Poland Celebrates 100 Years Of Independence

This is confusing.

I had heard that Poland’s Independence Day march had been banned this year, but it turns out that it not only happened but more than quadrupled in turnout:

“More than 200,000 people are estimated to have taken part in a controversial independence-day march through central Warsaw on Sunday, after a last-minute agreement was struck between senior politicians and the event’s far-right organisers.

The March of Independence, organised by nationalist and far-right groups and held annually in the Polish capital on 11 November to commemorate the anniversary of the re-establishment of the country’s independence in 1918, has grown dramatically in scale over the past decade, attracting activists from across Europe.

Last year’s event, which attracted an estimated 60,000 people, received international condemnation for the presence of racist and xenophobic banners and slogans and violence directed at counterprotesters. …”

Poland’s leaders threw in the towel and participated in the march:

“WARSAW, Poland—Far-right movements from across Europe joined a massive march here to celebrate Poland’s 100th anniversary of independence, in what has become an annual gathering point for Europe’s political fringe.

Faced with a rally that has become too large to ban—more than 100,000 joined Sunday’s march—and too politically charged to ignore, President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki walked in front of Sunday’s march. In return for their involvement, they asked organizers to refrain from hate speech and…”

Unsurprisingly, The New York Times is pissed:

“Wreathed in an eerie red mist from burning flares, thousands of nationalists chanted: “Use a sickle, use a hammer, smash the Red rabble.” Some shouted: “White Poland.”

They marched holding a banner with the slogan “God, Honor, Fatherland” and thousands of Polish flags. But some wore balaclavas and waved the green flags of the ultranationalist group National Revival of Poland. Also visible were the flags of Forza Nuova, an Italian neofascist group.

No members of the opposition or leading public figures who are not close to the government attended the event, which the police said attracted 250,000 people, and which critics said was a surrendering of Independence Day to radical groups.

The procession — one of scores of events across Europe to mark the 100 years since the end of World War I — followed days of legal turmoil after the mayor of Warsaw banned the Independence March organized every year by far-right groups. Among them are the National Radical Camp, which human rights activists have for years said should be made illegal. …”

It appears a court ruling intervened.

President Trump sent out a tweet to congratulate the Based Poles celebrating their independence. If last year’s march was a triumph for fascism and a blow to liberal democracy, what do you call this?

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    • That’s the last bastion of White pride on this planet at the moment, E Europe and Russia.
      No wonder they want to smash it.

  1. Hold the pickles
    Hold the relish
    Outlawing Jews don’t upset us
    As long as you let us deport them our way

    • Scared anti-Whites can do what they told nationalists to do. If they don’t like the way things are headed in White countries, they can move to Antartica.

  2. The villainous jews and neoliberal types seem to have been taken completely by surprise at this massive resurgence of “far right” nationalism in Eastern Europe. Is there any way that enthusiasm can inspire Western Europeans to wake up from their light coma?

  3. The Polish PM is married to a genestealer, and it would not be unfair to describe the actions of the government as an attempt to coopt the march that did not fully suceed, rather than ‘joining’.

    There have been at least a hundred arrests of nationalists from the most radical groups over the past couple days- obviously intended to interfere with their ability to control the streets and deal with queers and antifa. Fortunately those guys have pushed past it and many still showed, and the moderate nice-guy groups like ONR do not seem to have been seriously interfered with.

    Jacek Miedlar, the Catholic priest who made that very inspirational speech at an earlier march, spoke in Breslau. Will be interesting to see if that was videoed.

  4. Note that they are labeled ‘far right’ and ‘neofacist’……for being in a nationalist march!
    These labels are unfair and incorrect. Maybe they just love their race and culture and don’t want outsiders meddling in their affairs or long term future.
    I’m a normal, commonsense guy who wants peace and harmony for my children and nation. I also want what’s best for non-whites-in their own countries. If that makes me far right……..then I guess I’m far right. We all know labels mean nothing anymore.

  5. The Slavs broke the back of white genocide – and we started the fire. Now let’s end this at home with Partition.

  6. Europe still has a lot of White racial pride. Marches of thousands or tens of thousands there are very common. This march was beautiful and exceptional. Marches here in the ‘land of the free’ exceeding 1000 proud Whites (everyone here remembers the last one) are rare as a competent nigger with a job.

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