Tallahassee Mass Shooter Was An Incel Who Wanted To Crucify Mudsharks On YouTube

That’s it.


“The man who shot dead two women at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida, on Friday before killing himself was a far-right extremist and self-proclaimed misogynist who railed against women, black people, and immigrants in a series of online videos and songs.

Scott Beierle, 40, was named by Tallahassee Police as the shooter who opened fire inside the Hot Yoga Tallahassee studio, killing two and injuring four other women and a man.

Those killed were named as Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, who worked at Florida State University’s College of Medicine, and FSU student Maura Binkley, 21.

On a YouTube channel in 2014, Beierle filmed several videos of himself offering extremely racist and misogynistic opinions, in which he called women “sluts” and “whores,” and lamented “the collective treachery” of girls he went to high school with.

“There are whores in — not only every city, not only every town, but every village,” he said, referring to women in interracial relationships, whom he said had betrayed “their blood.”

Officer Damon Miller of the Tallahassee Police Department said he could not tell BuzzFeed News whether women were specifically targeted in the attack or whether these online posts were the subject of detectives’ inquiries.

“Everything that he has a connection to we’re investigating right now,” Miller said.

Police said they were still investigating a motive, but noted Beierle had previously been investigated for harassing women.

In one video called “Plight of the Adolescent Male,” he named Elliot Rodger, who killed six people and injured 14 and is often seen as a hero for so-called incels, or those who consider themselves “involuntarily celibate.” …”

In “American Wigger,” he sang that he would “blow off” the head of a woman he referred to using the c-word. The song “Locked in My Basement” featured an extremely disturbing tale of Beierle holding a woman prisoner in his basement using chains so he can rape her.”

I’m wondering how we are going to be blamed for this one.

The YouTube account went down as I was watching his videos. In the video “The Brick Wall,” he was talking about how he had two master’s degrees. He was also in the military.

Note: The shooter also has a Facebook account.

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  1. I didn’t get the chance to watch this video. I watched three of them though


    “In another video, titled “The Rebirth of my Misogynism,” Beierle says that his hatred for women started in eighth grade, when he discovered the “collective treachery” of girls his age. He lists the names of several girls who he said sparked his misogyny. He said his feelings toward woman went dormant until he went off to college at FSU, when women already in relationships gave him their phone numbers and one woman called the police on him for visiting her at work.”

    • The wheels on the bus go flying off, flying off.

      I am flip-flopping right now between whether America will never collapse in my lifetime or whether I stupidly decided to go to uni in a powder keg that will go off sometime in the coming decade. The level of mental illness, neuroticism, & crazy behavior in this country is becoming extremely perturbing.

      • We were all wrong. It ain’t the reds nor the fash that’s gonna bring down the System, it ain’t foreign powers or immigration or peak oil or climate change, it’s gonna be crazy people. They’re all going to go ballistic in unison; Revolt of the Ticking Time Bombs.

        Consider: there were almost 45,000 suicides in America in 2016. 70% of those were white men. Turn 50% of those 70% into homicides and you double the national murder rate.

        (I believe it was the Red Army Faction that actually did have plans to infiltrate the psychiatric facilities of Europe and radicalize the inmates. Hmm… maybe it would have worked…)

      • The evil at the VERY TOP OF the pyramid is coordinating MKUltra’d patsy’s to keep focus away from them and on, “the evil racist right.” 🙂 Think I’m wrong ? Read Russ Dizdars book about satanic super soldiers. Anyways … here’s why we HAVE TO vote least worst. Just imagine if this witch were in The White House :

      • This is nothing Vickstrom. Have a look at that artcle by Pat Buchanan about the violence of 1968.

        As long as you don’t make the mistake of assuming America is still a white country, like that white Australian jogger did a few years back. The guy that was shot dead because he ran down the wrong street and the blacks were “bored”.

  2. It’s obvious to me that these attacks are increasing at a disturbing rate. They were much rarer a few years ago. IMO this can end in two ways:

    A) America reaches a new normal, the USA becomes an increasingly dysfunctional nation obsessed with its own internal schisms. This is the most plausible scenario.

    B) Things continue to degenerate until America itself begins to fracture.

      • @Denise

        Jews are crazy. They carry the gene for schizophrenia. This is a Jewish country They are making every-one crazy. .

        Robert Frenz at FAEM once said;

        Russia: A semi Asiatic empire ruled by Jews.

        U.S.A.: A semi Asiatic empire ruled by Jews.

        • In many ways the US & Russia are a bit like mirror images of each other. One expanded to the east and subdued primitive Asian tribes. The other expanded to the west and subdued primitive Amerindian tribes.

          The only thing that keeps Russia itself from balkanizing along ethnic & cultural lines is that it uses the US as a boogeyman to distract its population from their own issues. If America were to disappear in a civil war then Russia would have about 10 years of glory before imploding in a similar fashion.

          • Just an addendum, re those expansions: Both were driven, I’m pretty sure, by pursuit of furs.

