Why Republicans Lost The Midterms

Breitbart correctly points the finger at Paul Ryan’s uninspiring True Cons agenda:

“The night before the midterm elections, House Speaker Paul Ryan touted “tax reform 2.0,” the economy, and the rebuilding of the United States military as the agenda accomplishments of the Republican-controlled Congress.

“Frankly, our members feel pretty good because they have a really good message … I mean look at what we’ve just been able to achieve in Congress with the President in the last two years,” Ryan told Fox News’ Bret Baier. “A record economy, the military being rebuilt, people feeling better about things … wages growing faster than they have since before the recession.”

The accomplishments of the GOP Congress, though, have been slim with Ryan in charge. Despite President Trump winning the 2016 presidential election with a populist message on healthcare and a nationalist message on immigration, Ryan and the Republican Congress failed to deliver reforms on either of the issues. …”

I was the first person in the Alt-Right to sound the alarm about this.

During the Trump Transition, I became “blackpilled” over the Cabinet picks and the agenda of the incoming Republican Congress. I made a huge deal about it at the time and was accused of being overly pessimistic because I sensed the mandate of the 2016 election was about to be squandered on mainstream conservative priorities. My tweetstorm has since been deleted.

“Ryan and McConnell want to squander Trump’s political capital by using the election as a mandate to stir up huge fights with the Left over health care, taxes and deregulating Wall Street. This could quickly consume all of 2017. …”

It consumed all of 2017 and 2018.

The Democrats spent the midterms focusing like a laser on health care. The GOP had nothing to run on except stoking fears about immigration which they had put on the backburner.

The GOP spent 2016 to 2018 using the White House and Congress to push through a “pro-Israel” wish list for Jewish donors. Among other things, they ended the Iran deal, bombed Syria and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. As a result, 80% of Jews voted for the Democrats, which was up from 2014.

The GOP spent 2016 to 2018 fighting for pro-business policies favored by wealthy Republican suburbanites – low taxes, deregulation, welfare reform and ending Obamacare. As a result, suburbanites abandoned the GOP to vote for the Democrats all over the country.

What else did the GOP fight for in 2016 to 2018 which WAS NOT a policy favored by 1.) a wealthy Jewish donor like Sheldon Adelson or 2.) rich people in the suburbs? Can you think of ANYTHING?

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  1. Why does the most expensive and advanced military in the world need to be “rebuilt”? These idiots should be spending money to benefit the American people instead of Caesar’s Legions and all their outposts and skirmishes.

    • Maybe the rebuilding of the military are things to come for their own purpose 5 -10 years from now. Maybe he won’t relinquish power and pull a Mussolini or a Franco only for their benefit and enjoyment.

    • Precept 48/88. The latter stages of a democracy are filled with foreign wars, because the
      bankrupt system attempts to preserve itself by plundering other nations.

  2. I voted straight Republican……

    But, I can’t disagree with anything you wrote here…….

    “The GOP spent 2016 to 2018 fighting for pro-business policies favored by wealthy Republican suburbanites – low taxes, deregulation, welfare reform and ending Obamacare. As a result, suburbanites abandoned the GOP to vote for the Democrats all over the country.”

    I’ve pondered this for myself for a while……

    A booming economy and a booming Wall St……..

    Initiated by Trump’s policies…….

    And he loses the House by a pretty big margin……

    He donates his salary to veteran’s charities, he’s lost tens of millions in net worth, his family is attacked 24/7 including his young son, his properties are attacked, he’s under attack 24/7 from media, death threats everywhere, deep state/DOJ/FBI attacks……..

    He works for FREE and helps lowers unemployment including black/hispanic to historic levels, manufacturing/industries returning, wages rising, investment portfolios booming, ICE reengaged, Obama’s EO deck of cards dismantled, America First immigration action policies enacted, numerous fights in Federal Court holding up others…….

    Fake News and Censorship make a big difference……

    But, Americans are largely a very ignorant, apathetic, and selfish people…….

    When the Democrats take over again somehow the Fake News/Censorship will find a way to blame the inevitable recession on the Republicans hence keeping the Democrats in Power……


  3. Sir, there are many many reasons why The Republicans lost the Midterms –


    #1. What you mention.

    #2. 45 Incumbents retiring because they hate Populism. (Trump)

    #3. Democrat Backlash over Hillary losing.

    #4. Midterm lag.

    #5. Unbelievable amount of money spent against them.

    #6. The Republicans are bad on middle class domestick issues, ‘cept for tax cuts.

    #7. The economy is great for employment and corporations, but, the money is not filtering down to The Middle Class.

    #8. Gays perceive him as anti-Gay.

    #9 Negroes approve of him 40%, but, only half that came out to vote for The GOP

    #10. Many American Jews (the opposite of Israeli Jews who adore him)see Trump as fostering an environment of anti-Semitism.

    #11. Semi-botching health care reform.

    #12. Not following through on substantively lowering pharmaceutical drug prices.

    #13. Hard-edged States’ Rightser and Strict Constructionalist judicial appointments.



    All that said, if there had not been the infighting and resignations, the GOP would not have lost.

    A lot of this is not Trump’s fault, but, rather, a reflection of the fact that the country does not really like either party, nor does it like itself.

    America is a country coming undone, and, like a bad marriage, at the end, we go back and forth over this and that, never really come to a good end.

