Richard Spencer’s 2018 Midterms Take

If I don’t sound “black pilled” on the election, it is because I realized that nothing but the tax cuts was going to get done in Trump’s first term months ago:

Note: I got over Trump well over a year ago. Ethnarch was so in denial last night that he couldn’t admit the House was lost long after it was projected. LOL!

Note: If Florida Man hadn’t saved the midterms, the GOP would have had a very bad night.

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  1. The Earl of Spencer is little more than a dilettante. He could have been a celebrated public intellectual, a Bill Buckley for the alt-right. Alas, it was not to be.

    • Spencer is right BUT … we’re all just as guilty as Trump – WHERE’S “OUR PLAN ?” Besides bitching, do we even have a conversation started about how to create an enlarged Confederate States for white nationalists yet ? NOPE. Of course we’re pissed about Trump kissing ass, but are we guilty of expecting Batman or Superman to come to our rescue ? WE are acting like children too.

      The left took off the gloves and masks and we’re still wearing ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to rock and roll fellow white nationalists. We need the right to UNITE. Put aside differences, and form a think tank. Instead of fantasy football, how about fantasy Confederacy ?!!

      Spencer, Dr. Hill, Hunter Wallace, David Duke, Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow would start it off nicely. What would it take to get these guys to sit down and talk for a couple hours once a month or so ?

      Or we could just keep doing nothing and the next Obama that gets in it’s over.

  2. Spencer hit it pretty accurately. I actually got banned on Breitbart for criticizing the Great Leader. They let me slide on anti-zionist stuff, but once I kept calling Trump to account, it was sayonara. My pointing out that his only ‘achievement’ appeared to be tax breaks for the rich, and it was the figurative straw. Before I was booted, i noticed that a couple of my old, independently thinking chums had also disappeared.

    • It’s the mark of a cult of personality. They take any criticism of Trump as a personal assault on them. It has been really bad over the last two years. It has reminded me of Obama’s cult in 2008.

      The red/blue team phenomenon has been around awhile but the cultist behavior of it is getting worse as America declines.

      • The strong leader is the hope of a decrepit society. Unfortunately, America’s divided culture is so drunk on celebrity that only a caricature of strength can take hold. What awaits is another Lincoln: ruthless, bloodthirsty and obedient.

    • The biggest joke of these people was the Kanye West/Kardashian stuff. They lost all credibility on that shit.

    • If only Hillary had won, it all would be so much better. She might just run again in 2020 and finally win, then you can be satisfied. No wonder we can’t form a meaningful political coalition…

  3. Solutions? I have one; a clam, perhaps even Stoic, campaign for Partition.

    All the lolberg memes that are gobbled up at venues like r/The Donald, TRS, FTN, and DS do not strike the right chord for the project, which is a geo-historical Earthquake:

    an attempt to midwife the galactic humanity that threads the needle between the sun going Red Giant and being swallowed up by the same technology that allows us to escape.

    The Fallacies of Hope (that America can be saved):

    • If Nick wasn’t giving bad political advice to gullible fools on Twitter, he’d be trying to get work as a child actor in Hollywood.

  4. I went to one of the recent Trump rallies. It was surreal to hear him touting the black and hispanic unemployment rate and the 99% crowd cheering wildly. Yet, no mention of how whites are affected (our life expectancy is actually dropping, partially due to the opiate menace).

    The one positive thing I can say is that it is impossible to predict the future, so even when things seem terrible the seeming randomness of reality can throw you a bone.

  5. Spencer has always been good on the CQ (conservative question). Anyone who has spent time in real movement conservativism like he has comes out knowing they’re all either frauds or cowards.

  6. Right On, Brad (no irony). Fuentes needs to be slapped repeatedly, and then ignored. Spencer is absolutely right in that we need to build a REAL movement and REAL institutions. TWP was a false start only due to the unfortunate personal foibles of it’s leadership. However something identical must be tried again. Perhaps an expanded LOS? Can a yankee-lander ‘jine up?

    • I never understood why so many alleged patriots and racialists took a non-white anchor baby seriously in the first place

    • I am thinking of forming the American National Socialist Workers’ Reichsparty, or ANSWR for short. You can be Party Member #2.

      • Won’t work. “Socialist” ain’t gonna fly. Capitalism is the least worst system but we need to eliminate “predatory” capitalism. The Confederate Party will do just fine if the right people form a think tank and get the conversation going. Vickstrom has a few good ideas to contribute as well.

    • Now you are thinking. An independent South? How about a massive red state secessionist movement dedicated to the creation of a White Heartland Republic. The South would be included but it want be only the South.

  7. As usual,the republican congress decieved the president and didn’t support his campaign promises 100%.They’re not for the common interest .GOP party are for self interest.Think of the Titanic where the second class passangers make their way to lifeboats, the third class passangers left on their own.

  8. I don’t blame Trump – he’s a 72 year old man trying to lead a movement but has been stomped on by his own Party.

    But the reality is that important things have not changed in 2 years:

    1. Disparate Impact in the schools. This was launched by AG Eric Holder because White teachers are racists and send Black kids to the principal for punishment disproportionately. I was hoping to see Betsy DeVos trash this but nothing has happened – it continues on and we see plenty of videos of students attacking each other, attacking the teachers, etc. The impact on White kids will be felt for a long time.

    2. The Economy. They say it’s great but when I talk with the workers at Dollar General, the gas stations, and Walmart – their part-time hours haven’t turned into full time schedules, they still can’t afford medical care (even when offered it by the companies because it’s a huge chunk of their small paychecks), and their pay is the same.

    3. Immigration. My understanding is that illegal immigrants are flowing into our country at a rate that’s the same or higher than when OZero was in power. So the great demographic change is continuing at the original rate or accelerating. Oh and this doesn’t include all of the Somalis and other Africans that the State Dept is bringing into the country.

    4. I was really hoping for some kind of thawing of relations with Russia – but now we continue to up the ante on their border with NATO troops and war games – not to mention the sanctions.

    5. The Wall – ok well I guess that was just a pipe dream. Now it’s not even that.

    6. Prosecution of the deep state – Hillary, Rod Rosenstein, and others. Any hope of that is gone starting in January 2019.

    7. Regulation of Big Tech in terms of free speech issues – not with the Communists having a majority of the House. You can kiss that possibility good bye.

    Spencer is right – and I’ve said it here before – Trump is not going to win in 2020. But we’ll just keep hoping I suppose …

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