        • Dmitri Orlov made a similar point at one time (yes he echoes but his conclusions are often sound). Russia and America are symbiotic rivals of a sort, and without one the other quickly crumbles. This was back when he was merely taking gentle sips of the Putin kool-aid, not taking it in straight IV injections.

      • There is nothing normal about Diversity and forcing no one to escape from it. Some folks are just going to go over the edge. Anti-Whites are sociopathic wackos.

  3. Another excuse to shut down free speech for pro-Whites and to demonize and dehumanize White people generally.

  4. I think this guy is White. I’m not certain. He’s from Florida, after all.

    Regardless – Hunter – I wrote ONE article for this site, many years ago. The article revolved around what used to be normal, commons sense idea about White men taking the time and making the effort to learn rudimentary social skills. I believe that one article got more comments than any other, for a very long time, generally expressing outraged fury. “How DARE anyone suggest that a brilliant, amazing, glorious genius HuWhite man have to do ANYTHING to attract a mate!!!! The HORROR! These bitches should be BEGGING us to cook, clean, be available for sex at any second of the day, birth, train and support the children, while looking like a fashion model every single second better not get FAT, cede the right to vote and SHUT UP!!!! AAAGGHH!!!!”……if I remember correctly……….

    White men, by allowing Jews to come in and take over, and import all kinds of non-Whites to replace them, are now in daily competition with The Other. Every single day. For everything. They aren’t blaming their feckless, cowardly, treacherous, and idiotic fore-fathers for this predicament. They’re blaming women. This is a CHRONIC issue.

    These pathetic Incels don’t actually want a successful relationship with women. They certainly don’t want to strive for the emotional maturity required to be father. They want living IRL porn bunnies. A living canvas on which they can act out…anything and everything. They don’t want a mate. They don’t want to grow up. They want to wallow in their own self-created isolation and misery.

    I don’t feel sorry for them.

    • Incels and catladies are two sides of the same coin. There should be a law that if any woman hasn’t found a husband by age 26, ten years after attaining legal age, she shall be assigned to an incel.

      The only alternative is to kill all incels, because no threat of punishment will deter a man whose life is an ongoing living death. Besides the logistical problems of killing large numbers of well-armed men (incels have started many civil wars and won some of them), we’d have to go back to ink and paper when our computers mysteriously stop working.

      Note to men: Be sure you know which solution is in effect before adding your name to the Incel Registry! And be advised that your 26-year-old waifu will most certainly have a noticeable physical or mental defect that caused better men to reject her.

      • Need to up the age of demarcation a smidgen. Met my 29 y.o. wife 36 yrs ago. She’s been a legendary lore helpmeet ever since.

    • I certainly blame my idiotic, cowardly, short-sighted, greedy, and soft “forefathers” for this insane situation. They gave it all away.

    • Most American WNs have no clue how historical Western European gender roles worked. Most seem to live in a fantasy world in which pre-20th century women were either:

      A) Tall blonde shieldmaidens who could bench press the same weight as the average man while wearing chainmail brassieres.

      B) Sex slaves.

      Classic example of the latter attitude: not long ago I had a WN become angry with me for explaining that in early 1800s England (long before Americanisation, the rise of Jews in the late 1800s, SJWs, etc.) women in certain counties would cut their hair short after a major life change (like having a child) and most women would go to town markets & help their husbands sell goods. Others would work in cotton mills. Why did the WN hate hearing this? Because he wanted his wife to be a de facto sex slave. The brutally honest truth is that some Americans have extremely Semitic views regarding, well, everything.

      BTW, the stereotype I’ve seen in the Alt-Right that Western women are somehow inherently worse than Slavic women is ridiculous when you’ve met both. There’s statistical evidence (available here: https://www.economist.com/britain/2014/02/10/into-the-melting-pot) that Polish women living in the UK race-mix at approx. 4 to 5 X the rate that English & Celtic women do. No exaggeration: half of our mulattoes have Polish mothers. Most Celtic & English women have a preference for White men. This is obvious to anyone with eyes.

      • @A.V, Thank you. When you know real history, as you obviously do, know that White men and White women worked together to survive. My minor, in collage, was History. I focused on Medieval history. I was very impressed by the Guild system. I think it’s the best model for White societies, by the way. I’m certain that I don’t have to explain this to you. White families worked together to secure their own survival. There are accounts that when the father of a family died, the surviving wife simply took over the business, because she was an essential part of the whole enterprise all along. The family itself, you know bearing and raising children, and doing whatever needed to be done to produce for her family. And there were no objections from any-one in the community. Because men and women, working together, is the way things were done all along. You are 100% correct about the desire for supremely childish WN idiots, who are totally destroyed by Jew porn.

        Slavic women are…errrrr…..rather mixed themselves. So I’m not surprised on your stats re: Polish women. I’ve seen Slavic women “at work” shall we say. They are just like the China dolls. They want your MONEY, White man. Nothing else. Your MONEY. Not you. They’ll dump you and stab you in the neck ASAP once you stop producing for them.

