California Is Burning To The Ground

Californians get a lot of shit from other Americans.

This wildfire is something else though. We have more readers and supporters in California than anywhere else. I hope all of you are okay. It looks like a scene out of the movie 2012 out there: invaded by Latino caravans, a devastating wildfire and a mass shooting all in one week.

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  1. A worse wildfire than the one they had last year? That one had seemed pretty bad, hard to believe they’d have two nasty ones in a row like that.

  2. Civilization made the desert of California bloom for a short time. With the fall of civilization, it is returning to its natural state.

    • California has a desert in it, but the state is hardly barren or a desert. It’s full of too many idiots and climate patterns are changing.

    • I love this observation. The same thing is happening in Dindu-troit, where prairie grass is starting to grow again in some areas for the first time since the 1800s.

      • Pretty sure Detroit is naturally an “oak mesic hardwood forest” but yeah, it will be back there soon. It was under a mile or so of ice 10,000 years ago so not a very old ecosystem to begin with.

  3. One could say something similar about Detroit. There are parts of that city which, while devoid of White people, have an abundance of game birds, such as Pheasants.

  4. Since the late 80’s, Mexican invaders have set these fires mostly out of spite for the well to do Gringos, who foolishly refuse to resist their invasion.

  5. California is an amazing state, even if, albeit, on ecological grounds, alone.

    That said, I have long suspected that they are exceedingly high on the God’s list of objects for ire.

  6. who cares. it’s time to stop caring about places that aren’t part of america anymore.

    one of the best possible things that could happen is to have some event wipe certain cities off the face of the earth.

    • Was just commenting to a comrade that if anyone saw three angels approaching the failed state of California, point them onwards and you do a 180 and scoot. As was said of Sodom ages ago, this is the price one pays for giving God the middle finger.

  7. Most likely illegals set the fire on purpose or by accident. There are large numbers of them that live in the woods surrounding towns and cities. The day laborers you see in front of Home Depot. They get their $100 a day and spend it on beer and burritos and crash out in the woods with other illegals in makeshift encampments.

  8. I can’t get on board with the “let Mexifornia burn” sentiment. The kinds of places getting hit this time are the most redeeming part of the whole state – beautiful country, overwhelmingly white, rural, poor and conservative. Frisco burning down (again), LA/San Bernadino being shook to sh*** – that is the wrath of God, not this. God help them.

    • Agreed. There are a lot of decent people out there in California’s equivalent of flyover country. And the landscapes are magnificent. This is mostly destroying the stuff that SHOULDN’T be destroyed and leaving the gangrenous cities untouched.

  9. I saw where Neil Young is pissing and moaning about his hot tub Shangri La in the redwoods burning down and it’s all Orange Man’s fault for saying anthropogenic climate change might be bullshit.

    Somebody needs to do a cumulative lifetime accounting of Neil Young’s carbon footprint, including, but not limited to fuel burned on aircraft, tour buses, electricity for his lights and amps, plastic to manufacture his recordings in all formats, fuel to ship his merchandise all over the world, fuel used by fans to drive to his concerts– ad nauseam.

    This bozo has even less moral authority to bloviate about this shit than Al Gore with his “energy efficient” mansion in Tennessee.

  10. The main problem with California is that it is full of Californians (spics, niggers and white communists).

  11. Think DEW (directed energy weapons)

    Ask yourself why individual houses in neighborhoods are completely burned to the ground, while the houses and trees ? (and even plastic garbage cans) next to them remain untouched. Find photos of houses sliced in half as if by a light saber, with one half burned to the ground. Look into the planned path of the high speed rail system in Cali. and compare it to the map of burned regions. Allegedly it is mainly conservative neighborhoods that are being zapped. This is blowing up on right Twitter as we speak. (Yes, I believe beaners and Mohammadens are often responsible for forest fires, but the recent ones, which conveniently make Trump look bad, have defied the laws of physics.)

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