DS), confuses me. Are you acting as liberals, mad that you have lost? Are you acting as mere rabble rousers, mad that you aren’t in power? Or are you merely kvetchers, complaining like some shrewish woman, that nothing seems right, because you are out of sorts with yourself, because it’s some variant on the monthly cycle?

      I can’t seem to get a handle on it. I, for one, DO see some steps in the right direction, since 2016. I can ignore the apparent condemnation of C’ville, in that I would ask myself, ‘What would I have to do, were I DT, with all these enemies around me? Feign submission, until I gain power – i.e., the approach used by a certain Austrian painter in the 1920’s.

      I, following AA’s observations, realize that until (and unless) we get rid of most of the KooK faction in the House and Senate (in other words, by doing what DT says, to ‘vote Republican,’ and choose the more clearly nationalist, or conforming candidates, (Sen. Graham, as opposed to Ocasio-Cortez et al.) rather than complain and kvetch endlessly, that the ‘Nationalist/White Supremacist/Alt-Right Parousia’ has not yet happened…..

      Strangely enough, I read in more ‘mainstream’ columns, words/terms/memes that I only first knew of/encountered back in the day, here and in other ‘Alt-whatever’ sites. Which means we ARE ‘effecting change.’ Of course, the shrieks of the Fake Jewsmedia should have been our first clue.

      One example of that (and one that many of y’all just can’t seem to stomach) is the supposed ‘denigration of women’ by the Stormer site. Yes, AA is over the top. But, (as in his condemnation of world Jewry) where is he substantively wrong? Scripture notes that ‘Eve sinned first;’ and all else follows (for Christians) from that. Must I drag all of that vaginal offal through the collective memory? I’d rather not. For Scripture says, “All our righteousness is like menstrual rags.” [Is. 64:6] And that’s where such foulness should stay- in the fire of Gehenna. Thus, when women overstep their bounds, if someone (ANYONE) is willing to ‘put them in their place,’ I say, ‘You Go, Guy!’ (to paraphrase a known euphemism)

      So when I read comments like this, I know the Alt-Right is reversing the course that ‘began with Friedan’ in or around 1963. No ‘Mystique’ about it. And if some shrewish whores fall by the wayside, or are pursued by a future mob (for their actions against noble men), I concur with the Beatles: ‘Let it be, let it be.’

      “The Alt-Right’s grappling with this question has provoked the aforementioned accusations of misogyny, based on the erroneous, and often duplicitous, assumption that the crisis in modern sexuality is merely the problem of a handful of frustrated basement-dwellers unable to secure a girlfriend; “a crisis in masculinity” experienced only by the “sexually unsuccessful.” But, as has been discussed, the postmodern West as a whole is sexually unsuccessful, being more neurotic than erotic, and inducing the sexes to hate each other while producing STDs faster than it produces children. The grappling of the Alt-Right, the manosphere, and similar tributaries of thought have resulted variously in support for MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), the bitter repudiations of the Incels, semi-ironic calls for “White Sharia,” and, at the more moderate end, a call for the return to more traditional gender roles and the (for lack of a better term) “re-domestication” of the Western woman. These strands of thought have all been denounced as expressions of hatred of women when, in fact, they are the expression (with greater or lesser success) of the desire to make women loveable, admirable, cherishable, even metaphysical again. It is a desire, if not to move from Tinder back to Dante, then to at least return to a period in which an almost spiritual respect for pudicitia lifted the female beyond the bitter descriptions of Schopenhauer.”-

      Which more or less makes this infernal kvetching a very infinitesimal side issue, in the bigger picture.

      And I guess that’s what I think we need to focus on- the incremental, baby steps, in the midst of one of the most universal Weltanschauung battles known to Western Man. And if that means I vote (and vote Republican this time around) it’s a paltry thing for the future of all of us.

      And Dems be damned.

      • “I, for one, DO see some steps in the right direction, since 2016.”

        This is probably because you’re retarded or a coward. Things are much worse than they were 3 years ago, and getting even worse at an accelerated pace.