    • @Denice, from past and very recent experience, the overwhelming majority of HuWhite women are infected with virulent strains of gynocentric feminism with a morbid does of misandry, materialism, narcissism, hypergamy, and have no qualms riding the “cock carousel”‘until the wheels fall off, all the while not exhibiting one iota of shame or regret.

      What exactly do you expect us to do with such loathsome creatures? Play the White Knight, of perhaps a ‘wallet ‘ with two legs.

      Marriage and children? Yeah, with the the divorces and family courts that bestow obscene rulings that are equivalent to emotional and financial rape. It’s a miracle that any HuWhite male would want to share an abode and a life, not to mention children into this bizarro world with these angry, bitter she-devils.

      It so like a woman to revert to the default that it’s all the man’s fault, as if women don’t have any agency or accountability in the relationship equation.

      Before my father passed away, he told me his philosophy on the “fairer sex.”

      1. “You can either understand women , or you can love women, but you can’t do both.”

      2. “Women understand other women, and they usually don’t like each other.”

      3. “A woman’s outer beauty is like a gift wrapping paper. What’s underneath the bows and pretty wrapping is what matters because their attractiveness is fleeting and finite.

      4. ” If a woman didn’t give you her best years, why on Earth should you take her during her worst years?”

      Oh yeah, I don’t feel a ounce of sympathy for ‘White in color only’ females that are beaten, disfigured, and murdered by their non-White paramours.

      • November Man is 100% correct. American White women have embraced the absolute license, freedom from all responsibility, and dictatorial social power given to them by (((feminism))) and the State to run amok completely. They have sex with anyone they want, wogs, scumbags, etc., dozens, scores, hundreds of times.

        Then, when they’re used up, dragged out, tattered, diseased, and spiritually garbage-ized by willingly being violated in every hole by ever ghetto rat they can find for a decade or a decade and a half, they expect White guys to MARRY them — whom they can then divorce on a whim, getting his house, half his money, ruining him, taking his kids to be beaten by her succession of negroid “boyfriends,” and receiving infinite sympathy, heroic status, and succor from society and the state.

        In short, they’ve gone feral.

        Let that sink in: White women in America are currently FERAL.

        Is it any surprise that, as a result of this absolute societal disaster and wreckage, CAUSED by women allowed to run riot, encouraged to run riot, supported in their most destructive and treasonous benavior, that some men will also go feral?

        Short form: huge numbers of American women are now feral. It’s unsurprising that a few men, in response to this, will also go feral in their own way.

        I know your typical feminist response will be an ad hominem attack on me for being an incel, too. Actually, I’m married. Just not to the two-legged garbage that is a modern American wahman.

        • I too have never been an “incel.” My girlfriend is a 31 year old beauty from Venezuela. Her bloodline is from the Basque region of France and Spain. She’s quite intelligent and not a feminist. I wish we could clone more women like her.

      • And November Man (???) shows up and provides a lovely illustration of ever fault I’ve cited! Thank you, November Beta!

        Why would any woman want anything to do with this? Al his complaints tem from the abject failure of centuries of White men to preserve and protect White societies, and White women.

        FYI – I’m voting Democrat on Tuesday. I’m voting for 2 White GOP guys, who I personally know are doing good work for their voter base. I’m not voting for one who sent out a jaw droppingly repulsive press release on the alleged “synagogue shooting”. The loathing that (((November Man))) exhibits for White women is typcal of the Jew Spew brain corruption of a large segment of (((White Nationalism))) – and I’m sick of it. NO OTHER ethnic interest group tries to drive away half of their own people. (((White Nationalist males))) go out of their way to drive away sympathetic women. I’m just sick of it. I tried to listen to Fash the Faggot’s “deep dive on the Senate races last night, and couldn’t finish, due to the loathing in the voices of Ethnarch and Jazzhands every time they uttered the word “woman/women” – and I can’t do it anymore. I am a White woman. If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

        In nature, male animals have to compete for females. They have to compete to prove their worthiness to breed. Females don’t. Period. The End. So if you don’t like women, and White women in particular, run along and fuck yourself, faggot. I’m done with idiots like YOU. Ethnarch made me decide to vote for ANY Democrat female on the ballot. I don’t know who they are, or what they stand for, but I’m voting for them. In honor of Ethnarch, and YOU.

        • I listened to that same Fash the Faggot podcast, madam . At one point I said to myself: Those two alt-right homos are lucky they don’t have to deal with the Aryan Oven Mistress, because after she was through with ’em they’d be hobbling around holding their bruised balls in their hands.

    • The anti-Woman dogma one is expected to adhere to in doctrinal lock-step is as fanatical and illogical as the anti-White dogma of the enemy.

      And it’s why this ‘Movement’, in its latest iteration, will end as a mere fever dream.

      • Agreed. “Women are starting to agree with us and erode the basis for our complaints, time to bullycide and make sure this doesn’t go anywhere”

    • @Denise

      These pathetic Incels don’t actually want a successful relationship with women. They certainly don’t want to strive for the emotional maturity required to be father. They want living IRL porn bunnies. A living canvas on which they can act out…anything and everything. They don’t want a mate. They don’t want to grow up. They want to wallow in their own self-created isolation and misery.

