Atlanta Antifa Has Been Deplatformed By PayPal

UPDATE: We need to immediately start reporting the PayPal accounts that Antifa have been using for bail funds starting with the Durham Solidarity Center Bail Fund. Antifa “journalist” Kelly Weill reports that other Antifa groups like Antifa Philadelphia, Antifa Arkansas, Belfast Antifa, and Rose City Antifa have been quietly banned under the radar by PayPal.

Now that PayPal has banned Antifa for being a violent extremist group, we need to pressure GoFundMe and Patreon to do so as well. Why are Facebook and Twitter still giving a platform to Antifa too? Antifa are literally using Twitter to organize mobs to terrorize people at their private homes.




Note: Grant’s dad thinks he is a pussy who needs to toughen up and be a real man. He isn’t wrong. This kid is so pumped full of soy that he voted for Stacey Abrams. Does his old man even know his son is Antifa? Is he a Satan worshiping urbanite now too?

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  1. Now the Anti-Fa have the chance to follow the advice they gave, when the system suppressed us:

    “Private companies can refuse service to anyone. If you don’t like it, make your own banking system.”

  2. If you really wanted to pull a fast one you could email copies of this info to Grant Baxter’s father and say that you, and your friends, would deeply appreciate it if this stupid bloody bastard left you alone.

    Snitch Antifa out to their parents and you will literally wreck them.

  3. Antifa deplatformed… is this really a win for us?

    They don’t really need the platform in the first place, the Democratic Party is their platform. You could shut down all the antifa groups and it’s still a net loss for us, if it means that we’re shut off from the Internet as well…

    …Hell, purging the far-left would be the smartest thing for the bourgeois Dems to do right now.

  4. Dad should have paid for lasik. That’s an unfortunate looking fellow. Glasses are like that last nail in the coffin.

  5. GREAT job again sir. Expose these sick homo’s to employers and shareholders OF the companies they work for. 🙂 I bet Dorsey hates taking these accounts down but does so he has some tiny argument he’s unbiased.

  6. The woman in antifa look more manly and aggressive than these genetic experiments. All these soyboys look weak and pathetic, perfect outcasts to be well funded and well organized to make them important.

    • @Racist “This is good, effective activism. Bravo.”

      Yes I agree on their part. What about ours, healthy strong willed men on the right can’t get the funding, All our platforms are shut and we don’t have jewish intetest groups backing us. With funding becomes origination and that’s why we’re weak in that aspect. But in others..

      • I forgot to mention for the need for strong willed White woman on the right also. We’re outnumbered with these freaks and commie sympathisers
        Sorry ladies.

  7. “Does his old man even know his son is Antifa? Is he a Satan worshiping urbanite now too?”
    We should tell on him ??

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