The Blue Ripple

Here are my hot takes on the 2018 midterm elections:

1.) As things stand today, the Democrats have won the House by picking up 27 to 35 seats. They were expected to win the House, but this is a pyrrhic victory. They will have like a ten seat majority. Maybe even less than that. So, the Dems have ownership of the House now with Nancy Pelosi as their avatar, but not much in the way of power. Oh, and Trump isn’t getting impeached.

2.) There was no Blue Wave. Obama lost 6 Senate seats and 63 House seats in the 2010 midterms. Trump won at least 3 Senate seats and lost about 35 House seats. The GOP performed better than expected, but there was no Red Wave either. Insofar as there was a Red Wave, it cancelled out the Blue Wave.

3.) BETO lost, Gillum lost and Stacey Abrams lost although she hasn’t admitted it yet. HAHAHAHAHA!

4.) Steve King, alleged White Nationalist, survived The Blue Ripple. HAHAHAHAHA!

5.) It sucks that Corey Stewart and Kris Kobach lost. The former was expected and was no surprise. The latter was the biggest disappointment of the night. Brownback screwed up the state and Kansas has a history of electing Democrat governors. Why can’t he get confirmed by the Senate now though? Kobach makes much more sense at DHS anyway.

6.) President Trump unquestionably saved the day for the GOP with his full throated White Nationalist rhetoric at campaign rallies. If it hadn’t been for Trump’s voters sticking with him and giving the GOP a second chance, it would have been a Blue Wave. Joe Manchin was reelected by like 2 points in West Virginia. Old Joe isn’t going to dare to vote against Trump on big issues like immigration now. How long will it be until he switches parties?

7.) Paul Ryan’s unpopular True Cons agenda lost the House majority. I didn’t even vote for Congress. Most people here didn’t either. If the GOP Congress had anything going for it, Democrats wouldn’t have even won the House last night. They didn’t have anything to run on but repealing the Obamacare individual mandate and the tax cuts. It was Paul Ryan’s wildly unpopular Better Way agenda that sunk the party by either pushing issues that voters don’t care about like banking deregulation or healthcare which heavily favored the Democrats. John McCain also cost the GOP a huge victory on Obamacare by voting against repeal at the last minute.

8.) Speaking of cucks, they lost everywhere last night while Trump put Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis over the top. Mitt Romney won in Utah, but he was the exception to the rule.

9.) The Democrats better hope they don’t lose Ruth Bader Ginsberg over the next two years. With fewer cucks in the Senate and a stronger majority, Trump will shuffle his Cabinet and his judicial appointments will sail through now.

10.) Democrat hysteria over Kavanaugh played a huge role in the Category 5 Blue Wave being downgraded to a Category 1 Blue Ripple. So did Trump’s attacks on the caravans and using Antifa to portray Democrats as a violent, unhinged threatening mob. While Trump’s rhetoric didn’t work on us, it did on most people who are sick of open borders and Antifa.

11.) The only big ticket agenda item the GOP got done in 2016-2018 was the tax cuts. Maybe the Democrats will be willing to give infrastructure a whirl now to have something to run on in 2020.

12.) Trump labelled Gillum a thief and Stacey Abrams was hit with ruthless attacks over burning the Georgia State Flag and her armed Black Panthers supporters. I’m still amazed the GOP was willing to play the race card and defeat two black Democrats rather than cucking out at the last minute. That’s what Jeb or Mitt Romney would have done.

13.) The Green Party candidate saved McSally in Arizona. The Libertarian who dropped out saved Tester in Montana.

14.) Did you see that 56,350 people voted for NAZI Art Jones in Illinois a week after 11 Jews were shot and killed in Pittsburgh? He ran on denying the Holocaust!

15.) White women elected Kemp and stopped BETO:

16.) Nothing out of the ordinary

17.) So much for BLEXIT

18.) “White supremacy” holds the line in Iowa?

19.) Mia Love, Haitian Republican that represents cucks in Utah, went down.

