BREAKING: Gab Is Back Online

UPDATE: Gab is back online. It seems a little buggy though. I’m sure the bugs will be worked out. See you there!

I will keep you posted:

To be honest, it is clear that all the shitposting on Gab was having a negative impact on this site. OD will be my primary platform going forward. I can’t wait though to get back to posting on Gab. The good news is that Gab will be more deplatforming proof than ever when it comes back.

Note: If you really want to “own the libs,” sign up a Gab account and start posting. Gab is their #1. enemy right now because it is a blossoming free speech platform.

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  1. I can’t wait!

    I miss our Gab Community.

    Three Cheers for the Indomitable Torba!

    But I’m glad to hear that you’re going to focus on OD. I’ll be sure to keep checking this site from now on. 🙂

  2. GAB will easily pass the million user mark this week!

    On Tuesday’s mid-term election: Always remember this—White people vote!

  3. Is there some way we can invest in Gab? We have to do things on a more $ business way, our adversaries make $ billions, where our side is always doing things cheap, living off small donations.

    I have a fancy MBA degree – I hate the school.

    But some MBA business strategies make sense.

    First, get market share, then go for revenue.

    Facebook built huge market share by giving everything free, then when they gained hundreds of millions of users and had 90% plus market share, they charged for targeted advertising.

  4. Great move by the Jews, shutting down Gab so their allies in the media couldn’t mine it for juicy quotes to use against us. They’ll soon be able to browse Gab again, but the news cycle has moved on.

  5. Indeed. It’s good to have the option to post on Gab.

    I think those of us who aren’t out in the open are going to need to be more careful on there. Torba has been very careful not to say anything about what he gave the federal pigs, but I would be shocked if it didn’t include login times and IPs for anyone who ever responded to Bowers, even if they were telling him not to be a bonehead. It almost certainly included anyone Bowers reposted.

    • Tor works on Gab but is a pain as they have blocked many circuits. So if you are using operating systems like Windows or Apple the NSA has you anyway. They have also been putting spy chips like Intel Management Engine on the CPUs since 2008.

      So if you want to be anonymous, you have to find an operating system and hardware that hasn’t been compromised by the Patriot Act.

  6. I struggled to get logged in to GAB about 45 minutes ago, and I am having trouble bringing up the page profile of people I follow. Sometimes everything works, sometimes it freezes, sometimes it gives me an error screen. They are probably getting massive traffic right now.

  7. I had 2600 followers on Gab and a score of almost 70,000. Am I going to have to start all over again?

  8. So why does it say copyright 2018 Twitter? Why is there a “New to Twitter?” link in the middle of the left hand column? Why is there a Search Twitter field at the top? Why is the new Gab symbol a green bird similar to the Twitter blue bird? Why wouldn’t it recognize my log in name and password?

    Verified account

    19 hours ago

    Retweeted Mordechai Lightstone
    Brother as I’m sure you know a dove is very symbolic to the Jewish community. Bahir 119, Genesis 8:11, etc. We send you nothing but love.

    I assume Torba wrote this. Cuck to the max. Don’t bother, he’s kissing kosher tail and probably purged all the Nazis and alleged Nazis.

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