Americans Despise Political Correctness

This is a great article.

Did you know that SJWs are only 8 percent of Americans and that 97 percent of these bastards are White? 80 percent of Americans believe that “political correctness is a problem.”

“Most members of the “exhausted majority,” and then some, dislike political correctness. Among the general population, a full 80 percent believe that “political correctness is a problem in our country.” Even young people are uncomfortable with it, including 74 percent ages 24 to 29, and 79 percent under age 24. On this particular issue, the woke are in a clear minority across all ages. …

The gap between the progressive perception and the reality of public views on this issue could do damage to the institutions that the woke elite collectively run. A publication whose editors think they represent the views of a majority of Americans when they actually speak to a small minority of the country may eventually see its influence wane and its readership decline. And a political candidate who believes she is speaking for half of the population when she is actually voicing the opinions of one-fifth is likely to lose the next election.”

Newsweek was sold for $1.

What happens when this “woke” minority of SJWs decides it should have the authority to impose political correctness on the internet by policing speech on social media platforms?

Note: Jews are classified as White in this study.

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  1. We are truly ‘The Dispossessed Majority’ (50 years after that book was first published).

    I’m not a cruel man. I enjoy a bit of schadenfreude, but I won’t enjoy what comes if these people decide not to allow us to take the power back, peaceably, through mass political action, and make that total ? instead of 110.

  2. Trump won on this stuff. He ran the most politically incorrect campaign in my lifetime. The GOP hated him for it too.

    They have softened on him since he has been President because he has done all of their neo-liberal economics, heritage foundation “true conservative” agenda but they despised him and still do for his politically incorrect rhetoric and they never miss a chance to hit social media or stand in front of the media to call him out on it.

  3. The tragedy of it all is I want everyone all over the world to prosper and do well where they come from. I don’t want to hate other people. It pains me to have to constantly come onto here and other sites and whine about people-but I also care about my race and culture and I see that its in grave danger. Whenever I try not to be a race realist, another story comes along that vindicates me.
    Migrants are your increased welfare bill. They’re the traffic jams that stop you getting anywhere quickly. They’re the new highrises popping up everywhere. They’re the increased pollution in the air. They’re the source of your cities high crime rates. They invade your country, state, city, street, culture, job and even your family (by marrying into it)
    If everyone stayed where they belonged and worked towards the betterment of THEIR country, the whole world would be a greater and happier place.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The positive good from the move from empires to nations as the unit of political organization was supposed to be greater self-determination for all peoples. I don’t know about Africa, but that clearly means that Israel stops telling our politicians what to do, and we stop telling Germany and Japan what Israel wants us to tell them to do.

      I will also note that at the point that it comes to do something about Weimerica, it sure would be useful for our organization/s to be looked on positively by outside parties that have also been harmed by the evil American Empire. Look at how the brave Houthis are making the Saudis and UAE pay a grave toll despite the vast technological gap. Bravery and honor and some friends with artillery rockets go a long way.

    • “If everyone stayed where they belonged and worked towards the betterment of THEIR country, the whole world would be a greater and happier place.”

      A nice idea, but it does not apply to the 3rd world. They do not have the IQ or self-control to limit their population growth(or create a prosperous society), so they will continue to grow exponentially, straining their own lands, unless the food or water run out. It is a massive problem for the rest of the world and any foolish country which allows itself to be used as a relief valve for 3rd world populations.

  4. “Note: Jews are classified as White in this study.”

    Factual error # 6,000,000.

    “Dr. Eran Elhaik is a world-class geneticist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. His research into Jewish origins has produced an earth-shaking thesis. He solidly agrees with Koestler that the majority of Jews today can claim no ancestry to Abraham. They’re primarily descendants of the Khazars. Not since Koestler in 1976 has an academic so successfully challenged accepted “facts” about the beginnings of modern Eastern European (“Ashkenazi”) Jewry.

    In an interview with Ha’aretz last December Elhaik says his genetic research reveals decisively that “Central European Jews (primarily Polish) are 38% Khazar while Eastern European Jews (primarily Russian) are 30% Khazar.” Yet he says other genetic components include those of Middle Eastern origin whose source is probably Mesopotamian, although it is possible part of that component could be attributed to Israeli Jews. (This could include authentic Jews who were transported to Babylon in the sixth century Nebuchadnezzar and flourished there for 1600 years [1]). Such genetic influence, however, is not strong enough, says Elhaik, to suggest a Mideast or Israeli origin of Ashkenazim Jews. But he says there is very strong genetic evidence linking the Jews of Iran, the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, and Georgia with the European Jews, i.e., those people whose ancestors are Khazars.”

    The quotes (like the above) in this article are good- the Evan-jelly-goo theology part, not so….

    The Truth is out there.

    • Although that is OT, to be more scientific with who begat who, Y chromosome haplotype and mitochondrial DNA could be sought from the remains of genealogical founders in the Levant, if indeed they are buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs.

      That is controversial but if the remains of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah are there, then the question of who is and who is not a pedigree descendent is much more readily answered.

      You would think, given the nature of the religion and Israel’s Aliyah rests for the most part in descent, this is something the Hebrews would want answered.

