Cuck Death: Was Losing The House Worth It?

It’s true that half of the Cuck Caucus isn’t returning to Washington. Let’s not get carried away with this meme though. The problem has hardly been solved:

“Tuesday’s blue wave in the House is set to leave behind a GOP conference that is far more conservative — and more loyal to President Trump.

A large chunk of centrist Republicans were either wiped out at the polls on Tuesday or are planning to retire at the end of this Congress, while the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus is actually expected to expand its ranks next year. …”

The Republican House passed a lot of legislation that died in the Republican Senate in 2016 to 2018. We should all be happy that John McCain and Jeff Flake are gone, but their votes weren’t as decisive as they are made out to be. The exception to the rule was John McCain torpedoing skinny repeal in the Senate and the GOP was using the budget reconciliation trick to do that.

As long as it takes 60 votes to pass anything controversial in the Senate, it is not going to matter whether cucks stay or go. Mitch McConnell is still going to be in charge of the Senate in 2019. Even if John McCain and Jeff Flake had been on board with building the wall, it would have just been filibustered by the Democrats. Why do you think Kate’s Law was never passed by the Senate?

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  1. Yep – the Trump Revolution was exciting in terms of the adrenaline rush but it’s now just a receding memory of what the possibilities could have been.

    Nonetheless, the Communists will accelerate their revolution because too many White people are waking up. So expect the Antifa mobs, de-platforming, red flag gun laws, illegal immigration, etc. to snowball.

    • The trouble with the “nuclear option”, as I understand it, is that it can only be used once – one single time – per legislative year and then it’s back to 60+ needed to pass anything at all.

  2. The problem is that America is dead.

    Forest from the trees time folks.

    It’s not this man or that man, this policy or that policy, this institution or that institution: it’s the country itself.

    The post 2016 election game plan was pretty straightforward: Trump buys us time to push Partition, and when he falters, Partition.

    Instead, what happened in this movement was a veritable sh** show of squandered opportunities.

    We have 2 years left before a possible removal of Trump from the Oval Office. The conventional wisdom will be in that scenario that white America had its death spasm in 2016, and is now dead politically. At that time, the physical safety of our children is forfeit. Only this movement can catalyze the change we need, as we did with the Mantra and It’s OK to be White.

    2019 – we flood the world with a simple word. Partition. On sidewalks, electric poles, walls, message boards, fliers. No other text, just make that word the 2019 word of the year.

    2020 – When the election kicks up in earnest, we make it clear that we are not going to accept a “peaceful transfer of power” and that if/when Trump loses, we are immediately going to trigger Partition both de jure and de facto.

    Meanwhile, our thought leaders start getting into specifics as to what that would mean: borders, money, laws, domestic and foreign policy. The 2020 election can act as a referendum for which side of the partition line people want to end up on.

    Everything to gain, and everything to lose. This is it.

  3. The same exact “silver lining” was pointed out in 2006 and 2008 when the Republicans got kicked out those years. Supposedly, all the “rinos” got wiped out. It didn’t take long to refill thier ranks. Of course nobody remembers the same idiotic consolations they grasped at back then.

    All I see is that Conservatives completely squandered thier last chance at having full control of the government. They will never have the presidency and both houses of congress again.

    The congress of 2017-2019 was the do-or-die moment for immigration reform and absolutely nothing happened.

    • Come on Cuddles, stop being a Nazi larping wignat. Don’t you know that the GOP is going to be controlled by American Nationalists in 2020? Then Trump will finally be free to build the Wall. #TrustThePlan #Q #POTUS45

  4. there’s not much they could have done to keep the house. the party in power always (almost always? let’s see the numbers) loses the house in the mid term. republicans could have done better, by going full identity politics for europeans – but there’s not much chance of that with the current GOP roster. it still takes turnover, to move towards that.

    so realistically, getting rid of the unrepentant GOPe people is one of the first big steps. they’ll never be onboard with what has to be done to save the country, so getting rid of them is simply required, even for an intermittent loss.

    it remains to be seen whether this is too late though, of course. the population continues to change, and there’s a time limit to even identity politics for europeans. converting another 2 or 3 percent of the national democrat vote into republican votes is probably enough to do it, for the next 2 election cycles. also, getting people who don’t normally vote, to get out and vote, will also work. participation is still about 50% every 2 years.

    natural conversion of european voters from democrat to republican seems to only be going at a rate of about 1 percent per 4 years, so deliberate effort to convert more people is what is needed.

    hunter wants it all, right now. he’s a bit young. these things take time, even if they work.

