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  1. He will take the role of the obnoxious mainstream media darling which was formally occupied by McCain. The go to man whenever the media needs its virtue signaling Republican to come on and lecture everyone about all the good goy ways we should go about doing things.

  2. He is a Systemite! The first debate with Obama he won hands down. The others ones Obama won. I think he was approached after the first debate by the powers that be and told to to tone it done otherwise he runs the risk of appearing confrontational and racist and by doing so that is giving ammunition to racialist!s

  3. A Democrat defeating Romney would have been better for us, assuming it was possible. The people in the movement with low intelligence (and who frankly shouldn’t have opinions) don’t understand this.

  4. if Trump’s the 5-dimensional tic-tac-toe player his adherents claim, he’ll

    fire Mattis and appoint Romney Def. Sec.

    that gets him out of the Senate, where he’ll only be a powerless nuisance, and into a job he can actually do rather well.

  5. He use to be the governor of Commychussets. Hes not a Republican, he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. A f##*ing traitor to White European people!

  6. Its not Romney we are stuck with, its Mormons. I went to school with some of them. They make a great slave class. Obedient. Unquestioning. Naive. They side with their politically correct Massas.

    Every religion says it is Eternal Truth, and, as secular opinion changes, every one of them suddenly discovers that their version of Eternal Truth was incorrect because they have just read something else into the ancient texts that conforms with Modern Opinion.

  7. The Mormons are pro war, race mixing cucktards. One of my children was involved with them for a while, and kept being pestered to date women of other races. He grew tired of them and walked away. In the year following his exit they hassled him in various ways to return. Not feeling as if he needed to explain himself to them, he just threatened to involve lawyers if they didn’t bugger off.
    The effort it takes to simply get them out of your life!

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