    • Benjamin Freedman’s speech in 1961 is unknown to many. Listen to it while it’s still available:

      Eustace Mullins believed the Ashkenazi were descendants of Khazars.

      Myron Fagan was another righteous Jew who knew what was going on.

      And, of course, there is the one and only Bobby Fischer in more recent times who spoke honestly about Jews and eventually paid the price.

      No, the only Jews that are beloved by the Jewish control mechanism are the liars. The complicit. The silent. And, the most prized of them all, the stupid.

  5. Just read this over at Irish Savant –
    Who is behind this Putsch to get Spics on our border. The Jewsual suspects…

    “Well this article in Spanish in the respected Spanish newspaper El Mundo, shows who is really in control in Honduras”

    ‘Although everyone calls them “Turks” they are actually families of Jewish origin who came from Arab countries during the 40s and 50s away from the desert and conflicts. They are the Rosenthal, the Facussé, the Larach, the Nasser, the Kafie or the Goldstein. Five surnames that control maquilas (assembly industries), thermal energy, telecommunications, tourism, banking, finance, media, cement and commerce, airports or the congress. Practically everything. They are the hard core of that 3% of Hondurans that controls 40% of the national production. They are the elect of a country with 70% of the poor.’

    FYI, folk.

  6. Political Correctness is an anti-White religion FORCED on White countries and ONLY White countries in order to facilitate White Genocide.

    • Don’t worry, the jews and globalists will eventually set their sites on the Far East for not being diverse enough. There’s already some early indications of that.

  7. “Did you know that SJWs are only 8 percent of Americans and that 97 percent of these bastards are White?”

    They’re led by Jewish Kommissars and Zampolits. If the Jews disappeared, these people would become disorganised and wander around aimlessly like automated machinery experiencing software problems.

    Even BLM is White Shabbat Goyem, led by Jews, with a few token Negroes for window dressing. Left to their own devices, Negroes would never have created or organised any such an outfit. They only know how to riot and loot. Not protest.

    Antifa is a Jewish creation, too. The leaders are all Jews, leading White idiots around by the nose.
    Moldylocks is a Jewess, for example. Wherever Antifa are, in significant numbers, there’s always cohenincidentaly a Synagogue in the area. Where they’re weak, in places like Tennessee or Arkansas, you don’t find many or any Synagogues.

    A Synagogue was at the center of the Charlottesville event.

    Mosques, since the time of Mohamed and the later Caliphates, also served as an armoury and training center for the Jund, the local militia. Which would take their place in the Caliph’s army in times of war. Mosques were/are the center of political activities, too.

    Jews, being a Semitic people, make similar use of Synagogues. Which, like Mosques, are the Religious, Political and Military centers of that community.

    Map the location of Synagogues in relation to public rallies, and you’ll be able to predict the likelihood of AntiFa appearing in strength.

    Or cat ladies in pussy hats.

  8. FYI the “synagogue shooting” as I’ve noted previously – there is NO arrest record for “Robert D Bowers”. There are “jews stories” and charges – but no arrest records. No stories on his life, either. There is more info on this latest NAZI Shoah, though; a very special jew team, from Brookjew, in Jew York City, was sent to the synagogue to clean up EVERY sacred drop of jewblood, to be buried with the sacred jew dead, because every sacred drop will is sacred. Cleaning up what should be a very grisly, messy crime scene would pose a problem for most people, as well as assigning the correct blood stains to the correct shoah’ed jew – but not for the Super Jew Team! They are like the Jewish Mary Poppins! Cleaning up blood stains and gore will be a snap! Not one molecule will be left! No one! No trace that anything ever happened at all!

    Jews are so special.

    • Do you really believe the jews would make up stories about being slaughtered in order to shut down free speech online and extort undeserved sympathy from the gentiles, madam? Didn’t you see the bullet holes in the walls, the blood smeared all over the floors, the bodies lying crumpled up…..oh, wait. Hmmm….never mind.

      The Holocaust never happened. BUT IT’S GOING TO.

    • @Denise

      Like their story about the six gorillion being gassed in broom closets with bug spray, the lack of evidence has conveniently disappeared.

      In the itty bitty town of Paris, Tx, nobody thinks this is anything but a Jewish black propaganda stunt designed to ram home the point that we need more Goy control laws.

      “a very special jew team, from Brookjew, in Jew York City, was sent to the synagogue to clean up EVERY sacred drop of jewblood”

      I read they were comming all the way from the world headquarters of Jewish Gangsterdom.

    • Gab is like an unpopular, unattractive girl whom you find yourself attracted to for some inexplicable reason.

  9. For the newbies…

    And, of course, who can forget the mesmerizing and brilliant Fred Leuchter, the real brilliant – not the fake ((( brilliant))), an expert on execution methods in the U.S. Fred is one of my favorites. He is intelligent, straightforward, honest, patriotic, caring, comical, and quite lovable (who doesn’t love an expert vermin exterminator?).

    Fred with Jim Rizzoli:

    The Leuchter Report:

    Remember, the Allied Forces were in on the holocaust lie and our own government enforces it to this very day.

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