National Review: Conservatives Need To Draw The Line At Steve King

“Just vote straight ticket R.”

I keep hearing people in our community making that argument in good faith. I also hear people tell me that the GOP can be reformed in the primaries. It is hard to square either with what happened to Roy Moore in Alabama. It is happening again now with Steve King in Iowa:

“Republicans are fighting for their lives in the House this year, with the odds against their holding on to their majority. If they lose, it will mean divided government, Democratic-controlled committees embarking on fishing expeditions trying to hamstring the Trump administration, and possibly even impeachment of the president. But Republicans signaled this week that there is at least one competitive seat they are willing to lose.

Iowa representative Steve King is facing the toughest reelection fight of his eight-term career. Nonetheless, the National Republican Congressional Committee felt it had to draw a line in the stand between King and the rest of the party. The NRCC’s chairman, Representative Steve Stivers of Ohio, didn’t mince words …

King’s comfort with white nationalism — as opposed to the nationalism of patriots who love their country as the standard-bearer of freedom — makes the false accusations of racism against other Republicans look credible. He is no victim of biased media or Trump-hating conservatives. He is, instead, a cautionary tale of what happens when conservatives allow a justified concern about a broken immigration system to turn into a debate about race and a conflict between whites and those who are black or brown. …”

Steve King is currently in a tough race in the general election.

Are all the True Cons who want you to vote for candidates like Mitt Romney supporting Steve King? No, the NRCC and National Review are attempting to take out Steve King on the eve of the election. This is an opportunity to take out a nationalist in Congress who has been a thorn in their side: “Republicans signaled this week that there is at least one competitive seat they are willing to lose.”

Observe this is how the GOP establishment plays politics. They would rather lose elections than support a nationalist or populist. Keep that in mind on Tuesday.

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  1. Congressperson Stivers will be hurt for attacking Steve King, because King could beat Stivers in his own district. Not the other way around.

  2. This is fine, tho.

    We must not even THREATEN the holy cucks in our own states with similar repercussions.

    That would not be MAGA, and would threaten Donald Trump’s right to get that one more, two more, four more, eight more Senators he needs to actually do anything he promised in the campaign apart from engaging in economic terrorism against Iran (the #1 enemy of our #1 enemy). It would make ‘Jazzhands’ and the ghost of Douglass Mackey sad pandas.

  3. So Iowan’s need to go all out to get King elected ? Vickstrom is right. We need to take over the smaller elections and grow power … but first we need 1. A PERFECT PLAN WHICH INCLUDES A PERFECT “BIG PICTURE” THAT IS EASILY ARTICULATED REMEMBERED AND REPEATABLE. 2. A WINNING PHRASE. 3. LOADS OF $$$$$$.

  4. The “just vote straight ticket R” people are complicit with the unseating of Steve King whether they understand that or not.

    • I can understand how a white nationalist would not support Steve King because he cucks for Israel. I think that would be a bad tactical move. But, understandable.

      I cannot understand how a white nationalist would support someone who would criticize Steve King for his very reasonable, milquetoast positions that are less radical than the very kosher counterjihad movement supports.

      Look, maybe those of us who point out that the GOP are not actually our guys and the captured ZOG democracy doesn’t work have been missing some moves, we could have done more to work for slightly less garbage GOP candidates. But you know who has parroted the ‘keep it to the primaries’ message hardest, while simultaneously not doing a damn thing to promote insurgent campaigns against these cucks? The same GOP promoting scum like ‘Fash’ the Nation.

  5. The Republican party is basically a grounding wire that makes sure all conservative energy is dissipated harmlessly instead of sparking and causing a fire. This is why it hurts so much to vote R. It’s a terrible, terrible party of cucks and traitors. Their only selling point is that they’re slightly less bad than the Dems. I’ll hold my nose and pull the lever, but having an actual traditionalist party would be nice.

  6. I think it is possible that an Abrams win in GA could be just the wake up call the Southern GOP establishment needs to wake up and come up with an agenda to help the rural people of the South. Just imagine if Kemp came out in support of industrial hemp. It could shift even some liberal Whites away from Abrams to him.

  7. I urge all White Nationalists to call the NRCC in support of Rep King! Watch this video first. And remember what both Dr David Duke and James Mason said about the aging Republican party, IT’S OURS FOR THE TAKING!

    • Well, they were butthurt for awhile because the only people facing the repercussions of #metoo, in the form of actionable evidence, were all Jews and Democrats. Al Franken.

      Mostly, though? Nah, they want to get rid of their own, they pull some skeletons out of their closet and use that to get rid of them.

  8. The reason the Republicans have this obsession with getting the colored vote, is they want to do away with the White vote for good. They don’t want to rely on us.

    This White Nationalist delusion that Republicans are going to realise one day, they are the White man’s party is utterly retarded. It has about as much chance of happening as the Democrats becoming Pro White. Republicans are anti-White rats.

    • The Republicunts care more about kissing up to the jews and niggers than they do about representing the best interests of their White voting base. They will never become a party for the White middle and working class.

  9. gop exists to be a though border for the american right. that friggin james woods got me though. F the GoP and i mean F them but im gonna do one more partisan vote just to support trump. i think the crazy mfer got into this with good intentions but was just not able to pull it off after flynn got sacked. i cant promote feeding him to the wolves to accelerate things as much as i want to

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