    • We’ve been listening to this give them more time crap for decades.

      Go watch the Israel Lobby videos Hunter posted. The olygachy don’t give a damn who you vote for. Republicans only care how much money you give them. If you haven’t got a billion dollars your vote doesn’t matter to these people.

      • nobody is interested in giving the business as usual republicans more time. we’re talking about a total party takeover. that doesn’t just happen in 1 election cycle. shrug.

        the entrenched republicans are still trying to take their party back. but a lot of them have left now. they can be put away forever if trump and his staff go much further into identity politics for his natural voters.

        if not, he probably won’t be re-elected in 2020, and some of the GOPe guys will return, to occupy the position as permanent graceful losers. and yeah at that point, you can check out of the national scene. because it will be all over.

  5. If the Alt-Right, Dissident Right, Far Right can get our thing together……..

    In terms of even a Partial Unity…….

    We offer a HOME for many disaffected and disenfranchised…….

    I don’t see it happening though in any Utopian measure…….

    But, some Incremental Improvement is within reach…….

    Many seem to have the answer to this…….

    All seem to FAIL……..

    I believe the Future will force this upon us…………

    However it manifests……

    • We had that partial unity during the spring and summer of 2017, and saw it all come crashing down within a week after Charlottesville.

      All it took was a few dirtbags, and everything began to spiral out of control.

  6. Which state has the most votes in Congress?

    The state of Israel with 535.

    When will the stars on the American flag be changed to six-sided?

  7. What does losing the House really do?

    It may affeckt atmosphere, but, it does not effeckt policy, for Ryan’s Republicans have no intention of funding a Wall, nor will it stop President Trump from doing his best work – reconfiguring The Judiciary.

    If losing The House means something serious, it’s beyond me.

  8. yeah, exactly. now republicans can pass judges and cabinet members more easily thru the senate, while blocking all the stupid stuff that comes out of the house. getting the right attorney general is key. stacking circuit courts is critical. and ruth ginsburg looks terrible. getting the supreme court to 6-3 would be a masterstroke. hell, thomas may even voluntarily retire to be replaced by a younger conservative justice.

    it’s important to win that senate race in florida, so mitt romney’s vote can be more marginalized.

    the best way to neutralize romney would be to put him into a cabinet position. that will take him out of the senate and get his big stupid mouth away from the television media for the most part. i’m not sure he would take the bait on that. but that’s trump’s best move when it comes to the permanent problem romney intends to be. the utah governor would appoint his replacement, some other generic republican who isn’t an obvious and total traitor who wants to blather to the enemy media for attention.

  9. The democrats say openly that they will be investigating Trump for just about everything. The jew Nadler will bring up articles of impeachment. It will be a zoo.

    The criminals in the DoJ and FBI can breathe a sigh of relief. They got away with everything.

    Abrams will be governor of Georgia. Gillum will be governor and Nelson will be senator from Florida because Brenda Snipes (a Jeb! appointee, I heard) wills it. The jewsmedia will be on a war footing and the election fraud will be mind-boggling and open in 2020– they won’t take any chances on a repeat of 2016.

    More war on the horizon in the ME.

    It doesn’t look good.

    I’d like Trump to shut down the government at the next funding deadline.

    I am starting to hate this country, its political elite, its policies, its culture, and its social system.

  10. once again, in order to understand how american politics works, just read greenwald’s salon article entitled ‘the democrats deceitful game’…it spells it all out…how the congress thwarts populist legislation

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