20.) Suburban women are mad that Trump is a jerk, but that is hardly news. We’ve known that for two years now.

21.) Worth noting the razor thin Dem majority includes people like Tim Ryan and Conor Lamb who have said that they won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

Overall, I didn’t think it was a bad night for the GOP. Nothing unexpected happened. It has to be a huge anticlimax though for the Left after two years of having a collective mental breakdown. Americans were supposed to rise up to send a message to Trump and BETO, Gillum and Abrams all lost.

Note: I’m going to be spending less time on social media in the future. It will give me more time to write articles and do analysis here.

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  1. The actual agenda they pushed through the last two years is the reason they lost the house. People still want what Trump ran on in 2016 and that is why the GOP didn’t take catastrophic losses.

    We are seeing the rust belt go back blue because of the GOP economic agenda so that is a major danger for Trump in 2020. Trump will have to run against the very GOP party economic policies he has supported in order to have any chance at winning a state like Pennsylvania or Michigan. Is going to be interesting watching Trump forced to run vs. The GOP economic agenda.

    It has been said over and over and it always rings true about the GOP is that it is bait a switch scheme every four years. They run on nationalism and populism and use it to push through their wildly unpopular conservative economic agenda, amnesty attempts and disastrous Israel-first foreign policy.

    If the GOP had kept the house we would be getting tax cuts 2 and another attempt to codify DACA into law. Gridlock works in our favor for the next two year if you believe in the “buy us time” strategy.

    • I agree with most of this, except the rust belt theory. I agree Trump needs them to win 2020, but i don’t think he’s in trouble bcz of his economics. I believe the rust belt voters voted Republican en masse, many for their first time ever, bcz of Build the Wall Deport them All, & to have Obamacrap replaced with a much better, cheaper, health insurance. The good thi g is see, is many Republicans are now signaling White Nationalism, the rhetoric we use has now become normal language & discourse. We are having an impact, and Dems having a little bit more power, should push many more whites to our side, especially our representatives. They’ll have no choice really.

      • Healthcare is a big issue. I always forget to bring up healthcare and the problem is that the GOP have no solutions except free market solutions (due to their non-compromising conservative ideology on the issue) which are extremely unpopular in those areas.

        GOP policies on economy are a big deal in the rust belt because of the extremely unpopular right to work laws which the GOP are adamant about. It’s a combination of economics, health care and trade that effects the rust belt vote and the GOP fails on all of it. That is why you are seeing them go back blue.

        Trump will have to run vs the GOP conservative ideology on these issues and that will once again get him in the cross-hairs of conservatives and the GOP establishment just like it did in 2016.

  2. Good idea HW about spending less time on social media. You have a popular website that’s in demand. People love the truth even though some may not agree with it. I nuked all my social media accounts a year ago and find I have more time to do the things I’ve been procrastinating on.

  3. I giver Hunter credit for calling out the meaninglessness of this election. The “Alt-Right” is not a political force nor likely to be one. We are on autopilot for something really horrible and voting, doing Youtube streams, call in shows and “Big Brained” monologues isn’t going to change a thing. I am personally cancelling subscriptions and turning it all off for the most part, I just wanted to give a shout out to Hunter that out of all the people I (used to) listen to he is the only one that got it right.

    • I disagree. We are in fact having an impact. The MSK is now talking about the ethno-state! Theyve taken up White Nationalism rhetoric on an almost daily basis. Whatever one wants to call themselves, the AltRight is slowly winning maple over. Once they know, theres no turning back.

    • Even Joe Schmo talked about Demography is Destiny this morning! Our rhetoric has gone main stream. But you all know me by now, for being overly optimistic. So take it for what its worth. I say we continue to push ,cant GI e up now, unless we all plan to move onto a compound together.