        • You just proved my point… and you are the retarded one. Sigh. One cannot even make a cogent comment, and some mental midget thinks he has the right to put you down. Rule by the illiterate and ignorant mob = definition of Democrazy.

  2. I loathe both political parties equally. Both the Democrats and Republicans are controlled by AIPAC aka the Jewish lobby. Alas,we are suppose to be a Republic not a oligarchy. The /Lernaean Hydra can only be defeated by severing every single head. This (((monstrosity))) has wreaked havoc upon Western civilization. Will history repeat itself?Let’s make America #110.

  3. Hunter, your renewed commitment to OD is must appreciated. Loved your writing on Gab, but I’m happy to see you back here in full force with Gab refugees like Irusk in the comments. Best of both worlds!

    Irusk, I like being able to see Hunter explain at length why we shouldn’t ‘trust the plan’. It’s funny, so many who mock those with faith in Q still maintain faith in the elephant cult. Both groups’ wishful thinking that someone in power is going to save us is unshakable.

    I’ll be relieved when I won’t have to hear about muh red wave again after the midterms.

    • It’s good to see you too, AMR. 🙂

      And yeah, I can’t wait for this election cycle to be over, but I know Trump 2020 will kick off on Nov. 7th…


    • It’s good to see you too, AMR. 🙂

      And yeah, I also can’t wait for this election cycle to be over, but I know that Trump 2020 will kick off on Nov. 7th… -_-

  4. Fuck the GOP. Let them crumble at the midterms. The Democrats can’t do any worse to us than we’ve already suffered, and we can remove the false sense of security provided by a GOP-controlled government…

  5. I’m glad to see so many of us from Gab congregating here. I’m actually suffering from withdrawal – not only is Gab down but I am suspended from Twitter for a bogus abuse complaint that I am disputing (it takes about a week to process my appeal which is longer than the 12 hour suspension if I had taken the hit).

    I’ve had a lot to say too, especially since according to the MSM my post on Gab was the last interaction that Robert Bowers had before he shot up that synagogue. A journalist from Mother Jones contacted me saying that he wanted to get my side of the story so I directed him to the statement I put up on Gab. I’m not going to communicate with the enemy.

    I can’t see how we win in this election either way. Hunter is right – Trump has radicalized the liberals and he has shifted the consequences of that radicalization onto us, while giving us not one significant thing on our wish list. Trump was right about one thing – I am begging him to stop ‘winning’.

    Richard Spencer said that we have to regroup and I agree. And we need to enforce movement discipline and at a minimum remove people like Weev from our circles. And system collaboration, such as placing the movement into a position subordinate to the GOP has to be anathematized. If not we might as well give up right now and simply start planning for life as a minority in a post-White European West.

  6. Trump stirred up a bees nest of angry shitlibs and then left us, his biggest supporters, to get stung. Now he wants our support again? Screw you Cheeto-Face, I’m done.

  7. Some of us have been making these arguments since the beginning of his administration in 2017.

    People who claim this is the most important election ever and we must go out and vote – I understand their arguments but it hasn’t convinced me just like it didn’t convince me in 2008/12. I sat out Romney and McCain and never regretted it. I certainly have no problem sitting out these congressional servants of Sheldon Adelson & the Koch brothers.

    People claim that Trump and the GOP haven’t been given enough time. That expecting them to fix America in two years is crazy and the expectations are way too high but this a straw man argument because no one is demanding they fix America in two years. The wall would have been a great start.

    Bottom line is that the GOP do have an agenda and they DID that agenda over the last two years. Tax cuts and deregulation. They also have an agenda for 2019-20. You can call it the Sheldon Adelson wish list because he just bought the midterms for 55 million dollars. They wont run on that of course because polls show no one cares about it and see it as a negative.

    The fact is the GOP have no intention of doing anything Trump ran on – none of it. I am not voting for corporate interests or Sheldon Adelson’s wish list. I am a leftist on economics to be honest and I refuse to vote for anymore of this atrocious economic policy that is as anti-White working class as it gets. I would be wiling to eat it for immigration enforcement but the GOP will simply not do it because they are controlled by the very big business interests that love the invasion. I will not vote for them for social policy either because that is just another carrot on a stick they use. They got the courts now. Let’s see what conservatives do with them.