      I don’t feel sorry for them.

      With most of these characters, it’s a case that the women they want, they can’t have, and the women they can have, they don’t want.

    • I do feel pity for the ugly, average, but genuinely decent that don’t have absurd standards and can’t seem to catch a break but not at all for these bat-s*** incels, least of all those that have been groomed by the growing contingent of garden-variety psychopaths given platform in this movement. This guy was a creep, plain and simple, he went around grabbing women’s asses and getting arrested for it on multiple occasions and now he’s killed two strangers. Zero sympathy. It’s also sick to even begin to cast aspersions on that student he killed (as if German majors are particularly partisan anyway, please) – curious as to what’s gonna happen when one of these human defects manages to kill an explicitly alt-right woman or their mother, sister, daughter? “Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if she had stayed home all day and forfeited schooling, a job, random harmless extracurriculars” I can just see it now, God help us.

      You’re absolutely right Denise, it’s a chronic issue, and it may very well finish us. If women cannot find dignity then they have no reason to stay. The immoral dimensions of this are amplified when we’re in the middle of a genocide and instead of doing everything we can to help each other, we’re making impossible demands of half our population and trying to act out demented sexual fantasies. What other people in history have ever done this in the midst of their own annihilation? Women are not solely or even mostly responsible for the state of the USA or any other European-derived nation – they did not let in the human tidal waves of incompatibles in the 19th century, they did not traffic in slaves, they did not initiate any of the world wars or throw open the doors in 1965 and only extremely recently started voting more liberal than men at all.

  5. I pity the incels for essentially being thrust into a society where they are not equipped at all to succeed. In an other, earlier, time and place, maybe they would not have had cause to become so radicalized.

    But at the same time, there is nothing repulsive in a man than knowing the source of your faults and making no effort to better yourself. Adaptation to overcome adversity is at the core of masculinity. If this guy was actually writing songs about his inferiority, as if it was some sort of badge of honor, then he marked himself as racial detritus and his life is no great loss.

    A shame he took a couple of others with him.

    • @Solidus

      “But at the same time, there is nothing repulsive in a man than knowing the source of your faults and making no effort to better yourself. ”

      Once you’ve been declared by women to be the ugliest thing they’ve ever layed eyes on, there’s no drugs, surgery, clothing, or special tactics that can fix it.

      You’re just shit out of luck. The best thing you can do is clean yourself up and hire yourself a prostitute.

      Or grow up, learn to do without, and get on with your life.

      You can’t fix ugly. Just learn to live with it.

      • Not denying that it sucks to be ugly, but at the same time, you can’t act like looks are the end-all-be-all for men like they are for women. There have been plenty of studies on this: when selecting mates, the things women care about most are wealth, status, power, confidence, and charm. Even an ugly man can get laid if he improves himself along those lines. And there are countless examples of this throughout society, as I’m sure I don’t need to point out.

        If an ugly guy lacks the will, strength, intelligence, and/or skill to better himself and become desirable, then he is simply dysgenic, and should not be breeding anyway.

    • @Stepan – We Heathens don’t believe in that Garden of Eden crapola. I’m a Celt, and the Celtic Gods and Goddesses are not afraid of sex, or each other. Perhaps that semitic hatred needs to be jettisoned.

      • I understand your view. My view remains that if Eve wouldn’t even listen to God then what chance does a mortal man have?

      • If I ever decided to seriously look into religion again, I’d probably take a long, hard look at Celtic heathenry.


        …have you ever read KD Rebel? That seems to me like the best example of “misogyny done right,” so to speak.

        I mention that, David Lane, and The Order to the average alt-right incel and they either duck the question or else start yammering about “wignat boomer WN 1.0.”

        And, granted, launching raids into the cities and suburbs to kidnap white women and drag them off to your unabomber shack in the Rocky Mountains to breed a new generation of Aryan warriors might not be the most workable answer ever concocted, but at least it is an answer. Better than indulging in fantasies about buying the eggs from white women and paying Asian hookers to serve as surrogate mothers, and being allowed to do this on a scale that would reverse demographic trends. At least David Lane knew that you couldn’t have “White Sharia” without White Intifada.

        You also can’t take power through democratic means while also quite-openly writing off more than half of the WHITE electorate.

  6. Some ‘Incels’ are mentally ill and will never be able to have a successful relationship. Others are closeted homosexuals who don’t want to come out of the closet. Others live in regions with bad gender ratios (too many men, not enough women). Some have health issues. There’s many things that can happen.

    But is it really that hard for people to see that the MGTOW & Incel crowd is dominated by a few homosexual provocateurs?

    >Women suck, spend all your time with us men.
    >Women are all ugly and I don’t like them.
    >Women can never be fixed.

    ^That’s a gay man hinting that he’s not into women. It’s very straightforward.

    • @ A. Vickstrom, Incels have a “crowd?” The only crowd that I can see Incels belonging to are the gaming and comic books subculture.

