Central American Caravans Begin Arriving At US-Mexico Border

The Bush fence has never been the Trump wall:

Note: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has been trying to pretend otherwise. Fortunately, she is on the way out the door.

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  1. It feels like the results of Trump surrounding himself with TrueCons and jews are finally showing up all at once. This is a failed presidency, utterly. We have a “great economy” so Trump wants more third worlders because “we need the labor”. I’m not sure what the next step is, if anything, but clearly the GOP isn’t going to save us.

  2. Has Trump even bothered to toss one of his futile Tweets?

    Eh, who cares. The country’s sunk, and that kike-lover is standing there grinning at its death-throes.

  3. That $38 Billion for Israel though……

    We need to Defend and Protect the CHOSEN Ones…….

    I finally realized why I’m Slave Wagin……


  4. Notice how tolerance and compassion is always expected on the part of the whites?! There’s never any expectation on these turd world shitholes to lift their nations up and make them more livable for their citizenry.
    And I’m guessing the Jews don’t want any money, or the military used for Americas borders……they want it all wasted on Israel.
    And there could be Jihadists and Africans mixed in with the caravan-you know…..your future doctors, inventers and rocket scientists.

    • There are jihadists, sex traffickers, gang members, HIV carriers, drug dealers and white hating scum in those caravans who are coming here to harm or kill our children.

  5. Why isn’t the Greatest President Evah! giving the necessary orders to protect the people from invasion? Why bother to have a military? If Caesar won’t stop the barbarians at the gates — hell, they’re coming right over the gates — the barbarians rightly believe Caesar is weak, and that the land is ripe for exploitation and takeover.

  6. We’re not going to get anything more from Trump except his mouth and tweets driving the scumbags crazy. Nothing else is coming– no wall, no mass deportations, no end to war for Israel. He is a lame duck, who will spend his final 2 years in the White House fending off House subpoenas and investigations.

    You got a tax cut, deregulation, two on the court and a diminished number of muslim refugees. That’s it, folks.

    • You forgot to mention that he will probably lose in 2020. We are going to have things get a lot worse before they get better. Hopefully, sometime in the 2020’s, whites will get mad enough to support a real nationalist movement lead by younger nationalists coming out of our movement rather than boomer opportunists like Trump and Bannon.

  7. I heard on the Rense radio network that Trump requested military action on the border but the Pentagon refused him-thats right-some turd in the Pentagon-who happily deploy for Israel -refused a PRESIDENTS request. Who the fuck voted for him?!!
    Trump is an enigma, but I’m coming to a conclusion that he is a president who wants to do what he promised, but has his hands tied by the real, but unelected leaders of the country-the Jewish establishment.
    You have no democracy because the guy YOU voted for based on what he campaigned on, can’t actually do anything. Your vote meant nothing.

  8. If your only play is to be upset, then who is really to blame?

    Time for a new grassroots decentralized campaign to promote breaking up the country, aka Partition.

    The sleeper must awaken.

  9. I think that you’re right, John, about everything.

    And it’s not the first time the Pentagon has refused a presidential order. If I recall correctly Trump wanted to stop transsexuals in the military and they told him to pound sand.

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