President Trump Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom To Miriam Adelson


Sheldon Adelson spent more than $113 million to buy the midterms.

The GOP legislative agenda from 2016 to 2018 was Sheldon Adelson’s pet agenda.

Miriam Adelson gets the money when Sheldon dies. He is 85-years-old.

Sheldon Adelson was in the White House at Trump’s side watching the midterm results.

The upshot is this is why infiltrating the GOP has never worked. As the old saying goes, he who pays the piper gets to call the tune!

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  1. Without Mr. Adelson’s massive expenditure, this election would have been a disaster – The Democrats completely in charge of Congress, and, therefore, stunting the reformation of the judiciary, by President Trump, at the least.

    To be clear, none of this matters diddly-squat, IF the nation breaks apart, over the coming decades, BUT, if it does not, and it may not, Adelson’s help means a lot to those who wish to stunt the entire overturning of the customs and laws of the country, as advocated by The Democrats.

    Thank you, Mr. Adelson!

    • Agree …. BUT … the country WILL break apart over the next 4 to max 10 years. WE need to MANAGE that break up to A. Create a Utopia for ourselves, ( A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY, ) and B. To make sure the rest of the country remains stable … especially during and immediately after the restructuring. Wallace, Duke, Hill, Taylor, Spencer, and Brimelow need to hurry and form a think tank !!!!

      • I am less sure than you, Dear Grey Ghost, if only because the glues that hold this nation together (fear, indifference, self-absorption, cowardice, degeneracy, greed, laziness, and sheepishness) are all stellar adhesives, and, as of this comment, in stellar condition!

        At any rate, thank you for the concurrence!

      • Thank you, Grey Ghost.

        I have no idea what is going to happen, if and or when, BUT, I do believe we need to form a Southern Political Party.

        Be well!

    • The only thing Adelstone wants is war with Iran, and he probably got back what he donated and more through tax cuts or some othe scheme.

      The Republicans should have given him a party award for biggest briber, instead of a national award. By why should we expect any party to behave better than the Democrats in the last days of Rome?

    • just as likely his dirty money and involvement cost us more votes than it got us. without him, trump was almost clean

      • Dear Mr. Brown,

        Your perception of this is in a manner not at all contemplated by most Americans, who do not even know who Mr. Adelson is, much less care whence he obtains his money, and or what moral judgement comes with it.

        Adelson was seminal in helping the Republicans increase their margin in the Senate, if not in having avoided losing it, outright.

  2. It was awarded for philanthropy.

    Trump has hardly given out any, compared to Obama. Elvis and Scalia were awarded by Trump, both posthumously. That’s about it.

    Adelson lost a son to drugs and Miriam is a physician who has done a lot of good in helping those with addiction in the USA, so this is hardly a kick in the pants. (Dubya gave one to Bill Cosby.)

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