      I disagree with your view that MGTOW is somehow covert homosexuality. If you’ve captured a mythical NAWALT, my sincere congratulations.

      Mr. Vickstrom, I don’t know if you’ve sampled the dating pool lately, but the vast majority of the women that aren’t pair bonded with a healthy (physically and mentally) man have been discarded for very good reasons. They might be good for the old ‘pump and dump,’ but as a wife and mother to children; hell no.

      • The quality of women has diminished to the point where I don’t even try anymore. I’m not incel, I dated a girl and the relationship ended a few weeks ago. She ended up being a druggy.

        Women, particularly white women, are ruined. I see women covered in tattoos, obese, have no standards (hello Stacy and Tyrone, how are you doing?), already have children or are on drugs. The very few normal women I meet have a vast selection of men to choose from so it’s tremendous competition where if everything isn’t perfect they’ll just leave you in a few months anyway. They think they’ll just settle down and have kids at 40 (LOL!).

        The future doesn’t look particularly bright and I know it’s not just me. I spent many years improving myself and the quality of women deteriorated significantly.

        I no longer seek a mate. The way I see it, my life is already ruined, I’m not going to be able to get what I want out of life. What I can do is spread pro-white propaganda and anti-semitism, I hope that leads to a better world for the whites that survive this era of decadence as whites.

      • @ November Homo thereby confirms every word A. Vickstrom has written. November Homo – you are only fooling yourself. Your proclivities are obvious. Do you go to bed every night, with a life-sized body pillow featuring an image of Andrew Anglin on it? ‘Fess up…………

        • @Denice, Geez! You’ve accused me with ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that I am a jew and a homosexual just because I wasn’t craven enough to agree with your sophistry.

          Let me address both of your libelous lies.

          I have been in the pro-European/White movement for over three decades, and in that time have met and worked with many of its leaders. I’ve fought communists both verbally and physically on college campuses, hotel lobbies where our meetings were held, and a myriad of other locations throughout the country.

          So to cast the aspersion of me being ((( ))) is such a desperate attempt at insulting me is both ignorant and pitiful.

          The charge of being a third sexer a.k.a. homosexual is ridiculous. If you met me and knew anything about me beyond my posts on OD, you’d never have the gumption to fling such a wrong headed accusation, but any male who doesn’t fall in line with your views must be both a homo, correct?

          Suffice it to say, that I have never had any problems attracting the attention of the opposite sex. I’m physically fit, make a comfortable living, own my own home, so I have the appeal and resources that act as catnip to women. I am even stil on friendly terms with many of my exes. I just don’t need or seek a woman’s approval for how I think or behave.

          Like most of us in this movement, I am a race realist, but I am also a gender/sex realist too. Do you believe that I am thrilled at the state of affairs between HuMale Whites and HuFemale Whites?

          The fact that the situation has deteriorated to this degree makes me heart sick, but it is what it is. I can’t pretend that what is obvious on both empirical and subjective scales isn’t reality.

          What is your solution to this pathology that ails our people? Insults and lies. You’re lashing out at those who disagree with you is stereotypical of the histrionics of a spoiled, damaged krone of a woman.

          • @ (((November Homo))) 1) pics or it’s not real. 2) Behold the superb job White Nationalists have done, in preserving the White Race! HAHAHAHA! 3) Who let everything get to this state now? Why the generations of willing White nigra males, who’ve danced to EVER tune the Jew plays. For centuries really.

            But keep blaming the women, (((November Homo))) who I do not recall seeing on this site before. You are so unconvincing. Thanks for making my points for me!

      • 1. I’m in my 20s & have dated recently. I agree that there are many American women who are mentally ill. I’m at a university right now and I’ve seen some horrendous behavior (including many upper middle class girls cutting themselves). I’ve also had plenty of GenXer WNs tell me that this isn’t happening. Some get downright nasty when you talk about what you see and accuse you of being delusional or a troll.

        But there are also plenty of women out there who aren’t that bad. You have to learn how to sort them out. As a general rule, the most attractive & feminine women live in the hip areas of big cities. I have wonderful luck dating urban SWPL girls. Send in the Sexy Hipster Chicks.


        2. Regarding Incels & MGTOWs – yes they do have a crowd and many are constantly posting homoerotic imagery. Just look at the old Daily Stormer back when it was constantly posting shirtless German soldiers standing around at Nuremberg. Very homoerotic. Fascist imagery is like crack to a gay man. Add in a bit of ‘women are ruined’ and you get a recipe for a gay clique leading straight men in circles.

        3. As for ‘children and marriage’ – I’d recommend putting off children for a few years and focusing on fixing the issues we have. Perhaps its a silly metaphor but did Frodo complain that he couldn’t find a good hobbit wife when he was in the middle of Mordor? No. Right now the goal is to get our countries back under control. We have about 10 years to do that, IMO. White babies will not save us.

        4. Most ‘liberal women’ under 30 don’t give a damn about politics. My advise is to stop focusing on conservative girls (who are constantly being fought over by men) and go to an organic grocery store and flirt up the girl with the glasses who is buying gluten free waffles.


