#MAGA: President Trump Endorses Prison Reform

Still not tired of winning?

“Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced his support for a bipartisan prison reform bill, called the FIRST Step Act.

“Today, I am thrilled to announce my support for this bipartisan bill that will make our communities safer and give former inmates a second chance at life after they have served their time,” Trump said during brief remarks in the Roosevelt Room.

Trump added that the White House pledge “to ‘Hire American’ includes those leaving prison and looking for a very fresh start — new job, new life.” …”

This was always Jared Kushner’s baby. It was motivated by his father going to prison. The Koch Brothers and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian also pushed hard for prison reform.

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  1. Coddling criminals has always worked so well. Now we’ll have an affirmative action jobs program for reformed, docile POC returning to society and wanting to stay on the straight and narrow.

  2. According to the U.S. Justice Department in 2005 over 34,460 White women were sexually assaulted or raped by Black males. The number of Black female rapes by White men is statistically 0 because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

  3. I love how Trump makes sure he’s flanked by Negroes as he announces his support for going easy on Negro felons. I wonder, will he manage to get an extra 0.5% of the black vote in 2020 for this?

  4. I heard that at the rallies “free Tyrone”, “free Tyrone”,”free Tyrone” was the chant that people wanted and voted for.

  5. Speaking as a former convict (over 20 years), I have no issues at all with giving people a second chance. I needed one, and for the most part got one. I went back to trade-college and got a useful career going.

    But, when it comes to all this talk of prison reform, and especially sentencing reform… it’s obvious that the folks pushing it are operating under the very false assumption that there’s “systemic racism” inherent in the entire process, from arrests to sentencing to second-chances (or the lack thereof for those poor, poor non-Whites).

    So, to be honest, I’m extremely dubious of “reforms” when it comes to sentencing, prisons, and the rest of that crap. Just more Leftist victim-hood screeching. More “da Whyte debil be holin’ err-body down wit his raysis system, mah nikkaz”. And, to be honest, it’s been my experience (EXPERIENCE, folks) that 90% of the incarcerated dregs that inhabit and revolve through the penitentiary system (which, yes, I count myself among the excluded 10%) ought to be bogged… especially since the majority are of the “Afro” and “Latino” variety, on average hundreds of percentages more predisposed to criminality (and less likely able to re-integrate back into this kosher consumerist bazaar we call society) than the relatively small population of White scum-bags.

  6. The Kochs wouldn’t be supporting this if it wasn’t both bad for society, and good for their bottom line.

    The owners of private prisons are going to get into the private halfway house, the private drug rehab that you have to go to for ten years after your release. Everything they can scrape a shekel off.

    • People complaining about this for reactionary right-wing reasons should be…OK, I’m sure this comment will be censored if I complete the sentence.

      But anything Kushner and the Koch brothers support surely has some bad ulterior motives.

  7. Fon’t freak out guys, Trump is playing 4D Chess. When he loses in 2020, he knows the Jews are going to crack down hard with European style hate speech laws. He’s just ensuring that white thought criminals get a second chance at life.

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