Central American Caravans Depart Mexico City

Approximately 8,000 undocumented Democrats in multiple caravans are en route to Tijuana to cross the border at San Ysidro:

“MEXICO CITY—The largest of the Central American migrant caravans making their way through Mexico toward the U.S. border has broken up into smaller groups, migrants and local authorities said Monday.

Over the weekend, the large caravan that had stayed in Mexico City most of the previous week hit the road again toward the U.S. border. But the caravan broke into several smaller pieces as some groups managed to get bus rides, while others hitchhiked and still others walked.

The caravan marked a month on the road on Monday. After grueling walks across Mexico’s southwest, averaging some 30 miles a day, migrants are now seeking to move faster by hitchhiking to head to Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, Calif., these people said.

“People are advancing at different paces, some are more impatient than others. But the plan is to regroup all in Tijuana,” said Santiago Guevara, a Honduran migrant who is now in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city. He has relatives in Atlanta, Ga., and as most migrants, wants to file for asylum in the U.S.

One smaller group of nearly a hundred migrants arrived in Tijuana on buses on Sunday. Two groups of about 800 people in total are advancing across the Pacific states of Sinaloa and Nayarit, while some 1,000 migrants arrived in Guadalajara, in western Jalisco state some 1,400 miles south of Tijuana.

A larger group of some 3,500 people is also heading to Guadalajara. …

If the groups do all proceed to Tijuana, the arrival of nearly 8,000 migrants in coming weeks will overwhelm a city where its nearly 30 migrant shelters are already at full capacity, according to activists. …”

2,500 of these “asylum seekers” are already there.

In spite of Trump’s tough talk, Mexico has embraced the caravans and the incoming government is expected to be even more friendly toward them:

“MEXICO CITY — The caravan of Central Americans that has been making its way from Honduras toward the United States border moved on from Mexico City in the pre-dawn chill of Saturday, as migrants strapped on backpacks, rolled up blankets and hoisted sleeping children into their arms to begin the next leg of their journey.

For much of the past week, the giant capital, which prides itself on being a sanctuary for refugees, turned an athletic stadium into a camp for some 5,000 migrants and offered them every type of city service.

Ever since the caravan crossed into Mexico three weeks ago, the country has faced a reckoning over the way it treats Central American migrants. Contradictory impulses are in play. …”

Get your popcorn.

We’re about to see that we have squandered trillions of dollars to “rebuild the military” which is absolutely useless when it comes to securing our own borders.

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  1. I don’t know if this has any meaning, whatsoever.

    No one in National Government, in serious positions of power, is advocating borders.

    And, according to the figures, those who have come in in the last 2 years even slightly outnumber the amount during president Obama’s regime, yet, I think the numbers are composed much like body counts we re in the Vietnam War – totally unreliable.

    This I do know – if there is an Amnesty as a part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Whites may sink to below 50%, in this here country.

  2. One has to wonder why Mexico doesn’t stop the invasion at THEIR southern border. I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact they’re making a beeline for the U.S. and won’t be a burden on Mexico long term. Thats why the U.S. must repel them, so they can remain Mexicos problem. If Mexico receives American foreign aid-and I’m sure they do- then the least they can do is stop the caravans. Mexico, and maybe Jewish groups, are complicit in this fracas.

  3. The world will be watching whether or not that border will be enforced. None of these people have any right to enter the United States. Even if they throw their own children onto the razor wire to lay down the passage. If they do not obey orders to turn back, they should be turned back by force of arms.

  4. “In spite of Trump’s tough talk, Mexico has embraced the caravans and the incoming government is expected to be even more friendly toward them.”

    The invasion and conquest of North America by hordes of Spanish speaking injuns is official Mexican government national policy.

    • Which is why if whites do succeed in firming one or more ethnostates out of the corpse of the U.S., they must enforce the borders with gunfire.

  5. This is just the beginning . It’s our version of the ongoing migrant invasion of Europe. Once Trump is out, our Democrat (probably p.o.c. female) President will be looking for ways to accommodate it — EU style.

  6. This is it. Whether FTNr/TheDonaldTRSDailyStormer want it or not.

    Time to get into solutions-mode.

    Time for Partition.

  7. This shows you how much politician’s on both sides hate White people.

    Ann Coulter said a couple weeks ago on Laura Ingram’s tv show that White people are barely hanging on to the majority, so what’s all this talk about fear of the Brown people.

    When Pat Buchanan released his book Suicide of a Superpower, Sean Hannity reamed him for writing the chapter “The End of White America”

    This also shows you these so-called conservative talking heads on the Talmud Vision hate White people too.

    Tucker Carlson & Ann Coulter are the only ones that shine the light on the changing demographics that’s displacing European Americans without even a vote.

    If our people had a voice on these mainstream avenues we would be hammering non-stop that European Americans don’t want to become a minority in our own country and its time to repeal the 1965 immigration act that allowed this to happen.

    The sheep are judged how they treat each other. The sheep are not judged how they treat the goats. This is a powerful lesson from Christ to all those traitors who hate White people and put them in danger with their anti-white policies.

    God destroyed the one world order Tower of Babel. God is a Nationalist not a Globalist and demands borders for people to preserve their heritage.

  8. There are plenty of people crossing the borders everyday, more than 4,000 people on average.The caravan was just a symbol to rally clueless Rep voters and try to swing the elections

  9. Mexico isn’t stopping the caravan at its southern border because of Trump. Obama had an agreement with Mexico that they would stop large caravans out of Central America at Mexico’s border. Of course the Mexican government got perks from that. But larger point, these caravans are the result of Trump’s poor relationship with the Mexican government; they have no incentive to help us anymore.

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