Black Panthers Stump For Stacey Abrams In Georgia

I’ve already stated that Stacey Abrams is an exception.

If I lived in Georgia, I would vote against Stacey Abrams because of her radical positions on Stone Mountain and the Confederate Battle Flag. Regardless of who wins on Tuesday, mainstream conservatives have led Georgia to the brink of the abyss. Decades of pretending that “race doesn’t exist” and tolerating mass Third World immigration is finally catching up with the GOP:

“Breitbart News has obtained photographs of members of the New Black Panther Party wielding weapons and holding signs supporting Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a leftist who hopes to be the first black female governor in Georgia.

This comes on the heels of Oprah Winfrey’s visit to the state on Abrams behalf where she said the Democrat refuses to allow the sacrifices of those who were “lynched” and “oppressed” to be “in vain.” …”

In July, the Atlanta NAACP held an armed march with the New Black Panthers at Stone Mountain. There are lots of White evangelical Christians in Georgia, the sort of people who follow Erick Erickson, who have swallowed Dokka Kang’s utopian nonsense about colorblindness.

Occidental Dissent has shown for ten years now that Africanization always ends this way. Look hard at what is going on right now in South Africa with land expropriation. Nearly every country in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean has elected its own version of Robert Mugabe or “Papa Doc” Duvalier. Maybe Georgia will dodge the bullet this time, but it won’t ten years from now.

Note: If Stacey Abrams wins on Tuesday, we will at least get to see mainstream conservatives like Erick Erickson finally get the colorblind paradise they have desired for years.

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  1. I love that first photo. Note the guy on the left who has a launcher underneath the barrel of his rifle.

    I guarantee it’s not a real 40mm grenade launcher. Only question is whether it’s one of the ridiculous 37mm flare launchers that are made to look like real 40mm launchers, or whether it’s some airsoft thing that shoots plastic pellet.

    • @Jim: Too bad for them that Mizz Abrams doesn’t have a big Angela Davis ‘fro or look like Pam Grier, eh?

  2. Good for them! Well done, Black Panthers! They may have 80 pint IQ’s or worse – but they know how to stick up for their own kind. They don’t complain about Abrams being old, fat, and female. They stick up for their own kind. Abrams will deliver the Gibs unti there are now more Gibs aka Whitey left. So be it. White refuse to stick up for our own kind. So good for them.

    • Well Denise you must bear in mind that the negro has been made to appear by (((THEM))) to be the standard of masculinity, see the film SAVE THE LAST DANCE, for example and are always portrayed in the mos superior manner to the white male.
      NOBODY HAS SPENT DECADES DOWNGRADING negroes, the (((TRIBE))) has been attacking White Men for at least 70 years, if not longer.

      And if Hunter wonders about b(((Erick Erickson))) wonder no more.

      And this is why people like Hunter cause (((THEM))) concern, because he is smart, brave, and tells it like it is, and THAT is why (((THEY))) want to shut his voice down. That and his superb coverage of the terrorists of Antifa, only they are APPROVED terrorists with US government protection.

      • >>NOBODY HAS SPENT DECADES DOWNGRADING negroes, the (((TRIBE))) has been attacking White Men for at least 70 years, if not longer.

        COINTELPRO literally assassinated several of their leaders before co-opting the whole movement, turning it into an auxiliary for Corpgov and then using the Dark Alliance to flood the black community with crack cocaine and heroin. Just like they’re doing to the alt-right, just like they’re doing to white communities.

        Denise is right, those Black Panthers who are still racial seperatists would make much better allies than the average TrueCon bourgeoise Republican.

        • @Chad

          “Denise is right, those Black Panthers who are still racial seperatists would make much better allies than the average TrueCon bourgeoise Republican.”

          Thank you. Indeed.

      • KC – I know. I don’t regard Negroes as Alpha males. I don’t think they would be much of anything, without their (((patrons))). But Negroes still possess innate racial identity. They are largely immune to de-racination, for a host of reasons. I know they haven’t been targeted like Whites have been, but whey has it been so easy for Jews to get us to destroy our own sense of ethnic kinship and affinity? I think the Black Panthers actually look rather ridiculous, but I envy their racial solidarity. No better how badly they treat each other – they know who they are.

      • @Genie, my guess was when denice “hit the wall,” and her beau kicked her cats on his way out the door.

        • Did you see that speech Ronald Reagan gave about the missing Viet Nam vet, that Snowhitey said ’embarrassed’ her although definitely not *me*?

          During the years spanning the Viet Nam ‘conflict’ roughly the same number of women were murdered by their male partners in America as men died in Viet Nam, mostly when they tried to leave.

          During the years of Generation XX’s war, 90% of stalkers were men stalking women (an FBI statistic).

          Tell me again, now, who exactly couldn’t handle rejection?

          On second thought, don’t further insult this blog with your desperation.

          Because *that* is truly embarrassing.

          • “Did you see that speech Ronald Reagan gave about the missing Viet Nam vet, that Snowhitey said ’embarrassed’ her although definitely not *me*?”

            Who the hell are you talking about, Genie? Are you putting words in my mouth again?

          • @ denice, you are nothing, if not predictable.Thank you for making my points.

            Epithets, ad Hominum attacks, ignorance, and hysterical emotional outbursts.

            You possess the frontal lobe of a rioting negro.