  4. Yep,

    Look at Pennsylvania and the Midwest vs. Florida or Missouri. That’s the result of the GOP policy agenda. They won in Ohio and Iowa and nearly won in Wisconsin in spite of it

  5. I agree with Hunter’s analysis.

    I’m outside of Chicago these days, but still keep a lot of business and family contacts in Chicago the City. Chicago, Il might have had THE worst political election results of anywhere last night. Our God awful, IDF vet with a father in the anti British Jewish terrorist group the Irgun is stepping down as Chicago mayor, but doing all kinds of dreadful things like giving away a large Chicago lakefront public park to the Obama mafia to create some type of Black Nationalist power center, training center – and this was in the backyard of where my family has lived for 100 years!

    Lot’s and lots of Conservative White Americans have ran against Washington, ran against New York City big banks, big media, ran against Hollywood Libs and one in places like the South, the Midwest heartland – I strongly recommend folks in the League of the South, populist conservatives who follow TPC now start running and winning against Chicago.

    Run and win against Chicago (Black, Laraza) crime – 500 + murders a year for the past 40 years. Run against one party BlackLiesmatter Dem Chicago misrule, wilding mobs, sexual degeneracy 80% illegitimacy rates, run against Chicago as a sanctuary city where 85% of murders go unsolved.

    It’s a winning program to run against Chicago. The Illinois Republican Governor who was defeated Rauner wouldn’t do this, would’ t mention crime, just talked, talked, talked about political corruption, taxes typical Republican establishment shi$

    • Democracy is death for any city. The poor vote to plunder the rich, the rich flee, and the place becomes a giant welfare slum. Chicago was spared for a few decades, all thanks to the Daley Dictatorship that ended in 2011.

  6. This was no victory by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just finding out how close we are to the abyss.

    Georgia Governor:

    Kemp – 50.4%
    Abrams – 48.7%

    Florida Governor:

    DeSantis – 49.7%
    Gillum – 49.1%

    Texas Senate:

    Cruz – 51.0%
    O’Rourke – 48.3%

    Two years from now the Communists will take the Presidency. And these states will switch as well in the next Senate / Governor elections.

    We’re just watching the countdown to the end.

      • And the stats you linked in the article are even more worrysome – take out White women and Commies win across the board.

        What happened to the White Man?

        • Which group of white men?

          They are either cucks or out cutting wood or something similar like it is 1830 ( i.e., 47 steps behind). Some of them are busy posting George Soros was a Nazi SS man memes on FaceBook.

  7. The trouble here is getting lost in the trees rather than seeing the forest:

    1) Even with a booming economy, the Dems still took the House.

    2) Unless Ethnarch and Co are going to pull new pro-white voters out of a hat, the Brown Wave is still coming as scheduled. The “Cold Equations” haven’t changed.

    3) A “divided nation” (actually several nations fighting over the same government) will never be able to deliver the future our posterity deserve. Only free of them, can we build the future our posterity deserve. The frustration you express over Trump’s half measures is the best case scenario! It can only get worse!

    Against that, does it really matter who won this or that race? The movement is in La La Land! The movement is reeling like a punch drunk fighter from one blow to another!

    Why? Because of the emotional difficulty of admitting that America is dead.

    There will be no Wall. The immigrants will keep coming in their millions, if not more. And we risk losing it all, rather than “cutting our losses” now. Actually, unless we believe in magic dirt, Partition is not a loss at all, but a huge unparalleled gain. By giving up some dirt, we escape the political chains that bind us to the enemy we gain a new better nation, a white alliance across the top of the planet, and a launching pad to the rest of Universe.

    To my knowledge, there is no one out there that can stop us.

    (notice I didn’t even mention the grave threat of robots, AI, and trans-humanism)

  8. Trump could very well be your last ever Republican president, due to growing imported Democrat voters, which the Republicans have barely lifted a finger to stop or reverse. This dynamic is playing out in every Western nation.’Conservative’ parties let this happen, so it makes no difference to the voter whos in anyway. Both parties are two sides of the one coin-they both support diversity, war, aid to Israel and others, and have done nothing about the caravans. Thats your democracy there-a totally failed system.

  9. The rank and file republican politician is a judas to our cause. The ruthless jews make sure that each traitor gets their 30 pieces of silver.

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