  4. One more thing – I heard White Republican turnout went down from 65% (2016 presidential election) to 53% for the 2018 midterms.

    That, in and of itself, is a killer!

  5. And I believe that the drop in White Turnout for Republicans is that the Alt-Right is pisst with President Trump for doing nothing on his #1 promise – Immigration!

  6. I think I’m going to start using a variation of the Epicurean Paradox in my assessment of Orangeman:

    “Is the God-Emperor willing to prevent the oppression, demographic replacement, and eventual genocide of white people, but not able? Then he is impotent.
    Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing? Then why doesn’t it stop?
    Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God-Emperor?”

    I think you were one of the last Alt-South figures to turn on Trump, and even you were smarter than I was. I didn’t burn my MAGA hat until some time during the Easter Airstrikes.

    What I have to wonder though…

    …the sense of betrayal I felt at that time was almost enough to drive me Killing Mad. So what happens to someone who realizes, say, tomorrow that Trump really is impotent at best and malevolent at worst? What if a bunch of people realize it?

    Hard for me to believe there’s anyone out there who COULD be sharp enough to realize this but dull enough not to have done so yet… but… the same could have been said of me once. We don’t have the numbers or more importantly the CONVICTIONS AND INTESTINAL FORTITUDE to do what I think we’re eventually gonna have to do, so we’re just gonna have to hope that enough of us awaken in time for that to change.

    Maybe it’ll happen. Even the Stormies very nearly turned their backs on Orangeman and the TrueCons back during the last Syrian airstrike; even they couldn’t ignore it or defend it…

    …but they’ve gotten a lot better in the cognitive dissonance department since then. I recently screencapped two articles on there, one talking about a man who died in a “red flag” gun grab and the other talking about the military on the border, implying that said military will ever allow itself to be used to shoot anyone who isn’t an enemy of ZOG.

  7. Don’t worry, you Nazi larping wignats – we are going to take the GOP away from the billionaire Zionist mobster Adelson and turn it into an American Nationalist party run by Ricky Vaughn and Azzmador.

  8. Conservatives do not stop illegals, they do not build walls, they do not stop legal non-White immigration. Conservatives campaign as secret White Nationalists, they steal your money for Israel’s defence, they give big tax cuts to their richest donors, they flood White countries leaggly with hopless third world invaders, they put on endless GOP mInstrel shows that never have, and never will get the mythical black vote.

    A man who says he is your pal, then steals your children’s future and destroys your home forever, is a far more deadly enemy than the one who is an open enemy.

    Conservatives get away with the above, because lets face it, right wing Whites are just as lazy and silly as left wing Whites.

    I watched White Nationlists convince themselves and others of Trump’s bullshit all through 2016, but they did not have the young and dumb excuse. Most were older and had seen more than one election. They know how Conservatives are.

    Most of all, “anti-Semites” who campaign for philosemitic billionaires, Do. Not. Make. Any. Sense.

    • *legally

      It just occured to me the GOP puts on their minstrel show to get the black vote ever election, because their White Nationalist minstrel show works to get White suckers to vote for them.

      Conservatives: “If we can fool Whites, why can’t we fool blacks?”

    • Most prefer comforting lies to painful truth. He who can exploit human nature best wins. When it comes to distributing racial spoils, the Democrats deliver tangible goods. The Republicans give their base a feeling of relevance. Evidently, muh feels is a sufficient payout. Empty platitudes are such a dopamine head rush. Feel the power of the crowd mind. Entertain delusions of grandeur. Live vicariously thru a pompous orange ass. Then the beer goggles begin to fade. Reality takes shape. It is horrible. Sweet Jesus, what have I done? The conservative Mickey strikes again.

  9. The Republican congress does not want to make America great again. A Republican victory would have forced the Republican congress to implement the Trump agenda something they do not want. So they threw the election to undermine Trump.

  10. Dave Janda and Greg Hunter have interesting opinions on Jeff Sessions. Hunter calls him a weasel at 45:30 and Janda says he was told he intentionally dropped the ball regarding Deep State indictments at 46:03. Both think Paul Ryan intentionally sabotaged the House during the mid-terms. For you youngsters, I fondly remember Greg Hunter on CNN when it had REAL journalists under Ted Turner, believe it or not.

  11. Is Trump being used to run out the clock while the brown wave washes over White America? It sure looks that way. Once Texas has been submerged there is no electoral route out of the conflict.

  12. True, but:

    1) the buck stops with Trump, he didnt comprehend that this is war.

    2) widespread cheating, the Enemy gets that this is war.

    That’s the diagnosis, what about a solution?


    Partition. Partition. Partition.

    The footsoldiers need to make Partion 2019’s word of the year. Fliers. Chalk on sidewalks. Sprinkle it in your articles, comments and conversations. Do with Partition what wss done with the Mantra and It’s OK to be white.

    In 2020 it the forms the subtext of the campaign and we are ready for 2021.

  13. When is your book coming out? You took time off to write a book explaining to us what the plan is now that we know American cannot be saved politically. So what is the plan? I’ve been waiting patiently for almost a year. Even if the publishing is up in the air, can you please give us a clue about what we should be doing? Its really easy to just say, “this is all a waste of time” but its something else to say what isn’t a waste of time. When are you going to start doing that?

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