        • @A. Vickstrom, really? Hipster chicks. The shallow ladies that follow the treads set forth by jew controlled media outlets and mouthpieces. No thanks. Nothing says sheeple like the lemmings that follow what’s currently “hip.”

          Ernst Rohm was supposedly a queer, but the NS needed his SA Brown Shirts to fight the communists on the streets of Germany. Personally, I would not cast a wide net to include Incels and men that have chosen to utilize elements of the MGTOW movement as being misfits or homosexuals. That’s not to say that some probably fall under that umbrella. Though, if an incel is homosexual, why would they lash out at heterosexual women?

          Of course, White babies won’t save us from the predicament we find ourselves in, but we need lots of White children to ensure that the race doesn’t go extinct.

          You’re way off on liberal women under 30 not having an interest in politics. They’re very political, but their “knowledge ” in the realm of understanding the who, what, and where of why things happen are negligible and most likely, they just regurgitate bumper sticker jingoism, or parrot their cultural marxist professor’s ideology.

          BTW, I love women that wear glasses I always thought Tina Fey was a lot more attractive with glasses than without them.

          The only so-called conservative woman that I’d be interested in pursuing is Ann Coulter.

    • “But is it really that hard for people to see that the MGTOW & Incel crowd is dominated by a few homosexual provocateurs?

      >Women suck, spend all your time with us men.
      >Women are all ugly and I don’t like them.
      >Women can never be fixed.

      ^That’s a gay man hinting that he’s not into women. It’s very straightforward.”

      Feminists put out the mirror image of the above propaganda. Feminists are also by some strange coinicidence, led by jews and lesbians.

      Its not women that men don’t like, its feminists they don’t like. Women were more attractive and agreeable people up until the 1950s. I have a theory that its not just jewish feminism, the pill has altered them at a fundamental level. Its made them more agressive and masculine.

      • @Ricardo – White men began dumping their boring wives and kids about 15-20 years before (((feminism))) for jew porn bunny girls, and toys. (((Feminism))) became widespread in the 70’s approx. 20 years AFTER Hugh the Jew Hefner’s nice, middle class porn world became the Dream for White men.

        The Pill came in between. The Pill is jew, too.

        (((Feminism))) took root because some-one had to try to be men. Women are terrible at being men.

        Now men are, too. Women are being accused of being feral. Young attractive women are pretty much rewarded for acting and dressing like whored, until they age out. No one is telling ’em any different. Have you seen young men? The thousands and thousands of Gamers? They look and behave like toddlers. Sulky and sullen, dressing in jeans and weird T-shirts, sloppy and utterly infantile. Sexually REPULSIVE. Whenever some surly ahole whines about THOTS riding the cock carousel – at least they are motivated to engage in sex. Sex is about reproduction. However distorted and degenerate the Cock Carousel is – at least they are seeking out flesh and blood. The Gamer Infants prefer 2D waifus and fapping, to actual flesh and blood.

        • @Denice, White women who followed Orca Winfrey with fervent and blind loyalty are responsible for electing obama (orca’s endorsed canidate).

          Ann Coulter admits that the 19th Amendment has been a disaster. The evident is overwhelming.

      • @Ricardo, interesting point about the pill. Personally I think that women & men are both being affected by endocrine dysruptors. I don’t really want to dig up all the stats but off of memory:

        – American food is packaged in plastics that contain phthalates & bisphenols (which disrupt hormones).
        – Most food is grown with pesticides banned in much of Europe.
        – Most animals are fed beta agonists like ractopamine (banned in most of the world for causing neurotic behavior in animals).
        – Americans have the highest rate of thyroid disease of any people on earth.
        – Literal mutant frogs are found across the farm belt: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/photographs-deformed-frogs.

        All of these chemicals surely have a negative effect on women. Since they bind to estrogen receptors but are weaker than estrogen they have a feminizing effect on men (who have little estrogen) & a masculinizing effect on women (because a woman’s estrogen can’t bind to the ‘blocked’ receptor and the weaker xenoestrogen can’t perform the job of real estrogen). The result is utterly toxic.

        These chemicals need to go ASAP. The goal should be, IMO, to:

        1. Promote AI & robotics for farming. The moment someone invents a solar powered robot that can spray ‘micro doses’ of pesticides on weeds is the moment 95% of herbicide use disappears. Wouldn’t be perfect but it’d be a good step forward.

        2. We need something better than modern plastic for food packaging. Hemp based biodegradable plastics & nanocellulose are feasible options.

        3. We should draft a ‘Comprehensive Food Protection Law of 2018’ and then push to make it happen. Pass it state by state if necessary. Get the ractopamine & other thyroid poisons out now.

    • I see no evidence of that in the article you posted. She sounds like she is probably a bourgeois liberal not a Marxist. A Marxist would be sending weapons to Palestinian freedom fighters in order to kill Jews.

      • At the very least, anybody who wishes to disarm you is to be presumed to be a bolshevik, whether they are aware of it or not.

