Notorious RBG Falls Down Breaks Ribs

What do you think?

Does the crazy old yenta make it to 2020? That’s what everyone is wondering:

“WASHINGTON — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a critical liberal voice on the Supreme Court, was hospitalized on Thursday morning with three broken ribs after falling in her office the day before.

Justice Ginsburg, 85, went home after her fall on Wednesday evening and experienced discomfort during the night, a Supreme Court spokeswoman, Kathy Arberg, said in a statement. She was admitted to George Washington University Hospital on Thursday morning for observation and treatment. Doctors found three broken ribs on her left side.

The next sitting of the Supreme Court begins Nov. 26, and Justice Ginsburg’s history suggests the injuries are not likely to keep her away. She broke two ribs in 2012, without missing work. And she returned to work quickly after undergoing a heart procedure in 2012. She is also a cancer survivor and returned to work less than three weeks after having surgery. …”

This isn’t her first stumble.

She is 85 now. There’s no way she makes it to 2025 without going senile. I seem to recall Democrats begging her to retire before Trump was elected and she refused to do it. She thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president.

If Trump was smart, he would vow to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg with a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Supreme Court Justice. The chance to dramatically curtail Jewish influence over the Supreme Court will likely be a major issue in the next election.

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    • @Michael Weaver

      Waiting for Antifa to fight Jewish Supremacy. Yawn….

      Antifa are a Jewish outfit from top to bottom.

  1. Do we have any memes that can prevent that woman with the adopted Haitian children from getting appointed?

  2. She’s so ugly, ( in and outside, ) it’s as if she’s some real life witch off Hansel and Gretel. In not too long she’ll be in hell with the other witches.

  3. There is speculation that she fell because her hip broke from osteoporosis, she then broke her ribs and is now in very bad shape.

  4. I have to give the Republicans credit for refusing to consider Merrick Garland, the commie jew who was chosen by Bathhouse Barry to replace the murdered Antonin Scalia.

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