Rick Grimes Leaves The Walking Dead

Mixed feelings about this.

I initially liked the Rick Grimes character and The Walking Dead so this is sad. I still love Negan who is one of my favorite characters on television. I’m going to be glad to see the end of Team Rickchonne though. AMC has ruined the show by pushing all of these interracial relationships.

I doubt Rick actually dies in tonight’s episode. They will probably write him out for now so he can come back later or appear in The Walking Dead movie when the show is over.

Note: The good news is that all these people are about to die this season when the Whisperers show up. Kang Ezekiel’s head will end up on a pike!

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  1. Its like clockwork. They start pulling the inter-racial nonsense after a show gets popular, and like clockwork the show starts to die. If the show doesn’t make it, they don’t get a chance to push race mixing propaganda, they just cancel it and try something else.

    It’s proof that pushing anti-White politics is a higher priority for them, than making money. If they don’t care about money, why should anyone care about paying them to watch their BS?

  2. I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial without it showing some buck nigger with a white woman.

    • If a Martian were to watch American TV and movies he/it would think Earth was ruled by wise, benevolent Negroes and that whites were their loyal but clown-like slaves.

    • If Frank Darabont had stayed the show probably would never have devolved into the SJW mess it is now. But I think it’s been all Jew after him.

    • Rick Grimes destroys everything he touches, and Andrew Lincoln is a Jew. I watched the first few seasons, but then the ugliness and stupidity became a bore. I watch “American Horror Story”. At least it’s funny, and depending on the Season, the costumes and sets are gorgeous. Myrtle Snow is the BEST character that has ever ben

  3. I gave up on this show when I noticed everyone did nothing practical or tactical.
    I even emailed Dale Dye to suggest he give the producers some military pointers.
    I can’t take the aggravation of stupid people in movies.
    There. I’m done.
    Let the show die. Kill it again if it rises from the dead.

    • There would be no tension or drama if the characters behaved intelligently or logically. Also, I noticed the Jew producers like to kill off pretty much every white blonde female that comes along.

  4. hunter wallace cares about a fake, stupid television show made by people who hate america, and lots of the actors hate america too.

    but, he won’t vote in the midterms.

    priorities. waste 1 hour of his life every week watching garbage that his enemies make, but can’t spend 30 minutes voting once every 2 years.

  5. Re: the interracial relationship.

    I am quite inured to these types of relationships on TV, but this particular one is objectionable for a different reason. The actor that plays Rick Grimes looks like he is in a state of disbelief about the relationship with the black character, and this shines through. They don’t look ‘real’.

  6. They were hooking Rick up with this cute Blonde a few seasons back and that was good. Then overnight they decided to have him laying in bed with Michonne. Needless to say I haven’t watched it since. I saw a commercial the other day and I see they now have Carol smooching with some nasty looking Black guy. They are really going all out now with this interracial shit.

    They have a few popular White guys who keep the show going and if not for them it would be completely over.

  7. Why does anybody watch this garbahge in the first place?
    For that matter watch any other programs on the electric jew?

  8. “General Butt Naked
    NOVEMBER 5, 2018 AT 11:31 AM
    Why does anybody watch this garbahge in the first place?”

    I respond:

    It’s like the Soap Opera TV shows of the 70s and 80s. They rope you in and hook you until you actually care about these TV characters.

    The first few episodes of the Walking Dead were interesting – authentic Southern characters, but that was it. The Black and feminist themes – no.

    Kill your TV

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