  8. The thing about voting for “the lesser of the two evils ” is that you’re still voting for evil. All that “lesser evil ” adds up.

  9. I just visited the Daily Sperger, more out of habit than anything else. Now I feel like I need a bath. Nothing but irrational pro-Trump faggotry and Anglin worship.

    • You’d think the prosecution of Azzmador would be a wake-up call for those faggots.

      They’re basically telling the God Emperor that they will put up with indefinite abuse. In return for nothing.

  10. FOUR caravans now?! I’m guessing as these human centipede invaders head south, they get fatter as they go with people in Mexico thinking-lets try our luck and join ’em. It may be a blessing in disguise though as frump may finally be forced to act, and appear strong. But with Trump, who knows. He may just surprise you.
    American voters have a right to know how many people are deported each year, and how many are still in their midst costing money. Some governments boast about deporting undesirables……when all they’re really doing is removing Swedish overstayers, while would-be terrorists remain at large.

  11. I tried Gab when Hunter first went on. Lasted maybe a week. I could see it was some sort of honeytrap.

    Now we see that gabai in Hebrew means:

    The officer of the synagogue who determines which congregants are to receive Torah honors at the service.


    The (lay) person who calls Jews to say blessings over the Torah reading and follows along with the Torah reading to correct any mistakes.

    But you should ONLY believe this is a cohencedence.

  12. The Yids are never going to forgive whitey for the Pittsburgh massacre.

    Bowers kicked off ww3.

  13. The first thing he said at last night’s rally was: “muh, we must DO EVERYTHING to combat anti-semitism”

  14. Depressingly true.

    But our best approach is to concentrate on state and local races. Who’s running for county sherif in your county? County Board Chairman. The lower non White races generally don’t even research who’s running for these offices or else just check the D party box. Somewhere near you there is a tough White guy coming up, there’s a Sherif Joe A, a Rudy Guliani, a Frank Rizo. Try to recruit populist celebrities – a well like College Football Coach, an ex MMA fighter, actor, country music singer etc.

    Donald Trump came from out of nowhere to challenge and defeat the GOP establishment – OK the Deep State is making it impossible for him to get anything our way done.

    Look for some Donald T type guys in your local areas.

    What’s the alternative – giving up? Going gay, converting to Islam.

    I confess I am thinking about moving to Central Europe, Serbia on the Coast – I went there once. Never met a single Liberal, Mud – the Js don’t seem to be there yet.

  15. The Republican Party is useless as tits on a boar hog. The Republican Party is not pro-white. Instead the true reality is the Democratic Party is anti-white but the Republican Party is not anti-white. Not being anti-white does not make them pro white! A huge chasm separates those two beliefs.

  16. “Can you dog whistle loud enough?”

    I’m fairly certain there is no “White” genome. ….Science

    Who is really doing the whistling in this article?

  17. Trump is a sunni now. The main goal is to fight Iran. America’s border security is just a scam for the morons to wheel out a couple months before an election. How much do you want to bet we are going into the 2020 election in a similar place we are now. No action from Trump, neocon war mongering and last minute dog whistling.

    Trump is too deeply flawed to be an effective vehicle for white interests. We need to be preparing a replacement.

  18. Notice how Jeff Sessions doesn’t do anything, at all? Never appears, never shows up. Says/Does absolutely nothing about immigration. Guy’s a ghost. What’s up with that? Rosenstein is running everything

  19. Watching idiots follow Trump’s bullshit for the past few years has been disheartening. It’s just a never-ending cycle of trump making some outlandish statement to get media attention, low IQ or disingenuous alt righters going crazy over it, Trump never following up on the statement, and then those same alt righters forgetting it ever happened. Repeat for 4-8 years. Omnibus, first caravan, internet censorship, south africa, leftist violence, second omnibus, daca, fisa declassification, second caravan, and on and on. This has really exposed how much of our progress in “redpilling” and so on over the past few years has been totally illusory. It is like we’re back in the Bush years.

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