Antifa Mob Stalk Tucker Carlson’s Family

UPDATE: Apparently, Twitter didn’t want to hear about this all day tomorrow on FOX News and has suspended the SmashRacismDC account. Lacy is like 8 months pregnant and continues to pull these stunts.

Lacy and Luke are out on a LARP tonight.

Donald Trump was elected president to “Make America Safe Again.” He has failed to deliver on that campaign promise. As I said before the election, Antifa have been allowed to run wild on his watch with no consequences for their violent and threatening actions.

This sort of thing is why the “Jobs, Not Mobs” line was so implausible. We’ve seen these mobs tolerated for two years now. Why aren’t the people “hitting people with clubs” ever punished?

Note: This might not be the smartest move with the Sessions era ending at DOJ.

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    • Do they have stand your ground there ? 🙂 Look … we’re just spectators of our own demise unless we found a new super Confederate States. Step back and look at the BIG picture. Here’s a screen shot that sums up our very near future. The next and next elections will wipe out whitey completely.…0.0..0.84.1006.13……0….1..gws-wiz.7XDtu8oMBQ8

    • Power of thy Sword (@ChadinSiberia)

      Can you just… do that? Go to someone’s house, tell them you’re there to fight, and not give them legal cover for shooting you?

      Can we do it to members of Antifa?

      Outside of Yankee dominated areas, yes. However, Antifa are relatively weak outside of their traditional territory in the deep Northeast, Great Lakes and West Coast.

      In Arkansas, for instance, they’re practically destroyed as a meaningful political organisation. Not that they were much of one there, anyway.

  1. Perhaps Tucker Carlson should hire a few Proud Boys as security. Since I’m a former bouncer I’d be willing to do it for the right price. Most States have laws against trespassing onto private property or if there’s a pattern stalking statutes may apply. It would be poetic justice if you doxxed these left-wing thugs and provided the info gratis to Tucker so he can use his platform to expose them to his gargantuan audience.

    • Even the strictly pro Israel, multicultural “WHITE RACISTS NOT ALLOWED” Proud Boys get smeared and persecuted by the Lib Dems and thrown under the bus by cowardly cuckservatives, Conservative inc.

      My recommendation is to support, grow the one group that was able to contest the street against Antifa, Islamists, BlackLiesMatter during the Presidential campaign.

      White Bikers
      Bikers for Trump

      The key is to have some activity, some reason of being besides just being a self defense fight club defending race realists, defending honest conservatives.

      We definitely need organizations, but organizations with anonymity and also not crazy lone wolves with guns.

      These Antifa mobs need to be chased away from Tucker Carlson’s family, the same as these White bikers chased away The New Black Panther Party thugs trying to harass a regular White guy in Texas who defended his neighbor’s home from illegal alien Black home invaders:

  2. I don’t like Tucker. I’m a recovering leftist having one of those nights, trying to recover from the Midterm Elections of 2018, a moment history will not forget. Took a big toll on me all things considered.

    I think he’s a whiner. I think some of these little shits in the cuckservative media are as bad as antifa.

    But I’ll play partisan for the night. What’d Tuck do to them? The twitter account linked to is suspended.

    • >>I think he’s a whiner. I think some of these little shits in the cuckservative media are as bad as antifa.


      From what little I’ve been able to see of Tucker Carlson, his whole shtick seems to be 90% Limbaugh-style “WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE!?” whining and Little Green Footballs-style “one of our political opponents said something stupid/outrageous, laugh at him!”, and maybe 10% actual substance and intelligent discussion. That 10% being more than anyone else does on TV these days, but still not enough to justify watching.

      You always get the feeling with Tucker that he COULD do more meaningful content if he wanted, or if it was allowed of him.

      >>What’d Tuck do to them?

      He made the peasants agitated…

      …he’s one of the only mainstream voices to criticize the wars in the Middle East, he’s one of the only ones to really question the Evil Russia narrative… I think he’s even put in a good word for Iran, horror of horrors. He’s about as close as you can get to being explicitly pro-white without actually using the word.

      He could just be another milquetoast, right-leaning NPC if he wanted. He doesn’t have to keep dropping those redpills on his audience in between all the pabulum. I don’t know if he does it out of some sense of journalistic integrity or because he likes to be contrarian or maybe he really is a crypto-Nazi.

      Reason doesn’t matter. He’s clearly a threat to the System and Antifa, pro-System paramilitaries that they, see it as their duty to crush him for it.

      • The irony of “Antifa” is that they see themselves as fighters against the “racist” System but in fact are an integral part of that same system. They are the street level anti-White screamers and thugs the System uses to suppress even mild, indirect pro White speech. This is the reason why Trump does nothing or is allowed to do nothing about them.

        • Denise, I’d say it’s better to have him on-air… but having him purged in an acrimonious clusterfuck would be good with us if it pissed off enough of his fans. I can’t see how anyone can agree with what he’s saying (when not doing “look at how dumb this random shitlib is” faggotry) and not be… well… us.

      • This is true. But Tucker Carlson is probably the only one left on mainstream television news that will report anything honest from a someone traditional American (White) perspective. Anybody else even remotely sympathetic to our issues has been purged from both Mainstream American media and Conservative Inc media.

        Look at all the great writers who have been purged from National Review/Conservative inc:

        Joe Sobran
        Thomas Fleming
        Pat Buchanan
        Peter Brimelow
        John Derbyshire

        All of us who can’t even make comments any more at Conservative Inc blogs like National Review, Red State, Conservative Town Hall.

        First we got purged for opposing in any way the first or any of the Neo Conservative Zionists wars, intrigues in Iraq, Syria, Serbia

        “Unpatriotic Conservatives” by the Canadian Jewish Neo Conservative David Frum (he’s switched back to Liberal Leftist Zionists The Atlantic Magazine)


        Then the lying Neo Conservative Zionists Jews purged anybody that just noticed “The War Against Christmas” John O Sullivan and to a lesser extent Bill O’Reilly.

        This same nasty tribe of fake Conservative Jews and their puppets (Latter Day Saint puppets were/are really bad Mitt Romney, Jeff Flag, Egg McMuffin) tried to do the same purge of Trump and all Trump Supporters.


        Slandering, smearing and purging honest White men is something the J Tribe always does and they are real snakes, shedding one skin, one disguise and assuming a new disguise – changing their names from Lev Bronstein to Leon Trotsky, Michael Wiener to Michael Savage.

        Think some New Yawk Bronx Jew born and named Michael Weiner would make it as a popular Right Wing radio talk show host:

        “The Weiner Nation” instead of The Savage Nation”?

  3. Yeah, watch Cucker if you can stand it. Show after show I might have the misfortune to watch, there’s no THERE, there — EVER. You get to watch insane leftists and leftist jews lay out their agenda, while Tucker acts the buffoon, because it’s necessary to be “fair and balanced”. Tucker hates “racists” and “racism”, and of course, the only “racists” he condemns are Whites because, apparently, only Whites can be “racists”. Jews and niggers have declared it so.

  4. The Purge film series was always a Tribal revenge fantasy on bourgeois whites. It was never a serious study of structural problems with bourgeois society.

    Why do any center right people think they are immune at this point? Bloodbath will occur.

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