Cernovich Interviews Steve Bannon

Watching now.

SPOILER: The mainstream Right rejects anti-Semitism and White Nationalism because it is owned by the Jewish billionaires who finance the party and set the policy agenda.

Note: Bannon’s shtick is to cling to nationalist and populist candidates all over the world in order to associate himself in the press with a movement he has nothing to do with. He has done it with everyone from Trump to Roy Moore to Marine Le Pen to Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

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  1. Sucking up to minorities has always been the undoing of the Rupublican Party. It is a statistical fact that they are all aware of. So why do they keep doing it? They are paid to do it by the Israel Lobby.

  2. If I were a member of the LOS or any other American organization then I’d focus on creating dummy Disqus accounts and memeing pro-secession ideas on

  3. Mike Cerno-bitch was happy when Gab shut down. Fuck him. Then he tried to jump back on, when Torba tweeted Gab up & running again. He’s a pos. Bannon is a civnat, worthless.

  4. Sorry for the off topic, but I think we are being censored on Gab. Most of my posts are gone. All of yours are gone, Hunter, except for your pinned posts and replies to others (which was overlooked I think).

  5. Bannon looks like a sick animal to me. I give him two years before his liver or kidneys give out, or he is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

  6. I take it you mean the mainstream right is owned by jews? That wasn’t very clear the way you worded that.

  7. Has anyone heard any updates on Bannon’s campaign to work with European nationalists? Hopefully it’s just talk. The last thing we want is for America Christian Zionists to start exerting influence on European nationalists.

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