    • Looking at those annoying white liberal idiots doing all kinds of goofy exercises in their yoga pants would be enough to set anyone off.

    • >A fourth-generation legacy student at FSU, Maura was studying German and editing, writing and media. She was supposed to graduate in May.

      She was a 21 year old girl who likely had no real passion for politics. Calling her a Marxist is ridiculous. She was an average girl shot by a mentally unsound man.

  7. Odd, friendless and made everyone uncomfortable are descriptors in local media.

    It sounds like this man was socially alienated, angry at his lot in life and particularly so with women. Things worked for a while. He got a degree, then two masters. But what he wanted was a woman, but lacked the social skills, as the spectrum was strong in him, so avoided taking the necessary risks and failure in intimacy to get what he wanted. Time ticked on, things seemed ok and then he hit the big four o.

    The paradox of his homicide is his pedestalism of women, by holding them to a standard of virtue which he only maintains out of involuntary celibacy as though stuck with chivalrous adolescent notions of the pure damsel. Unfortunately, times have changed. He did not. There’s no way he was going to find any flower unploughed of his approximate age, hence the primate style ass grabs of people 20 years younger and misdemeanors.

    The rage he has comes from the inability to have a relationship, if only a brief one in this new reality. In aut-world fantasy, he has found a justification for expressing the underlying frustration in homicide. A yoga class. A dead physician. Another murder suicide and a coward’s sticky end.

    But most importantly for our left wing readers, white male did it, therefore all white man bad. Youtube platformed it. Therefore youtube bad. :/

  8. “We compared him to Ted Bundy back then…It was the way he lurked and followed girls.” That is not Ted Bundy, though Bundy was quite bright. What differentiates the two is Bundy actually was successful with women, could get in their jeans regardless. Bundy was a psychopath rather than an incel. That is why the body count is higher for Bundy and he was a serial sex killer rather than a mass shooter.

  9. Siggghhh……here we go again. To any would be shooters planning to go out there and reduce the worlds Jewish or nog population by four or five people-you’re not helping us. Pulling a trigger doesn’t make you a man and it achieves nothing, except a prison or death sentence for you. If you want to help your people, start red pilling them. Push for policies conductive to white wellbeing. Get fit. Learn to fight both physically and verbally. Associate with like minded people. Have large, strong families. Once in prison, you can’t help us anymore and are useless, so don’t fucking do it!
    Use your brains and have some common sense. Pretty simple really.

  10. F-A-K-E

    Ya know, I haven’t even watched a video yet or read more than the excerpt above but it screams FAKE.

    So I can’t say or give a percentage but am surprised so many people continue to languish in goyability aka gullibility.

    Right now I’ll leave you with, no one notices that all these shootings take place in states where the jews wield more than an average (for this country) level of control?


    • I tend to agree with you, Miss Genie. If the jewsmedia can’t show me a bloody, bullet-ridden crime scene complete with dead bodies lying crumpled under bloodstained sheets then I am not going to accept it as a real event.

  11. So many comments here about “our” (read ‘White male’ and/or ‘White female’) ‘weakness’.

    The Jew has yet again successfully deflected attention from itself as being the primary causal factor. When its influence is finally eliminated, our far greater problem must be confronted and resolved:

    The traitorous white ‘leader’ who had used the Jew to enslave us, then collaborated with the increasingly powerful Jew to further enslave us, and now submits to the Jew as shabbos goy slave itself, often as its destructive golem.

    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    • @ Bob in DC, I agree with you 100% on this topic.

      Wishing won’t change the reality of our current dire straits. I certainly don’t enjoy arguing with both the men and women in our sacred endevours, especially when the real enemy laughs and promotes our infighting l

      • >especially when the real enemy laughs and promotes our infighting

        Don’t make me laugh, mate. You’re an American (of unknown ‘White’ ancestry) who is dating a ‘White Venezuelan’ (hint: most ‘White’ Venezuelans & Brazilians are actually castizos).

        I’m a British patriot & Germanic Nationalist. I want Western Europeans aka Germanics & Celts to have a future. You & your GF wouldn’t even belong in my homeland or my ideal ethno-state. We aren’t on the same side.

        • A. Vickstrom, good way to alienate allies and lose the future. You can keep crushing on those sjw hipster girls. I’m sure they’ll be a welcoming audience for European survival. Haha

          You’re correct about not knowing me, but my bona fires are earned. Who are you to decide who qualifies and doesn’t qualify for the movement?

          You’re a fool and an idiot, so I would not want to share a fighting hole or an ethno-state with you as well.

          British patriotard. Yeah, the cowardly limeys are the main reason we are in the predicament we find ourselves in.

          BTW, I’m a combination of Italian, Norwegian, German, and French. My girlfriend is of Basque extraction. So under your definition, we aren’t White, huh?

  12. i don’t mean to sound like an insensitive asshole here , but is it considered a “mass shooting” every time some blubber lipped knuckle dragging rape ape simian negroid murders two rival gang niggers or drug monkeys in chimpcago or nigger orleans?

