2 LSU Fans Arrested After Killing Alabama Fan In Bar Fight

Look, I know better than anyone how annoying Alabama fans can be boasting about their national championships, but guys, you’re not making LSU fans look any better here:

“PONCHATOULA, La. — Two people are in custody in connection with a fight over the weekend at a Ponchatoula bar that left a Alabama football fan dead.

Azia Crockett and Ryan Anthony surrendered to detectives and were arrested on felony manslaughter charges, the Ponchatoula Police Department said in an update Wednesday.

Investigators said the fight was reported the early Sunday morning at Ponchatoula Pub.

Robert Bowers was involved in an argument with several people at the bar, including Crockett and Anthony, who struck him, police said. Authorities said Bowers was an Alabama fan and Crockett and Anthony are LSU fans. …”

The guy who died … his name was ROBERT BOWERS!

You’re fat.

Jesus Christ how many carbs do you consume a day?

You killed a guy over an argument over negro sportsball? Seriously?

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  1. When I was a kid, if we weren’t rooting for a team from Texas, we rooted for ‘Bama.
    Hell, we rooted for any team from the South, if they were playing against a Northern team. Still do.

  2. I’ve always considered sports just bread and circuses to manipulate the masses. I could care less who wins the Super Bowl or World Series. Alas,stupid Americans care more about sports than their children’s future in a non-white world ruled by Jewish oligarchs. The best time for politicians to legislate our rights away are when the masses are preoccupied with sports. Such ignorant fucks!

    P.S. Liberals are at the lower end of the Bell Curve.

    • This is one if several reasons why I couldn’t care two potatoes about football, it’s the opiate of a dying population.

  3. Richard Spencer’s speech about the evils of worshipping SEC Football Black mercenaries – that was brilliant – a great speech.

    Let’s encourage Southerners getting away from Black thug/rapist SEC football. there are other much better sports like Rugby, college and NHL & international hockey. College basketball or my sport tennis.

    Let’s cheer for our own lads.

  4. If overly sentimental, one would say it’s a shame these cucks will spend the rest of their worthless lives in jail.

    • Why be sentimental about two idiots? I couldn’t care less about these guys. They’ll now be much closer to the coloreds they love to cheer for.

  5. What Spencer said at Auburn is so truthful & powerful it is why university administrators, leftist students, and antifa knew they had to stop Spencer’s college tour: by bureaucratic foot dragging & lawfare to delay or prevent his appearance; by simply shouting him down if he eventually won the right to appear; by physical violence against even those curious to hear what he had to say.

  6. Great speech. Love The Spence. He’s 100 % correct. In The New CSA football baseball basketball should be banned, and replaced with shooting, archery, biking, war games, swimming, and maybe even Badminton. Ape sports have been WAY over glorified to beyond stupidity and have hijacked the male psyche which is supposed to be aware of and keep up with the political landscape. Half of America are zeros. Black brown muslim gay sports watchers Oprah watchers etc. A bunch of brainwashed empty heads. Reboot the south before it’s too late.

  7. Its a shame seeing our people kill each other over nig-nog ball. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves right now. What a sad waste of life on all sides involved.

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