New York Times: White Nationalists Are The Equivalent Of ISIS

Moral of the story: a big lesson which needs to be learned from last year is that if you are approached by a “journalist” who is writing a story, WALK AWAY:

These people aren’t “journalists.”

They are the American equivalent of commissars in the old Soviet Union. They want to interview you to write some leftwing hit piece on the movement. DO NOT engage with them.

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  1. “Moral of the story: a big lesson which needs to be learned from last year is that if you are approached by a “journalist” who is writing a story, WALK AWAY:”

    I learned this in the 80’s after seeing the misreportage in the local paper concerning events I personally witnessed or had direct knowledge of.

    It wasn’t just simple redaction to fit the limited space on a newspaper page. It was outright distortion.

  2. If a black or Jew had killed 11 white Protestants in a church service, the story would never last more than a week in the news. The story of the black shooting up a white church in Antioch, TN last year was down the memory sink hole faster than anything I have ever seen. And if a white person complained about it — that was the very proof that the Left used to point out that those complaining about the suppression of the story were white supremacists.

    The length of time this PA synagogue shooting story stays in the headlines is proof that blacks, Jews, non-whites are all aligned against the whites in this nation. They are all working together using the news and social media to attack the very ones who would stand up and defend the white race in time of a race war and as a bonus they are also doing all they can to make all this stick on President Trump.

    No, these Jews are not whites. This story would already be down the memory sink hole if they were whites and anyone of them who complained about this racist/bigoted treatment would be called a racist/bigot themselves.

  3. How come this Will Westcott fellow gets to post his two cents on Twitter and I don’t? I never threatened or harassed anyone on that site and yet my all my accounts were banned exactly six million times.

    The immediate source of our problems come from the mass media, which is in the hands of a hostile, alien “elite”. Neutralize them and we’re halfway to victory.

  4. I’m a White guy, patriotic for my Constitution and Nation but someone sees ME as a terrorist.

    “Jew gotta be kiddin’ me, right ?”

  5. Wasn’t one of Trump’s first moves after becoming President having so-called “white supremacist” groups REMOVED from the alphabet agencies’ “homegrown terrorists” lists or something like that?

    Donald Trump administration ‘wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme’

    Exclusive: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam – sources

    …So is it any wonder that we’ve been so targeted since the beginning by these hook-nosed liars, their agencies and their golem???

    • I meant golems, which is the plural form of the singular, golem. If you click the word in my post above, it’s linked to a Britannica article about the legend of the golem, and you can find a lot of stuff about it in Joogle. It’s uncanny how these mud-creatures (or clay-creatures), these “protectors of the Jews” are described as having been “imbued with a facsimile of life” by a Rabbi by him placing “a sacred word” in its mouth or attached to the forehead. Also interesting that they’re referred to in the Buy-Bull (Psalms 139:16). Adds another dimension to a term we use often: useful idiots…

  6. Obviously White Nationalists are not terrorists and certainly not like ISIS. The most striking difference is that ISIS, unlike White Nationalists, has the full support of Israel.

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