Response To Daily Beast Smear Article

I’ve already responded to these charges in the Huffington Post smear article.

Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast, a well known blogger who openly works with Antifa, has recycled the same article except she has some included some more whining by Antifa doxers:

“The July post was first flagged by Michael Hayden, an extremism researcher for the social media intelligence agency Storyful.

“Brad Griffin often expressed a desire on Gab to out a left-wing blogger who tracked the far-right,” Hayden told The Daily Beast. …”

Michael Edison Hayden fails to mention that he has ALSO “regabbed” dozens of my posts. He is also likely the source of my phone number which was given to The Huffington Post. I chatted with him last year when I was still under the misguided impression that I was interacting with journalists. I realize now that many of these “journalists” were Antifa themselves.

“But to Bowers and Griffin, he was an enemy of the white race, and they wanted him gone. The truth is undeniable: the blogger’s life was in real danger that day and Gab helped make that situation possible by pairing men like Griffin and Bowers together to organize.”

Shaun Patrick Breen was an Antifa doxer who spent the past five years doxing hundreds of people on his website Restoring The Honor. What is he complaining about? Getting doxed himself?

““Doxxing” or publishing a person’s personal information — including their home address — is against Gab’s terms of service. Although Bowers appears to have facilitated the dox on Gab, it’s unclear whether he posted the address on the site. Gab also has private messaging, which is not publicly searchable. The website has stated that it is cooperating with law enforcement on Bowers’ case.”

Christopher Mathias of The Huffington Post has boasted on Twitter about writing a dozen articles doxing people using Antifa as a source. The horror … that’s not supposed to happen TO US, right?

“On Thursday, researcher Megan Squire tweeted Gab screenshots of Griffin boasting about doxxing her earlier this year.”

I never doxed Comrade Megan Squire of Raleigh Durham IWW. She doxed herself in a Wired story in which she was called “Meet Antifa’s Secret Weapon Against Far Right Extremists.” Megan Squire openly identifies as Antifa and boasts about data mining Facebook to dox people.

That’s Megan Squire with her fist raised at an organizing session of Raleigh Durham IWW which is a communist group based in North Carolina. This image was sent out through their public Twitter account.

There are few things more pathetic than watching Antifa doxers whine to fake news “journalists” about how they are being victimized by getting doxed themselves. I’m on the verge of tears reading about yet another Antifa doxer who uses her real name in the press crying about mean Gab posts.

Toughen up, buttercup.

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  1. Hey, y’all remember back in 2002 when an anarchist killed a cop in California and then tried to claim immunity from the crime on the grounds that he had incorporated himself?

    Remember how he bragged about this on Indybay–basically the It’s Going Down of the Bush Administration?

    Remember how it became nationwide news and Indybay was forced into the dark web and there was serious talk of arresting anyone who had ever so much as had a presence of any kind on the site?

    Okay, bad example? What about Pekka-Eric Auvinen? Posted dozens of videos on youtube praising and advocating school shootings before he went and did one himself.

    (Also an anarchist, though you would never know that from reading most accounts after the fact. I only know because I used to be a pretty big follower of his.)

  2. The picture of those pseudo-Bolsheviks (is this what LARPing is?) is a picture of complete losers. There doesn’t appear to be an intelligent, sane face in the bunch.

    Then there is the Khazar quotient, whinging (per the norm) as shown in articles like this:

    Will the normies EVER wake up to this crap? Wil the Jews ever be exposed for the culture destroyers, the Antichrists that they are? Dear God, arise and scatter our enemies.

  3. I think Trumpenbergstein is going to allow the Orc masses of Latrino America to merengue right on in. I think American IDF troops will be told to shoot any-one that tries to stop the invasion. Chaos will ensue – because it will be a signal to Any Orc from Anywhere to come on in. And then things are going to get very interesting.

    • Interesting article. Did you ever read some of the articles on the Charleston church shooting? Or, look at some of the earlier videos on it? I strongly lean to that one being a false flag. Just look at the history of the creation of Israel. Terror, it’s the kikes SOP. Rahm Emanuel’s father was an Irgun. Terrorism is their calling card. I often wonder if the Tamil Tigers learned their art via Israel (suicide bombing). Look at what they’ve done to our peace officers.

  4. Jewish communists can NEVER take what they dish out. EVER. Shining light on these vermin is like shining light on a vampire. Keep shining that light on these bloodsuckers. Destroy them or they will destroy us.

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