Breitbart: Twitter Failed To Act On Hundreds Of Violent Threats Against Public Figures From Cesar Sayoc

The MAGA bomber story has been newscucked by Pittsburgh:

“Twitter allowed Cesar Sayoc, the man who allegedly sent apparent bombs to public figures around the country this month, to post more than 240 threats towards 50 different people on its social network without sanction. Meanwhile, the media managed to temporarily force free speech social network Gab offline after it was revealed that the Tree of Life Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting suspect had an account on the platform. According to CNN, an analysis discovered that “Sayoc tweeted more than 240 threats directed to at least 50 public officials, news organizations and media personalities.”

“The threats, and Twitter’s apparent inaction regarding them, raise new questions regarding social media and radicalization,” CNN declared, adding, “In this instance, Twitter may well have provided Sayoc with the material that radicalized him, and then it stood idly by as that radicalization led to hundreds of threats.”

Some of Sayoc’s threats reportedly included, “Your Time is coming,” “Your days are over,” “your (sic) next,” and “Hug your loved ones real close everytime U leave your home,” while he also sent pictures of decapitated goats to users. …”

The Washington Post is disappointed that it can’t find anyone who is celebrating what happened in Pittsburgh to justify more social media censorship.

Every prominent thought leader in the “Far Right” thinks these two guys are retarded. Cesar Sayoc mailed Hollywood style “pipe bombs” that never could have exploded to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Democrats. Robert Bowers shot and killed a bunch of random elderly people in a synagogue. Sayoc used ineptly constructed bombs against prominent targets whereas Bowers used lethal force against nobodies. It’s a good thing for the Jews that Dumb and Dumber never shared notes.

(Anders Behring Breivik)

Most of these lone wolf terrorists are clowns like Glenn Miller who murdered a 14-Year Old Methodist eagle scout and his grandpa at a synagogue in the Kansas City suburbs. They throw away their lives in pointless acts of violence against irrelevant targets to advance no strategic purpose.

The one and only time I can ever remember seeing one of these mass shootings and thinking to myself that the use of violence might have accomplished a strategic goal was Anders Behring Breivik in Norway in 2011. Breivik was an exceptional mass shooter who bombed the Norwegian parliament and slaughtered the children of the political class on the island of Utøya. He killed 77 people and injured 319. If mass shootings were ever going to work, it would have worked in Norway.

Even in Breivik’s case though, violence backfired and had the opposite effect of leaving the people more cucked than ever. It is worth remembering that Breivik published his elaborate manifesto on Facebook and linked to a YouTube video. I said at the time that Breivik was the John Brown of European nationalism … the violent, bloody omen that comes before the storm.

Sure enough, Breivik’s ideas about immigration and multiculturalism, which were so radical back in 2011, are now mainstream in Europe and have been adopted by nationalists and populists across the world who have succeeded through politics rather than through violence.

It is eerie taking a look at this in the wake of Bolsonaro and the fall of Merkel. This was only 7 years ago. It is amazing how much the world has changed since then.

Note: There haven’t been anymore Breiviks in Europe because nationalists and populists are slowly, but surely taking power there even with “hate speech” laws.

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  1. The Jews and their minions are happy when a tragedy takes place. They never let a tragedy go to waste. They’ll use this tragedy to garner sympathy for the Jews and use it to advance their anti-white agenda.Here comes the Orwellian wrongthink laws that’ll be used to stamp out dissent. Lest we forget what their Bolshevik brethren did to our people?

  2. I hate Muslims but I’ll kill dozens of white defenseless teenagers to show my point.
    The “far-right” generally produce laughable morons as politicians and revolutionaries, Breivik, Hitler, Trump, Bolsonaro…
    The only two right now that seems are showning some intellect are Orban and Salvini

    • Didn’t Brevik want some kind of gay friendly, anti-racist, pro Israel nationalism? Very kosher. And apparently the kids on the island were protesting Israel the day before.

      So one man blew up the parliment of Norway, evaded a massive manhunt to reach an island, where all of the government’s children were having a big love in, and shot 400? Unreal. Its like a James Bond movie.

  3. “nationalists and populists are slowly, but surely taking power there even with “hate speech” laws.”

    The anti-Whites should take note that hate speech laws didn’t stop Hitler either,

  4. Why didn’t Bowers shoot up the offices of HIAS or the SPLC instead of going to that jew community center, which was full of useless old yids? We’re not getting the full story about what really happened.

  5. They throw away their lives in pointless acts of violence against irrelevant targets to advance no strategic purpose.

    Throw away is exactly what these people are. They’re manipulated into doing these sorts of things for black propaganda purposes.

    Oswald was a throw away assassin.

    Nobody I know thinks this whole bomb business is anything but a setup by USZOG.

  6. So when can we expect twitter to be deplatformed and shut down? I also recall some Facebook live of murders and torture of a white kid in Chicago but who gives a shit about that either?

  7. I once saw a TV show( I think world’s greatest warrior) comparing terrorist groups and which one was the most sophisticated. I thought it would be ISIS or al-Qaeda but It turned out to be the IRA. One thing to note was that a target for an IRA hit was only chosen if he had wide name recognition and had alienated a section of the population. That way when he was taken out people would say- its horrible what happened to so and so but usually followed it up with(or at least thought it) but he probably had it coming. That is political terrorism 101.In that regard the Silent Brotherhood (AKA The Order) much beloved by some segments of the radical right failed miserably as do all these psychotic lone wolf types.

  8. anders put every single political liar in the world on notice that this isnt the game they say it is. the impact is beyond measurable. plus each of those kills would have been a dedicated enemy that would be 1:1 countering our work on a potentially equal level for the past 7 years. the repression he caused is what helped spur our growth. they kept it quiet but it was almost as effective as a nuke. are you sure you are ready to play general?

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