President Trump: Antifa Are Bad People

This is the second time in the last few weeks he has brought up Antifa.

I agree they are terrible people who are hitting people with clubs. My question is … WHY THE HELL IS THIS BEING TOLERATED? WHY IS THE DOJ PROSECUTING RAM, BUT NOT THESE PEOPLE?

“Donald Trump has a new boogeyman to scare midterm voters, an unruly mob known as antifa.

“These are bad people,” the president said at the rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp in Macon, Georgia, on Sunday. “These are the people causing problems and the press doesn’t want to talk about them.”

Trump implied that black-clad anti-fascist protesters are effectively a paramilitary force working on behalf of the Democrats.

“If the radical resistance wins power – and that’s what they are, the radical resistance – they will move immediately to reverse America’s progress and eradicate all the gains we’ve made,” Trump said. …”

This is one of the top three reasons why I can’t get to YES on the GOP.

The other two reasons are social media censorship and the destruction of our monuments. I could list all the other disappointments, but those are the top three reasons that I am sitting this one out.

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  1. Eric Striker says vote for the Republican party midterms to show the establishment that the white majority rejects neoliberalism and anti-white hatred.

    I am curious about how voting for a neoliberal, anti-white party achieves that.

      • Neither party has stemmed let alone stop immigration. In fact, it has escalated. It’s even a bit of a sick joke with this timed Honduras caravan. That is by design as we know.

        Mathematically ethnic replacement looms and the time of this can be calculated by using birth death data. It’s coming in our lifetimes and likely soon.

        With ethnic replacement will come a shift in what is left of gentile white power towards others.

        The rules of democracy are redundant in this situation as it’s a different game. You can’t vote your way out. In fact, life is unlikely to improve as it heads to the common denominator. It is a credit to the malefactors that they know their audience so well they can program gentiles to do their bidding.

        At the same time, do you want Trump or the outright communists (knowing full well that demographics = destiny)?

      • If Republicans stick it to antifa, then why are antifa (which the GOP DHS labeled domestic terrorists) operating with impunity?

    • I refuse to believe that Striker genuinely believes that tripe.

      I think Enoch is making him say these idiotic things.

      Almost every e-celeb other than Spencer is in ultra-GOP-shill mode right now.

      Gab is nauseating right now.

  2. I respect your decision to sit this one out Hunter. And I also incredibly appreciate your perspective, as well as others in our movement. If I have said anything disrespectful, I certainly didn’t mean it that way. We are all trying to figure out our best moves, and the most important to me, is that we all strict together as a unified movement. That said, since I am an Orthodox Lutheran, I will pray for some sign, some miracle, any kind of sign, that’ll help you & I & the rest of us, know what’s best. I still believe Trump and the Republicans are our best bet, for now. The hard truth, is neither party likes white people, they both haven’t done anything for us. Meanwhile, we know they know what concerns get them votes. So why do they continue to FUCK us? Because they are not us. They’re not even the same species. They HATE us. We must continue informing our brethren.

  3. “Antifa are bad people.” Do you or your so-called attorney general plan on doing anything about them, Drumpf? Didn’t think so.


    Because in spite of the fact that SJWs are only 8% of the population, the Jews keep telling us that they’re the majority opinion. The Republicans think they’re responding to the majority consensus, which just so happens to coincide with Jewish interests.

  5. Yes, Mr. POTUS, we know they’re bad people. Why the hell aren’t you doing something about it? Why don’t you defund their NGO’s and prosecute scores of them for well documented criminal acts? Don’t use your do nothing AG as an excuse.

  6. Too little too late. Trump must’ve been briefed that we’re staying home for midterms, so he thinks he can throw s a bone by bad mouthing anitia commie agitators.

    Hey trump, your smoke and mirrors bullshit won’t work this time. Maybe benjy nutty yahoo will let you borrow the idf to protect our border Just tell them that the “caravans ” are invading Palestinians.

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