Democrats Are Now Attempting To Steal Elections In Florida, Georgia and Arizona


“Democrat Kyrsten Sinema pulled ahead of Republican Martha McSally on Thursday in the Arizona Senate race by a margin of 2,000 votes. This marked the first time that Sinema has pulled ahead of McSally in the days since the election.

An additional 120,000 outstanding ballots were made available from Maricopa County Thursday. The county encompasses Phoenix and some of the state’s liberal enclaves. There are an 345,000 ballots that needed to be counted per a knowledgeable source with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

Republicans filed a lawsuit Wednesday night to challenge the way some Arizona counties count mail-in ballots, as election officials began to slowly tally more than 600,000 outstanding votes in the narrow U.S. Senate race. The task that could take days. …”


“Two days after Georgia voters went to the polls to decide the state’s next governor, the results of that election remain uncalled. Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams have fought over the election results since the polls closed Tuesday evening. That fight ramped up on Thursday, with Kemp resigning from his position as secretary of state after declaring victory while Abrams’s legal team announced her campaign is preparing legal action over uncounted votes in some parts of the state.

The back-and-forth began early Wednesday morning when Abrams told supporters that she would not concede the race, calling for all votes to be counted. “There’s voices that are waiting to be heard,” she said. By Wednesday evening, the margin between the candidates had narrowed, with vote counts showing Kemp beating Abrams 50.3 percent to 48.7 percent. …”


“Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is suing Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, alleging that her office has withheld crucial voter information as Scott’s closely watched Senate race against Sen. Bill Nelson (D) appears set for a recount.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday evening, accuses Snipes’s office of withholding records regarding how many people voted, how many ballots have been counted and how many more votes remain untallied in Broward.

“The lack of transparency raises substantial concerns about the validity of the election process,” his lawsuit reads. It demands an emergency hearing ahead of a critical noon Saturday deadline for county canvassing board to submit election results to the state Division of Elections. …”

Elections are over.

Democrats show up with boxes of thousands of ballots.

Lawyers parachute in and no one is in the least bit surprised.

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  1. If this is “Our Democracy,” I think it’s time to look at alternatives.

    Is this the most corrupt Western country? I think so.

    I have zero faith in the integrity of elections, in the professionalism of lawyers and judges, in just about anything here.

  2. Well, it’s about time Republican men with power learn to fight back ruthlessly against Democrat corruption. Look at all the FBI and DOJ treason that’s been revealed and yet no one goes to jail and probably never will. So either they fight like their lives depended on it in Florida, Georgia, AZ or they let the Dems win like they usually do.

  3. If the Republicans were a real political party, they’d work for the total destruction of the Democrats.

    If the U.S. were still a Republic, we’d have more than two political parties.

    If it wasn’t for the word if, I’d be a millionaire.

  4. During the Regan Administration the Dem’s won a lawsuite that basically enabled them to commit voter fraud. Basically the Republicans were caught doing voter fraud and as part of the court agreement the Republican party cannot contest the “vote counts” of Democrats. The Republican party took it to court 3 times, unfortunately each time it was before a Democrat judge. This is a scuewed article on the 1981 lawsuite. Basically it stopped the GOP from enabling any ballot security measures.

  5. If we DON’T create an enlarged Confederate States for white southern nationalists only VERY VERY SOON … they won’t have to STEAL anymore elections … they’ll have the evil dumb young women votes to win.

  6. We need to ban donations by out of state individuals and corporations and also need to ban all corporate donations and limit how much individuals may give. But what needs to be done and what actually happens are two different things. Whatever laws we may propose will be thrown out by the Supreme Court. Its no longer our government. We can either meekly accept this and enrage in mindless fads and diversity as we are assimilated out of existence via racial assimilation and differential birth rates or we can take take the iron road of secession and demand our own Ethno-State! Never has the case been as “self-evident” as it is now to quote Mr. Jefferson.

  7. Let’s see what Trump does in regard to this election fraud. We knows it’s fraud. And, if Trump does nothing, let see how many Republican voters go out in the streets and demand justice.

    I say neither will do anything.

  8. I’ll bet anyone that this is a ploy, to “work” Trump. Nevermind the MSM officially called all those races already, on Tuesday. Trump reacts in a show of force, sorta, then all of a sudden, wait a minute Trump, you may not have that power after all. Would you like to reconsider that interim AG Trump? Maybe you’ll win those seats wink wink. Trump should’ve gone with his gut in Jan 2017. Would’ve Should’ve Could’ve

  9. Our election system is completely corrupt. Both political parties are corrupt and we the people are left to pay the price, with a government at all levels and every branch. I am losing my faith in democracy and everyone seems to be incompetent, I ask for your president Trump, he is working to help restore integrity in our government. We have to stop indoctrination in public schools, hello, abolish the us department of education, though I doubt the radicals will ever be thrown out along with those they vote for. Politicians are crooks, their on the take, fraud rampant, just go with the election night results instead of listening to the crooks and the media propaganda machine. The must constitution and the electoral college matter.

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