Proud Boys Have Been Deplatformed By Amazon and Paypal

Censorship by unaccountable multinational corporations continues to spiral:

“On Thursday, two days after BuzzFeed News contacted Amazon, the online retailer removed several T-shirts with slogans and logos promoting the Proud Boys, a far-right mens group that has gained notoriety for its frequent involvement in violent demonstrations around the US, including the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year.

Third-party sellers were offering several T-shirts screen-printed with “Proud Boys” and one of the organization’s commonly used terms, “Uhuru,” on Amazon’s marketplace for anywhere between $14.99 and $19.99.

Amazon declined to respond to questions about whether the items violated its terms of service and how the items ended up on the site. …”

True Conservatives have no solutions to this.

As usual, “journalists” who are nothing more than political activists are responsible. The Proud Boys have now been deplatformed by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and PayPal. They’re also being prosecuted for engaging in self defense against Antifa after one of their events in New York City. We’re all in the same boat now.

Note: Do you remember the time the Proud Boys “disavowed” the Unite the Right rally? Do you remember how after Charlottesville they were told they would be next?

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  1. I’m reminded of a saying many many moons ago. When free speech ends violence often begins. It is speech that allows people to vent their grievances so if you take that away people may see no other recourse. Alas,the system is creating it’s own problems by being a oppressive monstrosity. If you’re engaged in activism the lol legal way the (((tribe))) will sue you or put you in prison on bogus charges. Roberta Kaplan ring a bell? How about Matt Hale? Ever heard of Edgar Steele?

    I see another American revolution on the horizon. It’s literally a race against time. “Forward into the storm a world lies beyond!” Haywood Turner

        • Me ne frego. (Italian for GFY)

          Fascism unambiguously welds the corporazione to administration through totalitarian government control. It EXPLICITLY rejects economic liberalism.

          “We are, in other words, a state which controls all forces acting in nature. We control political forces, we control moral forces, we control economic forces, therefore we are a full blown Corporative state.”

          (Benito Mussolini)

          This is the irony of leftists who are themselves indoctrinated to respond as NPC borg collectivists, but think of themselves as liberals.

          They follow a religion manufactured for them by political elites, which becomes their identity, their thoughts and feelings from infancy, their spirituality and most cannot grasp it, so swallow the blue pill.

          All they want is a safe space where the State has absolute primacy. They are in support of the hegemonic influence of censorious leftist corporate media structures integrated with State policy. That is fascism.

          “If liberalism spells individualism, fascism spells government”

          (Il Duce)

  2. Did he stand up for free speech when we were deplatformed? Nope. He was too much the respectable coward to do that. Political correctness means siding with the bullies. Screw Gav and his Republican buddies.

    In a civil war Gavin’s multi-racial Proud Fags would join with the anti-White left, respectable conservatives, and civic nationalists, against us, because he wants to build multi-racial societies only where Whites happen to live.

  3. Anyone know much about brighteon? Just saw an excellent video there. I am looking for an alternative to Jujube, given the autocratic leftwing clampdown. As for payment systems, seriously Hunter, this site needs to consider a crypto address (or more, it isn’t hard), in case the trend intensifies.

  4. Attack your enemies, protect your friends. Pretty straight forward.

    But also – police your own. There is too much hooliganism, real war makes grown men cry, not a matter for an individual to initiate or for adolescent chest thumping.

    Also, do what your enemy doesnt want you to do; in our case, that is a campaign to Partition the US and create a Northern Alliance.

  5. Matt Hale…Edgar Steele…nobody on the alt right even knows who they were…if Roy Batty or Andy Weev don’t give them the stamp of approval, they were just boomer LARPers…
    As for the Disgraced Boys, this is what you get for using a Swahili term for Freedom instead of something from your own culture…the price paid for virtue signaling…

  6. Respectable conservatives thought they could keep their speech by refusing to discuss certain subjects and disavowing and condemning “right wing extremists”. They respect the left but the left used them and has always hated them because they’re White. Will they finally get it?

  7. Off topic, but sorta’ on…click on The Roper Report over on the blogroll list…it’s been shoahed by
    (((our friends))) at wordpress.

  8. Big tech sucks donkey balls, but the proud boys were just patriotardic drunken frat boys to me.

    Maybe when they sober up, they’ll see their real adversary (((who))) is behind their disinfranchment.

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