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Editor’s Note: Antifa are extremely mad at Jack Corbin and I right now that they are being doxed en masse and have gone crying to their “journalist” friends to DO SOMETHING. That’s why we are suddenly getting hit with these fake news stories. If you would like to see more Antifa doxed when Gab returns, please donate through the P.O. Box. I’ve still got like 100 of them in the queue because the success we are having unmasking them has far outpaced our ability to write up stories.

UPDATE: Can someone on the bird site tell Jared Holt that I don’t have a “verified” checkmark on Gab? I know he has desperately been lobbying for one, but I don’t have one either.

I figured this was coming.

I got a phone call and text message from one of these “journalists” from the Antifa blog Huffington Post who wanted me to comment on a story she was writing. I don’t respond to these people anymore. I’ve seen enough of their “stories” to discern they are nothing more than political activists.

The article is about how I doxed the Antifa doxer Shaun Patrick Breen back in July:

“Three months before accused Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers killed 11 people in a synagogue, he offered on the social media site Gab to help a prominent white supremacist dox an anonymous anti-racist blogger.

Brad Griffin, a member of the white supremacist organization League of the South, claimed in July on Gab that he had the address of a blogger who closely tracked the legal and personal troubles of white nationalists. Bowers, who frequently used Gab to rant about Jews and immigrants and interact with well-known white supremacists, replied to Griffin, offering to give him a more recent address for the blogger. It is not clear whether Griffin, who goes by the name Hunter Wallace on Gab, took Bowers up on the offer. But around the time of the exchange, Griffin posted what he claimed was the blogger’s real name as well as information about his family and where he lived. …”

This is the relevant article that Jessica Schulberg is referring to.

In this article, I never posted Shaun Patrick Breen’s current address. I already had that address which is publicly posted on a bunch of websites, but I never shared it. I haven’t published the addresses of ANY of the Antifa who I have doxed on this website. The story here is that Jack Corbin had “regabbed” my post and Robert Bowers responded to him in the comments. I never saw it in the whirl of the hundreds of notifications that I get every day on my Gab account which has over 7,000 followers.

This is another piss poor example of a smear article from a politically motivated fake news outlet. Robert Bowers had nothing to do with my dox of Shaun Patrick Breen. Schulberg also cites Michael Edison Hayden who conveniently omits the fact that he has ALSO “regabbed” dozens of my posts. My tweets have been featured in Huffington Post many times before. Consider the absurdity of a “journalist” who writes a story based on nothing more than the equivalent of “retweets” who just happens to have your own personal phone number. The Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers didn’t have my personal phone number, but somehow Jessica Schulberg of The Huffington Post has acquired it.

BTW, the world’s smallest violin is playing for Shawn Patrick Breen:

“Following Griffin’s doxing effort, the blogger significantly cut back their activities online. “I was incredibly shaken at the discovery that an alleged mass murderer was apparently sharing my information online. It’s very disturbing,” the blogger, who requested anonymity for security reasons, told HuffPost. “What’s more disturbing is that the people he was sharing my info with are still operating day-to-day with no consequences for their actions.”

Jessica Schulberg fails to mention the fact that Shaun Patrick Breen was an Antifa doxer who spent the past 5 years doxing hundreds of people on the Right. Now, he is crying because he got doxed himself. Pity the poor Antifa who got a big dose of his own medicine.

The Huffington Post is nothing more than an Antifa blog at this point. I’ve watched it recycle dozens of stories from Antifa blogs. I have seen Huff Post bloggers admit to covering up Antifa violence at rallies because that’s not how you “cover white supremacy in America.” In fact, the fake news that is published at The Huffington Post is so bad that in August they accused the father of a personal friend of mine of murdering a black man by burning him alive in Tennessee.

Christopher Mathias had to retract that fake news story and delete his tweets about it because he falsely accused an entirely different guy who lives in a different state of committing a gruesome hate crime. The real story here isn’t my “interactions” with Robert Bowers which were non-existent outside of being “regabbed” for criticizing the GOP. It is how The Huffington Post is a fake news outlet that openly supports Antifa, injects stories written by Antifa into the mainstream political conversation and fights their enemies with grossly misleading stories because they are on the same team.

Note: If anyone wants to know my real opinion of mass shooters, which was conveniently omitted from this article, they are free to read all the things I have written about them for ten years now on this website. I have never supported these people or their horrific crimes.

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  1. GREAT work Hunter. You’re doing the governments job for them. Yes, watch out for cu&ts like her 🙂 I’ll be donating soon. You really need to launch a Telethon, ( aka Donatathon, ) like Infowars and Vdare do once or more a year. Really go all out. Get on as a guest on every outlet you can. YOU NEED $$$$$.

  2. Huffington Post is Fake news! They work hand and glove with Antifa,SPLC and ADL. They’re the modern day e·quiv·a·lent of Pravda. When I saw her name (((Schulberg))) I knew instantly that she’s part of the same parasitic tribe. Behind every destructive and degenerate movement known to mankind therein lies the Jew. In Mathew 7:16 it states “ Ye shall know them by their fruits” Need I say more?

  3. You are one of the very few online “personalities” who have earned my trust, HW. You and Jack Corbin are doing an outstanding job of exposing Pantifa scum. And you do it in a very calm and methodical way, something which must drive ’em crazy.

  4. I can’t imagine talking to Jessica Schulberg in person or on the phone with that nasally voice from that huge hook nose saying every word you say with ya, ya, ya, whilst rubbing hands furiously hoping that you say something PC wrong. Yes, I agree never talk to journalists that don’t have our convictions or best interests.
    Ask Azzmador or Cantwell about that. That blonde jew from vice made them look like complete phycopaths. look at them today or yesterday and forever on record.
    Good call HW!

  5. Why would these ANTIFA fear doxing? I don’t get it. Are they afraid some Alt Right person will kill them or something? Surely, they have nothing to worry about it in terms of their jobs or careers right?

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