  13. Sorry about the comments.

    I’m sure everyone has seen the hit pieces. Everything you post now has to go through moderation because “journalists” and Antifa are trying to use it as ammunition to pull a Gab on us. Please be patient and AVOID anything resembling endorsing or promoting violence.

    • You really think it’ll do any good?

      Fuck shutterings. In three more days, we’ll quite possibly be at the point where they can just hunt down anyone they don’t like and kill them. Anyone who’s ever commented on OD is functionally a dead man walking. For my part, I know damned well that things I’ve said are as likely to get my house blown up by an Antifa bomb or an Alphabet Soup predator drone as they are to get me banned from the Internet, so why not just say whatever the Hell we want to say in whatever time we have left to say it?

      • Because, these people can’t point to anything I have written or said, so they are trying to use comments to justify defunding and deplatforming this website. I would rather not deal with the hassle.

        • They’re not going to defund and deplatform you, Hunter, they’re going to kill you. Eventually they’re going to tire of all us plebes posting mean things about them on the Internet, then the Iron Heel will come down harder than any of us could possibly imagine, and there won’t be a single fucking thing we can do about it.

  14. Assuming this latest mass shooting incident is real and not just another jew manufactured hoax there have always been angry, alienated white men who want to lash out against a society that doesn’t give a shit about them. But it seems that this particular fellow chose his victims wisely, knowing that a yoga studio located near a college campus would be full of commies, cat ladies and faggots.

  15. November Man is 100% correct. American White women have embraced the absolute license, freedom from all responsibility, and dictatorial social power given to them by (((feminism))) and the State to run amok completely. They have sex with anyone they want, wogs, scumbags, etc., dozens, scores, hundreds of times.

    Go to your local Walmart and look around. Most White women with black kids are ugly, obese, or otherwise unattractive. Do attractive women sleep with non-whites? It happens but not anywhere near the scale you are describing.

    All you’re doing (whether you realize it or not) is exaggerating an issue and confusing the teen boys who read sites like this one. It’s not helpful.

    Women, particularly white women, are ruined. I see women covered in tattoos, obese, have no standards (hello Stacy and Tyrone, how are you doing?), already have children or are on drugs. The very few normal women I meet have a vast selection of men to choose from so it’s tremendous competition where if everything isn’t perfect they’ll just leave you in a few months anyway.

    Where are you meeting these women? Go to any major city’s downtown district and most of the young women are trim & athletic. Even in places like Portland Oregon (SJW central) there are plenty of women who don’t have tattoos & aren’t on drugs.

    • @A. Vickstrom, Oh how I wish you were correct.

      Butt ugly White women used to be the ones you saw on the arms of the proto-humans, but after White women like Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian (gypsy?) made mudsharking fashionable, the more good looking but vapid White ladies succumbed to beastiality.

      BTW, I live and work in a large metropolitan area, and I see very attractive women with mullatto children everyday.

      Who do you think wealthy professional athletes or “entertainers” marry? Even jesse jackass Jr. had very pretty White mistress.

      White women in your age group “hookup” with negro males out of curiosity and virtue signaling, and that group isn’t mutually exclusive to obese and hideous White women anymore.

      • I’m a Brit living in America and I’ve only rarely seen attractive women with Negroes anywhere in Western Europe. I already posted the stats on mixing in Britain. It’s mostly chavs & Poles doing it. In America it’s mostly fatties & drug addicts doing the mixing.

        I have eyes. They work.

        White women in your age group “hookup” with negro males out of curiosity and virtue signaling, and that group isn’t mutually exclusive to obese and hideous White women anymore.

        That’s like saying ‘men in your age group sodomize each other.’ Gays are a minority and so are sexy women who like Blacks. But, hey, It’s pretty obvious you’re hellbent on trying to convince me that my own women are all race-mixers and I should give up on them. Hmm, I wonder why you’d do that…

        I’m done with your anti-White trolling, mate. I’m going to keep pushing forward and we will build our ethno-state full of sexy Germanics & Celts – and you’re never ever getting to live there. Hopefully the Americans deport you & your Venezuelan broad back to Caracas.

        • A.Vickstrom, you’re just like most of the wimps that make up cuck island.

          BTW, my family has roots that go back to 1822 in the jewnited states, so if anyone gets deported mate, it will be you.

          Why don’t you and denice breed a super race of harpies and cowards.

          • White (European) women are totally expendable.
            The Y-Chromosome (male) is what really matters to intelligence and male behavior. Male DNA is overall far more powerful and important than the DNA of females, it’s widespread across all mammal species.
            A lot of MtDNA in European females is actually straight up North African.
            The invasions in Europe from the East was carried out basically by males that supplanted the dumb native European Hunter Gatherers, those riding horses males from the East then bred with the dumb native females European Hunter Gatherers.
            It means males and females in Europe have a distinct origin.
            Women in general should be very happy and grateful if they have food and shelter.

  16. I’m so sick of all these gender issues. Why can’t we discuss class issues and socialism more? That’s a discussion I’d be interested in.

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