      • @Genie – it was a number of things. I wrote a long post on my long revived from the dead blog. This year has been the Year of Betrayal for me, over the most worthless crap. I’m just tired of it all. The treachery, the clash of egos of alleged “leaders”, the absurdity and grotesque cringery of L’affaire de Heimbach (oh those Glorious Christian Patriarchs!), and the relentless hatred of women, by men who have nothing to offer, but are poisonously High on their Own Supply.

        The real final straw was the way Ethnarch pronounced word “woman” when referring to a female candidate in a Senate Race, in last night’s Fash the Nation podcast. I listen to podcasts when I’m doing housework. I was doing the dishes, and in between bouts of water, I heard this commentator describe a Senate candidate as a “woman”. The person is extremely knowledgeable and astute. He’s very intelligent and soft spoken. I presume he objected to the candidate because of her positions, but I heard the word “woman” uttered with such complete and bedrock loathing and horror, that is struck me right up and down the head. I was genuinely shocked. It hit me all at once. His complete dread and loathing wasn’t about her political beliefs, but because of the fact that she’s a “woman”. As though a “woman” is the worst thing that has EVER happened in then entire history of existence itself. I admired man’s depth of knowledge, but his atavistic dread of “woman” – it was laid bare, in two small, soft syllables.

        I’m done with this SHIT.

        • The alt-right has thoroughly discredited itself, madam. Their shameful defense of “Ricky Vaughn”, Anglin’s mommy issues, Rabbi Aurenheimer’s violent misogyny….and now they’re back to supporting Drumpf and the GOP all over again. They’re a bunch of closet homos.

        • Hey, Feminist Denise, you know in what way the niggers are superior to whites?

          The Negresses are actually loyal to their race. Unlike the traitorous White women who vote for more brown dick to be imported, more jews, more gun control.

          We’re in this situation largely because of the ceaseless treachery and leftism of WHITE WOMEN. Giving them the vote was the death of our race. Without their stupid, arrogant, moronic rebellion for rebellion’s sake against everything normal, the jews would be quite short of foot soldiers.

          Women are largely responsible for the destruction of our nations and cultures. And, woman-like, you refuse to take responsibility and instead sit there screeching like a harpy about men. You’re like a caricature of every reason why White women are a deadly problem for our people.

          So why don’t you shut up and get the hell back in the kitchen where you’d actually be USEFUL?

          • Hey Iron arsehole – White MEN are responsible. Not women. MEN. Women, in power, is a relatively recent phenomena. Just a few decades. White Men held all legal and social power for EVER. White MEN gave is all away for sheeny trinkets. White MEN have been the willing whore for the Jew for literally centuries. You idiotic and factually WRONG rant betrays your total ignorance of history, as well as your hatred and fear of women.

            Why don’t you get off the ‘Net, and do something useful. Run along to “Man’s Country”. Go to the back room. Get down on your knees. And wait.

          • Women are too emotional and illogical to trust at the helm of Western Civilization.

            @ denice’s angry and unhinged rant is exhibit one off why they were denied the right to vote by our Founders. They understood this fact.

    • @Denise

      In countries that have blacks and whites, blacks stick together and unite against bad, waycis whitey. Whites are disunited between left and right.
      In countries that are only black, they fight, have tribal warfare and live in shocking poverty.
      In countries that were/ still are only white, everyone is happy and healthy, and very united.
      Nogs are nothing without whites to claim victimhood against. They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. They need us far more than we’ll ever want them.

  3. Interesting how ZOG allows Negro militants to strut around in public armed with what appear to be automatic weapons, attempting to intimidate white people. But why shouldn’t they be allowed to do this? After all, they are part of ZOG’s domestic terrorism wing, along with their mangy, scraggly-looking Antifa pals.

  4. ZOG will continue to support the so-called New Black Panthers, as long as those colored boys don’t start naming the jew or making any alliance with the PLO and Hezbollah.

  5. Perhaps, photos and actions like these from the jew black panther party and black lies matters will shake some of the sheeple out of their slumber.

    This stuff is wonderful propaganda for us. It demonstrates what we write and say are the unvarnished truth.

    • If you people refuse to vote for the Republicans, you are by default voting for the democrats. If you are voting for the democrats, then you’re voting for Stacey Abrams and the Black Panthers.

      You’re like a bunch of petulant brats holding your breath until you turn Blue because daddy didn’t give you enough presents for Christmas.

      Get out there and vote. It takes very little time and doesn’t prevent you from continuing to pursue whatever other plans you have. It’s like spending a buck on a lottery ticket. Sure, it’s improbable that you’ll win anything, but there’s a non-zero chance that you might, and a buck is nothing assuming you’re not an unemployed groid.

      Same thing here; slim as the chance that the Republicans will do anything positive is, the chance the Dems will is ZERO, while the “cost” of voting is trivial.

  6. Brad,

    I’m from Georgia but alas, I won’t be able to vote against Abrams because I moved to Florida where I took great pleasure in voting against Gillum. We can’t have him monkeying up the economy now, can we?

    There is also a Jewess running for ag commissioner. She too, got the thumb’s down along with the wannabe astronaut.

  7. Could you imagine the uproar if Kemp’s campaign was backed by the Klan or white nationalists? The Lugenpresse would have a field day. Will Stacey Abrams condemn the New Black Panther party? I bet not!! The left always expects the right to virtue signal and to apologize,but when you discover skeletons in their closet it’s nothing but excuses.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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